A Full LogoAi Review for 2024: The Good and the Bad

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LogoAI is an easy-to-use AI tool for generating high-quality, branded assets

LogoAi is an easy-to-use, up-and-coming, dedicated AI logo generator that can generate beautiful logos within a matter of minutes.

The best part is that you can choose from 3.5 million logo templates. Plus, you also get a simplistic editor to customize the logo to your specific branding.

We also love that startups can design their entire brand kit with LogoAi, including business cards and mockups. The platform is also competitively priced and offers great value for money for small businesses.

However, LogoAi is a one-trick pony. You get features such as brand kits, but these aren’t as polished as some of its competitors. But again, the platform really excels at what it does, and we believe that’s what it should be judged on.

Read our full LogoAi review to see if this is the tool you’ve been looking for. We also compare it with some of the most popular AI logo generators to give you a complete picture.


  • Huge library of 3.5 million templates
  • Allows downloading vector files
  • Create your entire brand identity on the platform
  • Transparent PNG and high-resolution images


  • You can change the logo name and symbol only within three days of your purchase
  • No free trial or free plan

Our detailed LogoAi review explores in depth everything there is to know about this excellent brand-building and AI-powered logo generator. Overall, LogoAi is an easy-to-use and quick logo generator.

However, the lack of a free trial can be off-putting for some users. Read this comprehensive review as we dive deeper into LogoAi’s features and pricing and see how it fares against some of its competitors.

What is LogoAi Used for?

As the name suggests, LogoAi is an online AI logo generator. It comes with a massive library of around 3.5 million logo ideas, and you have the creative freedom to edit the ones you fancy.

You can also choose from different color palettes, fonts, and designs, but beyond creating a professional logo, you can do far more with your business branding, including creating elements such as:

  • Social media posts
  • Business cards
  • Mockups
  • Product photos
  • Profile pictures

This AI-powered logo maker comes with several other tools beyond logo creation, such as a name generator that suggests unique names for startups and an icon generator that generates various icons for your logo.

LogoAi Pricing

LogoAi offers 3 plans: Basic, Pro, and Brand. Unlike other AI-powered logo generators, LogoAi follows a pay-per-logo pricing model.

What’s better is that the platform offers discounts to returning customers. However, unlike GetIMG, which lets you generate 100 free images a month, LogoAi doesn’t offer a free version.

For clarity, all LogoAi plans offer different features, and designing and editing your logo is completely free, but you have to pay to download them. Here’s a look at each of the plans:

Plan Starting Price Free Version Image Quality Transparent PNG Brand Assets Logo Animation Templates
Basic $29 800 x 600 px
Pro $59 High-Res
Brand $99 High-Res
Basic Plan – $29

With this plan, you pay $29 for an 800 x 600 pixel logo. In terms of formats, you get a transparent PNG file for a transparent background for your business cards, for example.

Along with this, you can edit your logo’s name and symbol within three days of your purchase—everything else can be changed for free at any point in time.

This might seem more expensive than competitors like Looka, which costs $20. However, with Looka, you don’t get transparent PNG, and you can’t make edits after your purchase.

At the same time, LogoAi falls a tad behind when compared with GetIMG. With the latter, you get high-res images, an image-to-video editor, and 15+ ControlNets for just $12/month.

However, GetIMG is made for logo-designing businesses that offer, for example, marketing services to other businesses—not for individual use.

Pro Plan – $59

With the Pro plan, you can download logos in high resolution. Besides everything in the Basic plan, you also get vector files with this one.

Vector files are high-quality images built using formulas that don’t distort when you expand or crop them. This ensures that you can edit images without losing their sharpness.

In addition, you can access and download matching brand identities, such as mockups, along with matching Word and PPT templates for your logo.

This plan is cheaper than Looka‘s $65 Premium Logo package, for example. However, while you can make endless edits with the latter, you don’t get the branding elements available with LogoAi.

Brand Plan – $99

Besides everything on the Pro plan, you get cutting-edge animated logos and 100 AI credits to generate business cards, brand posters, and logo mockups that match with the Brand plan.

You can also purchase an add-on, ‘Designer Manual Fix‘, for $40 with every LogoAi plan. This connects you with in-house designers who can edit your logo’s elements, which isn’t possible using AI.

LogoAi Key Features

Let’s look at some of LogoAi’s features that make it one of the best AI tools for crafting professional logos.

Logo MakerLogo IdeasAi Designer

This AI-powered logo maker is one of the easiest tools we’ve reviewed. All you have to do is enter your brand name, choose your industry, a color theme, and font, and voila!

The platform will then generate several logos for you to choose from. You can also select more than one font and color theme to generate many logo options.

If you don’t want to create a logo from scratch, click on the ‘Logo ideas‘ option at the top of your LogoAi dashboard. You’ll then see 3.5 million logo ideas and design templates.

Scroll down through the options, click a logo design you like, and edit it specific to your branding. You’ll get to explore three editing options:

  1. Style – On the left side of your screen, you’ll see several design options. Scroll down and select the one you like.
  2. Fonts – You have eight font options, which might seem limited. However, these fonts are used by popular brands such as Instagram, Disney, and Sony.
  3. Color – You can choose from 7 color palettes, such as warm, cold, pastel, gradient, and so on. The logo AI engine will instantly build unique logos in your chosen color.

Apart from creating professional logos, there are a lot of brand elements you can design using LogoAi.


If you’ve decided on a logo design and want to see how it’ll look in different places, you can create unique mockups. This includes visualizing it in different formats, such as:

  • Ads
  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • News articles
  • Store banners
  • Accessories, and
  • Digital screens.

Product Photos

Product-driven businesses, namely online stores, typically need to invest a good amount of money in getting product photos taken.

However, with LogoAi, you can just upload a photo of your product, and its powerful AI will generate several product images with different backgrounds and colors.

In our testing, we loved how there was also an option to choose from different backdrops, such as minimal light, indoor desktops, fabric paper, and greenery displays.

Select the design you like and edit it to fit your branding. You can add text, add or remove smart layers and backgrounds, and even edit the main element.

Business Cards

LogoAi lets you create a business card. You can either upload your business logo or choose a card template. Once you’ve selected the design, you can customize every element on the card.

Add details like your name, title, company name, phone number, e-mail ID address, and website. We could also click on individual elements on the card to edit them.

For example, we could tap on a text box to change its font, size, and color, among other specifics.

LogoAi Performance

LogoAi is one of the most straightforward but power-packed and effective tools for generating logos. In our first-hand testing, we could create logos in just minutes—without designers.

The best part is that there are 3.5 million templates to choose from, and editing a logo is pretty simple, too. We found no lags or glitches on the platform, either.

We were also impressed with the quality of the output and the ease of sharing. Overall, LogoAi is great for businesses looking for a high-quality logo generator that delivers on every count.

LogoAi Integrations

LogoAi doesn’t offer any third-party integrations. This isn’t unusual with AI logo generators, as they’re usually designed as a standalone platform to create unique logos and images.

One could argue that there should be some team collaboration integrations. However, with AI doing most of the job, logo creation no longer requires multiple designers.

It’s also worth noting that LogoAi competitors like GetIMG and Looka also don’t offer any integrations.

LogoAi Customer Reviews

People are still discovering LogoAi, so there aren’t many reviews online. That said, the handful of reviews we did find were mostly positive, praising the tool’s features, accuracy, and design prowess.

I was able to generate an eye-catching logo in minutes. The platform offers a wide array of customizable templates, allowing me to find the perfect match for my brand’s personality and vision.

However, we found a few reviews claiming that the company engaged in misleading advertising. Those users said that LogoAi promises to generate logos for free, which isn’t true, of course.

In our assessment, though, we found nothing misleading on the provider’s website or anywhere else. The website clearly states that you can design a logo for free, but you must pay to download it.

LogoAi vs Top Competitors

With AI evolving at a rapid rate, there are many tools for AI-generated logos. However, not all of them are created equal, and very few of them deserve your time and money.

Here’s how it compares to some popular LogoAi alternatives:

AI Logo Generators Best For Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
LogoAi Creating brand assets $29 per logo Logo designer, Vector files, Brand elements
GetIMG Free logo creation $12/month Free forever plan Image to video generator, Image editor, 15+ ControlNets
LookaAI Brand kit designing $20 per logo Unlimited post-purchase changes, Social posts and profile management, Business cards
Designhill In-person logo creation $249 Professional logo designing, 100% money-back guarantee, Quick turnaround
Turbologo Free logo generation $19.99 per logo Free forever plan 3-month editing period, Complete brand kit, Free logo generator

LogoAi Vs GetIMG

If you’re looking for a dedicated image generator, LogoAi is your best bet. This logo-exclusive platform has around 3.5 million logo templates.

Not only can you download your logo in high resolution, but you also get formats like vector files and Word & PPT files for your perusal. However, high-resolution downloads will cost you $59.

If you want to stay on the economical end—and you don’t necessarily need a dedicated logo generator but a modest all-in-one package for your designing needs—go with GetIMG.

Although it’s not a logo-exclusive AI platform, its text-to-image AI generator can do the job. The best part is that you can create 100 images a month for free.

In addition, for just $12/month, you can access features like an image-to-video generator, an image editor, and an AI canvas.

LogoAi Vs LookaAI

LogoAi and Looka are similar—both are dedicated AI-powered logo generators. If affordability is key, though, pick LogoAi. At the outset, Looka might seem more affordable, at only $20.

However, you only get a PNG file with it (1000 x 1000 px), with no scope for edits. With LogoAi, though, you get a transparent PNG along with an 800 x 600 px logo.

Although the resolution is less, you can make edits for up to 3 days after downloading the logo. You can also upgrade to its Pro plan for vector files and high-resolution images.

That said, small businesses looking for a complete brand kit designer should consider Looka. You can create social posts or designs for an article, business cards, and email signatures specific to your branding.

Although you can do some of these with LogoAi, too, there aren’t as many templates and edit options as you get with Looka.

LogoAi Vs Jasper

Jasper AI is one of the best content generators for small businesses, marketing teams, and bloggers, for example.

You can generate SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content, including marketing assets like blog posts, articles, newsletters, and emails, among others.

However, to get the art generator, you’ll need JasperAI’s Pro plan for $59/month. Despite being among the best Copy AI alternatives, if all you need is a logo, this isn’t a value proposition at all.

LogoAi, on the other hand, is solely for creating professional logos. You can even design your brand kit that matches your logo’s theme, including business cards, banners, and more.

Plus, you’ll only have to pay a one-time fee for your logo, starting from just $29.

Learn more with our full Jasper AI review

How to Use LogoAi

LogoAi is pretty simple to use—even for beginners. To get started, create an account by entering your name, email, and password. Then, follow our guide to create your first logo.

  1. Step 1 – Choose 'Logo Maker'

    On the home screen, click ‘Logo Maker’ on the top bar. Alternatively, click the ‘Let’s make a logo’ option in the center of the homepage. Then Click ‘Start’ on the page that opens next.

    <strong>Step 1 – Choose 'Logo Maker'</strong>
  2. Step 2 – Choose a Name

    Enter the name of your logo. This can be a single letter or a whole word. You can also enter a slogan. Once you’ve done this, press ‘Continue.’

    <strong>Step 2 – Choose a Name</strong>
  3. Step 3 – Select Your Industry

    You now need to select the industry that best describes your business. You have around 20 options, including technology, real estate, and education. This selection will determine the icons and elements used in the logo.

    <strong>Step 3 – Select Your Industry</strong>
  4. Step 4 – Pick A Color

    Now choose a color theme—warm, cold, pastel, greyscale, contrast, and gradient. You can choose more than one option to generate more logos. Once you’re done, click ‘Continue’.

    <strong>Step 4 – Pick A Color</strong>
  5. Step 5 – Choose a Font

    Select a font from 6 options: Modern, Elegant, Slab, Handwritten, Playful, and Futuristic. Hover over each one to see which brands use that font. Just like colors, you can select multiple fonts.

    <strong>Step 5 – Choose a Font</strong>
  6. Step 6 – Generate Logo

    Once you’re satisfied with all your inputs, click ‘Generate’. The platform will instantly create several designs. You can scroll down and click ‘See more logos’.

    <strong>Step 6 – Generate Logo</strong>
  7. Step 7 – Edit Logo

    Select a design you like and click ‘Edit’. You can then change the symbol, layout, font, and color of the design. From here, click ‘Buy’ and buy a subscription to download the logo.

    <strong>Step 7 – Edit Logo</strong>

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best AI tool for your needs:

SuitabilityAccuracy and PerformanceCustomizationPrice and Scalability

First, determine what you need an AI tool for—do you want to generate logos, get an image generator that designs assets based on what you describe, an AI writer, or an AI voice generator? There are ample options.

Some platforms can perform one or more AI tasks, while others are designed for a certain function. Consider your use case to narrow down your options.

Since AI is still evolving, the tools don’t all perform equally well—some work on superior AI engines which translates into better performance. For example, some logo generators may take a while to create your design, while others may do it in a matter of seconds.

While there’s no denying the need for class-leading accuracy, if you’re after complex or lengthy designing or content generation needs in particular, then picking a powerful tool with greater accuracy is a no-brainer.

You need to decide the degree of customization and creativity you desire. For instance, an AI logo maker should give you the option to edit it, such as using different fonts, colors, and styles.

While free options are enticing if you’re on a budget, they almost always involve several compromises in terms of accuracy, performance, and customization.

It’s always a good idea to first decide on a budget and then look for the best option within those boundaries. You’ll also want to consider the scalability—the cost of upgrading your plan.


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