Avast vs AVG – Which is Better for 2024?

Avast vs AVG

In our Avast vs AVG guide, we’ll draw a line between the pair. Avast and AVG are two of the most popular antivirus solutions on the market today, and they have a fairly evenly matched level of performance and functionality.

We’ll compare the two based on aspects like pricing, features, customer support, and more and help you choose the best one for your use case.

Avast vs AVG Overview

Before we dive into the details, here’s a short and crisp overview comparing some of the key details about Avast and AVG.

We’ve reviewed the Avast One product, which is available at a very similar starting price to Avast Premium Security but comes with far more features. It’s also worth noting that Avast and AVG have the same owner, though they have their own distinct sets of features.

Overview Avast AVG
Cheapest plan $4.19/m for 12 months $3.89/m for 12 months
Free version Free-forever plan Free-forever plan
Antivirus testing results 6/6 in Protection, Performance, and Usability 6/6 in Protection, Performance, and Usability
VPN With upgrade
Max Devices Supported 30 10
Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, browsers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, browsers
Moneyback Guarantee 30 days 30 days

Avast vs AVG Price Comparison

Winner: AVG comes out cheaper, though Avast offers more value

Avast and AVG both offer comprehensive protection at a competitive price – but which is best? We’ll now look into the plans offered by the two malware protection services:

Avast AVG
Free Version Essential (free)
Includes scans, firewall, VPN, and dark web monitoring
AVG AntiVirus Free
Includes malware and performance scans and ransomware protection
Starter Avast Individual
$4.19/m for 12 months (renews at $9.17/m) – 5 devices, and unlimited VPN
AVG Internet Security
$3.89/m for 12 months (renews at $6.50/m) – adds network scanning, anti-phishing tools, and malicious site blocking
Advanced Avast Family
$5.79/m for 12 months (renews at $12.50/m) – covers 30 devices
AVG Internet Security + 10
$4.99/m for 12 months (renews at $8.33/m) – covers 10 devices
Premium Avast Platinum
$9.99/m for 12 months (renews at $24.99/m) – adds identity theft protection features and 24/7 support
AVG Ultimate
$4.99/m for 12 months (renews at $11.67/m) – adds VPN, performance optimization, and anti-tracking

Avast has some excellent plans for personal and business use. The fact that the free plan includes a VPN, a firewall, and dark web monitoring, as well as antivirus scans, qualifies it as one of the best free antivirus solutions available today.

AVG has a more basic free plan, and the first paid plan only covers one device, while the Avast Individual package covers five. Both providers offer an upgrade for broader coverage. Avast’s top pricing tier then offers a wide range of identity theft protection features, which AVG doesn’t offer at all. AVG also only includes a VPN on its top tier.

That said, while AVG has less functionality at each level, it is cheaper than Avast at each stage.

Both packages are available across devices, and both providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for users so you can test the product. AVG also has a 30-day trial.


Avast and AVG – Which is Safer?

Winner: Draw – the two are very evenly matched

Being able to detect and block threats is a core requirement of any antivirus service. Here’s how Avast and AVG deliver antivirus scans and real-time device protection.

Malware Scans and Real-Time Protection

Avast has a wide range of malware scans you can deploy:

  • Smart Scan – Full system scan that covers malware, software issues, performance issues, and network threats.
  • Full Virus Scan – Comprehensive system scan for malware, covering memory and drives.
  • Targeted Scan and Custom Scan – Scans specific folders or based on defined parameters.
  • Boot-Time Scan – Scans during the startup process.
  • Explorer Scan – Scans files and folders via File Explorer.

Avast is also able to block potentially dangerous downloads, attachments, and sites and comes with anti-ransomware and email protection features. It also tracks apps in real time to detect suspicious behavior on your system.

AVG allows you to run:

  • Full System Scans – Comprehensive antivirus scans for your device.
  • Quick Scans – Scans of critical folders for risky files.
  • Boot-Time Scans – Scans that run during startup.
  • Custom Scans – Scans of specific folders or files.

AVG can block suspicious links, downloads, and attachments and can tackle spyware and ransomware. AVG also includes real-time protection, monitoring your device for suspicious activity.

In AV-Test’s results, both products caught 100% of zero-day and prevalent malware attacks, and neither issued any false warnings.


Avast includes a firewall with its free plan, which is impressive when products like Malwarebytes don’t include one at all. It monitors all the data traffic to and from your device in order to identify potential threats. It’s turned on by default, meaning it provides you with security without you needing to do a thing.

The AVG Enhanced Firewall is available with its free plan and allows you to manage apps and trusted networks. With a paid account, you also get port scan alerts, leak protection, and ARP spoofing attack alerts to provide additional security for your system.

Exploring Avast and AVG’s Key Features

Winner: Avast has a much wider range of security features

Of course, cybersecurity goes far beyond antivirus scanning today. Here’s a quick glimpse into the additional key security features offered by the two products.

Device Optimization

Avast's automatic app update feature
Avast’s automatic app update feature

To ensure your apps are secure and up to date, Avast provides app updates on all its tiers, running automatically with paid plans. This not only secures you against online attacks but will significantly improve device performance.

Avast will also optimize apps and, with paid plans, will clean up your disk and shortcuts and update your device’s drivers.

AVG will scan your device for performance problems with a free account, but you have to subscribe to the TuneUp tool or upgrade to the Ultimate plan for further device optimization. This can uninstall unwanted software, remove junk files to free up space, and automatically update your programs.

Email Protection

AVG's email protection feature
AVG’s email protection features

With a free account, AVG can block suspicious email attachments. Paid accounts extend mail protection to block spam, scams, and phishing emails, scanning all of your incoming and outgoing emails to detect threats.

Avast provides similar functionality, scanning attachments for malware with its free plan, and provides the Email Guardian feature with an upgrade to flag suspicious emails before they get to you.


Avast has a network of 500+ servers spread across 36 countries, while AVG only reports that it covers 50+ locations. Both are sufficient for encrypting your connection so you can browse the web securely and anonymously.

Avast provides its VPN with its free Avast One Essential plan, capped at 5GB bandwidth per week, while AVG’s offering is available either as a standalone product (starts at $4.49/m) or by upgrading to the Ultimate tier.

Identity Theft Protection

Avast Data Shredder
Avast Data Shredder

Unlike AVG, Avast offers a built-in data shredder that’s available with all of its paid plans. Once a file is destroyed, no one can recover it – not even an expert hacker. This can be very useful for both personal and business use.

Avast has several product tiers that add identity theft protection features. These include data breach monitoring, social media account monitoring, lost wallet assistance, $2m of identity theft coverage, credit change monitoring, and 24/7 support for identity and credit issues. AVG doesn’t have a comparable offering in this area.

AVG Antivirus vs Avast – Which Offers Better Compatibility?

Winner: Draw – both offer wide support

Both Avast and AVG work with most major device types today.

Device/Operating System Avast AVG
Windows Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32 and 64-bit) Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7
macOS macOS 10.13 or higher macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or above
Android Android 6.0 or higher Android 8.0 or above
iOS iOS 13.0 or later. iOS 14.0 or above

The two providers have apps and security solutions for a wide range of devices with a broadly consistent service and offering across the ecosystem.

Which is Better on Mobile, AVG or Avast?

Both Avast and AVG have robust mobile apps for Android and iPhone, so there’s little to differentiate them. However, given that they’re under shared ownership, that’s not necessarily surprising.

The size of the apps is almost the same for both providers. Once you download the app on your phone, everything from the set-up process and the guided tour to the first scan is similar – and even the scan duration is similar for both.

What Do Customers Say About Avast Antivirus vs AVG?

Winner: AVG has better ratings from customers

We’ll now look at what customers have to say about both the antivirus solutions to see how they perform in real-world scenarios.

Avast is described positively on major review sites, which is notable given the sheer volume of reviews. On Trustpilot, it has a rating of 3.9/5 based on 13,500+ reviews. Of these, 62% are five-star ratings, and a further 13% are four stars.

Avast's Trustpilot stats
Avast’s Trustpilot stats

On GetApp, Avast also has strong reviews, with a total rating of 4.4/5 based on 925 reviews. Users often praise its customer support team, which they say goes above and beyond to help, handling technical issues in a matter of minutes.

A review of Avast on GetApp
Avast on GetApp

One common complaint is about pop-ups in the free version, however, which persistently encourage the user to upgrade. It’s arguably a minor annoyance, given the quality of the product – though upgrading will also unlock plenty of value.

AVG has a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot with over 15,000 reviews. Of this, 73% of reviewers gave it a five-star rating and 11% a four-star rating.

AVG on TrustPilot
AVG on Trustpilot

AVG gets the same rating on GetApp, with an overall score of 4.3/5 based on 275+ reviews.

AVG on GetApp
AVG on GetApp

Reviewers appreciated the affordability of the product and the range of features available. Some customers also shared their long-term experience with the app and mentioned how effective it had been for them in dealing with threats.

Where there were complaints, AVG’s team responded to them directly. There’s a lot of value in upgrading with AVG, and it seems the Ultimate plan is easier to handle than managing multiple add-ons.

You can also read our in-depth Avast antivirus review to get more information on the product.

What’s Better, Avast or AVG in 2024?

Avast AVG
Price Winner
Free Plan Winner
Security Draw Draw
Features Winner
Compatibility Draw Draw
Customer reviews Winner
Overall Winner

Avast is affordable, comes with a great free plan, and has a lot more features than AVG. AVG is slightly cheaper, comes with a flexible pricing model, and gets better customer reviews. The interface is simple to use, and we didn’t run into any technical issues during our evaluation.

We recommend Avast, however, for two simple reasons – it offers better value for money, and it provides far more features, including on the lower-level plans.

How We Tested Avast vs AVG

Our team of experts tests every product we review at length. We thoroughly assess the platforms, their usability, support options, and features.

  • Features – An important first step is to look at the antivirus, firewall, and security features on offer and how these compare.
  • Compatibility – We install the apps on offer on various devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, to track usability and performance impact.
  • Independent AV testing – We supplement our hands-on testing with the detailed results of independent antivirus testing labs like AV-Comparatives and AV-Test, which regularly assess the top antivirus software products.
  • User feedback – An important leg of our evaluation process is to take customers’ experiences into account. We research review sites like Trustpilot and GetApp to get a glimpse of what long-term use is like.
  • Price – Value for money is something that’s very important for us and is a key consideration when we rank and compare products, whether we’re looking at affordable solutions or premium items.

How to Choose the Best Antivirus Service

Understanding the differences between the best antivirus software products can be difficult for consumers, considering the huge range of cybersecurity solutions on the market today. When we review anti-malware products, these are the key criteria we look at and which we would recommend prioritizing:

  • Key Features – Alongside scans and a firewall, you may want additional security features such as browser extensions, a password manager, and a VPN to provide multi-layered protection.
  • Independent antivirus testing – You can’t argue with the numbers that antiviruses get when they undergo testing. We source lab testing results from AV-Tests, and they provide objective qualification of the best and most effective AV solutions on the market.
  • Usability and Customer Support – Having a product that’s easy to use makes all the difference, and it’s essential for beginners. An extension of this is having customer support on hand in the event you come across an issue you can’t fix or a problem you don’t understand – and high-quality customer support is a key differentiator.
  • Compatibility – Naturally, you’ll want to make sure any product you consider can protect all the devices you need it to – the best solutions will provide support for numerous devices across operating systems.
  • Customer Feedback – We make a point of researching user reviews to get a sense of how customers experience the product in the long run. Seeing how businesses address feedback tells you a lot about them.
  • Price – Determining your budget and what it’ll buy in the market may make your decision for you – whether you want to buy the cheapest product available or get the most comprehensive coverage possible.

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