Best Business Antivirus Software 2024 Tested, Reviewed, and Compared

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Getting the best business antivirus software is vital for protecting your company’s sensitive data from cybercriminals. Data breaches and ransomware activity have spiked in recent years, and cybercrime is predicted to cost the U.S. $452 billion this year, so it’s ever more important to have strong antivirus protection in place for your firm.

These threats pose an existential risk to businesses, with the potential to lock up your infrastructure, drain your accounts, and expose the details and data of your employees and customers. We’ve tested and compared the best antivirus solutions for business for this guide to ensure you can find the right tools for your needs. Read on to learn more.

TotalAV – Robust, Affordable Antivirus for Small Businesses

Free Scan Included

Norton – User-Friendly Business Antivirus That’s Easy to Set Up

30-Day Free Trial

Trend Micro – Top Antivirus for Scaling Businesses

30-Day Free Trial

ESET – Reliable, Lightweight Business Antivirus

30-Day Free Trial

Intego – Best Antivirus for Mac-Based Businesses

30-Day Free Trial

Avast – Superb Business Antivirus for Home Offices

Free-Forever Plan

Malwarebytes – Great Business Antivirus for Resource-Limited IT Teams

14-Day Free Trial

AVG – Best Small Business Antivirus for Windows

30-day money-back guarantee

The Best Antivirus for Business at a Glance

    1. TotalAV – Robust, affordable antivirus for small businesses
    2. Norton – User-friendly business antivirus that’s easy to set up
    3. Trend Micro – Top antivirus for scaling businesses
    4. ESET – Reliable, lightweight business antivirus
    5. Intego – Best antivirus for Mac-based businesses
    6. Avast – Superb business antivirus for home offices
    7. Malwarebytes – Great business antivirus for resource-limited IT teams
    8. AVG – Best small business antivirus for Windows

    Best Business Virus Protection Tools Reviewed

    We’ve tested a wide range of tools to identify the best antivirus software for businesses. We looked into details like their security features, malware-removing capabilities, pricing, and device support to assess and compare them and establish their respective strengths.

    1. TotalAV – Best Antivirus for Small Businesses on a Budget

    TotalAV logo

    Business Starter Cost $19/year (4 devices)
    Max Devices 8
    Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
    Free Business Trial? Free scans
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Why We Picked It

    TotalAV is a low-cost antivirus that’s ideal for small businesses seeking effective malware protection coupled with system optimization tools.


    TotalAV is a beginner-friendly antivirus, and its premium plans are a great pick for businesses looking for comprehensive protection for a small office.

    It has reliable real-time antivirus protection for detecting and removing malware, viruses, and Trojans and can safeguard against phishing and ransomware. In AV-Test’s assessment for home users, TotalAV scored 17/18, with full marks for usability.

    TotalAV also supplies system clean-up tools, which are great for clearing duplicate files, potentially unwanted programs, and junk files.

    Other online safety tools included with higher-tier plans include ad and tracker blockers, a VPN, and a password manager, all of which can assist in further securing your business. TotalAV supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.


    TotalAV Antivirus Pro is available for $19/year. This supports four devices, so you may want to upgrade to the Total Security plan, which supports eight devices for $49/year and includes the VPN, the password manager, and ad and tracker blockers.

    Even with the renewal price, this is the cheapest business antivirus on our list. There’s no free trial of the Total Security plan, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can access free on-demand malware scans.

    Who It's Best For

    TotalAV is best for small businesses on a tight budget looking for comprehensive protection for their devices. Based on its apps, the antivirus is also often named as a top choice for the best antivirus for Android.


    • Low-cost starter plan
    • Intuitive and beginner-friendly
    • Robust antivirus and web protection
    • System optimization tools
    • VPN and password manager included


    • Higher prices on renewal
    • Limited free offering

    2. Norton – Best Small Business Antivirus For Usability

    Norton antivirus logo

    Business Starter Cost $59.99/year (6 devices)
    Max Devices 20
    Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
    Free Business Trial? 30 days
    Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Why We Picked It

    Norton is an affordable and user-friendly antivirus that’s a great pick for small businesses needing to secure their networks.


    Norton Antivirus is extremely easy to set up and manage. It uses a robust firewall and intrusion prevention system to monitor, filter, and block suspicious activity at the network level.

    There’s also 24/7 real-time monitoring to identify potentially malicious activity on your system and to find, quarantine, and eliminate infected files. Norton’s home plans, which share the same security system as the business packages, have consistently received excellent scores from AV-Test.

    The Small Business plan includes 250GB of cloud backup storage space, ensuring your most important files are backed up and secure. This can help mitigate against instances of device failure and ransomware attacks and goes a step beyond TotalAV’s offering.

    In addition, there’s a software updater that tracks supported apps on your device and ensures vulnerabilities are addressed. The Utilities Ultimate tool, meanwhile, cleans out junk and unwanted files to optimize your devices.

    There are also additional security features, like a file recovery tool to retrieve deleted data, a password manager, and a private browser. Notably, Norton’s business plans also include data breach monitoring for five contacts to alert you if logins leak online.

    Upgrading to the premium business plan adds to that with a secure VPN, 500GB of cloud storage, and a driver updater.


    The Norton Small Business starter plan costs $59.99/year for six devices, and there’s a 30-day trial on offer. Norton Small Business Premium starts at $149.99/year for ten devices, and both plans allow you to add up to 20 devices to cover a whole office. All plans get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Who It's Best For

    Norton’s business antivirus is great for small businesses seeking affordable, multi-device security that’s simple to install and use across their business endpoints.


    • Easy installation and intuitive to use
    • Powerful firewall protection and intrusion prevention system
    • 250GB cloud backup space
    • Great security extras, including VPN and password manager
    • 30-day free trial and 60-day guarantee


    • Cloud backups only for Windows
    • Best suited to small-to-medium businesses

    3. Trend Micro – Best Antivirus Software for Scaling Firms

      Trend Micro antivirus logo

      Business Starter Cost Custom quote
      Max Devices Custom quote
      Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, servers
      Free Business Trial? 30 days
      Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
      Why We Picked It

      Trend Micro’s cloud-based Worry-Free services package is a robust, reliable corporate antivirus for endpoint protection and scales to include Extended Detection and Response (XDR). The provider also offers numerous business-oriented standalone products, making it great for scaling firms.


      Trend Micro’s cloud-based Worry-Free Services Suites is designed to offload work from IT teams and safeguard employee endpoints and mobile devices. Everything runs from a single platform, from data correlation and investigation to targeted action reporting.

      The Advanced package incorporates email protection, too, and can protect you from targeted attacks and phishing, as well as protecting online collaboration tools.

      Higher-tier plans incorporate XDR and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), providing investigation capabilities, automated root cause analysis, and advanced threat detection via cloud sandboxing.

      Trend Micro’s Trend Service One package also employs MDR for server, endpoint, email, and network protection. It ensures prompt product upgrades and delivers monthly security reports – and puts Trend Micro among the best server antivirus solutions available.

      The business antivirus performs consistently well under testing with near-perfect results.


      Trend Micro’s business plans have a wide range of offerings that firms can combine based on their needs. You’ll need to inquire with Trend Micro to get a quote for your business – but this ensures you get the protection you need.

      The Worry-Free Services Suites and Trend Service One have a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

      Who It's Best For

      Trend Micro is ideal for overstretched IT teams working to protect scaling businesses, thanks to its cloud-based services and managed XDR. The business security software can ensure consistent and multi-layered defenses across locations, devices, and operating systems to keep your firm safe.


      • 24/7/365 managed security service
      • Multi-layer threat detection with XDR
      • Monthly security reports
      • Standalone products for businesses of various sizes


      • No upfront pricing
      • Scans can take a while
      Trend Micro

      4. ESET – Best Lightweight Antivirus with Flexible Management Options

      ESET Antivirus Logo

      Business Starter Cost $179.99/year (5 devices)
      Max Devices 1,000+
      Compatibility Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
      Free Business Trial? 30 days
      Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
      Why We Picked It

      ESET provides on-premise and cloud-based configurations and is a highly versatile business solution. It’s also among the lightest business antiviruses you can find and maintains optimal system performance.


      ESET Protect Entry is pitched at small-to-medium businesses and is known for flexible on-premise and cloud-based deployments. It’s a notably lightweight solution and has minimal system impact, as shown by AV-Comparatives’ testing.

      Its modern endpoint protection systems assess vulnerable endpoints and block suspicious activities to protect your network from ransomware and phishing attacks.

      The customizable Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), meanwhile, lets you tailor security rules based on your organizational needs, offering an additional degree of flexibility.

      ESET’s easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to manage your team and licenses and provides a centralized location to keep your company’s endpoints secure. Beginners and inexperienced IT teams may still face a learning curve with its feature-heavy interface, however.

      With the advanced Protect plans, you get full disk encryption, mail server and mobile device protection, and patch management.

      The provider also supports Enterprise-scale firms with thousands of endpoints and incorporates XDR and MDR with higher-tier plans. This puts it on a par with Trend Micro – though with more transparency around pricing – and ahead of TotalAV and Norton for larger firms.


      ESET Protect Entry costs $211/year for five devices, extending up to 100 devices, and provides complete endpoint safety and server security.

      There’s also a basic Small Business Security package, priced at $179.99/year for five devices, and Enterprise plans that come with custom quotes. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can request a 30-day trial.

      Who It's Best For

      ESET Protect is a particularly compelling choice for small and medium-sized businesses seeking robust endpoint protection and flexible deployment options without compromising system performance.

      It’s also a good option for growing firms and can provide solid antivirus protection for enterprise-scale businesses.


      • Flexible deployment options
      • Lightweight solution
      • Scales from small businesses to enterprise firms
      • Free mobile device protection


      • Learning curve for beginners
      • Relatively expensive plans

      5. Intego – Best Mac Antivirus for Business

      Intego Mac antivirus software logo

      Business Starter Cost $37.50/year (two years – one Mac)
      Max Devices Custom quote
      Compatibility macOS and Windows
      Free Business Trial? 30 days
      Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
      Why We Picked It

      Intego is the ideal business antivirus for companies primarily operating on Macs. Its robust protection features prevent unauthorized system access, while the clean-up and organization tools can keep your endpoints in good working order.


      Intego is the go-to antivirus solution for businesses primarily using Macs. Like Norton, Intego offers its consumer security system for business customers.

      Its flagship tools, NetBarrier X9, a two-way firewall, and the VirusBarrier X9 malware scanner monitor, quarantine, and eliminate threats across your business systems in real time.

      There’s application monitoring, an advanced firewall, and the ability to scan external drives and iOS devices. The tools score an impressive 16.5/18 in AV-Test’s assessment, with full marks for usability.

      The advanced plans include the Mac Washing Machine system tuning and clean-up feature, as well as personal backups and a VPN.

      While Intego is geared toward Mac businesses, there’s a separate Windows product with zero-day protection, scheduled and smart scans, and automatic updates, though it doesn’t have all the features of the Mac version.


      Intego’s Mac-based business starter plan costs $37.50/year (two-year plan) for one device or $124.99/year for five devices. There’s a 30-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans.

      Who It's Best For

      Intego is best for small businesses primarily using Macs that prioritize well-rounded security to block unauthorized access and malware.


      • Specially built for macOS
      • Two-way firewall and malware scanner
      • Real-time monitoring and safeguarding
      • Ransomware and phishing protection


      • Limited mobile support
      • Limited transparency on business pricing

      6. Avast – Best Home Office and Small Business Antivirus with an Easy-to-Navigate Console

      Avast antivirus logo

      Business Starter Cost $98/year (three years – 10 devices)
      Max Devices 999
      Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, servers
      Free Business Trial? 30 days
      Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
      Why We Picked It

      Avast’s home office and small business antivirus solutions provide solid endpoint protection and user-friendly management tools for non-technical staff.


      Avast’s home office plan includes advanced protection and has tools to combat phishing attacks and ransomware. It can also flag fake and malicious sites that might trick team members into entering confidential data.

      Avast Small Office Protection Security offers thorough endpoint protection for up to ten devices, mitigating vulnerabilities and blocking anomalies with behavior analysis. Essential

      Business Security adds a centralized online management platform and allows you to add up to 999 devices, including servers. Higher-tier plans add web controls, USB protection, a VPN, and patch management to address app vulnerabilities.

      Avast offers the CloudCare management platform for larger businesses and channel partners. It’s a sophisticated SaaS platform with detailed reporting that provides the ability to add endpoint and network security services as needed.

      Notably, Avast has consistently scored perfect 18/18 results with AV-Test for both its consumer and business products.


      Avast’s Small Office Protection plan costs $98/year with a three-year plan and covers up to 10 devices. The Essential Business Security plan starts at $114.24/year (three years) for five devices and can be scaled to 999 devices.

      Avast’s small business cybersecurity solutions come with a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

      Who It's Best For

      Avast is perfect for home offices and small businesses seeking extensive endpoint defenses. It offers all the essential security features you need, with one centralized, user-friendly platform.


      • Cost-effective home office plans
      • Centralized management tools
      • Advanced behavior recognition tools
      • Highly scalable


      • Limited features for macOS
      • Lacks mobile device management

      7. Malwarebytes – Best AI-Led Business Antivirus


      Business Starter Cost $345/year (5 devices)
      Max Devices 100
      Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook
      Free Business Trial? Live demo
      Money-Back Guarantee
      Why We Picked It

      Malwarebytes’ ThreatDown solution offers advanced antivirus features that are bolstered by AI technology to provide ironclad endpoint protection.


      ThreatDown from Malwarebytes is a lightweight, easy-to-use business antivirus that’s fast to deploy and comes with robust endpoint protection features.

      It simplifies workflows for IT teams with generative AI technology by enabling the use of natural language to execute requests. This can surface recommendations to optimize security, details on unprotected or vulnerable endpoints, and opportunities to automate update processes. Ultimately, it can help teams to be more efficient and make better use of their resources.

      The Core plan includes incident response tools, application blocks, and vulnerability assessment. Upgrading will get you patch management, endpoint detection and response, ransomware rollbacks, MDR, and DNS filtering. You can also add protection for servers and mobile devices as add-ons for each plan.

      The product has exceptional test scores. The AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation gave the antivirus a product-of-the-year certification for advanced, in-the-wild malware testing and labeled it as being “Excellent.” ThreatDown is also the only antivirus to receive all MRG Effitas certifications for ten consecutive quarters.


      ThreatDown’s Core plan costs $69/endpoint/year. There’s a five-endpoint minimum, which brings the plan to $345/year. You can add up to 100 endpoints with all plans and extend protection to Linux servers. For more Linux-compatible options, consider the best antivirus for Linux.

      There’s no money-back guarantee, but you can request a live software demo.

      Who It's Best For

      Malwarebytes’ ThreatDown is great for IT teams with limited resources seeking comprehensive, lightweight business protection. It’s also easy to scale and is a top option for protecting servers.


      • Great integration of AI tools
      • Excellent test scores
      • Wide range of enterprise-level features
      • Lightweight and easy to use


      • No money-back guarantee
      • Core plan has five endpoint minimum

      8. AVG – Best Small Business Antivirus for Windows

        AVG Anti-Virus logo

        Business Starter Cost $36.18/year (three years, one user)
        Max Devices 999
        Compatibility Windows, servers
        Free Business Trial?
        Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
        Why We Picked It

        AVG business antivirus is packed with top-rated security features and provides simple cloud management for Windows-based companies.


        AVG’s business plans provide advanced defenses against suspicious software, malware, and spam for small companies with Windows endpoints and servers. As with Avast, businesses with limited technical resources will appreciate the cloud management console’s user-friendly interface and remote management capabilities.

        The package provides multi-layered protection, including real-time scanning, a firewall, remote access blocks, and email, web, and file monitoring. There’s also a file shredder to permanently remove sensitive files, and the higher-tier plan comes with additional email and password protection features for added peace of mind.

        The plans support up to 999 devices but don’t include enterprise-level features like XDR or MDR.

        As proof of its protective capabilities, AVG blocked 100% of malware in real-world protection testing with AV-Comparatives, earning it 3/3 stars.


        The AVG AntiVirus Business Edition costs $36.18/year (three years) for one user, with support for up to 999 devices. While there’s no free trial, you do get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

        Who It's Best For

        AVG is ideal for small companies using Windows that require a user-friendly console and a wide range of security features.


        • Beginner-friendly cloud management console
        • 100% malware protection testing results
        • File shredder
        • Centralized remote management


        • Limited to Windows
        • No free business trial

        Comparing the Best Corporate Antivirus Solutions

        Here’s a table featuring the key features of all the business security software solutions discussed in this guide so you can easily compare them.

        Antivirus Best For Business Starter Cost Max Devices Compatibility Free Business Trial? Money-Back Guarantee
        TotalAV Small businesses on a budget $19/year – 4 devices 8 Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Free scans 30 days
        Norton  Easy set-up and usability $59.99/year – 6 devices 20 Windows, macOS, iOS, Android 30 days 60 days
        Trend Micro Growing businesses Custom quote Custom quote Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, servers 30 days 30 days
        ESET Flexible management options $179.99/year – 5 devices 1,000+ Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS 30 days 30 days
        Intego Mac-using businesses $37.50/year – one Mac (two years) Custom quote macOS and Windows 30 days 30 days
        Avast Home offices $98/year – 10 endpoints (three years) 999 Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, servers 30 days 30 days
        Malwarebytes Resource-strapped IT teams $345/year – 5 endpoints 100 Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook Live demo
        AVG Small businesses using Windows $36.18/year – one user (three years) 999 Windows, servers 30 days

        How We Review And Test Antivirus Software

        15 Antiviruses Tested

        20 Datapoints Measured

        300+ Hours Testing

        500+ User Reviews Read

        We base our recommendations on first-hand experience and in-depth testing. All the Antivirus products we suggest, have been tested based on the following criteria:

        • Core Security Features: We make sure that the antivirus software is fully equipped with features like real-time protection, scanning, a firewall, web protection, and more.
        • Malware Detection Rates: We test malware detection rates ourselves by running both in-depth and quick scans on our devices. Additionally, we check independent lab tests.
        • Compatibility: We check which devices and operating systems the antivirus software is compatible with. Often, different-looking dashboards and slightly different packages of features may be available.
        • Performance Impact: A reliable and functional antivirus should not slow down your device significantly. So, we examine our device performance with and without the antivirus running.
        • Customer Experience: Alongside our own experience, we are curious to know what real users have to say regarding the services. So, we’ve scoured the web for feedback on each of our tested antiviruses.
        • Value for Money: We always consider value for money and how much each product is offering for the set price point.

        What Does Business Antivirus Software Do?

        Business antivirus software is used to protect a company’s IT infrastructure from cyber threats. Given the growing threat of cybercrime and the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks, with the number of victims as much as doubling year-on-year, it’s very important to have protection in place.

        Key benefits typically include:

        Malware protectionOnline securityRansomware protectionEmail and phishing protectionFirewallServer protectionXDRCentralized securityAdditional security

        Malware detection and real-time protection – Business antiviruses can detect and block malware by running scans of your drives and monitoring software for anomalous behavior.

        Online security – Web protection features will warn you about suspicious links and websites and scan downloads for malware.

        Ransomware protection – Modern antiviruses can scan incoming traffic for malware, block processes that may be attempting to encrypt files, and ensure backups are made so files can always be recovered.

        Email and phishing protection – Mail protection tools scan your emails for malicious attachments and links and can filter messages to curb phishing attacks.

        Firewall – This is an essential first line of defense for any sophisticated antivirus program. It monitors network traffic for potential threats, preventing malware from accessing the network and monitoring suspicious traffic leaving the network.

        Server protection – Company servers host sensitive data, including customer information and financial records. Server security ensures systems are protected against unauthorized access and malware.

        Extended detection and response (XDR) – Enterprise business antiviruses offer XDR to collate data from multiple security layers, accelerating threat detection and resolution.

        Centralized security – Having centralized controls over all organizational security processes simplifies administration and makes it easier to monitor threats and respond to incidents.

        Additional tools – Business antivirus software may include additional security tools, like VPNs, password managers, and ad and tracker blockers, which further improve security.

        Consumer vs Business Antivirus Protection Software – What’s the Difference?

        Consumer antivirus solutions are simple and easy to install and offer robust protection against online threats. Small businesses with tight budgets, limited endpoints, and simple IT needs may hence opt for consumer antivirus software. Larger firms and enterprise businesses will require the features offered with purpose-built solutions.

        Here are some of the specific benefits of using business-specific antivirus solutions:

        • Advanced security features – Business antivirus solutions provide more comprehensive offerings such as vulnerability scanning, patch management, network endpoint protection, and automated updates.
        • Scalable device support – As companies grow, so does the number of their networked devices. Corporate antivirus tools are highly scalable, often supporting over 100 devices. Businesses can also receive custom quotes tailored to their needs.
        • Centralized management – Business antiviruses typically provide IT teams with unified dashboards to manage security across devices and simplify administration and maintenance.
        • Configurability – Business antivirus software offers greater customization options to meet the needs of different organizations.
        • Integrations – Integration with third-party software applications can be crucial for businesses, and many corporate antiviruses integrate with a range of enterprise software and systems.
        • Dedicated support – Many business antivirus solutions include 24/7 support for threat detection and management.
        • Pricing – Businesses will often need to secure dozens or hundreds of devices, and providers can offer discounts with scale as well as custom quotes to bundle specific features and functionality.

        How To Choose the Best Antivirus for Business

        Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing an antivirus for your business, whether you’re considering TotalAV, ESET, or Avast premium business security:

        Security RequirementsMalware ProtectionScalabilitySupportPricing

        Security Requirements

        Select an antivirus that offers the relevant security features for your business requirements. For example, it’s worth considering if you need to protect servers as well as desktops and mobile devices and whether you need XDR or MDR functionality.

        Malware Protection

        The level of malware protection that each business package offers is a key metric for comparing different options. Independent testing labs provide objective results that can validate vendor claims and help you establish the reliability of products in real-world scenarios.


        Having flexible configuration options can be very important as your business grows. Scalable antivirus solutions should support multiple platforms and device types and allow you to increase the number of devices on your plan as needed.

        Business Support

        Being able to call on IT support from an antivirus provider can be invaluable. Many corporate antiviruses also offer 24/7 managed endpoint services that relieve the burden on overstretched IT departments.

        Some, like Trend Micro’s Service One, even provide a designated service manager.

        Pricing Plans

        To select the most cost-effective antivirus for your business, consider both the initial price and potential upgrade expenses.

        If you’re requesting a custom quote for a managed endpoint antivirus service, for example, make sure to get clarity regarding the pricing structure to avoid unexpected costs.

        Can You Use a Free Business Antivirus?

        You’re unlikely to find free antivirus software for businesses, but you could try to use the free version of a consumer antivirus. This isn’t a good choice, though, as free antivirus solutions won’t provide comprehensive security, will generally be limited to a single device, and often won’t include features like firewalls.


        What’s the best antivirus for business?

        What antivirus do most businesses use?

        Is an antivirus necessary for a business?

        How should you choose an antivirus for business?

        How much does business antivirus software cost?

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