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Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO researcher and article writer

Scalenut is an SEO and copywriting-focused AI platform that helps users identify top-performing keywords and utilizes these to generate articles according to the users’ desired tone of voice.

It even provides AI-generated featured images in line with the context of the article. Scalenut can be a huge help for generating article ideas to overcome writer’s block, streamlining the process of performing competitive keyword research, or outsourcing the entire content writing process for those who require a high volume of output. It can also work with your existing content and optimize it.

While this AI writing tool is impressive, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Read our full Scalenut review to learn more, including how it compares to leading rivals.


  • Generates reliably high-quality output
  • In-depth SEO research
  • Free forever plan


  • Only supports English language
  • Steeper learning curve due to the breadth of features

In this Scalenut review, we’ll examine this high-performing SEO assistant used by content writers, freelancers, and marketing professionals to assist with their content production workflows.

We’ve analyzed Scalenut’s pricing, features, pros, and cons against other leading AI writing tools to determine how well it performs. This article will reveal whether it’s the best tool for your needs or whether you should consider an alternative.

What is Scalenut Used for?

Scalenut is an AI platform for SEO research and copywriting. It uses artificial intelligence to perform keyword research and generate content ideas, outlines, and copy.

It can also analyze and optimize existing content by offering suggestions on keywords, tone, word count, and more to improve search engine rankings.

During our Scalenut review, we found that it can be helpful for small—to medium-sized businesses that want to generate a high volume of content in a short amount of time or for larger enterprises that want to scale up their content but maintain quality and consistency.

Individual content writers or marketing executives will also find Scalenut a helpful addition to their content creation toolkits for diving deeper into SEO research, generating SEO-friendly content, and creating content for social media posts.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut offers a free forever plan and four additional paid plans: Essential, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

Plans Starting Price (billed annually) Words/m Free Version Templates Plagiarism Checker Art Generator Brand Voices Languages AI Models Integrations
Free Forever Free 2,000 40+ Integration with Copyscape Only available in English
Essential $39 $19 (Limited 50% offer) 100,000 7-day free trial 40+ Integration with Copyscape Only available in English
Growth $79 $39 (Limited 50% offer) Unlimited 7-day free trial 40+ Integration with Copyscape Unlimited Only available in English SEMRush, WordPress, and Copyscape
Pro $149 $74 (Limited 50% offer) Unlimited 7-day free trial 40+ Integration with Copyscape Unlimited Only available in English Same as Growth
Enterprise Custom Unlimited Custom templates Integration with Copyscape Unlimited Only available in English Same as Growth
Free Forever

Scalenut offers a free forever plan and a 7-day free trial on its Pro plan, with no need to enter your credit card details.

The free forever plan provides a 2,000-word limit for AI writing, two SEO articles, and access to over 40 other AI tools, including content briefing, social listening, and competitive keyword research.

Even on Scalenut’s free plan, you can schedule a 1:1 demo of the platform with a customer service representative, plus you can access 24/7 chat support.

Essential $39 $19 per month (limited 50% offer)

Essential is Scalenut’s plan for individual creators and content writers. It offers 100,000 AI words and five SEO articles per month, a range of templates to choose from, AI images for featured images, insights on traffic, weekly trends, and SERP analysis.

The Essential plan offers the same customer support options as the free plan.

Growth $79 $39 per month (limited 50% offer)

Scalenut’s Growth plan is intended for start-ups and growing businesses. It offers everything on the Essential plan plus unlimited AI words, 30 SEO articles per month, keyword clusters, SEO audits and optimization of existing content, webpage analysis, direct WordPress publishing, and unlimited tones of voice.

The Growth plan offers the same customer support options as the free and Essential plans.

Pro $149 $74 per month (limited 50% offer)

The Pro plan offers everything provided on Growth, but it offers a higher capacity for SEO articles, page audits, webpage analysis, and keyword clusters. It also introduces helpful features for internal linking, page cannibalization, and advanced keyword research.

Additionally, the Pro plan provides access for two users. The Pro plan offers the same customer support options as the previous plans, except you’ll also get a dedicated customer support manager.

Enterprise - Custom pricing

For enterprise-level clients, Scalenut offers custom SEO articles, user seats, AI templates, and more. You’ll also benefit from enterprise-grade security measures and advanced AI models, and you’ll receive personalized help from the customer support team during onboarding.

Scalenut Key Features

We found during our Scalenut review that it offers a range of helpful features at multiple points during the content production process. We’ll unpack the key features of this AI writer in detail below.

Article WriterContent OptimizerKeyword PlannerMarketing CopywriterTraffic Analyzer

Article Writer

Scalenut features Article Writer, which is an AI writing tool that can help streamline the production of blog posts by incorporating SEO research.

You’ll need to enter the keywords you’d like to rank for and in which country. The automated comparison feature gathers the top-performing articles for your keywords, allowing you to select the most relevant ones that will inform the generation of your own article. If you integrate this tool with Copyscape, you can generate plagiarism-free content.

Scalenut will ask a range of contextual questions regarding your audience and your intended tone of voice. It’ll provide you with a list of potential titles to choose from before it creates an editable outline of headings and subheadings.

Click “generate content,” and you’ll be able to fine-tune your article against the SEO score. The SEO tool considers multiple factors, including keyword density, headings, and word count.

Content Optimizer

Whether your article is published or in its final draft, Scalenut can help enhance its SEO performance.

The platform’s Content Optimizer feature allows you to paste the article directly or input its URL (along with the target keywords). The article will then be evaluated and assigned an SEO score out of 100. This SEO score reflects how well your article is poised to perform on search engine results pages (SERPs).

From there, you can make real-time adjustments to your text, guided by data-driven recommendations, and watch your content’s score improve.

This SEO tool is comparable to Surfer and ClosersCopy, introducing a fun, gamified element to the often technical process of SEO copywriting. It eliminates the trial-and-error aspect of SEO, providing clear, actionable advice to refine your content effectively.

Keyword Planner

If you prefer writing content from scratch, you can just use Scalenut for keyword research. In the Keyword Planner tool, input a target keyword, your domain name, plus up to three competitors.

It’ll generate keyword clusters as well as cost per click (CPC), relevance, search volume, keyword density, and the current ranking of your domain and your selected competitors. You can also create an article based on the generated keyword clusters.

Marketing Copywriter

Scalenut goes beyond blog post creation by offering a diverse array of over 40 marketing templates. These templates cater to a wide range of needs, including YouTube scripts and social media content.

By selecting a template, you’re guided to input specific information into designated fields. This process provides Scalenut with the necessary details to generate text that’s ready to use in your preferred format.

Traffic Analyzer

Scalenut also has Traffic Analyzer, which can be added to your dashboard to track the traffic to your website.

Simply grant it access to your Google account, select the domain you’d like to track, and for which countries. You can then select the pages you’d like to optimize within your domain.

Your dashboard lets you view a range of performance indicators, including CTR, average position, traffic, and impressions. Additionally, you can view all the keywords performing best and worst and the changes in ranking pages.

This AI-powered SEO tool is really helpful for those needing an overview of the success of their pages, tracking progress over time, or who need to present updates to stakeholders.

Scalenut Performance

When testing the platform for this Scalenut review, I was reminded of comparable AI-powered SEO copywriting tools ClosersCopy and Surfer. There are big similarities in its SEO scoring interface and the content editors of each tool.

While Surfer SEO is geared toward manual SEO research and AI content production, Scalenut offers an automated solution to outsource the production of content

I was definitely more impressed with Scalenut than ClosersCopy when it came to the proficiency with which it generated accurate and relevant copy in response to my instructions and in line with SEO best practices.

It was super fast to use, and I liked how integrated each stage of the content production process was. It’s great to have one tool that can manage the SEO research phase, content planning, production, and editing of a piece of text.

Scalenut Integrations

Scalenut offers three integrations with its Growth Plan and up. The Free and Essential plans don’t offer any integrations. Here are the 3 integrations on offer:

  1. WordPress—Scalenut integrates with WordPress and allows you to quickly and easily publish content directly to your WordPress sites. This means you don’t have to duplicate your efforts by copying your work to WordPress.
  2. SEMRush—Scalenut’s integration with SEMRush produces the ‘Cluster Booster’ feature, helping you choose the most successful keyword cluster by adding extra information to the results, such as keyword difficulty and CPC.
  3. Copyscape—Some of the key concerns when using AI-generated copywriting include how it affects your Google rankings and plagiarism detection. While Scalenut doesn’t offer a native plagiarism detector, it does integrate with Copyscape, which can help ensure original copy.

Scalenut Customer Reviews

Scalenut reviews are generally positive, with an average rating of 4.7/5 on G2 and 4.2/5 on Trustpilot. It scored similarly to other established SEO copywriting tools like Jasper (4.7) and Surfer (4.8).

Many Scalenut reviews highlighted its range of tools on offer and mentioned its seamless content creation processes, from keyword research, content creation, and optimization for search engines to posting straight on WordPress.

“Scalenut has truly transformed my material, elevating its allure for my followers remarkably. The creativity they bring to the table left a lasting impression on me, along with their team’s consummate expertise. Their arsenal of instruments and aids has been invaluable in my quest to craft superior content with speed and adeptness.

My immense appreciation goes out to Scalenut for playing a pivotal role in my professional triumphs and the expansion of my enterprise. For those aspiring to excel and create distinguished content within the digital realm, I wholeheartedly endorse Scalenut.” (sic)

User review collected from G2

Reviewers also praised its SEO tools, replacing the need to hire an SEO specialist. Many liked that the tool helps users upskill and better understand the intricacies of SEO-friendly content.

We found that many reviewers were unhappy with the pricing models and felt that the tool—while impressive—was pricey. They also noted that the lowest pricing tier was too limited in the number of articles you could write.

Scalenut vs Top Competitors

Now that we’ve seen what Scalenut offers, let’s compare it to some of the best AI writing software currently on the market.

AI Writing Tools Best For Starting Price Free Version Built-In Plagiarism Checker Top 3 Features
Scalenut Keyword research $39/month 7-day free trial With integration Keyword planner, on-page SEO checker, cruise mode
ClosersCopy Marketing and sales copy $49.99/month SEO tools, 700+ templates, in-house AI
Rytr Affordable copywriting $7.50/month Free Forever plan — 10,000 characters per month Keyword generation, outlines, rewriting
Jasper AI AI writing assistance $39/month 7-day free trial Copywriting, brand voice adherence, Grammarly, and SurferSEO integration
Copy AI High-quality copy $36/month Free Forever plan for up to 2,000 words per run Email writing, SEO-optimized writing, built-in plagiarism checker

Scalenut vs Jasper

Scalenut zeroes in on helping marketers and content creators write SEO-optimized AI content. It provides features such as keyword research, content outlines, webpage optimization, and streamlining the production of marketing content like blog articles and product narratives. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth workflow for those focused on enhancing their online visibility.

On the other hand, our Jasper AI review found that it acts as an AI writing co-pilot, encompassing everything from imaginative storytelling to the drafting of professional documents.

Its advanced language model is designed to produce text that closely mimics natural human expression, making it a go-to for a variety of projects, including short fiction, screenplay writing, long-form content, and even coding. In fact, it’s even one of the best AI art generators.

While Scalenut shines in supporting organic web traffic, Jasper stands out for its comprehensive flexibility, accommodating an expansive range of writing formats.

Scalenut vs Copy AI

Scalenut focuses on SEO optimization, providing users with tools for keyword research, content analysis, and structured content recommendations. This focus makes it particularly valuable for marketers and content creators who prioritize search engine rankings.

On the other hand, our review highlights how it adopts a broader approach as a versatile writing assistant capable of generating a variety of texts, from social media updates to product descriptions. also uses AI to foster creativity, making it ideal for users who want to create content that’s innovative and captivating across various writing formats.

While appeals to those needing creative assistance with a broad spectrum of writing tasks, Scalenut’s specialized SEO tools are better suited to driving organic traffic and boosting online visibility.

Scalenut vs Rytr

Scalenut is designed for content marketers and SEO-focused writers. It provides a suite of content creation tools, including keyword research, article writing, page audits, and other SEO tools.

While Scalenut’s AI writing tools can assist users by creating engaging copy that ranks well on search engines, our Rytr review found that it adopts a broader approach.

Rytr offers support across a wide range of writing tasks, from sales copy to personal messages, highlighting that it’s intended for more than marketing. Its versatility and ability to match various tones make it particularly useful if you need to produce text that resonates with your brand’s voice or a specific style.

While Scalenut is adept at enhancing organic traffic through SEO optimization, Rytr appeals to a diverse audience looking for a flexible and budget-friendly AI writing tool.

How to Use Scalenut

Scalenut offers a range of functionalities, including ai content writing, keyword research, content optimization, and traffic analysis.

To give you an insight into Scalenut's interface and ease of use, we've demonstrated how you can use it to create high-quality articles that are optimized for SEO.

  1. Select Article Writer

    Once you’ve signed up with Scalenut, you’ll reach the dashboard screen. This will give you a few options for how you can experiment with the tool. If you want to get straight into writing, select the Article Writer tool.

    <strong>Select Article Writer</strong>
  2. Enter Your Keywords

    If you’ve already done your keyword planning, you can enter your keywords here. Alternatively, you can use Scalenut’s Keyword Planner to find relevant ones.

    <strong>Enter Your Keywords</strong>
  3. Configure Article

    Scalenut will ask you for some contextual information to base your article on, including audience and article type. It also offers an art generator to create a featured image, so you can select an image style from the drop-down menu.

    <strong>Configure Article</strong>
  4. Select Reference

    To give your articles a good chance of ranking and staying relevant, Scalenut asks you to choose a maximum of three reference articles from the top-ranking results.

    <strong>Select Reference</strong>
  5. Enter Tone of Voice

    Scalenut will also ask you to select a tone of voice. This can be anything from ‘friendly’ to ‘informative’ or ‘authoritative,’ or it can interpret the tone based on the other information you give it.

    <strong>Enter Tone of Voice</strong>
  6. Select Blog Title

    The editor will generate a choice of blog titles for you to choose from based on the top-ranked articles.

    <strong>Select Blog Title</strong>
  7. Create Outline

    Once you’ve selected your title, Scalenut will create an outline that you can edit.

    <strong>Create Outline</strong>
  8. Use Cruise Mode

    Once you’re happy with your headings, you can utilize Cruise Mode, an automated AI editor that takes commands such as ‘shorten,’ ‘lengthen,’ or custom instructions. You can continue tweaking your paragraphs until you are satisfied.

    Cruise Mode is a great option for those short on time or who want to create numerous blog posts without having to spend time writing high-quality content.

    <strong>Use Cruise Mode</strong>
  9. Edit Your Article

    Alternatively, you can use the Editor tool for a hands-on approach. This gives you an SEO score in the right-hand menu and offers suggestions on how to boost the score, such as word count or keyword density. In the text editor, you can directly edit the copy and move paragraphs around. You can save the results and export them as a .pdf, .doc, or HTML.

    <strong>Edit Your Article</strong>

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

When searching for the best paid or best free AI content generator and writing tool, it’s important to consider a few key points. Here are some of the top factors to evaluate before making your decision:

SuitabilityAccuracy and PerformanceCustomizationEase of UseSecurityPrice and ScalabilityFeatures

Consider whether the tool meets your content marketing strategy. Are you searching for an AI marketing copywriter or an academic writing assistant, or do you simply want to create a blog post? There’s a range of tools out there for specific purposes, so make sure you go for one that aligns with your intention.

Not all AI writers produce high-quality content. Check customer reviews to understand how real-life users feel about its speed, reliability, and output quality.

A tool that you can customize, integrate with your other software, and alter its output to match your brand voice is ideal for a seamless workflow. This will ensure the product is easier to work with than one that isn’t adjustable.

A tool can have every feature possible, but if it isn’t user-friendly, then you may not be able to maximize its potential. If there’s a free trial or plan, this can be a great opportunity to test the product before signing up.

If you work with sensitive information, you should choose a provider with security features when using AI tools. Look for robust security measures like data encryption, access control, and compliance with standards such as GDPR or HIPAA.

Consider whether the tool offers good value for money or if there’s a generous free option available. It’s also important to see whether it can grow alongside your needs without becoming too expensive.

Before clicking ‘checkout,’ examine the specific features offered by each pricing tier of the tool to ensure it offers everything needed to achieve your goals.


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