The Best Antivirus Reddit Recommendations for 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

Weighing in on first-hand experiences is important in helping you find the best antivirus and, more importantly, to know which ones to avoid. To help, we’ve rounded up what Reddit users find are the best and the worst services for device security, and having spent time testing the market leaders, we’ve reviewed their strengths and weaknesses and compared them head-to-head to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Antivirus Software Reddit Users Recommend

  1. TotalAV — The best antivirus Reddit users recommend, as it comes with a generous free tier and boasts stellar detection rates.
  2. Norton — A top recommendation as it has one of the largest databases and industry-leading scan time and threat detection.
  3. Surfshark Antivirus — Features often on Reddit best antivirus threads as it offers an antivirus, VPN, and an ad blocker for 5 devices.
  4. Avast — The best free antivirus Reddit users talk about as it consumes few resources and scans external hardware.
  5. McAfee — A highly recommended antivirus for its ease of use, making it ideal for anyone new to antivirus software.
  6. Eset — Features often in Reddit best antivirus discussions as it comes with a VPN and an interactive firewall that you can train.
  7. Kaspersky — A family-friendly Reddit suggestion as it includes parental controls and coverage for up to 20 devices.
  8. Intego — Reddit users find this is the best antivirus for MacOS. Its tools are organized into six different apps.
  9. TrendMicro — An AI-powered antivirus that boasts solid testimonies, and it comes with a password manager.

Reddit Best Antivirus Picks Reviewed

Although these are market leaders and they all boast stellar reputations, we’ll dive into their key standout capabilities and weaknesses so you can decide on the best one for you.

1. TotalAV — The Best Antivirus Reddit Users Recommend

Best Antivirus Reddit - TotalAV

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$29/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 6 Devices — Total Security Plan A free scan 30 days

TotalAV is known for its user-friendly interface, and it offers a generous free scan that, unlike most, offers real-time protection. In fact, it even boasts advanced malware and ransomware protection.

Plus, it’ll remove adware so that your browsing experience isn’t interrupted. However, you’d need to upgrade for unlimited connections, the password manager, and other advanced features.

One such feature that Redditors rave about is the WebShield extension that works on Chrome, Edge, and Opera. It’ll warn you about harmful websites and redirect you before damage is done if you click on one.

Redditors also find the system cleaner and optimizer helpful. It automatically removes duplicate folders and junk and cache files (including on browsers) that take up space on the system.


Besides the free scan option, TotalAV offers incredible value for money — something you’ll find Redditors have praised the tool for. For just $29/year, you can protect 3 devices and get PUA protection. Plus, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros pros

  • Has a built-in ad blocker for online security
  • Customize your cookies via a privacy manager
  • Offers a free scan to test the software
  • You can set up scheduled scans

Cons cons

  • No PC cloud backup

2. Norton — Highly Reputable With Super-Fast Scanning

Norton Reddit antivirus opinions

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$19.99/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 5 devices — Deluxe plan 7 days 60 days

Norton is one of the most popular antiviruses. Whether it’s spyware or ransomware, it’s well-equipped to handle threats with its huge malware directory, machine learning abilities, and heuristic analysis.

It’s renowned for offering near-flawless detection, and our testing of the tool further cemented this. In a test environment, as AV-Test has also found, it efficiently identifies, blocks, and removes threats.

Another thing that we liked about Norton was how fast its scans were. The full scan took about 35 minutes, which is fast compared to market standards, where scans can go on for 2 hours or more.

That said, one complaint you’ll find among Reddit opinions is the ads Norton until you upgrade. This can be annoying, however, Norton remains a popular household name for solid protection.


Norton’s starter plan is cheaper than TotalAV’s, but it covers a single device instead of TotalAV’s 3. Still, at just $19.99/year, you get 2GB cloud backup, a password manager, and online threat protection.

If you’re unsure, Norton offers a 7-day free trial and a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pros pros

  • Automatic file backups
  • Offers several parental control options
  • Smart AI-based vulnerability assessment
  • Offers webcam protection and dark web monitoring
  • Renowned for being one of the best Windows antiviruses

Cons cons

  • On the pricier side
  • Reddit users complain about ads

3. Surfshark Antivirus — Highly Recommended VPN and Antivirus Combo

Surfshark Antivirus Reddit opinion

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$2.69/month — 2-year plan Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 5 Free scan 30 days

Surfshark is highly recommended as an all-in-one package. It defends against trojans, malware, and viruses, and it boasts a VPN and ad blocker. That said, its key USP is its minimal resource usage.

Beyond this, Surfshark has a solid record for blocking threats. For example, in a test done by AV-Tests, it blocked 99% of zero-day attacks, seeing a near-perfect score across the board.

Reddit users also rave about how fast Surfshark scans, with full scans spanning 25 minutes and quick scans taking just 7. It’s easily among the fastest, which is impressive given how little resources it uses.

You can even schedule scans, and it allows you to protect up to 5 devices on one subscription, making it one of the best family security solutions.


The fact that Surfshark is a VPN + antivirus combo already makes buying it a smart financial decision. Add its dirt-cheap pricing on top of this, and you get a security package that just can’t be ignored.

Pricing starts at just $2.69/month, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

Pros pros

Cons cons

  • Full scans slow down systems

4. Avast — Best Free Antivirus Reddit Users Recommend

Avast Reddit

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$2.49/month Windows, Mac, Android, iOS 10 Devices — Premium Security plan Free plan — Avast One Essential 30 day

Avast is massive in the antivirus industry, as it even protects your WebCam to prevent hackers from spying on you for ransomware. Plus, it lets you scan external devices like USBs and CDs.

That said, its biggest USP is its free plan. For $0, you’ll get real-time protection, and it’ll even scan your WiFi for vulnerabilities. Plus, despite being free, we love how lightweight it is. Hence its position on our best free antivirus analysis and ranking.

Tests also back Avast’s competency. In a test conducted by AV-TEST, it achieved a 100% detection rate, earning it the “Top Product” certificate, the highest rank AV-TEST offers.

Reddit users largely comment on its efficiency, but the free version does come with ads, which is a turn-off for many.


Avast’s free forever plan will fetch you an advanced firewall, data leak alerts, ransomware protection, and more — this is why you’ll find that it’s mentioned in the best free antivirus Reddit threads.

That said, given the add-ons (the VPN and protection for 10 devices, plus no ads), we recommend considering a paid plan once you’ve given it a test drive.

Pros pros

  • Boot Time Scan removes stubborn spy apps
  • Real-time wifi scanning and threat protection
  • Features one of the best firewalls
  • Has an entirely free plan
  • One of the top Android antiviruses

Cons cons

  • Paid plans can be expensive
  • The free version has ads

5. McAfee — Recommended for Antivirus Newbies

McAfee Reddit reviews

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$29.99/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Unlimited — Family Premium plan 30 days 30 days

McAfee is undoubtedly a top player in the market thanks to its ease of use and fast scans. Setup takes +-5 minutes, and we found that full scans take about 30 minutes, with quick scans spanning 5.

Beyond this, if you’re suspicious about a particular file or folder, you can have them looked at through McAfee’s folder scan. It’s a much faster way to detect vulnerabilities than the full scan.

That said, McAfee is also well-equipped to protect you against ransomware. It does so by turning on an extra layer of protection with its Ransom Guard that monitors your device 24/7.

That said, it is heavier on system resources than, say, TotalAV and Surfshark, but apart from that, there are few complaints about the service.


McAfee’s best offering is its Basic plan with security freeze functionalities, identity monitoring, and coverage for unlimited devices for $29.99/year. You can try it risk-free for a full month with the free trial.

Pros pros

  • The QuickClean feature cleans out system junk
  • A score-based assessment for easy understanding
  • Offers a unique 100% virus protection pledge
  • Identity monitoring for up to 10 email addresses

Cons cons

  • Not ideal for Mac devices

6. Eset — All-in-One Computer Security Tool

ESET best antivirus Reddit threads

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$49.99/year Windows, Mac, and Android 1 30 days 30 days

Eset isn’t just antivirus software — it’s an all-in-one system security solution that boasts virus protection, parental control, a VPN, and an in-built system cleaner.

It offers both internal and external scan options, and during our tests, it proved incredibly effective at detecting threats. It detected all the 100 malware-infected files we placed in the test device.

Redditors also find the intuitive firewall helpful. You can choose what traffic needs blocked or have it do it automatically. In fact, it can create custom rules based on your activities.


Eset has many pricing options. You’ll also appreciate how the plans are separated based on whether you need protection for your home or work devices, and there’s a 30-day free trial and guarantee.

Pricing starts at $49.99/year, which is higher than many of the other platforms on offer. That said, the trial is incredibly generous, so we’d recommend using it and then deciding whether it’s a good fit for you.

Pros pros

  • The anti-theft tool helps recover stolen devices
  • Easy to set up and light on system resources
  • Allows scheduling several security tasks
  • Effective background operations

Cons cons

  • Detection rates need improvement

7. Kaspersky — Redditors Recommend This for Families and Businesses

NOTE: In April of 2024, Joe Biden and Donald Trump signed an order to prohibit Kaspersky Lab from providing certain products to U.S. companies and citizens. While nothing has been fully confirmed yet, the change might result in Kaspersky Lab products being banned in the U.S. For more details, see our full breakdown of Kaspersky’s U.S. ban.

Kaspersky AV Reddit

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$34.99/year Windows, Mac, Android, iOS 10 Devices – Premium Plan No 30 days

Kaspersky is easily one of the most efficient antiviruses thanks to its huge virus database and machine learning tech, allowing it to offer fast detection and almost zero false positives.

It’s recommended very often on Reddit threads, not just because of its efficiency but also because it lets you cover up to 10 devices on one subscription, making it a top option for families and a leading business antivirus.

Beyond this, many users flock to Kaspersky for the added parental control and VPN protection.


While the Kaspersky Standard plan is good, we recommend the Premium plan since it offers a parental control app and can simultaneously protect up to 10 devices for $67.49/year.

It offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee as well.

Pros pros

  • No unnecessary pop-ups
  • Fast, powerful, and effective low-resource scans
  • Tracks app changes to detect malicious activity
  • A well-laid-out Security Center makes system management easy

Cons cons

  • The controls seem a bit clunky

8. Intego — Considered the Best Antivirus for Mac by Reddit

Intego Reddit antivirus review

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$19.99/year Mac, Windows 5 30 days 30 days

Intego is specifically designed for computers. Its Windows app isn’t particularly feature-rich, but it’s easily the best antivirus for Mac, with lightning-fast real-time protection and superb threat detection rates.

This, Redditors emphasize, and you’ll see it recommended as much as BitDefender for Mac and in some threads, more so. In all tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, Intego consistently scored well against several types of digital threats.

However, Reddit users have one point they nitpick about the service. Instead of handling one app, you’ll have to manage up to 6 at a time. And although we’re not a fan of it either, dividing it up like this does make it easier for beginners.


Intego offers separate plans for Windows and Mac. The Mac Internet Security X9 plan is the best, starting at $19.99, and this includes parental controls and firewall network protection.

On the other end, Intego’s Family plan will offer the best bang for your buck for Windows but will cost $7 more.

Pros pros

  • Comes with a handy File Cleaner
  • Excellent real-time malware protection
  • 100% malware immunity pledge
  • Offers several parental controls

Cons cons

  • A VPN can only be added at an additional cost
  • Limited device compatibility

9. TrendMicro — Popular AI-Powered Antivirus for Any OS

TrendMicro Antivirus Software Reddit

Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
$19.95/year Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS Unlimited Yes No

TrendMicro is popular for its multi-platform support. In fact, it even supports Chrome OS, which is rare. Some plans also offer a VPN for online anonymity and a password manager.

All in all, it makes for a compelling security solution for your device across many fronts, so it’s no surprise that it’s among the top 10 recommended names you’ll find on the best antivirus Reddit threads.

It uses AI powers to detect digital threats and proved impenetrable in our testing. Its folder shield is also a key highlight noted by Redditors who recommend this tool. It scans all your important files — both locally and on the cloud.


The free version of TrendMicro — HouseCall — comes with custom scanning options, detailed reports, and analysis of the threats found during scans. Try it to get the hang of the platform.

Once convinced, you can move to a paid plan, the best of which is the Antivirus+ Security plan, which costs $19.95 as it even offers email protection.

Pros pros

  • Several data breach alerts
  • Offers a password manager
  • Safeguards your payment information
  • Offers email phishing scam prevention
  • A leading Chromebook antivirus

Cons cons

  • Customer support is sluggish

Best Reddit Antiviruses Compared

Here’s a crisp table highlighting the key differences between the best antivirus Reddit recommendations:

Antivirus Starting Price Compatibility Max Devices Supported Free Trial/Plan Money-Back Guarantee
TotalAV $29/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 6 Devices — Total Security Plan A free scan 30 days
Norton $19.99/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 5 devices — Deluxe plan 7 days 60 days
Surfshark Antivirus $2.69/month — 2-year plan Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android 5 Free scan 30 days
Avast $2.49/month Windows, Mac, Android, iOS 10 Devices — Premium Security plan Free plan — Avast One Essential 30 days
McAfee $29.99/year Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Unlimited — Family Premium plan 30 days 30 days
Eset $49.99/year Windows, Mac, and Android 1 30 days 30 days
Kaspersky $34.99/year Windows, Mac, Android, iOS 10 devices — Premium plan No 30 days
Intego $19.99/year Mac, Windows 5 30 days 30 days
TrendMicro $19.95/year Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS Unlimited Yes No

How We Review And Test Antivirus Software

15 Antiviruses Tested

20 Datapoints Measured

300+ Hours Testing

500+ User Reviews Read

We base our recommendations on first-hand experience and in-depth testing. All the Antivirus products we suggest, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Core Security Features: We make sure that the antivirus software is fully equipped with features like real-time protection, scanning, a firewall, web protection, and more.
  • Malware Detection Rates: We test malware detection rates ourselves by running both in-depth and quick scans on our devices. Additionally, we check independent lab tests.
  • Compatibility: We check which devices and operating systems the antivirus software is compatible with. Often, different-looking dashboards and slightly different packages of features may be available.
  • Performance Impact: A reliable and functional antivirus should not slow down your device significantly. So, we examine our device performance with and without the antivirus running.
  • Customer Experience: Alongside our own experience, we are curious to know what real users have to say regarding the services. So, we’ve scoured the web for feedback on each of our tested antiviruses.
  • Value for Money: We always consider value for money and how much each product is offering for the set price point.

Is an Antivirus Necessary in 2024? Key Benefits

Yes, antivirus software is still necessary in 2024. Cybercriminals are still constantly developing new viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious software to compromise the security of computers and other devices.

In fact, there’s a cyberattack every 39 seconds. If that isn’t enough proof that you need one, here are some key benefits of using antivirus software:

Protection Against Malware

Antiviruses are designed to protect your device from malware, which includes any malicious software that can cause harm to your system. Malware can infect your device in many ways, including through:

  2. Attachments
  3. Email links and even
  4. Websites

Antivirus software detects and removes malware before it can wreak havoc on your device or compromise your data.

Safe Web Browsing

Recent statistics show that 12.8 million websites are infected with malware worldwide. Antiviruses protect you on the internet, and many also include browser extensions that can help block malicious websites and alert you to potentially dangerous sites.

These extensions can also prevent you from clicking on links that lead to malicious sites to prevent phishing attacks and other forms of cybercrime.

Firewall Protection

A firewall is a security feature that helps prevent unauthorized access to your device or network, and many of the best antivirus Reddit suggestions offer one. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks any suspicious activity.

Automatic Updates

Cyber threats constantly evolve, so antivirus software is updated regularly to avoid new threats. These updates are typically automatic, so you don’t have to update your software manually.

The updates can include new virus definitions, security patches, and other improvements that help keep your device protected.

This is why third-party antivirus solutions like those we’ve reviewed here are trusted over built-in Mac, Windows, and mobile threat detectors. These aren’t updated frequently enough to ensure protection from new and emerging threats.

Read More: Do I Need an Antivirus?

Can I Trust Reddit Recommendations for Antiviruses?

If you’re questioning the reliability of Reddit opinions on antivirus software, consider these factors that demonstrate why it’s a wise decision:

Real Users Provide Genuine Feedback

Best Reddit antivirus opinions

Since Reddit is a user-generated content platform, the reviews and comments are authentic and unbiased. By reading comments from real users, you can gain insight into their experiences with different antivirus software and make an informed decision.

Redditors Are Candid In Their Opinions

Reddit is known for its frank discussions. Redditors aren’t afraid to share their opinions, even if it goes against the popular narrative or the marketing claims of antivirus companies.


As such, they don’t hesitate to express dissatisfaction if a product doesn’t meet their expectations. Therefore, if an antivirus receives a positive review on Reddit, you can be confident that the software is reliable and meets high standards.

Fake Posts Are Easy to Spot

Although some fake reviews or sponsored comments can be found on Reddit, they’re usually easy to spot. One way to identify fake posts is to look at the user’s posting history.

If the user has only made comments on a particular brand or product, it could be a sign of a fake account or a paid comment.

Do Reddit Users Think Free Antiviruses Are Good?

When it comes to free antivirus software, Reddit users have varying opinions. While some comments suggest that free antivirus can provide adequate basic protection, the consensus leans towards paid options being more effective.

In today’s world, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s not worth risking your digital safety to save a few dollars. Plus, you’ll find many complaints on free versions of, for example, Avast, due to the ads.

How to Choose the Best Reddit-Recommended Antivirus for You

Generally, all the products recommended have solid reputations in terms of effectiveness. That said, there are still factors to keep in mind when selecting the best Reddit-recommended antivirus program for your needs.


When choosing the best Reddit-recommended antivirus, consider the features that are important to you. Look for real-time scanning, minimal resource usage, automatic updates, and anti-phishing and email protection.

If you’re after more, some VPNs boast parental control features, VPNs, and password managers.

Ease of Use

Another essential factor to consider is the ease of use. You want antivirus software that’s easy to install and configure, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to perform scans.

In our experience and seeing the experiences of others on best antivirus software Reddit threads, most of the market’s key players have simple UIs, and many offer free versions to try the software.

Read Reviews and Comparisons

Reviews are lifesavers when making decisions like this, and this is why we’ve summarized and ranked the best Reddit antivirus suggestions, pairing this with our testing of them to give you a better idea of their key standout capabilities and flaws.

Overall, all factors considered, this list entails the best antivirus software on the market. The one for you will depend on your particular needs and your budget.

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