An In-Depth Looka Review for 2024: Features, Pros, and Cons

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Looka AI is a powerful and easy to use brand kit and logo generator

Looka is a popular AI logo and brand identity designer that’s easy to use and widely popular, thanks to its 10,000+ positive customer reviews.

Its simplicity is evident from the fact that you only need to enter your brand name and what you do – Looka’s powerful AI engine takes care of the rest and provides you with beautiful logos within minutes.

You can create 300+ brand assets, including advertisements, social posts and stories, marketing content, and business cards. The best part is that you can make unlimited changes to your designs post-purchase.

However, some users might not like the lack of animated logos. That said, the platform excels in what it does and gives users an editing experience so simple that even a beginner with very little designing know-how can generate a logo within minutes.

Read our comprehensive Looka review to see if it fits your needs. We’ve compared it with some of the most popular logo generators on the market to help you decide.



  • Quick AI-generated logos
  • A complete brand kit designer
  • Unlimited post-purchase changes
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable prices


  • No animated logos
  • No free trials or free plan

Our detailed Looka review covers everything you need to know about this easy-to-use AI logo and brand designer that can help you handcraft an entire brand identity for your business. However, no service is perfect. Keep reading our review to learn more about its features, pricing, and how it compares to the competition.

What is Looka Used for?

Looka is an online logo and brand identity designer that lets you create different business kits and a custom logo in minutes.

You can either create a logo design from scratch or draw inspiration from different logo ideas given on the platform. Looka also allows you to build a unique brand identity for marketing materials such as:

  • Social profiles
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Social covers and stories
  • Advertisements
  • Posters
  • Blog banners and brochures
  • Invitations

Looka’s Pricing

Looka offers you two options—you can either buy only a logo or get an entire brand kit. Regardless of what you choose, you have two plans to choose from. Here are your options:

Plan Starting Price Free Version Image quality Transparent PNG Brand Assets Logo Animation Templates
Basic Logo Package $20 1000 x 1000 p
Premium Logo Package $65 High-res
Brand Kit Subscription $96/year High-res
Brand Kit Web Subscription $129/year High-res
Basic Logo Package – $20

The Basic Logo Package, priced at a one-time fee of $20, includes one PNG logo file with a colored background and a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

This sure is cheaper than competitors like LogoAI which costs $29. However, you don’t get a transparent PNG file with Looka. This file comes in handy when you want to use your logo with transparent backgrounds on different websites and business card designs.

Premium Logo Package – $65

If you just need to create logos, this is the Looka plan you should choose. It offers multiple high-resolution file types, such as PNG, EPS, SVG, and PDF, along with unlimited post-purchase changes.

You also get your Looka logo in four different variations:

  1. Full color
  2. Colored on a transparent background
  3. White on a transparent background
  4. Black on a transparent background

When we compared it to its rival logo generators, we found that Designhill offers the exact same features; however, Designhill costs a bit less, at $59 per month. That said, as this is a one-time fee, Looka actually offers better value for money.

Brand Kit Subscription – $96/year

This plan allows you to design a comprehensive brand kit for your business. These include social profiles and posts, business cards, email signatures, and 300+ ready-to-use branded assets.

You can even download 16+ different versions of your logo and make unlimited changes. We found this plan to be more affordable than a competitor like Designhill.

With the latter, you have to purchase a different plan for various purposes, such as brand identity and social media packs. Even the most basic Designhill plan starts at $249.

On the other hand, Turbologo‘s branding plan costs $79.99. However, it only offers a three-month editing period. Overall, Looka ticks all the boxes for designing brand kits.

Brand Kit Web Subscription – $129/Year

This premium package offers everything in the above-mentioned Brand Kit subscription plus a website for your business, which proves valuable, particularly for small businesses.

You can create a fully branded AI-generated website using your logo, brand colors, and fonts, as well as different content and photos specific to your industry. Here, too, Looka is more affordable than Designhill, for example, which starts at $549.

Looka Key Features

During our Looka review, these are some of the main features we found most noteworthy about this logo maker:

Logo MakerBrand KitsWebsite Designing And Domain

Looka’s logo maker is powered by generative AI, which means you only have to provide three inputs to get appealing logo designs. Once you enter your name, slogan, and what you do, Looka automatically generates different high-quality logos for you.

Unlike other logo makers, you don’t have to choose a color, font, or industry type. Although everything is done by gen AI, you do get the option to edit the colors and symbols once the logos are generated.

Looka’s brand kit designer is what makes it better than other logo makers. You can create different brand elements, such as business cards, letterhead, and invoices.

This AI-powered logo maker also allows you to create marketing designs, such as advertisements, posters, newsletters, brochures, and flyers.

Besides this, Looka offers a complete social media kit, including social media templates, profiles, covers, posts, and stories. For instance, when we tried designing a professional logo on the platform, Looka provided us with 108 social post options—undoubtedly enough for the whole year.

Besides these social media assets, you can even design email signatures and access the print shop to see how your new logo would look on different products, such as mugs, T-shirts, backpacks, and notebooks.

Looka offers you the option to design your own website using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and different brand elements. Select the website preview you like and edit every page to fit your brand guidelines.

Additionally, you can reserve a domain name right from the platform itself. Scroll through the different available domains and choose one within your budget. Looka’s professional support team will secure your domain and ensure it connects easily with your website.

Looka Performance

In our testing for this Looka review, we found it was one of the simplest logo designers to use, making it one of the best AI logo generators on the market.

All you need to do is enter your company name, slogan, and what you do, and Looka will produce a myriad of logo designs in an instant.

Looka’s design dashboard is uncluttered, with all the customization options neatly aligned on the left-hand panel. By altering its color, font, and theme, each Looka logo can be viewed in different designs, and the results are displayed almost instantly.

The brand kit designer can prove to be a bit overwhelming for beginners since there are a lot of options. However, it’d help to remember that you simply need to select an element (business card, for example) you want to design and edit until you’re satisfied.

All in all, Looka is a simple logo designer that offers a quick and affordable way to create AI-generated designs with a relatively shallow learning curve.

Plus, beyond the user-friendly interface, there are also enough help articles and good customer support to resolve any issues you may run into.

Looka’s Integrations

Looka doesn’t offer any third-party integrations. However, since it’s a dedicated logo and brand kit designer, there’s hardly any need for it to integrate with another platform.

You can use the platform independently to generate different brand materials and use them in the places you like. It’s also worth noting that competitors like LogoAi also don’t offer any integrations.

Looka’s Customer Reviews

Looka is an extremely popular tool. Over 12,500 users have reviewed it on Trustpilot, where it has received 4.4 stars—89% of which are four stars or above.

Users love the sheer amount of design options they get for their logos. This also includes the customizability and their ability to change the colors, symbols, and fonts even after the purchase.

“Creating our logo based on industry and choosing elements to include made it so much easier and faster. I love that Looka has options based on how I will be using the logo and ready-to-use layouts for everything I might need.”

During our testing for this Looka review, we found it pretty easy to use. Plus, if you’re stuck somewhere, its prompt customer support will help you out on the fly. We found hundreds of positive reviews vouching for Looka’s helpful support wing.

What’s more, we’re appreciative of the fact that Looka has diligently replied to several one-star and two-star reviews to help out troubled users and enhance their experience with the platform.

Looka vs Top Competitors

Looka isn’t the only logo maker around—there are hundreds of options to pick from. However, not all of them are worth your time, which is why we’ve prepared this detailed comparison table that puts Looka side-by-side with some of its top competitors to help you compare:

AI Tools Best For Starting Price Free Version Top 3 Features
Looka Brand kit designing $20 AI-powered logo designing, Brand kit designing, Unlimited post-purchase changes
Designhill Professional designers $20 Professional designers, 100% money-back guarantee, One-to-one design projects
Turbologo AI logo designing $19.99 Vector files, Transparent PNG files, Brand identity designer
DesignEvo Free logo designing $24.99 Up to 5,000 px images, Download font files, Lifetime support
LogoAI Logo templates $29 Logo Animation, Word & PPT files, Mockup designer

Looka Vs Designhill

If you’re looking to work with professional designers, Designhill is the perfect platform. You can hire designers to create logos, social media content, websites, newsletters, and other branded assets for you.

You can also choose to get the solitary logo from Designhill, which will cost you $20. However, the platform’s strength lies in its vast pool of talented designers who can create appealing, professional logos for your business. That said, this can be a costly option as plans start from $299.

Looka, on the other hand, is a more affordable pick. It allows you to create an AI-generated brand kit and/or logo with complete design liberty.

Even Looka’s most expensive plan is just $129 per year (much cheaper than Designhill), and it includes a complete brand kit and a business website.

Looka Vs Turbologo

If you want more control over the design process, you can choose Turbologo. With Turbologo, you can select the exact colors and icons you want for your logo.

The cost of a single logo is the same on both platforms. However, with Looka, you can make unlimited post-purchase changes (except the name of the brand).

Turbologo, on the other hand, allows edits only for three months after purchase. You can go for a year-long editing plan, which costs $34.99 for a single logo—a pricey option.

If you’re looking to design a complete business brand kit, Looka is a much better pick. For just $96 per year, you can create mock-ups, business cards, social media posts, and marketing content. This plan, too, comes with an unlimited editing period.

Looka Vs LogoAi

LogoAi is very similar to Looka. However, LogoAi is a more value-for-money image generator—even though it’s $9 more expensive than Looka. This is because it offers a transparent PNG file, for which you need to pay at least $65 with Looka.

LogoAi is also a better pick if you want inspiration for your design. This is because it comes with 3.5 million logo templates, meaning you’ll never run out of ideas. Plus, as our detailed LogoAi review found, the platform also allows you to create animated logos, which isn’t possible in Looka.

Looka, though, is an excellent pick if you want to design different brand elements and develop a unique brand identity. At $96/year, you can design 300+ branded assets, including a full-fledged business website.

How to Use Looka

Let's see how you can use Looka to create a unique business logo and a complete brand kit. Before proceeding, make sure you've created an account on Looka and purchased the Brand Kit plan.

  1. Start With The Logo Maker

    Click ‘Logo Maker’ from the bar on the top of your Looka dashboard. On the screen that opens, enter your company name and hit the ‘Let’s make a logo’ button.

    <strong>Start With The Logo Maker</strong>
  2. Enter Your Details

    On the next screen, you only need to enter two other details—your slogan and what you do. Once you’ve done this, click the ‘➡️’ button.

    <strong>Enter Your Details</strong>
  3. Choose Your Logo

    Within just a minute, Looka will generate several logo options for you. The colors and symbols used in the designs are automatically suggested by AI. However, you can change and customize it from the two boxes at the top of the designs.

    <strong>Choose Your Logo</strong>
  4. Edit The Logo

    Choose a logo you like and click ‘see options & customize’. You’ll now see a panel on the left where you can access various editing tools and change the color, background, font, name, slogan, and layout. Scroll down to see the samples of your brand kit.

    <strong>Edit The Logo</strong>
  5. Edit Brand Kit

    Once you’re satisfied with the logo, switch over to the ‘brand kit’ option from the top of your editing screen. Choose the item you want to edit.

    A new dashboard will open, where you can access and edit all your brand elements—from social media posts and letterheads to invoices and your website. However, make sure you have purchased Looka’s Brand Kit subscription, as that’s how you will be able to access all designs.

    <strong>Edit Brand Kit</strong>
  6. Download Your Designs

    After you’ve finished editing, click the ‘Download’ button at the top right of your screen, and you’ll have all the designs on your device in no time.

    <strong>Download Your Designs</strong>

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

With artificial intelligence tools developing at the rate of knots, it can be confusing for new buyers. Here are a few things you must look into while picking an AI tool.

Features and Value For MoneySecurityCustomizationAccuracy and Performance

First things first, you need to determine exactly what you need an AI tool for and set a budget before you hit the market. Once that’s done, sort out all the tools that fit your budget and intended use case. Then, look for the one that delivers the most value for your purpose.

Before buying a subscription, evaluate the tool to ensure you’re getting all the features you have been looking for. Also, note that many AI platforms serve more than a single purpose. For example, Looka lets you create a custom logo, then you get AI writing tools and AI art generators.

Since you’ll be providing your business details to the platform, make sure it follows appropriate security measures, such as data encryption and GDPR/HIPAA compliance.

It’s always a good idea to review the tool’s privacy policy and ensure that it promises not to share your data with any third party. Certifications from reputed security organizations are also a massive plus.

If you’re picking an AI tool for a design-oriented process, you need tons of customization options. For example, a logo designer should allow you to edit the text, fonts, colors, and overall theme of the logo.

Just because a tool is AI-powered doesn’t mean it’ll deliver excellent results. Depending on the AI’s capabilities, as well as your chosen plan, you may or may not get the desired results.

This makes it important to ensure that the platform employs powerful AI engines that can generate content according to your needs. Speed is another important factor. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait an hour for a logo. Using the tool’s free trial is a good way to test it before committing.


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