The Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals in 2024 — Get Up to 85% Off

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The Thanksgiving season is upon us, and so are the best antivirus Black Friday deals. Antivirus software is crucial for protection from malware, and Black Friday is the perfect time to get a bargain.

We’ve done extensive research and ranked the best antivirus Black Friday deals this year. Read on and learn why TotalAV, Surfshark, and Norton top our list.

The 8 Best Black Friday Antivirus Deals

Here’s a quick look at the best antivirus Black Friday deals, along with their best features. This will give you an idea of what’s to come.

  1. TotalAV — 75% Off — Best antivirus solution for overall protection in 2024
  2. Surfshark — 85% Off — Best for protecting multiple devices simultaneously
  3. Norton — 75% Off — Popular antivirus software with a 100% virus protection promise
  4. Nord Antivirus — 65% Off — Best for extras like a VPN and an ad blocker
  5. TrendMicro — 62% Off — Best antivirus to keep online transactions secure, with its Pay Guard feature
  6. Intego — 60% Off — Best dedicated Mac antivirus solution on the market right now
  7. McAfee — 67% Off — Best for security features, with an intuitive Protection Score for online protection
  8. Avast — 50% Off — Best for webcam protection, blocking fake shopping sites, and regular automatic driver updates

Comparing the Top 2024 BF Antivirus Deals

This table highlights the best Black Friday antivirus deals and provides the key details for each product so you can compare the offers side-by-side.

Antivirus Software Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
TotalAV $2.42/month (annual) 3 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 30 days
Surfshark $2.69/month – 24 month+4 months free Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android 30 days
Norton $1.25/month for first year 5 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 60 days
Nord Antivirus $3.79/month – 2-year plan+3 months extra 6 Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux 30 days
TrendMicro $1.25/month (annual) 5 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 30 days
Intego $1.67/month 5 Mac and Windows PC 30 days
McAfee $3.33/month –— 2-year plan 5 Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS 30 days
Avast $4.17/month (annual) 10 PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad 30 days

Reviews of the Best Antivirus Black Friday Products

Eager to bag the best antivirus Black Friday deals? Read on as we’ll now discuss the best deals in detail and all the features they have to offer.

1. TotalAV — 75% Off — Best Antivirus Solution for Overall Protection in 2024

TotalAV Back Friday Deal

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$2.42/month (annual) 3 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 30 days

TotalAV is offering a whopping 75% discount on its annual subscription. You can purchase the annual plan at just $29 for the whole year – equivalent to $2.41 per month – rather than $119 for the year. The Black Friday sale can hence save you $90 on the subscription.

You also get the PC Tune-up tool for free with the deal. This can help you find and remove junk and duplicate files, manage startup programs, and uninstall unused applications.

TotalAV is one of the best antiviruses around, with excellent real-time scanning and a high detection rate, with zero false positives, as reported in various TotalAV VB100 tests.

You also get protection from ransomware as well as a Rare File Alert, which notifies you if the tool finds any unusual files during scanning. All of this adds up to an excellent package, and it’s available now at a bargain price.



  • No full-fledged free plan – only a free scan

2. Surfshark — 85% Off — Best for Protecting Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Surfshark Black Friday Deal

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$2.69/month – 24 month+4 months free Unlimited Windows, Mac, Android 30 days

Surfshark is offering a 68% to 86% discount on its plans. You can get the 12-month Surfshark One plan for $4.09/month at a 77% discount. However, the best deal is on the 24-month plan. You can get it for as little as $2.69/month, along with four free months, delivering 28 months of total protection.

Along with 24/7 virus protection, you can benefit from features like webcam protection and real-time email, credit card, and ID breach alerts.

Unlike other antiviruses, which can slow down your system, Surfshark is very light on system resources, and you’ll barely notice it running in the background.

What’s more, Surfshark’s database is updated every three hours, which ensures you’re protected from even the most recent threats, making this a great option to use the internet securely and anonymously.


  • Comes with a secure VPN
  • Blocks ad banners, pop-ups, and videos
  • Private search engine with no trackers
  • Regular reports on personal data security


  • You’re billed for the entire 28 months upfront

3. Norton Antivirus — 75% Off — Popular Antivirus Software with 100% Virus Protection Promise

Norton Antivirus Deal On Black Friday

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$1.25/month for first year 5 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 60 days

You can now get Norton Antivirus Plus for $14.99 for the first year, at a 75% discount from its original price of $119.99.

The best part about Norton is its 100% Virus Protection Promise. If the software is unable to remove any threat from your system, you’ll be entitled to a refund, even if it’s past the 60-day money-back refund window.

What’s more, along with Norton’s excellent virus and malware protection, you also get a reliable password manager.

The best discount on offer is on the Norton 360 Standard plan, though, which is available for just $19.99 for the first year. For the additional $5, you get protection for three devices rather than one device with the base plan. You also get two essential cybersecurity features – dark web monitoring and a VPN.

Dark web monitoring immediately notifies you if your details turn up in a data leak, while the VPN keeps your IP address masked so no internet activity can be traced back to your physical location.

In short, you get comprehensive protection at a formidable price and with a first-class guarantee of quality.


  • Comes with 2GB cloud backup
  • Get a password manager and a VPN
  • 100% Virus Protection Promise
  • Dark web protection and monitoring


  • Uses separate apps for separate features

4. Nord Antivirus — 65% Off — Best for Extra Security with a VPN and Adblocker

Nord Antivirus Black Friday Deal

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$3.79/month – 2-year plan+3 months extra 6 Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux 30 days

Nord is offering its Standard plan for just $3.79/month on the two-year plan, which comes with three months for free, providing a total of 27 months of cover. This comes at a generous 54% discount.

You get a high-speed, secure VPN, an ad blocker, and malware protection on this plan. If a two-year commitment sounds a bit much, you might consider the one-year plan, which is currently at a 45% discount for just $4.49/month.

The best deal is on the Complete plan, however, with a 65% discount at $5.79/month. With this, you also get a data breach scanner, which notifies you if your personal information, such as your email address, password, or credit card details have appeared in a data breach.

Nord is one of the most reputable cybersecurity brands and promotes safe browsing. It immediately blocks access to suspicious websites, and you can view reports of all attempted attacks for up to 7 days.


  • Comes with one of the best VPNs around
  • Effective URL trimming hides your activities
  • Detailed weekly threat reports
  • Data breach scanner to protect personal information


  • No independent tests on the antivirus, though the VPN gets high scores

5. TrendMicro — 62% Off — Best Antivirus to Keep Online Transactions Secure, with Pay Guard

TrendMicro antivirus software on sale

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$1.25/month (annual) 5 Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 30 days

TrendMicro’s Antivirus+Security protection plan is available at a discount of 62% at $14.95/year for one PC. It comes with the TrendMicro Pay Guard, which keeps you safe while you complete transactions on banking or shopping websites.

It opens a secure version of your default browser, where you can run the transaction without fear of anyone spying on your credentials.

TrendMicro also uses advanced AI Learning models to identify and remove threats from your systems.

The Internet Security Plan, available at a 57% discount at $34.95/year, offers perks like child safety and social media privacy. Besides scanning your device for threats, it also optimizes the performance of your overall system and fixes any issues it finds.

You can secure up to three devices with this plan. Broken down, the monthly cost comes to just $2.90, which is a pretty good Black Friday deal – and it’s a great platform for running payments and making purchases with complete peace of mind.


  • Comes with parental control tools
  • Excellent ransomware protection
  • Uses advanced AI models to detect threats
  • Keeps online transactions secure with PayGuard


  • Some users complain of slow customer support

6. Intego — 60% Off — Best Dedicated Mac Antivirus Solution

Intego Antivirus Black Friday Deals

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$1.67/month 5 Mac and Windows PC 30 days

Intego is one of the best Mac antiviruses out there. You can now get it at an impressively low price of $1.67/month – 60% lower than its typical asking price. However, to make the most of the Black Friday sale, we recommend going for its Mac Premium Bundle, which will cost you $2.92/month after a 58% discount.

This comes with tons of features, such as anti-phishing protection, auto scans, a robust firewall, and more.

You also get the ContentBarrier X9, which blocks websites that are inappropriate for kids. You can also scan and remove unnecessary junk files from your system with Intego’s Mac Washing Machine X9.

All of these services, when purchased separately, can cost you $80 to $100 per year. With the Black Friday sale, though, you can get the package for as little as $34.99/year or $2.92/month. To top it off, you can add in Intego’s VPN for just $1.67/month – making this an excellent security package for Macs.


  • Contender for best antivirus for Mac
  • Great value for money on the Black Friday deal
  • Comes with anti-phishing protection
  • Optimizes system performance with ContentBarrier X9


  • VPN has to be purchased as an add-on

7. McAfee — 67% Off — Best for Security Features, with Online Protection Score

McAfee Black Friday Antivirus Deal

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$3.33/month –— 2-year plan 5 Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS 30 days

McAfee’s best Black Friday deal is on its two-year plan, which you can get for $39.99/year at a 67% discount. It comes with an intuitive Protection Score feature, which rates the health of your online security from a total score of 1,000.

A score in excess of 850 is considered excellent, while anything below 600 is fair. McAfee helps you improve on this, fix weak spots, and improve your overall security.

This plan also comes with a secure VPN. Just like Norton, McAfee also offers a virus protection promise – it’ll refund your money if any viruses aren’t removed by it.

However, to benefit from features like $1 million identity theft coverage, a password manager, fraud credit monitoring, and lost wallet protection, you’ll have to switch to the one-year advanced plan, which costs $89.99/year after a discount of 18%.

It’s a good offer, but not the best one on our list, by some margin. Nevertheless, the platform has a host of security tools, so it’s certainly worth considering.



  • Limited discount on the plan with the most features

8. Avast — 50% Off — Best for Webcam Protection and Fighting Fake Sites

Avast Antivirus Deal On Black Friday

Discounted Price Maximum Devices / Subscription Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
$4.17/month (annual) 10 PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad 30 days

Avast is offering a 50% discount in the Black Friday sale. Its Premium Security and Avast One Individual/Family plans are each available at $49.99/year. The first plan covers ten devices, while the second covers five but also comes with some additional features.

If you require protection for five devices or less, we recommend the Avast One Individual/Family plan, which offers better value for money. You get additional benefits like automatic driver updates and online account monitoring for security breaches.

You can also escape monitoring by advertisers targeting you with ads with Avast’s secure VPN, which comes with 55 server locations. All in all, the plan has everything Avast has to offer.

However, if you need to protect more than five devices, you can go for the Premium Security plan. Although you won’t get the features described above, you still get automatic app updates, webcam protection, and protection from fake shopping sites, as well as WiFi security and an advanced firewall.


  • Great Black Friday deal on the top-tier plan
  • Cleans up and tunes your devices
  • Can protect up to 30 devices at just $69.99/year
  • Saves and protects passwords on your browser


  • Some users feel it’s heavy on system resources

How We Compiled Our Antivirus Black Friday List

With Black Friday just around the corner, antivirus providers are going all out with heavy discounts to attract users. Here’s how we zeroed in on the best Black Friday deals.

Price-Feature Benefit

This is the most important consideration when choosing the best deals. We’ve looked into the discounts and the features on the plans offer. While the average discounted price comes to $1.50 to $3 a month, not all providers offer the same benefits for this.

For example, McAfee only offers an 18% discount on their best-value plan, while TotalAV offers a whopping 75% discount for all the features it has to offer.

Independent Tests

During the Black Friday season, there are many providers offering low prices to attract customers. However, not all of these providers offer the quality of service expected from a reputable antivirus solution.

That’s why we’ve picked only those antivirus solutions that have been thoroughly tested by independent, third-party platforms like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

These organizations carry out regular tests on numerous antivirus solutions based on parameters like performance, usability, and protection.

Ancillary Features

Apart from standard scanning features, many antiviruses now come with features such as password managers, VPNs, dark web monitoring, child protection, and more.

We’ve taken these features into account. Most of the providers in our list provide a combination of these features besides robust scanning options.

Ease of Use

Protecting your devices shouldn’t be a cumbersome process. The antiviruses we’ve chosen are uniformly easy to use. You can run various scans with the click of a button and view detailed reports. These solutions are also easy to install and set up and have intuitive interfaces to make navigation a breeze.

Factors to Consider When Choosing An Antivirus

Trying to wrap your head around the numerous antiviruses on the market? Here are some features you should look into before choosing an antivirus solution.

  • Pricing — You can expect to get a decent antivirus for $2 to $4 a month, but if you’re looking for advanced protection like AI detection and system optimizations, you might have to shell out more. Make sure whatever antivirus you choose suits your needs and adds value to your overall security.
  • Detection Rates — This is the percentage of threats an antivirus detects compared to the total number of threats present. Aim for an antivirus with high detection rates – typically more than 95%. A low rate of detection at a cheaper price will do no good for your system.
  • False positives — These are instances where a legitimate file is labeled as a threat by the antivirus. Look for solutions with a low rate of false positives – as close to 0 as possible.
  • Features — Apart from routine scanning and protection, look for features like VPN, password managers, ad blockers, and more. The antivirus industry has progressed rapidly, and most providers offer many secondary security features with their basic antivirus programs.
  • Free trials — These are a good way to test out an antivirus solution before you purchase a plan. They help you gauge the effectiveness of the protection delivered by the antivirus provider. A provider offering a free trial or a money-back guarantee also instills more confidence than one that doesn’t.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday vs. Free Antivirus

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest online shopping events on the calendar. However, many people worry about which will offer better options to cash in on.

Statistically, consumers are more aware of the Black Friday sales than Cyber Monday. Around 122.7 million people participated in the 2022 Black Friday sale and 99.6 million in the Cyber Monday sale.

In terms of the best antivirus software deals, sellers will typically offer the best deals at the start of the sale season to lure in as many customers as they can. As the sale goes on, the discount goes down.

A deal that is attractive for Black Friday, hence, may not be as good on Cyber Monday. This is especially true for reputable brands that don’t rely on the discount season so much for their annual sales.

All of the antivirus providers listed by us are among the best in the industry, and hence, so the deal they’re offering right now may not last for long. Hence, it’s best to cash in now when you have the opportunity.

This sale is also a boon for people who might otherwise turn to the best free antivirus solutions as it closes the gap between free and paid options. You can get an antivirus program for as little as $1.50/month, which is a considerably better option than choosing a free solution.

You should steer clear of platforms that only offer a free antivirus solution, as they often lack the authenticity and trust associated with reputable brands and are unlikely to have been through independent testing. There are even cases of fake antivirus programs which are actually spyware.

Given all this, grabbing a bargain is a far better option.

Articles to Read Next

Now we’ve explored the best antivirus software on sale this Black Friday, it’s time to dig into some of our comprehensive antivirus guides that’ll help you protect all your devices.

Conclusion – Black Friday Antivirus Deals 

Our guide covers the best Black Friday offers on antiviruses you can find right now. From robust malware detection and virus protection to browser security and online monitoring tools, these providers have tons of features to offer at generous discounts.

However, TotalAV is offering the best value for money with a 75% discount on its annual subscription. Apart from excellent independent test scores, TotalAV comes with tons of useful features that offer all-around protection for your devices.

You get a Rare File Alert feature that notifies you of any unknown files in your system and a PC Tune-up tool, free of cost, which helps you optimize your device’s performance.

Try out TotalAV’s other security features risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

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