An In-Depth ClosersCopy Review for 2024

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ClosersCopy combines AI with SEO research to produce marketing copy

ClosersCopy combines SEO with AI copywriting in one integrated platform. It is trained on its own AI language model, which is split into three distinct settings.

A standout feature is that it offers its own language model, but we’re unsure how frequently it is updated, which could lead to factual inaccuracies.

We like that it uses SEO research to create online articles and the diverse content it can produce. However, with such a vast range of features, there is a learning curve.

To mitigate these concerns, it may be best suited to those with SEO experience. The top tiers are quite pricey when compared with its competitors, too, so we’d recommend it for solo entrepreneurs rather than teams to avoid paying the steeper fees.


  • SEO-friendly marketing copy
  • Customization options
  • In-house AI model
  • 700+ templates


  • Higher price than competitors
  • Steep learning curve
  • Hit-and-miss output

In this ClosersCopy review, we’ve created an in-depth analysis of the AI copywriting tool that’s known for creating SEO-friendly copy for marketing purposes.

We’ll outline ClosersCopy’s main use cases, features, pricing plans, and compare it with other leading AI language tools to give you the insights needed to choose the right AI tool.

What is ClosersCopy Used for?

The ClosersCopy AI platform is trained on three artificial intelligence (AI) models: SalesAI, StoryAI, and BlogAI. It’s well-equipped to create content that falls into these three categories.

It also implements high-quality SEO research, which allows it to create SEO-friendly blog posts that can compete with top competitors.

With 700 frameworks in its library, you’ll find a range of ready-made AI templates, including social media posts, articles, and ad copy to help you achieve a high degree of specificity in your output.

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy pricing plans offer three tiers: Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad. Below, we break down each plan:


Starting Price Free Version Uses Templates Plagiarism Checker Art Generator Languages AI Models Integrations
Power $49.99/month 300 700+ 128 SalesAI, BlogAI, Story AI
Superpower $79.99/month Unlimited 700+ 128 SalesAI, BlogAI, Story AI
Superpower Squad $99.99/month Unlimited 700+ 128 SalesAI, BlogAI, Story AI
Power — $49.99 per month

Power is the first ClosersCopy pricing plan, offering two seats, 300 AI runs, and 50 SEO audits per month. In comparison to competitors, the Power plan is priced significantly higher than Writesonic at $12 per month and Jasper at $39 per month.

Moreover, it lacks the unlimited generation feature offered by Writesonic, casting doubts on its value for money.

Superpower — $79.99 per month

The Superpower plan offers three seats, but you’ll get unlimited AI runs, SEO Audits, and updates. However, it’s worth highlighting that the Superpower plan is a mid-range option that costs the same as Writesonic’s top-tier plan ($79 per month) and Jasper’s highest plan ($59 per month).

Superpower Squad — $99.99 per month

The Superpower Squad plan offers everything included in the previous plan but with room for extra users. You’ll get unlimited AI runs and SEO audits, plus five seats, which is a good amount for small teams wanting to work together.

ClosersCopy previously offered a lifetime subscription to its product, which made the AI tool an extremely worthwhile investment. As of April 2024, this offer is no longer available.

ClosersCopy Key Features

ClosersCopy offers a range of features that help you transform your writing with AI. In this section, I’ll unpack some of the most exciting features.

Long-form Content WriterFramework LibrarySEO AuditsSEO PlannerWorkflowsAI Models

The ClosersCopy AI copywriting software specializes in generating long-form content, ranging from 500 to over 1,000 words. It enhances your existing copy by using your initial headline and introductory paragraph as a context to expand upon. In theory, this approach ensures the output is consistently aligned with your original idea.

To tailor the content to your specific needs, ClosersCopy provides sliders for adjusting ‘length’ and ‘creativity.’ However, I found that these sliders don’t offer me the degree of control offered by Jasper AI, which allows for granular control over the tone of voice.

ClosersCopy takes between 10-40 seconds (on average) to produce your copy. It presents a variety of text blocks with which you can compile your blog post. While this feature allows you to choose the most suitable content pieces, I found that it still requires manual effort to compose a coherent and engaging article.

The copy editor offers various frameworks on which to base your project. As of April 2024, approximately 700 frameworks are available, ranging from advertising copy and blog posts to YouTube video descriptions.

The frameworks act like ready-made templates for the AI model. Creating social media captions is different from creating advertising copy, and ClosersCopy AI frameworks pre-program the system so that you’ll receive the necessary results quickly.

If you know about Google’s rankings, you’ll know that well-written copy is only half the battle. You must perform keyword research and analyze how the best-performing pages are optimized. If done manually, this can be time-consuming, but ClosersCopy’s SEO Audit feature can help.

Similar to AI tools like SurferSEO, ClosersCopy compares your writing with top-ranking online pages. It’ll give you a score of 100 based on how well you’ve performed in several factors, such as word count, keyword usage, and structure. This allows you to optimize your blog posts with well-informed guidance.

ClosersCopy’s SEO Planner is a powerful tool that combines SEO research with copywriting software. It uses insights from the SEO Audit tool to develop a winning outline for your blog posts or articles.

The SEO Planner provides you with various options for headings that are already optimized for search engines. You can select the headings that best suit your article and manually build a plan to help boost your post.

Then, SEO Planner uses ClosersCopy’s in-house AI model to generate and fill in subheadings to add more detail and context to your content.

In late 2023, ClosersCopy introduced Workflows, an automation tool for combining related frameworks into a single process.

As you begin creating blog posts with ClosersCopy, you can save your favorite settings to make a shortcut to get your results quicker. This saves you time and helps maintain consistency with your blog posts across your site, which is essential when establishing a brand voice.

ClosersCopy also offers a Community Library of Workflows, so you can browse and save relevant templates and share your own with the community.

While many other apps on the market use OpenAI’s GPT-3 or GPT-4, ClosersCopy uses its own in-house AI models. The three AI models on offer are:

  1. SalesAI — This is trained to create promotional copy, landing pages, and advertisements.
  2. StoryA — This is trained for creative writing.
  3. BlogAI — This is trained to write long-form blog posts and articles.

In theory, ClosersCopy’s three distinct AI models should produce a more accurate and relevant output. However, based on our testing and review of independent user-experience accounts, the content quality can vary.

ClosersCopy Performance

While ClosersCopy promises to deliver professional marketing copy, my experience indicates that the tool’s output can be somewhat inconsistent.

Despite its extensive selection of frameworks — which should produce highly customized and relevant content — the reality sometimes fails to meet expectations.

I found that I needed to refine and adjust the generated content, unlike with other writing aids, including free options like ChatGPT and Claude AI. It was also particularly frustrating when you consider that unlimited AI runs could mitigate some of these issues, but the feature is restricted to its higher-tier plans.

Additionally, the tool’s processing speed leaves something to be desired; waiting up to 20 seconds for results that may not align with the initial request raises questions about the tool’s efficiency. Compared with competitors like Jasper AI, ClosersCopy’s output is not always ready-to-use, and you may need to factor in editing time.

However, ClosersCopy might hold value for individuals new to SEO writing, offering a starting point for exploration. However, for seasoned writers, the tool may prove more cumbersome than beneficial, especially if multiple iterations of the tool are required to reach a satisfactory outcome.

ClosersCopy Integrations

Currently, ClosersCopy does not offer any third-party integrations. However, competitors like Jasper AI and QuillBot integrate with Grammarly and offer a Chrome extension. We can only hope that ClosersCopy plans to roll out needed integrations soon.

ClosersCopy vs Top Competitors

The generative AI market is constantly evolving, with numerous competitors now in the field. Let’s see how ClosersCopy measures up to some of the best AI writing tools:

Best For Starting Price Free Version Built-In Plagiarism Checker Top 3 Features
ClosersCopy Range of templates and automation opportunity $49.99/month 700+ templates, SEO audits, unlimited uses
Rytr Affordability $7.50/month Improving copy, mind-mapping, keyword generation
Jasper AI High-quality copywriting $39/month SurferSEO partnership, Chrome extension, brand voice
Scalenut Focus on SEO $39/month ✅ (with integration) Online trend insights, web page analysis, keyword research
Copy AI Sales copy $36/month Following brand voice, social media integration, creating ad copy

ClosersCopy vs Jasper

Jasper AI is a close competitor to ClosersCopy because both AI tools prioritize SEO research when creating copy.

Jasper is cheaper than ClosersCopy by about $10 per month, plus it offers a 7-day free trial – as it’s important to try before you spend.

In our Jasper review, we found that it integrates with SurferSEO, a remarkably similar tool to ClosersCopy’s SEO features when it comes to interface and performance. Both AI tools streamline the process of SEO research by offering a score out of 100 and helping you hit top keywords with added color coordination.

However, ClosersCopy does offer more frameworks than Jasper, boasting 700+, while Jasper only has 50. That being said, Jasper’s AI-generated content considers the audience and tone of voice when creating results, which is crucial to successful copywriting.

Additionally, Jasper also offers image generation and is currently considered one of the best AI art generator tools due to its implementation of Stable Diffusion 3. ClosersCopy has yet to introduce art generation.

ClosersCopy vs Writesonic

In our Writesonic review, we highlighted it is an AI copywriting tool that offers excellent control over output.

It allows you to input your desired ‘personality,’ trending keywords, stats, brand tone of voice, and stylistic norms to create generated content that fits your brand and uses the correct vocabulary.

While ClosersCopy is trained on its own in-house AI model, Writesonic is trained on GPT 3.5. On the other hand, ClosersCopy uses its own models and offers a choice of three, but the risk is that it may not be updated as frequently and retrained on the most recent information as other large language models (LLMs), like GPT.

We like that Writesonic offers a free forever plan, which offers 25 AI generations per month. ClosersCopy doesn’t offer a free plan, and its paid subscriptions are some of the most expensive on the market.

ClosersCopy vs Rytr

Rytr is another AI copywriting tool that offers a free plan, but it’s limited to 10,000 characters per month. We did find that this is just enough for you to try the tool before committing to a paid subscription.

In our Rytr review, we discussed how the tool offers built-in plagiarism detection and SEO tools – like ClosersCopy. While it’s more affordable, we found that the pricing reflects the quality of its output.

The long-form content by Rytr can be hit-and-miss. Due to these limitations and the low character limit, this is an excellent free tool for creating short-form content like social media posts or video descriptions. Leave long-form blog posts to a heavyweight tool like ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, ClosersCopy earns an average score of 2.7/5, which is lower than competitors Jasper AI (4.4), Rytr (4.7), and Scalenut (4.2). On other independent sites, ClosersCopy generally earns a rating of around 3/5.

ClosersCopy reviews are divisive, with some users feeling overwhelmingly positive about the service while others are incredibly dissatisfied.

Fans of ClosersCopy praise the range of features and frequency with which new features and developments are added to the product. Others highly value the unlimited AI writing capacity of the tool (only available on higher plans) as they don’t have to worry about spending too many credits, which can be the case with other AI copywriting software.

Closerscopy is my number one writing assistant whenever I face writer’s block. All I have to do is put a cursor beneath the text I want to expand, hit the ‘write for me button’, and Closerscopy will give me some great ways to complete my sentences and paragraphs. It gives me unlimited text generation so I don’t have to worry about spending credit like in other tools. It offers a wide range of other features which are not all too great, but I almost never need them.

— User review collected from Trustpilot.

On the other hand, negative ClosersCopy reviews cite issues creating relevant content and felt that it didn’t deliver on its promise to create SEO-friendly marketing copy.

The general sentiment of dissatisfied customers is that the customer support on offer is insufficient, and many others have spoken of issues with billing and subscriptions.

How to Use ClosersCopy

  1. Sign Up

    First, select your chosen plan from the three available options: Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad.

    <strong>Sign Up</strong>
  2. Login

    You’ll be prompted to choose your ClosersCopy login details. In the boxes, enter your name, email address, and password. You’ll then be taken to the payment page.

  3. Choose AI Model

    ClosersCopy offers three different AI models: SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI. You’ll need to pick one that can create the type of copy you want. This can be changed from within the editor at any point.

    <strong>Choose AI Model</strong>
  4. Conduct SEO Research

    Once you’re in the ClosersCopy interface, you can explore one of its most exciting features: ClosersCopy Compete, which allows you to conduct keyword research from within the tool. You won’t need to integrate with another tool or spend hours trawling Google to see what the competition is doing.

    Here, simply enter your search query, and ClosersCopy will bring up a list of top-ranking pages, average characters, and word count, as well as suggestions for H1s, H2s, and H3s. You can view this information as an overview or click on each result to see a competitor-by-competitor breakdown.

    <strong>Conduct SEO Research</strong>
  5. Go to Longform

    Once you’ve researched your keywords, you can use the ‘Longform’ feature to create your blog posts. This tool allows you to enter your ‘context’, i.e., what your blog post is about, influenced by your earlier SEO research.

    You can then edit the length and degree of creativity you’d like the tool to imbue the text. Once set, you can hit ‘write for me’ to see your results. As long as you have an initial idea, Longform can ease the laborious writing process by filling in the blanks for you.

    <strong>Go to Longform</strong>
  6. Choose Framework

    You can select a framework to gain more control over the output and raise the chances that the results are aligned with your intention. There are currently over 700 to choose from, including blog posts, AIDA ads, and social media posts.

    <strong>Choose Framework</strong>
  7. Assemble your article

    Once the AI tool has produced its results, select one of the options to begin building your post. The interface, as shown, is similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, displaying a plain white canvas on which you can create your masterpiece.

    <strong>Assemble your article</strong>


How We Review And Test AI Tools

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of every AI tool varies and is largely dependent on the AI model used and the quality of the input. We test each tool to gauge its accuracy across the tasks and use cases it supports.
  • Performance: We also test how long it takes the AI tool to deliver results and weigh this time against the quality of the output. Quick results mean nothing if the output isn’t accurate, relevant, or what you expected.
  • Ethical Considerations: We explore any issues with bias, transparency, and privacy to ensure we recommend only the best artificial intelligence solutions that take these ethical concerns seriously.
  • User Experience: We test every AI tool on all the supported platforms to gauge its user-friendliness and whether it works as advertised. We also explore any online documentation available.
  • Value for Money: We weigh the features, performance, and accuracy of the market’s best AI tools against their cost to determine their value for money. We also factor in the cost to scale with the platform.
  • Features: We test every feature on offer with the service over a two-week period. This includes testing their functionality (whether it’s art generation, or voiceovers, for example) across all the platforms the tool supports.
  • Security: From data privacy to ensuring the tools haven’t had a data breach, we take security seriously, checking their regulatory compliance and how vulnerable the AI models are to exploitation.

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

With new AI writing tools cropping up frequently, it can be difficult to decide which one suits your needs best. Before making your final call, we’d recommend considering the following factors:

SuitabilityAccuracy and PerformanceCustomizationEase of UseSecurityPrice and ScalabilityFeatures

Evaluate whether the AI tool aligns with your intended purpose and requirements, and make sure to check that it offers the necessary features to meet your objectives. For example, if you want to create blog posts, ensure you choose a tool that incorporates SEO research.

Different AI tools may vary in their accuracy and performance metrics, such as precision, speed, and reliability. It’s wise to read reviews of the AI tools before signing up.

Depending on your needs, you may want to customize the tool by adding integrations, incorporating your brand’s tone, or tailoring it to your specific workflow.

Many AI tools offer a wide range of features but can fall short when it comes to ease of use. Shortlist your options and use any available free trials to test the tool’s UX firsthand.

With the Department of State commenting on the need for secure AI, it’s worth considering the security measures offered by the provider if you’re working with sensitive information. Look out for access controls, data encryption, and compliance with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA to ensure your data security is kept safe.

Ensure you’re getting value for your money by weighing the features against the pricing plans. Also, consider the costs and limitations of scaling the tool as your needs grow.

Carefully review the features offered by each pricing plan to ensure they align with your requirements and provide the necessary functionality for your needs.


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