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QuillBot's AI writing assistant is useful for rewording, condensing, and enhancing texts.

QuillBot distinguishes itself from typical AI chatbots and copywriting tools by focusing on enhancing rather than replacing human writing.

As an AI rewriter, it’s designed to assist users by refining their work, which makes it a suitable choice for individuals who want to improve the clarity and professionalism of their text.

This makes it an ideal choice for academics or students who need to paraphrase complex text or seek help with tone, writing suggestions, or citation acceleration.

Similar to Grammarly, QuillBot aids in navigating common writing challenges without overtaking the entire writing process. Read our full QuillBot review for more.


  • Good for students and academics
  • Generous free tools
  • Citation generator
  • All-in-one word processor with AI assistance


  • AI-generated text could be better
  • Does not pass AI detection tools
  • Limitations on amount of text that can be paraphrased or summarized

In this QuillBot review, we’ll analyze the AI writing assistant, a favorite for paraphrasing texts, grammar checking, and detecting plagiarism.

To ensure you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, our in-depth QuillBot review breaks down the plans available and compares the platform with several other leading AI copywriting tools based on pricing, features, and its pros, and cons.

What is QuillBot Used for?

QuillBot AI is a summarizer and paraphrasing tool, predominantly used as a rewriting assistant for existing text.

It also offers a generative writing feature, but we found during our Quillbot AI review that this isn’t its standout feature, as it can be unreliable.

QuillBot AI is, however, popular for academic purposes. It’s adept at digesting or rephrasing large chunks of text, and its copywriting features can also be used for commercial purposes.

Still, since it doesn’t integrate SEO research like Jasper or ClosersCopy, it’s not our top recommendation for professional writing for things like marketing copy or blog posts.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot’s pricing plans are simple. There are just two options: Free or Premium. In this section, we’ll outline the available plans, the costs, and the features included.

Starting Price Characters/m Free Version Templates Plagiarism Checker Art Generator Brand Voices Languages Integrations
Free Free 125 in Paraphraser, 1,200 in Summarizer Free forever 32 45 3 — Google Docs, QuillBot Chrome extension, and Microsoft Word
Premium $8.33/month (billed annually) Unlimited words in Paraphraser, 6,000 in Summarizer 3-day free trial 32 100 pages/month 45 Same as Free

QuillBot’s Free plan allows you to paraphrase up to 125 words and summarize up to 1,200 words at a time. It also lets you create AI-assisted texts from QuillBot Flow, QuillBot’s word processor tool.

It offers Standard and Fluency modes and provides 1 Freeze Word. The free version of QuillBot AI also offers limited use of the Synonym Slider, reducing your flexibility when crafting your text.

You won’t get access to the Plagiarism Checker feature or benefit from Premium recommendations or tone insights.

Premium - $8.33 - $19.95 per month

QuillBot Premium is the only paid subscription option. You can pay annually, bi-annually, or monthly. Paying annually means you save a massive 58%.

If you’re hesitant to pay upfront, try the Premium version for 3 days with a money-back guarantee, although you’ll have to enter your credit card details.

The premium version of QuillBot offers numerous features for various writing tasks, including:

  • Unlimited use of the Paraphraser feature
  • Unlimited custom modes
  • 8 pre-set modes
  • Premium recommendations
  • Use of synonyms
  • Insights on tone of voice
  • Unlimited Freeze Words
  • 6,000 words in the Quillbot Summarizer tool
  • 100 pages per month with the QuillBot Plagiarism Checker

Since you’ll be able to process more words at a time, this will shorten your overall workflow.

QuillBot Features

QuillBot is a valuable tool for professional writers looking for a tool for simplifying the editing process. During my QuillBot review, these were the features I found most notable:

ParaphraserPlagiarism CheckerQuillBot FlowGrammar CheckerSummarizerTranslationCitation Generator

QuillBot AI is best known for its Paraphraser feature, which allows users to rewrite text into new wording or change its tone. The free plan allows you to switch between standard and fluent writing modes, while QuillBot offers 9 writing modes on the Premium plan, including academic, formal, and custom tones.

The Free plan has a limit of 125 words per use, while the Premium plan allows you to paraphrase an unlimited number of words. Overall, the Quillbot paraphrasing tool is handy for writers wanting to improve their existing work or tweak their tone of voice.

The QuillBot Plagiarism Checker is limited to the Premium plan and allows you to double-check that texts are original and not copied from another source.

It also allows you to verify correct citations for accurate source attribution. This QuillBot feature is available in 100+ languages and can handle 100 pages monthly.

It also helps maintain citation best practices while fostering a culture of respect for intellectual property. It’s an excellent tool for writers to ensure their work is unique and properly cited, reducing the risk of unintentional plagiarism.

QuillBot Flow is QuillBot’s editor; it’s like Google Docs with added artificial intelligence assistance. You can import existing text from your computer, MS Word, or Google Docs.

Alternatively, you can use the Smart Start feature to create text based on your choice of format and context. You can also use a template. QuillBot offers 32 templates with various options, including academic papers, emails, professional documents, and blog posts.

Once you’ve set up your text document, you can write it yourself or use QuillBot’s suggestions. A ‘suggest text’ feature offers a selection of pre-written text that you can add to your document.

QuillBot Flow also has an AI review feature—similar to the grammar checker Grammarly—that offers a range of suggested improvements on sentence structure, unnecessary words, and general grammatical errors.

I found that QuillBot Flow is best used to improve your own writing rather than relying solely on QuillBot’s suggested text. You can create an entirely AI-written article with QuillBot Flow, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the output isn’t of the best quality.

Besides this, it doesn’t consider SEO best practices like keyword research, which is offered by ClosersCopy and Jasper AI, for example. I wouldn’t recommend this to create marketing copy.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is a free, unlimited tool for detecting grammatical errors. It can work with the grammar conventions of British English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English, and 5 other languages.

QuillBot’s Summarizer tool is a standout feature for academics, students, or anyone needing help condensing large amounts of information into a digestible length.

This feature puts it alongside the top AI summarizes for text, research papers, or documents. You can switch formats from paragraphs to bullet points and custom while using the slider to adjust the summary length.

This feature is available on the Free plan for a maximum of 1,200 words, which is perfectly usable. The Summarizer tool combines with QuillBot’s Paraphrase tool to reword the concise summaries into another iteration. You can also export and save the result, which could be handy for keeping track of notes during academic research.

QuillBot’s translator tool supports 40+ languages and is completely free to use. Its advantage over Google Translate is that it integrates writing tools within QuillBot Flow, so you won’t need to switch between tabs or windows.

This can be a time-saver in your writing process, and it’s convenient to have all your work in one place, especially when working on a complex project.

QuillBot’s Citation Generator is a remarkably helpful tool that’s 100% free to use. All you need to do is input the URLs of the pages you’d like to cite, and QuillBot AI will create a list of citations in the style you choose.

We found during our QuillBot review that it offers a range of citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. This tool can cite webpages, journal articles, books, and even YouTube videos.

There’s also an option to manually create citations if QuillBot AI doesn’t source the correct information. While this can be a huge convenience for students and academics, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the proper way to cite before fully outsourcing your references to QuillBot AI—there’s always the possibility of an error.

QuillBot Performance

QuillBot’s supplementary tools, Paraphrase, Summarizer, Grammar Checker, and Citation Generator, are great additions to any writing toolkit.

We recommend this tool for students or academics who want an online word processor with research functionalities that can boost their writing clarity, generate citations, and offer grammar-checking support.

The summary feature is also a really helpful tool for a similar use case. In terms of its generative AI copywriting proficiency, QuillBot AI could be better.

We found that Copy AI and Jasper AI offer fluent generated text. When testing QuillBot’s functionality, we created a blog post entirely from its suggestions and weren’t overly impressed with the result.

QuillBot AI is best used to improve your own existing texts as an accessory, not a full replacement.

QuillBot Integrations

QuillBot AI integrates with many other writing platforms, and it even offers a Google Chrome extension — similar to Grammarly — providing real-time assistance while drafting documents in Google Docs or when you summarize online documents.

This functionality extends to writing in MS Word, composing emails, crafting social media posts, and more. Essentially, QuillBot AI can act as a supportive sidekick wherever you’re writing text (even long-form content), offering suggestions to refine and improve your writing.

QuillBot Customer Reviews

QuillBot has mixed reviews on independent review sites. It has a Trustpilot rating of 3.7/5, which is lower than rivals Jasper AI (4.4/5) and Writesonic (4.8/5) but higher than ClosersCopy (2.7/5) and Copy.ai. (3.4/5).

Quillbot’s positive reviews praised the time-saving qualities when writing. Others were pleased with how QuillBot AI improved existing texts and helped improve the flow of their writing.

I’ve found QuillBot to be an absolute game-changer for my academic writing. Its integration with Google Docs is smooth, allowing me to use its paraphrasing tools directly in my documents. This is a huge plus when I’m deeply involved in writing research papers or essays. It makes it easy to tweak and polish my sentences without needing to switch screens or tools…

— User review collected from Trustpilot

Reviewers were happy with QuillBot’s value for money, and many were pleased with the quality of the free version. Others said they didn’t regret paying for the full version because it was a worthwhile investment in improving their writing skills.

Disgruntled customers noted that the tool was too difficult to navigate, even for the computer-literate. While this wasn’t our experience, we do encourage you to try each tool before you buy. Luckily, QuillBot AI offers a free version, so you can personally test its ease of use.

Other complaints cited unreliable, hit-and-miss output quality and mentioned that artificial intelligence detectors and Turnitin easily detected the AI-generated text.

QuillBot vs Top Competitors

Now that we have an idea of what QuillBot AI offers, we’ll compare it with some of the best AI writing tools on the market. Here’s how it compares to the best QuillBot alternatives:

Best For Starting Price Free Version Built-In Plagiarism Checker Top 3 Features
QuillBot Academic writing assistance $8.33/month, billed annually Free forever plan — 125 words in Paraphraser + 1,200 words in Summarizer Summarizer, paraphraser, citation generator
ClosersCopy Marketing and sales copy $49.99/month SEO tools, 700+ templates, in-house AI
Rytr Affordable copywriting $7.50/month Free Forever plan — 10,000 characters/month Keyword generation, outlines, rewriting
Jasper AI Reliability $39/month 7-day free trial Copywriting, brand voice adherence, Grammarly, and SurferSEO
Scalenut Keyword research $39/month 7-day free trial With integration Keyword planner, on-page SEO checker, cruise mode
Copy AI High-quality output $36/month Free Forever plan for up to 2,000 words per run Email writing, SEO-optimized writing, built-in plagiarism checker

QuillBot vs GrammarlyGO

QuillBot’s closest competition is GrammarlyGO, as both are AI writing tools. Despite their similarities, they do have slightly different strengths.

QuillBot AI is primarily a paraphrasing tool that rewrites text, helps reduce plagiarism, and improves word flow. It’s also great as an academic writing assistant and for generating citations.

GrammarlyGO is best known for its in-text grammar checker and spell-checking features, which improve overall readability and writing quality. It also offers a plagiarism checker and citation generator, but it’s more commonly used as a Chrome extension.

While they both offer generous free tools, QuillBot AI works out slightly cheaper at $8.33 per month vs. Grammarly’s $12 per month because it offers an annual billing deal that saves you 58%.

QuillBot vs ChatGPT

QuillBot AI and ChatGPT are pretty different tools, each serving distinct purposes. QuillBot is an AI rewriting tool that’s designed to help you rephrase or summarize texts while ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) chatbot that can hold conversations with users and respond to text prompts given by the user.

ChatGPT can engage in open-ended discussions, answer questions, provide definitions, and assist in various tasks such as mind-mapping, writing, coding, analysis, and editing.

Since these tools are so different, we wouldn’t consider them direct competition. QuillBot AI isn’t proficient at generative AI text, but it’s an excellent summarizing or paraphrasing tool.

You could potentially use these tools in combination for better results.

QuillBot vs Jasper

QuillBot AI and Jasper are both AI-powered writing tools, but they have some distinct differences and ideal use cases.

Jasper AI is intended to generate original content from scratch and rewrite and expand upon existing text. It offers various templates and tools for tasks like blog post writing, copywriting, social media content creation, and more, so it can be used for various outlets.

In contrast, QuillBot AI is primarily designed as a rewriting and paraphrasing tool for existing content, and its output is best suited to academic writing tasks or research purposes. Jasper, however, can create marketing and sales copy due to its AI SEO research and a wider variety of templates.

If you intend to rephrase or rewrite text to avoid plagiarism or repurpose existing content, QuillBot AI may suit you just fine – and it’s free! However, if you need an AI assistant to help you create a variety of content from scratch or provide more guided content generation, we’d recommend Jasper AI.

How to Use QuillBot

In this section, we'll run through the basics of how you can use QuillBot to improve and refine your writing.

  1. Sign Up

    QuillBot AI offers many of its services for free, but you’ll need to enter your personal information to begin (such as your name and email address). If you already have an account, simply enter your QuillBot login or login with your Facebook or Google account.

    <strong>Sign Up</strong>
  2. Create a Project

    QuillBot AI has multiple features, all of which can be explored from within the QuillBot Flow text editor. You can create a project from scratch, import existing work, or use the Smart Start AI feature to create text. You can also choose a template from the library if you want to work from an existing framework.

    <strong>Create a Project</strong>
  3. Enter Contextual Information

    Once you’ve started a project, QuillBot AI will ask you to describe what you want to write (consider this as your title or headline). Then, briefly introduce your topic. This will also act as the groundwork for QuillBot’s suggestions. Don’t worry, you can edit this once you move on to the next step as you aren’t bound to anything now.

    <strong>Enter Contextual Information</strong>
  4. Generate Content

    As we explained, QuillBot AI offers a generative writing feature so you can begin crafting your article from the suggested chunks of text. These are fully editable, allowing you to maintain control over your text throughout the process. You can scroll through the suggestions and edit accordingly — even after you’ve made your selection.

    <strong>Generate Content</strong>
  5. Paraphrase

    To reword any input text, you can use the Paraphraser tool. It’s available within the QuillBot Flow editor, but we’ve shown its separate interface here so you can see the full range of features.

    The free version of QuillBot AI allows you to switch between two modes: Standard and Fluent. The Premium version does offer additional modes that will allow you to exercise a greater degree of control over your tone of voice.

  6. Summarize

    To demonstrate how QuillBot’s other valuable feature works, here we’ve shown the results of the Summarizer tool. Simply input the text you want to condense, select if you wish to receive the summary as a paragraph or bullet points, select the desired length, and then hit ‘Summarize’. You’ll then receive a concise summary of your text.


How to Choose the Best AI Tool

We know that searching for the right AI writing tool is no easy feat, especially given the range of impressive options available. To make a well-informed decision, it’s important to consider these points:

SuitabilityAccuracy and PerformanceCustomizationEase of UseSecurityPrice and ScalabilityFeatures

Consider whether the tool meets your specific needs and objectives. Are you looking for a marketing copywriter or an academic writing assistant? Check the features on offer against your intended use.

Not all AI writers produce high-quality content. Check reviews to understand how real-life users feel about its speed, reliability, and output quality.

A tool that you can customize to your workflow, integrate with your other software, and tweak its output to match your brand’s tone of voice. This will ensure the product is easier to work with than one that isn’t adjustable.

A tool can have all the features in the world, but if it isn’t user-friendly, then you may not be able to maximize its potential. If there’s a free trial or plan, this can be a great opportunity to test the product before signing up.

If you work with sensitive information, security features should be a consideration when using AI tools. Look for robust security measures like data encryption, access control, and compliance with standards such as GDPR or HIPAA.

Consider whether the tool offers good value for money or if there’s a generous free option available. It’s also important to see whether it can grow alongside your needs without becoming too expensive.

Before clicking ‘checkout,’ examine the specific features offered by each tool’s pricing tier to ensure it offers everything needed to achieve your goals.


Is QuillBot safe to use?

Do professionals use QuillBot?

How accurate is QuillBot?

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