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Shortly AI is a simple, useful, unlimited AI writing tool for both fictional and nonfictional content

Despite being simplistic, Shortly AI has quickly become popular because of its accurate content generation. Plus, unlike other platforms, there are no restrictions on the amount of content you can generate.

Another highlight is that you can generate fictional content, too, which is something not many AI writing tools are capable of. We like Shortly AI’s overall simplicity, too.

You also get four commands—instruct, shorten, rewrite, and expand—which you can use to mold the content according to your needs. This is great if you’re looking to overcome writer’s block.

However, beyond content creation, this AI writing tool lacks some advanced functions, such as brand voices, tones, and content templates, and it’s also pricier than most alternatives.

Overall, though, Shortly AI does a few things — and it does them well. Read our comprehensive Shortly AI review to see how it compares with other popular AI writing tools.


  • Easy to use
  • Four powerful commands to fine-tune content
  • Option to alter the length of the content
  • Allows sharing content externally


  • Not as cheap as the competition
  • Lacks templates and brand voices

Our comprehensive ShortlyAI review discusses everything there is to know about this beginner-friendly yet incredibly useful AI writer. ShortlyAI is an easy-to-use, accurate, and, most importantly, unlimited AI content generator, but it’s not for everyone. Read this detailed review as we dig deeper into Shortly AI’s features and pricing and compare it with some of its top rivals.

What is ShortlyAI Used For?

Shortly AI is used to generate unlimited content for various purposes, both fictional and non-fictional, using the older Chat GPT-3 model.

The nonfictional AI-generated content it produces includes blog posts (you can write entire articles), product descriptions, marketing campaigns, email copy, and YouTube video scripts.

You can even write long form content like short stories and novels with ShortlyAI. All you need to do is insert an article (or story) brief, the title of the article, and 3-4 lines on the topic.

This AI-powered writing tool will do the rest.

ShortlyAI Pricing

Shortly AI offers annual and monthly billing options. Both come with all the features the platform has to offer. The only difference is the duration of the plans. Let’s look at the plans in some more detail:

Starting Price Characters/m Free Version Templates Plagiarism Checker Art Generator Voice Cloning Brand Voices Languages AI Models Integrations
Annual Plan $64/month – 2 months free Unlimited 1 OpenAI GPT-3
Monthly Plan $79/month – 2 months free Unlimited 1 OpenAI GPT-3
Monthly Plan – $79/Month

ShortlyAI’s monthly plan lets you generate unlimited content – unlike other AI writers, there’s no restriction on the amount of content you can generate with ShortlyAI.

You can use all the AI commands on offer and get regular updates. However, despite the unlimited word credit, it’s a bit expensive compared to some of the other AI content-writing software.

For instance, Jasper AI‘s Pro plan costs $59/month and comes with advanced AI writing features such as brand voice, an art generator, and several templates.

Annual Plan – $65/Month

Choosing the Shortly AI annual plan can save you around $168 per year. This plan has the exact same feature set as the monthly plan above—it’s just the duration that differs.

That said, it’s still more expensive than Jasper AI and Rytr, both of which offer more features. For instance, with the $24.16/month Rytr plan, you can run 100 plagiarism checks, write in 25 languages, choose from 20 voice tones, and set custom use cases.

However, ShortlyAI is unlimited. While other AI writing tools impose character restrictions, ShortlyAI allows you to generate an endless amount of high-quality content. This makes it ideal for large companies that need content daily.

ShortlyAI Key Features

Here are all the key features of Shortly’s AI writing software—there aren’t many, but I found they worked exceptionally well during my Shortly AI review.

Fiction and Non-Fictional ContentPowerful Commands

Shortly AI allows you to generate both fictional and nonfictional content. When you click ‘New’ on the homepage, you’ll see that Shortly AI focuses on two content types, these are available as:

  1. ‘I am writing an article/blog’ and
  2. ‘I am writing a story.’

The first option lets you create nonfiction content for business use, including generating ideas, blog posts, professional emails, product descriptions, content for your social media accounts, and resumes, among other things.

Clicking on the ‘I am writing a story’ option allows you to create short stories and nonfictional content with one of the best AI story generators. All you have to do is provide a story background and write a title—Shortly AI will do the rest for you.

This simplistic AI writing tool provides four commands to help you generate the content you desire. Every command has its own keyboard shortcut—all you have to do is select the text and use the shortcut.

Command Shortcut
Instruct Ctrl+Enter
Rewrite Ctrl+P
Shorten Ctrl+[
Expand Ctrl+]

The ‘instruct’ command lets you give the AI engine specific instructions about what it should write. For example, if you’re generating content ideas for your next blog post, you can use the ‘instruct’ command to direct Shortly AI to generate ideas on a specific topic (say, cyber security).


The rewrite command allows you to instruct the AI to rewrite a specific part of the generated content, whether it’s a section of a blog post or a YouTube video script. You can aim for a simpler sentence structure or better use of words. This makes it one of the best AI paraphrasing tools around.


As the name suggests, this command lets you summarize elaborate sections of the generated text. This comes in handy when you don’t want your content to be too long.


If you want to explain a certain point in more detail, you can use the expand command to instruct Shortly AI to continue writing. This is perfect if you’re struggling with overcoming writer’s block, for example.

ShortlyAI Performance

Shortly AI’s clean, no-nonsense performance makes it one of the best AI writing solutions. Although the platform is simplistic, it has all the tools you need to craft compelling, high-quality content.

During our hands-on testing of this AI-powered writing tool, the platform generated various kinds of content accurately according to the prompt we entered.

However, you do have to use the slash commands to get the desired results. Let’s say you want to write content with the headline ‘Chess for Beginners’.

In that case, you can use the ‘instruct‘ command to help Shortly AI write various parts of the article, such as the introduction, rules of the game, and more.

However, if you provide only the title and brief, the AI writer doesn’t generate ready-to-use content. This makes it important to use the commands wisely. For instance, you might have to use the ‘expand‘ command to get more detailed blog articles.

ShortlyAI Integrations

Currently, ShortlyAI doesn’t offer any third-party integrations. This might be a slight compromise if you want to integrate ShortlyAI with platforms like Google Docs or add it as a browser extension.

Popular competitors like Jasper AI offer 5,000+ integrations, so you can use it with other products as well. However, considering that Shortly AI is constantly updating its features, we’re hopeful that it might soon offer necessary integrations as well.

ShortlyAI Customer Reviews

Shortly AI hasn’t quite managed to break into the mainstream, but it was only launched in 2020 — hence the lack of customer reviews — especially when compared to the likes of Jasper AI and Copy AI.

Although small, Shortly AI’s review pool is filled with positive feedback. Most users, including myself, love its ability to generate accurate content—even if you use it to create lengthy posts.

I think Short is 100% worth the money if you want to speed up your content creation process, especially for long-term content.

What’s more, many like Shortly AI’s clean user interface and ease of use. I found this to be true during my Shortly AI review as well—just a simple prompt and its powerful AI engine generated accurate responses.

However, some users also highlighted the lack of customization, like adding brand voices and choosing between languages and content templates.

While this is true, it’s important to note that Shortly AI caters to a specific audience: beginners who value simplicity and large media houses that need to generate content consistently.

And considering its intended use cases, ShortlyAI delivers excellent value. Still, a few more ancillary features will significantly boost ShortlyAI’s appeal.

ShortlyAI Vs Top Competitors

The market today is filled to the brim with AI writing tools, which makes it tough to find the right one for your needs. Here’s a table highlighting how it compares to the best Shortly AI alternatives:

AI Writing Tools Best For Starting Price Free Version Built-In Plagiarism Checker Top 3 Features
ShortlyAI Generating unlimited content $65/month Command prompts, Fictional content generation, Unlimited AI content
ClosersCopy SEO-focused content $49.99/month SEO planner, SEO audit, 128 languages
Rytr Businesses on a budget $7.50/month Free forever plan 20+ pre-programmed tones of voice, Exclusive community, Tone of voice match
Jasper AI All-in-one AI content generator $39/month 7-day free trial Multiple AI models, AI art generator, 50+ templates
ElevenLabs Audio generation $5/month Free forever plan Generates speech in 29 languages, Automatic dubbing, Instant voice cloning

ShortlyAI vs Rytr

If you’re a large organization with regular content needs, Shortly AI will fit the bill. It doesn’t limit the amount of content you can generate, and you can also fine-tune it according to your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you can look at Rytr. It even has a free forever plan that lets you generate 10,000 characters per month and choose from 20 pre-programmed tones of voice. Its paid plans start from just $7.50 per month, too.

As outlined in our Rytr review, you also get features like 35+ language options and a handy Chrome Extension, which lets you use the tool with other platforms as well.

Learn more with our full Rytr review

ShortlyAI vs ClosersCopy

Shortly AI is tailor-made for those who need to generate unlimited content and don’t mind missing out on the bells and whistles available elsewhere—it doesn’t come with any additional SEO features, for example.

If you want to create content that’s SEO-friendly, ClosersCopy can be an ideal choice. This AI writing tool comes with an SEO audit feature that lets you compare your content with top-ranked articles on the web. You also get an SEO Planner to generate headlines and an outline for your content based on the SERPs.

However, CloserCopy’s first paid plan, the’ Power’ plan, allows for only 300 AI runs per month at $49.99, which can become expensive for content-intensive businesses.

To get the most out of CloserCopy, you’ll need its Superpower plan at $79.99/month, which is on par with Shortly AI’s monthly plan.

ShortlyAI vs Jasper

Shortly AI was recently acquired by conversation.ai (now JasperAI). However, you can still use both tools independently. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use AI text generator, Shortly AI is a top choice.

With just a few prompts, it can generate accurate text on par with a human writer, which you can then fine-tune using various commands.

Jasper AI, on the other hand, is more than just an AI Writer. As outlined in our detailed Jasper AI review, it’s also more affordable than Shortly AI and also comes with more features.

For instance, you get 30+ languages to choose from, along with different brand voices. Besides being one of the best AI writing solutions, Jasper is also one of the top AI art generators.

Plus, you get a plagiarism checker and the ability to choose from 50+ templates to generate content such as blog posts, marketing campaigns, and resumes.

For more information, read our full Jasper AI review

How to Use ShortlyAI

Here's a quick rundown on how you can go about generating content with ShortlyAI:

  1. Step 1 – Sign Up

    Visit the Shortly AI website and click ‘Sign Up’ on the top-right of the screen. Enter your details, including your first name, last name, email ID, and password. Alternatively, you can sign up with an Apple or Facebook account. When done, click ‘Sign Up’.

    <strong>Step 1 – Sign Up</strong>
  2. Step 2 – Choose the Article Type

    With ShortlyAI, you can create stories or write blog posts. Choose an option you desire and click ‘Start Writing.’ Here, I’ve selected ‘I’m writing an article/blog.’

    <strong>Step 2 – Choose the Article Type</strong>
  3. Step 3 – Enter Prompts and Brief

    You’ll now see the main Shortly AI dashboard, where you’ll need to enter the details of the article you want to generate. On the left panel, enter a short brief of the article.

    Then, enter the article’s title and write 3-4 introductory lines. Once you’re done, click ‘Write for me,’ and Shortly AI will do the rest. You can also use four commands—instruct, rewrite, shorten, and expand—to edit and fine-tune the content.

    <strong>Step 3 – Enter Prompts and Brief</strong>

How to Choose the Best AI Tool

The recent AI boom has led to the development of several artificial intelligence tools that make your everyday work easier. However, with this comes the problem of plenty, which makes picking the right tool challenging. Here are some ways you can pick the right AI tool for all your needs:

SuitabilityAccuracy and PerformanceCustomizationEase of Use SecurityPrice and Scalability

Firstly, make sure you know what you want an AI writing partner for. Do you need a creative brainstorming partner? Perhaps you want to generate high-quality social media posts or write articles, or maybe you’re just after a tool to help you overcome writer’s block or speed up your writing process.

Today, you can use AI tools to generate long-form content like blog articles (or short content like social media posts, for example), synthesize voices, generate AI art, or for a personal assistant, but you may not need a tool that does it all. So, consider the features offered by various AI tools to find the one that fits your needs.

Not all AI tools are built equal—some are better than the rest in terms of accuracy and performance. For instance, a particular AI content generator may be quicker and more accurate than the competition, or the content quality might have many grammatical errors. You’ll need to factor this in alongside other performance metrics before picking an AI tool.

Consider the degree of customization the platform offers. You might want to integrate the AI tool with other platforms you regularly use, for example, or imbibe your brand tone and voice in all the text generated through the AI engine.

The whole point of using AI is to simplify things and streamline content generation, so the AI tool you pick should be easy to use. You should also look at the documentation/tutorials available.

The best way to know how easy a tool is to use is with its free version. This gives you first-hand experience of the tool and helps you understand whether it’s simple enough for your taste.

Since AI tools have access to a lot of user data, it’s important to ensure that they have strict security protocols in place. Ensure that your data isn’t being shared with unauthorized third parties.

Check if the provider follows appropriate data and encryption protocols, too, and whether it’s compliant with GDPR and HIPAA, where applicable. Lastly, ensure that the provider doesn’t have a history of data breaches.

The price of AI tools can vary significantly, from $0 to $1,000 per month. You need to evaluate the feature-to-price value of all your options.

A good way to do this is to first set your budget and then look for tools that provide maximum value in that budget. Also, consider the price of scaling.


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