The 10 Best Antivirus Software Solutions for Singapore Reviewed

The best antivirus software protects your system from viruses, malware, and ransomware, plus it also safeguards your personal information from notorious ISPs and government trackers. A security tool such as an antivirus will go a long way in protecting you from the prying eyes of online predators and prevent any sensitive data breach or system break-in.

However, with so many antivirus solutions around, choosing one is tough. That’s why we’ve tested and shortlisted the 10 best antivirus solutions in Singapore based on criteria like detection rates, affordability, scan speeds, price, and customer support. Stick around to find out why software like TotalAV, Nord Antivirus, and Norton 360 Deluxe are among the best in the business.

The Best Internet Security Tools for Singapore Ranked

TotalAV stands out as the best antivirus solution in our research owing to its all-around performance. However, the competition wasn’t easy, to say the least. See for yourself:

  1. TotalAV — Overall, the best antivirus in Singapore for its all-purpose nature and real-time protection. It protects you against all types of digital threats, including ransomware, and also comes with a disk cleaner to remove junk files, plus a VPN.
  2. Nord Antivirus — A rock-solid combination of an antivirus and a VPN that doesn’t come with any renewal hikes. Although the antivirus is an add-on, you don’t always have to be connected to the VPN for the antivirus to work.
  3. Norton 360 Deluxe — An ideal choice if you’re looking for an antivirus with parental control. Besides an industry-leading 60-day money-back guarantee, it allows you to protect your kids from digital threats as well as from mobile addiction.
  4. Surfshark — Best known for how lightweight it is on a system and its easy-to-use design. It barely takes up any CPU power, so you won’t even notice it running in the background.
  5. CyberGhost — A popular VPN provider that has an Intego-powered antivirus for 360-degree system protection, including the unique Privacy Guard that won’t let Windows send your personal info to Microsoft.
  6. TrendMicro — Comes with a free malware scanning tool and an anti-ransomware tool that allows you to access your locked files in the unlikely scenario that your phone has been hacked.
  7. Eset — A popular option as it uses advanced AI technology and machine learning to analyze and neutralize never-seen-before digital threats. It also offers prompt support, and that too in multiple languages.
  8. Kaspersky — Best antivirus protection for businesses, as it comes with separate plans for small, mid-size, and enterprise-level businesses. A smart two-way firewall and excellent malware detection rates are a huge plus.
  9. Avast — The best free antivirus software that not only provides real-time protection from most major types of threats but also secures your WiFi network from intruders.
  10. Intego — Stands out for its PUA protection feature, wherein it prevents “Potentially Unwanted Apps” from making any changes to your device. It offers specialized solutions for Mac and Windows devices.

What arе Virusеs, Malwarе, and Ransomwarе?

Ransomwarе, spywarе, and virusеs arе all sеrious thrеats to your sеcurity. Lеt’s dig dееpеr to give you a rundown on the diffеrеncеs bеtwееn еach of these.


Virusеs arе a specific type of malwarе that infеcts and rеplicatеs within a computеr systеm. Commonly, viruses infеct your computеr by latching to еmail attachmеnts, downloadеd softwarе, or filеs, where they rеplicate within thе host systеm. It sprеads from one computеr to another through infеctеd filеs, rеmovablе mеdia, or nеtwork connеctions.

Oncе insidе your systеm, thеy can corrupt data, stеal sеnsitivе information, or disrupt normal opеrations. Antivirus softwarе is commonly used to idеntify and rеmovе virusеs from infеctеd systеms, but nеw strains and еvolving tеchniquеs rеquirе constant updatеs and vigilancе to stay protеctеd.


This harmful softwarе aims to compromisе computеr systеms, stеal information, or disrupt opеrations. It includes viruses but also еxtеnds to other malicious softwarе such as worms, Trojans, spywarе, and adwarе, amongst others.

Worms, for instance, can rеplicatе and sprеad through nеtworks indеpеndеntly, whilе Trojans masquеradе as lеgitimatе programs to trick you into installing thеm.

Spywarе and adwarе, on the other hand, arе dеsignеd to monitor your activitiеs for third parties who then bombard you with unwantеd advеrtisеmеnts. Malwarе can be found in еmails, phonеy links, advеrtisеmеnts, hiddеn tеxt, and wеbsitеs you visit.


Ransomwarе is a spеcializеd form of malwarе that еncrypts data and locks you out of your systеm entirely until a ransom is paid — typically in cryptocurrеncy. In еxchangе, these attacks will provide thе dеcryption kеy or unlock thе systеm.

Ransomwarе attacks can target individuals, businеssеs, or еvеn critical infrastructurе, causing significant financial lossеs and disruptions. Cybеrcriminals oftеn usе phishing еmails or еxploit softwarе vulnеrabilitiеs to gain accеss to a systеm and dеploy ransomwarе.

Is thе Bеst Frее Antivirus Softwarе Enough to Protеct You?

Frее antivirus softwarе typically offеrs basic protеction against virusеs and othеr malwarе. It may include basic features like rеal-timе protеction, and wеbsitе and еmail scanning. This can be enough for some, especially if you don’t use your devices for sеnsitivе tasks, such as banking or online shopping.

Overall though, we’d strongly recommend a paid solution, especially when you consider how budget-friendly they are. Besides this, paid antivirus software solutions typically offer far more robust protеction and a widеr range of fеaturеs. Thеy offеr rеal-timе monitoring, automatic updatеs, advancеd malwarе dеtеction, and additional sеcurity layеrs likе firеwalls and phishing protеction.

In еithеr casе, sеlеcting a rеputablе antivirus providеr and kееping thе softwarе up to datе is еssеntial to maintain an еffеctivе dеfеncе against thе constantly еvolving landscapе of digital thrеats.

Top 10 Security Software Programs For Singapore Reviewed

Eager to protect your systems with the best antivirus solution in Singapore? Read on as we’ll now discuss in detail each of our top picks, including their best features, pros, cons, and pricing.

1. TotalAV — Overall, the Best Antivirus Software in Singapore

TotalAV is best known for its all-purpose nature and 360-degree protection. It comes with three antivirus products, namely Antivirus Pro, Internet Security, and Total Security, with each providing varying levels of protection.

The one we’ll be discussing now is the Total Security plan for all-around protection — there’s nothing you won’t find here. For starters, it not only protects you from regular malware and trojans but also from ransomware, which is one of the deadliest digital threats.

TotalAV Best Antivirus Singapore


Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$9.95/month — 1-year plan (S$ 13.22) 6/6 for usability

100% malware detection rate

6 Free scan 30 days

Ransomware hijacks your device, locks it, and often these hackers threaten to leak your personal data unless a certain sum of money is paid. If TotalAV can protect your device against ransomware, it’s surely capable of handling other mild threats as well.

The best part is that TotalAV provides real-time protection. This means that every action you execute, such as downloading a new file, installing an app, or opening an email, is scanned in real time so that if a file does have malware, it can be stopped then and there.

Another benefit of using TotalAV is that it comes with a disk cleaner. Online sites aren’t the only source of virus attacks. If you have old files, outdated apps, or any other junk, it makes your system susceptible to a digital attack. The disk cleaner protects your device by automatically scanning for junk files and deleting them.

Along with this, you also get a system cleanup tool that optimizes your system and helps it run faster. What it does is manage what apps open up when your system is starting – the fewer apps you have during start-up, the faster the home screen will load. It also finds apps you no longer use and deletes them.


  • It provides real-time protection
  • One of the best Android antivirus solutions
  • All-in-one antivirus protection
  • Comes with a free virus scanner
  • The higher-end plans come with a VPN and ad blocker


  • Phishing protection scores could be better

2. Nord Antivirus — Antivirus Plus VPN Combo With No Renewal Hikes

Nord’s best-selling antivirus product, “Nord Threat Protection,” is ideal for people already using NordVPN. Using it is super simple – all that you have to do is open your NordVPN app, tap on the “Shield” icon that’s on the left side of the screen, and toggle the Threat Protection button to turn it on.

Once it’s on, it prevents trackers from collecting your data and unwanted apps from hindering your browsing experience. Plus, these ads could be hiding malicious links, so blocking them indirectly protects you from ending up on a hacker’s site.

Although Nord’s antivirus hasn’t yet been independently tested by third parties like AV-Test, the brand is well regarded for being one of the best security companies, and in testing Nord Threat Protection ourselves, we found it worked exactly as advertised.

Nord Antivirus


Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$4.49/month — 2-year plan (S$ 5.97) No Independent Tests 6 No 30 days

This isn’t surprising, considering NordVPN and Nord’s password manager are both among the best in the world for security. Plus, NordVPN has been independently tested and passed with flying colors, so don’t let no test result here fool you on the effectiveness of Nord’s security.

Back to the antivirus, Threat Protection will scan all your files when you download them to ensure they’re safe to use. In case the file is downloaded before the scan is completed, it’ll be safely deleted before it can harm your system.

On top of that, every time you visit a website, it’ll scan it beforehand and only let you in if it’s safe for you to visit. If malware is detected on the site, your access will be immediately blocked while a pop-up explains the issue. The best part is that Nord believes in maintaining 100% transparency with its users.

This helps build safe browsing practices. That’s why, after every 7 days, it provides you with a summary of all the attacks that have been prevented in the last week, including attacks from websites, trackers, and ads. This way, you’ll know which sites are riskier and should be avoided in the future.


  • Immediately blocks dangerous sites
  • Works with multiple types of devices
  • Can be used both with and without the VPN
  • Comes with a URL-trimming feature that hides your activities
  • One of the most secure, best VPN providers


  • No defense against non-downloaded malware attacks

3. Norton 360 Deluxe — Best for Parental Control

Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the few antiviruses for PC that come with parental control. You can protect your child from the digital threats lurking on the internet while ensuring that they don’t get addicted to their devices.

It even lets you pause the connection on your child’s phone so they can focus better on the work at hand. For example, if you don’t want them glued to their phones during school hours, you can simply pause their internet connection when they leave for school and resume it when they’re back home.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$49.99 for the first year 6/6 for protection and usability 5 7 days 60 days

To protect you from data leaks, Norton encourages you to add as many email addresses as possible to its Dark Web Monitoring tool. This tool constantly surfs the dark web, shady websites, and databases looking for leaked data of Norton users. If it finds your information there, you’ll be notified instantly.

The only problem is that although Norton can advise what to do to minimize the damage of leaked information, it can’t remove the data from these databases on your behalf. That said, unlike some, it does also protect you from dangerous email attachments/links, malicious websites, and phishing attacks.

It’s also known for its excellent malware detection rates. In fact, in many instances, it managed to get a perfect score. For example, in a series of tests conducted in 2020 by SE Labs, Norton managed to find every single malware threat on the test system.

It’s also known that Norton took part in monthly security evaluations held by AV-Test from 2017 to 2020, and every month, it aced the tests with a perfect 100% detection rate. Even in terms of speed and usability, Norton has never scored less than 5.5/6, establishing itself as one of the most consistent security solutions. All in all, Norton 360 Deluxe is still one of our top choices for preventing malware attacks in real-time.


  • Parental control available
  • Comes with a password manager
  • Comes with a fast and free VPN (optional)
  • Perfect 100% score in many major antivirus tests


  • It’s not centralized and uses separate apps for separate features

4. Surfshark — Very Lightweight and Easy to Use

Surfshark’s lightweight design has made it a top choice among people with low-end devices. Many antivirus solutions, such as Norton Deluxe, tend to be a little heavy on the system, especially during scans. Surfshark, on the other hand, is feathery light on your system.

It barely takes up any RAM or CPU power, and you won’t even notice it’s working. It works quietly in the background without disrupting your system’s performance. Also, the platform is easy to use and set up, making it a delight for beginners.

Surfshark Antivirus


Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$2.49/month — 2-year plan (S$ 3.31) No Independent Tests 5 Free scan 30 days

The world of cyber threats is expanding as we speak. To protect your system from new threats, Surfshark Cloud Protect — a new branch of the company — works day and night to discover new threats and immunize your system against them before they can cause you any harm.

Beyond this, all Surfshark antivirus plans come included with its very powerful VPN. Surfshark is the fastest VPN on the market right now, with a peak speed of 950Mbps, much faster than the likes of ExpressVPN or NordVPN. You’re essentially getting a 360-degree PC security solution for the price of only an antivirus.

An added benefit of using Surfshark’s antivirus is its webcam protection feature. One of the most common tricks that hackers pull is hijacking your device’s front camera and recording your personal moments, which they’ll use to blackmail you. Surfshark protects all unauthorized users from accessing your front camera. And if someone tries to turn it on remotely, you’ll be notified immediately.


  • Lightweight on your system
  • Provides real-time protection
  • Comes with data breach monitoring
  • It has a private search engine
  • The VPN is included in every plan


  • No firewall available

5. CyberGhost — Popular VPN That Offers An Intego-Powered Antivirus

CyberGhost’s antivirus service, known as Security Suite, is a bunch of security tools available as an add-on to its core VPN service. The antivirus is powered by third-party providers, but nonetheless, it’s very competent and effective, and combined, CyberGhost offers a complete online protection and privacy solution.

For starters, it prevents Windows from sending your data to Microsoft. Windows privacy settings are so scattered that it’s hard to find and stop Microsoft from collecting your data. That’s why CyberGhost centralizes 76 key settings and allows you to disable them all at once.

CyberGhost Dashboard

Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$2.19/month — 2-year plan with 2 months free (S$ 2.91) No Independent Tests 7
  • 24-hour trial for desktop
  • 3-day trial for Android
  • 7-day trial for iOS
45 days

On your CyberGhost antivirus dashboard, you’ll be able to see all the recent activities, which include recent scans, updates, and quarantined files. You’ll also have a Quick Scan button which you can use to run a quick surface-level investigation for new threats.

Once the scan is done, you can also check the “Full Report,” where you’ll see the total number of files that have been scanned and the number of threats that have been detected and neutralized or repaired. A slight issue with CyberGhost partnering with antivirus platforms is the change in interface.

You’ll have the option to scan with Avira or Intego, and each will have a new interface that you’ll need to get used to. That said, we found that the UI on both is pretty easy to understand, so this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.


  • Comes with an industry-leading VPN
  • Protects up to 7 devices at a time
  • One of the best Windows antivirus solutions
  • Very cheap, especially if you take the 2-year plan
  • All antivirus activities can be managed from a single dashboard


  • Doesn’t have its own dedicated antivirus

6. TrendMicro — Offers Free Malware Scanning and Anti-Ransomware Tools

TrendMicro comes with tons of free tools in addition to its three paid security products. The free tools include Housecall (a free malware scanning tool) and an anti-ransomware tool, which is a godsend for people on a budget whose systems have been locked by hackers. It’ll let you regain access to your files without having to pay the attacker.

You also get to choose the extent of the scan with options that include Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. As the name suggests, Custom Scan lets you check specific drives or folders that you find suspicious.

TrendMicro antivirus dashboard


Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$19.95 — 1-year plan (S$ 26.51) 6/6 for performance

100% malware detection rate

5 30 days 30 days

That said, this is only an extra safety net — TrendMicro’s unique Folder Shield feature will protect all your files and folders from falling prey to a virus or hackers in the first place. This antivirus also uses advanced AI learning to better protect your systems from advanced malware.

Beyond this, there’s a nifty URL Detection feature that sniffs out malicious links and displays a warning sign on your screen. If this wasn’t enough, TrendMicro will also automatically cancel a download if it happens to contain potential malware or any other kind of threat.

If you plan to do a hefty online transaction, you can also amp up security with TrendMicro’s Pay Guard — a unique new feature that integrates with the browser to prevent confidential banking credentials from leaking. However, this feature is only available on its Maximum Security and Internet Security plan as of now.


  • User-friendly and very easy to use
  • Anti-malware software and anti-ransomware add-ons
  • Capable of URL blocking
  • Helps you free your device/file from ransomware


  • Doesn’t score as well on tests compared to Norton and Kaspersky

7. Eset — Best for Neutralizing Unique Threats

Eset’s most unique feature is Eset LiveGuard — a cloud-based malware analysis technology that uses machine learning and analyzes past trends to understand the type of malware trying to attack your system in real-time. This is a nifty feature to have when dealing with never-seen-before attacks.

Usually, antivirus tools compare the malware with their existing database of known threats to figure out a way to stop it. However, since hackers are always coming up with new ways to harm you, this feature is a must-have to protect your system from grave damage.

Eset Antivirus Dashboard

Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$39.99 — 1-year plan (S$ 53.15) No Independent Tests 1 30 days 30 days

It also uses extensive 16-layer protection to keep away popular digital threats such as ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. For those who don’t know, phishing attacks usually start with a fraudulent email/message where you’re coaxed to share more intimate details, such as banking information.

Eset has 30 years of experience in identifying scammers, even if they’re disguised under a genuine identity. It’ll block all such shady attempts to contact you immediately. Beyond this, another standout about Eset is the customer support team, they’re fantastic and even offer assistance in your local language.

The antivirus not only covers phones and computers but also extends to your WiFi network. Sometimes, hackers can take over your WiFi and spy on you through all the devices connected to the network.

Thanks to Eset’s network protection features, you’ll be able to keep intruders away from your home network and test your router-connected devices simultaneously to check if there’s already been a compromise.


  • Remarkably lightweight on your system
  • Comes with webcam protection
  • Protection against never-seen-before threats
  • Protects Wi-Fi-connected devices from intruders


  • Can be a little out of the budget for some users

8. Kaspersky — Best Antivirus Solution for Businesses

Kaspersky is the ideal antivirus for businesses. It has carefully broken down its antivirus plans into three parts for businesses of all sizes, letting you cover 1-1,000+ employees.

You can decide who takes care of systems, what kind of encryption you get, and what kind of threats your system is protected against. In short, Kaspersky offers the largest variety of antivirus products, each focusing on a particular pain point of the user – and you can pretty much choose the best solution for yourself.

Kaspersky Dashboard

Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$29.99 — 1-year plan (S$ 39.86) 6/6 for protection, performance, and usability 5 30 days 30 days

Coming to the features, the best thing about Kaspersky is that it offers an all-in-one package. For business, the most basic plan is the “Kaspersky Small Office Security Package,” and under this, you get a lot more than just an antivirus – you get a free VPN, a password manager, and access to Safe Money, which is a technology designed to secure online transactions.

The Safe Money feature deserves a special highlight. It not only secures your transaction but also gives you peace of mind by telling you the right time to make a payment. Every time you open a new transaction window, wait for the browser window to show a green frame and only then put in your details. This frame is a sign that the network and servers have been checked, and there are no threats.

What’s more, you get to customize your plan’s pricing. For instance, the headcount limit for its plan for a small business is 1 to 50 but say you have 15 employees. Would you like to pay the same price as 50 employees? Absolutely not! That’s why Kaspersky provides a cost calculator where you can enter the total number of employees and the number of years you’ll need the subscription for, and it’ll churn out unique pricing for you.


  • Beginner-friendly antivirus
  • Offers flexible pricing
  • Special plans for businesses
  • Unique protection features for online banking


  • No firewall or password manager on macOS

9. Avast — Best Free Antivirus Software

Avast is the best free antivirus on our list. Although other antivirus providers, such as TotalAV, also have a free plan, Avast stands out by being more feature-rich. For instance, TotalAV’s free antivirus tool, although impressive, lacks real-time protection and comes with just a basic scanner that finds and removes malware.

Avast’s free plan, on the other hand, not only provides real-time protection but also protects your WiFi connection from hackers. It also adds an extra layer of security to protect your device from ransomware — one of the more dangerous digital threats.

Avast Dashboard

Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
Free 6/6 for protection, performance, and usability 30 A free forever plan 30 days

There’s also a powerful firewall that constantly monitors the traffic going in and out of your device, which allows it to lock out hackers behind the wall even before they can pull a trick.

If you’re suspicious about a certain app, Avast has a special feature named Sandbox you can use to ensure its safety. It creates a quarantine environment for you to test-run the app. This way, even if it contains malware, its ill-effects won’t bleed into other parts of your device.

Another added benefit of using Avast is its permanent file shredder that overwrites each file so many times that not even expert hackers can recover the original data on it. This feature comes in handy when you’re planning to sell your device and don’t want the new buyer digging for your personal stuff.

Avast’s antivirus service is divided into three parts – you have the Free version followed by the “Premium Security” and “Ultimate” packages. If you go for the Ultimate package, you get several other extra add-ons for free. For example, you get the premium version of Cleanup tool, which helps you get rid of junk files to free up space.


  • Mac and Windows free antivirus tool
  • Performs well on independent tests
  • Quarantines threats before repairing to minimize damage
  • Comes with many add-ons, such as Avast Cleanup on the higher plans


  • Takes up a lot of system resources

10. Intego — Offers Specialized Solutions for Mac and Windows

Intego’s best feature is that it comes with PUA protection. This means it protects your device from Potentially Unwanted Apps – notorious apps that are known to slow down your system, display unwanted ads or install additional apps without your consent.

What makes PUA dangerous is that their annoying ads or newly installed apps could be hiding malware, spyware, or other such digital threats, and you won’t even know about it until it’s too late. However, if you have Intego’s PUA protection, it’ll prevent the app from making any extra moves (such as the ones mentioned above) other than its primary function.


Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
$19.99 — 1-year plan (S$ 26.57) A 99.4% malware protection score for Mac 5 7 days 30 days

Intego’s minimal system requirement also makes it accessible to a wider range of users. All that you’ll need is 500MB of free space on your hard disk, which is the main storage unit of your device, plus 2GB RAM and a stable internet connection. Such basic requirements also indicate that Intego will be lightweight on your system and leave enough resources for other applications to work smoothly.

If you want to use even less resources during scans, you can choose the “Scan with Low Priority” option. Although turning this on will increase the amount of time it takes to complete each scan, it’ll prevent your system from freezing or slowing down. This feature is highly recommended for people using a low-end device with less RAM and storage capacity.

The best part is that Intego offers specialized Mac antivirus and Windows solutions, plus it gives you the freedom to choose what happens with a newly discovered threat. Mark it as trusted so it doesn’t get flagged in future scans; quarantine files to protect other applications, or destroy infected files.


  • Live chat support
  • Lightweight on the system
  • Stellar malware detection rates
  • Protection from Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA)


  • No mobile apps

Singapore’s Top Antivirus Software Options Compared

Our table here highlights the key differentials between each of our top recommendations so that you can make a quick yet well-informed decision.

Antivirus Solution Cheapest Subscription Plan Testing Results Max Devices Supported Free Trial Money-Back Guarantee
TotalAV $9.95/month — 1-year plan (S$ 13.22) 6/6 for usability

100% malware detection rate

6 Free scan 30 days
Nord Antivirus $4.49/month 2-year plan (S$ 13.22) No Independent Tests 6 No 30 days
Norton 360 Deluxe $49.99 for the first year 6/6 for protection and usability 5 7 days 60 days
Surfshark $2.49/month 2-year plan (S$ 3.31) No Independent Tests 5 Free scan 30 days
CyberGhost $2.19/month 2-year plan with 2 months free (S$ 2.91) No Independent Tests 7
  • 24-hour free trial for Windows and macOS
  • 3-day free trial for Android 
  • 7-day free trial for iOS
45 days
TrendMicro $19.95 1-year plan (S$ 26.51) 6/6 for performance

100% malware detection rate

5 30 days 30 days
Eset $39.99 1-year plan (S$ 53.15) No Independent Tests 1 30 days 30 days
Kaspersky $29.99 1-year plan (S$ 39.86) 6/6 for protection, performance, and usability 5 30 days 30 days
Avast Free 6/6 for  protection, performance, and usability 30 A free forever plan 30 days
Intego $19.99 1-year plan (S$ 26.57) A 99.4% malware protection score for Mac 5 7 days 30 days

Don’t be fooled by the ones that haven’t had their antivirus independently audited yet. Many of these, as is the case with Nord, have had their other security services independently audited to confirm the strength of the measures in place. All 10 on our list are highly reputable and trusted solutions that we have full confidence in recommending.

Kеy Factors to Considеr Whеn Choosing Intеrnеt Sеcurity Softwarе in Singaporе

When choosing an intеrnеt sеcurity systеm, thеrе arе sеvеral kеy factors you nееd to consider. Thеsе includе thе lеvеl of protеction you nееd, thе fеaturеs offеrеd by thе systеm, thе pricе of thе systеm, and thе еasе of usе. Lеt’s takе a closеr look at еach factor:

Easе of usе

Considеring thе еasе of usе whеn choosing intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе is еssеntial. Aftеr all, you want to bе ablе to usе thе softwarе еasily and еffеctivеly to protеct your computеr from malwarе and othеr thrеats.

If you’rе unsurе about thе intеrfacе and usability of antivirus softwarе, rеad our reviews — we’ve summed up the overall take from real users, taking into account our own experience. We also recommend trying any free trials or plans on offer to test the software before committing.


Look for antivirus softwarе with еxtra fеaturеs such as rеal-timе scanning for proactivе dеfеnsе and firеwall protеction to block unauthorizеd accеss to your nеtwork. Additionally, anti-phishing, anti-ransomwarе, and еmail filtеring will furthеr еnhancе onlinе sеcurity.

Somе intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе also includе parеntal controls, sеcurе browsing, and idеntity thеft protеction to catеr to various usеr nееds. Assеss your rеquirеmеnts and opt for a solution that providеs a wеll-roundеd suitе of fеaturеs, еnsuring robust dеfеnsе against a widе rangе of cybеr thrеats.


Finding an antivirus package that fits your budgеt and offеrs thе dеsirеd lеvеl of protеction you nееd is important. Antivirus softwarе can rangе in pricе from frее to hundrеds of dollars pеr yеar. Somе frее antivirus softwarе can provide basic protеction but may lack advanced fеaturеs and customеr support.

On the other hand, invеsting in rеputablе paid intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе can provide you with a widеr rangе of fеaturеs, bеttеr malwarе dеtеction and dеdicatеd customеr sеrvicе. Thе kеy is to assеss your nееds and budgеt rеalistically.


Dеtеction rеfеrs to thе ability of antivirus softwarе to idеntify and rеmovе malwarе from your system. Antivirus softwarе usеs diffеrеnt tеchniquеs to dеtеct malwarе, such as signaturе-basеd dеtеction, hеuristic dеtеction, and bеhavior-basеd dеtеction.

  • Signaturе-basеd dеtеction is thе most common type of dеtеction. It compares filеs to a databasе of known malwarе signaturеs. If a filе matchеs a known signaturе, it’s quickly identified as a threat.
  • Hеuristic dеtеction looks for suspicious behavior in filеs. For еxamplе, it might flag a filе as malwarе if it triеs to modify systеm filеs or if it triеs to connеct to a known malicious wеbsitе.
  • Bеhavior-basеd dеtеction monitors thе bеhavior of filеs and procеssеs. For еxamplе, a bеhavior-basеd dеtеctor might flag a filе as malwarе if it triеs to rеplicatе itsеlf or if it triеs to stеal data.

Always prioritizе thе dеtеction capabilitiеs whеn choosing intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе to еnsurе it can еffеctivеly protеct your digital assеts from thе еvеr-еvolving landscapе of cybеr dangеrs.


Bеforе making a dеcision, carеfully chеck thе systеm rеquirеmеnts of thе intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе to vеrify that it supports your dеvicеs and thеir rеspеctivе configurations.

Incompatibility issues can lеad to pеrformancе problеms, systеm crashеs, or еvеn rеndеr cеrtain fеaturеs of thе softwarе unusablе.

Additionally, considеr if thе softwarе providеs multi-dеvicе compatibility and licеnsеs to protеct all your dеvicеs undеr a singlе subscription. Choosing a compatiblе intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе еnsurеs, you can fully lеvеragе its protеctivе fеaturеs on all your dеvicеs.

Tеch Support

Consider intеrnеt sеcurity providеrs offеring multiplе support channеls such as livе chat, еmail, or phonе support, a comprеhеnsivе knowlеdgе basе, or community forums for sеlf-hеlp.

Quick and еfficiеnt tеch support can bе valuablе in promptly rеsolving any problems, еnsuring that your dеvicеs rеmain protеctеd and your cybеrsеcurity isn’t compromisеd. A rеsponsivе and knowlеdgеablе tеch support tеam can significantly improve your ability to maintain a sеcurе digital еnvironmеnt.

Privacy Policy 

Prioritize softwarе providers with a transparеnt privacy policy outlining how they collеct, usе, and protеct your data. Choose a solution that doesn’t еngagе in any unauthorizеd data sharing or sеll your information to third parties without your consеnt.

A rеputablе intеrnеt sеcurity softwarе will put usеr privacy at the top and еmploy еncryption and sеcurе data handling practices to safеguard your sеnsitivе information. All of our recommended solutions have airtight privacy policies and solid reputations for protecting their users. So this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with any of our picks.

Conclusion – What Antivirus Software is Best for Singapore in 2023?

Our list of the best antivirus solutions is all-inclusive and very versatile. From single-device affordable plans to multi-device subscriptions and from Android and Windows-friendly antiviruses to Mac-supported software, our list has it all. There’s also no shortage of VPN + antivirus combos for unrivaled security.

With that said, our top recommendation is TotalAV. With features like ransomware protection, real-time malware scanning, a handy disk cleaner, and a system cleanup tool, TotalAV has everything you could possibly need, plus the independent test to back it. Try it out with a free scan and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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