All 480M $SCORP Presale Tokens Sold Out Raising $10M+: PinkSale Live From April 10

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The sizzling hot public presale of Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) has come to an end, after raising more than $10M over the last few weeks. The official exchange launch of the token is scheduled for 15th April, beginning with Pancakeswap.

Here is the full schedule:

Ahead of that, the token will be available for purchase on PinkSale from the 10th of April at 2 pm UTC until the 14th of the month at 12 midnight UTC. 

$250K Presale Giveaway is Still Live!

The grand $250K giveaway launched by Scorpion Casino is still running. It is live on Gleam with over 29,975 participants already. 

Scorpion Casino is an established player in the thriving GambleFi industry, although it has only been a year since the project launched its offerings. The vast user base that the casino library has built over the months helped it build momentum for the presale and take it to the $10M milestone in a short period.

$SCORP is one of the most-awaited crypto tokens of 2024 according to the top crypto analysts and influencers. They have expressed optimism about the project, anticipating a wild surge in its value throughout 2024. 


Following its debut on various exchanges in the coming weeks, Scorpion Casino has the potential to attain a $1B market cap. 

The highly successful crypto presale generated considerable buzz, attracting short-term excitement and investment. But the project’s fundamentals indicate the potential for long-term sustainability.

Large Library, Compelling Features

Scorpion Casino emerges as a robust competitor to platforms like Rollbit and, boasting compelling features:

  • One of Scorpion Casino’s strengths lies in its extensive offerings, providing over 30,000 monthly betting opportunities, a diverse collection of 210+ casino games, and sports betting contests across 35+ sports categories. 
  • The extensive library and the careful selection of games from top gaming providers position Scorpion Casino as a leader in both quality and quantity.
  • Scorpion Casino offerings include popular options like slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker from reputable global providers. It also offers a library of 160 interactive live games for real-time gaming experiences, along with multiple crash games, enhancing its variety. 
  • Scorpion Casino covers events across football, tennis, horse racing, and basketball, among others on its recently launched sports betting module.

An analysis of Scorpion Casino’s gambling and sports betting dashboard reveals a solid foundation and significant growth potential within the competitive GambleFi niche.

A Unique Passive Income Model 

Scorpion Casino offers daily passive earnings reaching up to $10,000. The rewards are contingent on its performance. While most staking platforms rely solely on token value appreciation for passive income, Scorpion Casino implements a robust staking system tied directly to the platform’s revenue.

In contrast to staking cryptos that boast enticing annual percentage yields (APYs) in the three to four-digit range, the project puts forward a reliable reward model. It addresses the sustainability issue that stems from an unhealthy dependency between tokenomics and the staking system. The traditional mechanism leads to crashes when utility falls short.

Scorpion Casino avoids this trap by anchoring its passive income model to real platform revenue. The variation in speculation and FOMO won’t bear a huge impact on the token price or the passive rewards, as a result. It not only prevents sudden crashes, but also ensures that staking rewards remain stable and viable in the long run. Burning supports the system by taking advantage of the inverse relationship between price and supply. 

Automated staking is already operational with live reward payouts. Together, staking and burning establish a strong foundation for the long-term value creation of Scorpion Casino and foster investor confidence. 

April 15: $SCORP is Set for Launch on Pancakeswap

Putting an end to the wait, $SCORP will launch for the public on April 15th. Once the PinkSale presale is over, investors will have to buy the token for market prices.

$SCORP is a true online gambling and sports betting platform designed with a focus on long-term investors. With the token predicted to go 10X to 15X in its first few months, the presale is expected to see a large turnout. 

22289 participants joined the early presale on the website which raised over $10M.

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