Best Server Antivirus – Find The Best Server Antivirus Protection for 2024

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Finding the best server antivirus isn’t easy, but it’s wise to have malware protection in place to keep your server safe from the ever-growing range of threats on the internet.

Our experts have researched and tested the best server antivirus software to compile this guide. Read on to find out why our picks rank among the best protection software for servers available today for personal and business servers.

Best Server Antivirus Software

Editors' Choice

TotalAV – Superb antivirus software for complete, real-time protection

TotalAV – Superb antivirus software for complete, real-time protection

  • Starting From $19.00/year
5 Stars

Surfshark Antivirus – Great value antivirus protection with a VPN

Surfshark Antivirus – Great value antivirus protection with a VPN

  • Starting From $37.57/year (2-year plan)
4.5 Stars

McAfee – Reliable antivirus software for Windows 10 users

McAfee – Reliable antivirus software for Windows 10 users

  • Starting From $39.99/year (2-year plan)
4.5 Stars

Avast – Free Antivirus Software With Smart Scan Functionality

Avast – Free Antivirus Software With Smart Scan Functionality

  • Starting From $35.88/year
4.5 Stars

Trend Micro – AI-led antivirus for small business owners

Trend Micro – AI-led antivirus for small business owners

  • Starting From $19.95/year
4.5 Stars

$1.43 per month for 12 months

$1.43 per month for 12 months

  • Starting From $39.99/year
4.5 Stars

Norton – PC antivirus with a virus protection promise

Norton – PC antivirus with a virus protection promise

  • Starting From $29.99/year
4.5 Stars

NordVPN Threat Protection – Antivirus Software with a global VPN network

NordVPN Threat Protection – Antivirus Software with a global VPN network

  • Starting From $53.87/year (2-year plan)
4.5 Stars

Intego – Beginner friendly antivirus solution for macOS users

Intego – Beginner friendly antivirus solution for macOS users

  • Starting From $39.99/year
4.5 Stars

Best Antivirus for Servers

Through our in-depth testing, we’ve sought to find the best antivirus for servers and business use cases. Here’s our complete list of server security and business protection tools:

  1. TotalAV – Robust business antivirus that’s ideal for Windows users
  2. Surfshark – Best antivirus for privacy, with feature-rich plans
  3. McAfee – Best antivirus feature set for business and personal use
  4. Avast – Best server antivirus for small businesses, with affordable plans
  5. Trend Micro – Best server antivirus for in-depth reporting, making it easy to get actionable insights
  6. ESET – Best server antivirus for multi-purpose servers, minimizing server downtime
  7. Norton – Best antivirus for system optimization and which includes an excellent password manager
  8. NordVPN Threat Protection – Top antivirus tools provided with a VPN with a global server network
  9. Intego – Best antivirus for Macs, with a beginner-friendly interface

In-Depth Reviews of The Best Server Antivirus Tools

Let’s take a closer look at each of the antivirus products on our list and compare them based on their features, pros and cons, pricing, and what they can do for servers, from the best antivirus for a Windows server to the top antivirus server solutions for Linux.

Before digging into the best server antivirus tools today, we’ll explore some of the Top Antivirus Tools on the Market for general business and individual use cases.

1. TotalAV – Best Server Antivirus for Businesses with Premium Security Tools

Cheapest Plan $1.58/Month
Best Features Excellent Malware Detection Rates, Duplicate File Finder, Browser Cleaner
Max Devices 8
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

TotalAV is among the best business antiviruses we’ve tested, thanks to its superb security solutions. As a member of the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI), TotalAV’s products are certified to meet all MVI requirements and provide advanced security with real-time scanning.


The business antivirus will help you rest easy, knowing your database files are safe from online threats, thanks to its business network security features. This antivirus tool offers superb protection from malware attacks, and its Data Breach Monitoring feature will notify you if your details get exposed anywhere on the internet.

Besides automatic scanning, which will stop viruses in their tracks, you can also schedule regular scans for peace of mind, knowing your system and servers are always protected.

The software also performs zero-day cloud scanning, monitoring programs for suspicious behavior and safeguarding you from the most dangerous threats with cutting-edge technology, even if they’ve never been spotted before.

TotalAV is the best antivirus for companies using Windows, and not just because of its ability to detect and remove potential online threats.

Phishing is also a growing problem, and TotalAV’s Phishing Scam Protection feature is an invaluable asset for businesses. All in all, it’s a great antivirus for businesses.


TotalAV’s cheapest plan is $19/year. If you want to unlock the full potential of TotalAV, you can upgrade to the Total Security plan. You can also take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee to try TotalAV’s services risk-free.

TotalAV Antivirus Pro $19/year
TotalAV Internet Security $39/year
TotalAV Total Security $49/year
Who It's Best For

TotalAV is a great security tool for providing comprehensive protection for your device or network. It offers impressive real-time security and in-depth scans, and it’s also surprisingly affordable.


  • Ransomware protection
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • System tune-up tools
  • AI-powered Total WebShield browser protection
  • Protection from unwanted downloads
  • Top Reddit-recommended antivirus


  • Password manager requires top-tier plan
  • Renewal comes at a higher cost

2. Surfshark – Best Server Antivirus for Privacy

Cheapest Plan $2.89/Month
Best Features Real-Time Protection, Customizable Security, Prevents Tracking
Max Devices 5
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

Surfshark offers antivirus services via Surfshark One, a comprehensive internet security bundle that can safeguard your company’s devices from malicious files, surveillance, social engineering attacks, and more.


Surfshark’s intuitive antivirus app is easy to customize and provides protection for up to five devices. Like TotalAV, Surfshark One has a frequently updated database of zero-day threats to protect your business from emerging threats and help you avoid financial losses or loss of access to your business software.

Additionally, Surfshark One can also protect the privacy of your employees and your business with its webcam security feature, which prevents hackers from remotely spying on in-office activity.

During testing, we found that Surfshark has less system impact than TotalAV or McAfee, making it a superb choice for office devices that run resource-heavy programs, as Surfshark won’t slow your devices down.

Besides keeping your devices safe from malware, ransomware, and viruses in real time, Surfshark is an excellent tool for scanning your devices. Its scans are quick but thorough and have near-flawless malware detection rates.

In addition, the security bundle includes one of the best VPN services around, which will safeguard your employees from phishing attacks, intrusive ads, and third-party trackers.

The antivirus solution also offers a failsafe in case your information gets compromised with its data breach monitoring features. Surfshark will alert you if it detects a leak containing your online account credentials, credit card information, personal documentation, or passwords.


Surfshark antivirus comes as a part of the Surfshark One bundle, which also includes a VPN. The two-year plan costs $2.89 per month, with a 30-day guarantee. Annual and monthly subscriptions are available for $3.49/month and $15.95/month.

24 months + 2 free 12 months + 2 free 1 month
Surfshark One $2.89/month $3.49/month $15.95/month
Surfshark One+ $4.49/month $5.49/month $17.95/month
Who It's Best For

Surfshark is ideal for users who are focused on priority. The package includes one of the best VPNs on the market – with support for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited devices – alongside a solid antivirus solution.


  • Real-time alerts
  • Advanced safe search engine
  • Checks for data breaches
  • Excellent ad blocking
  • Guards your emails and personal ID
  • Top Windows antivirus


  • Antivirus limited to five devices
  • Fewer VPN servers than NordVPN
Surfshark Antivirus

3. McAfee – Best Server Antivirus For Identity Theft Protection

Cheapest Plan $3.33/Month
Best Features Customizable Security, Real-Time Protection, Prevents Tracking
Max Devices Unlimited
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

McAfee offers a range of excellent security solutions, including its McAfee Essential plan, which protects five devices and includes web protection, a password manager, a VPN, and scam protection.


McAfee’s starter plan will keep your business devices safe from malware, including ransomware and zero-day threats, and AV-Test has given McAfee full marks for virus detection in the last six sets of tests. It’s also an excellent pick if your employees work on ChromeOS, as it’s one of the best Chromebook antiviruses.

Higher-tier plans, such as McAfee Premium and McAfee Advanced, add identity theft protection features and up to $1 million in identity theft coverage. McAfee Ultimate raises the identity theft coverage to $2 million and also provides $25,000 in ransomware coverage.

McAfee can also monitor your business bank accounts and alert you to suspicious activity. Unlike Surfshark, it also offers a Security Freeze feature, which lets you freeze your bank accounts with a single click to stop unauthorized access or withdrawals.

Once you sign up, you can also upgrade your McAfee account to a business protection account, which allows you to protect five employees with a single subscription, including cover for smartphones and desktop devices.

The wider product family also includes McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced, a service that safeguards company servers. This can protect physical and virtual servers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vSphere, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure environments.


McAfee has a wide range of plans that make it easy to find a solution for your needs. The Essential plan provides all the core features needed for five devices, but upgrading to Premium extends McAfee’s coverage to unlimited devices.

McAfee Essential (two-year plan) $39.99/year
McAfee Premium $49.99/year
McAfee Premium Family $64.99/year
McAfee Advanced $89.99/year
McAfee Advanced Family $119.99/year
McAfee Ultimate $199.99/year
McAfee Ultimate Family $219.99/year
Who It's Best For

McAfee offers a huge range of features, but its strongest offering is for identity theft protection, where it excels. It also has a wide range of plans, and its support for unlimited devices makes it a great antivirus business solution.


  • File shredder
  • Security Freeze tool
  • Expert advice on identity restoration
  • Personal data cleanup
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • Advanced plans come at a high price
  • Limited VPN

4. Avast – Best Server Antivirus for Small Businesses

Cheapest Plan $2.01/Month
Best Features Threat Lab Analysis, SharePoint Server Protection, Exchange Server Protection
Max Devices 999
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows and Linux servers
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

Avast is an ideal pick for small businesses looking for a cybersecurity solution that lets you customize its settings for all company devices via a unified panel. It provides real-time visibility on threats and management capabilities via its comprehensive security reporting.


With its easy-to-use platform, Avast boosts your server security and lets you protect your business’s endpoints, data, and applications from even the most advanced cyber threats.

Besides keeping your Windows PCs and servers malware-free, Avast will scan your company emails for malicious files, prevent your employees from accessing potentially dangerous websites, and immediately report on suspicious activity.

This server antivirus software also provides a Cloud Sandbox feature, which lets you run apps in a safe environment before you launch them on company devices.

Avast also offers web domain and content filtering to help you stop your employees from accessing malicious or inappropriate websites, and its Real Site technology will block phishing websites and Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking.

It’s also one of the best choices for companies with remote or hybrid work models. Avast uses a cloud-based approach for protecting your devices so your company files will be safe regardless of the device used to access them.

Avast Ultimate Business Security, the provider’s top-tier business protection plan, includes Patch Management, which limits your business’s exposure to attacks. This feature automatically detects app vulnerabilities.

Unlike the other providers we’ve mentioned, Avast also provides USB protection. This reduces the chance of your business being exposed to data theft or endpoint malware infections by external hardware, as it will block unrecognized USB storage devices from connecting to your company hardware.


Consumer plans start at $2.99 per month for Avast One, but you can subscribe to Avast Essential Business Security for $2.01/month for one device over three years. Prices decline steeply on a per device basis as you add more devices and subscribe over longer periods.

Avast Essential Business Security Starting at $31.37/year per device
Avast Premium Business Security Starting at $39.85/year per device
Avast Ultimate Business Security Starting at $48.33/year per device
Avast Small Office Protection – 10 devices $139.99/year

And here are Avast’s consumer plans:

Avast Free Antivirus Free
Avast One Silver Individual (for security, privacy, or performance) $35.88/year per module
Avast One Silver Family (for security, privacy, or performance) – 30 devices $59.88/year per module
Avast Premium Security – 1 device $49.99/year
Avast Premium Security – 10 devices $69.99/year
Avast Ultimate Security – 1 device $49.99/year
Avast Ultimate Security – 10 devices $69.99/year
Avast One Gold Individual $83.88/year
Avast One Gold Family – 30 devices $131.88/year
Who It's Best For

Avast is an excellent option for small businesses needing server security and endpoint protection. It comes with a wide range of customization options and comprehensive reporting but is nevertheless easy to use.

We also rate Avast as one of the best Android antiviruses around.


  • Centralized platform
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Personal VPN included
  • Excellent customer support
  • Best Windows server antivirus


  • May slow down other processes
  • Somewhat confusing pricing

5. Trend Micro – Best Server Antivirus for In-Depth Reports

Cheapest Plan Custom Pricing
Best Features Malware Pattern Recognition, Automated Scanning, Malware Clean-Up and File Repairing
Max Devices 25
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, Linux, and Novel NetWare servers
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

Trend Micro offers a comprehensive suite of security tools with its Smart Protection plans. Its products are designed to safeguard your business from cyberattacks by integrating your defenses across gateways, mobile devices, servers, endpoints, and security as a service apps.


The Trend Micro server antivirus uses machine learning for pre-execution and runtime analysis to ensure accurate threat identification. At the same time, its detection and response features can automatically remove potentially dangerous files from your network.

Like Avast, it offers a centralized console for administrative tasks, which allows you to manage security at every level. You can also access comprehensive data and threat analysis for your environment.

During testing, we found Trend Micro to have less system performance impact than Avast and ESET, making it an ideal pick for companies running resource-heavy programs that can’t afford slowdowns.

Thanks to the optional Managed XDR feature, Trend Micro can manage itself automatically, minimizing the admin required to keep it running. This feature provides 24/7 threat monitoring and investigates the source of active threats, making the product one of the best server antiviruses for small businesses.

Trend Micro also provides incident reports along with actionable insights. This covers server workloads for physical, virtual, and cloud operations. One slight drawback about the product, though, is that it lacks the pricing transparency of providers like Avast and ESET.


Trend Micro’s plans start at $19.95/year, and you can upgrade for coverage for additional devices. Higher-tier consumer plans include a wide range of tools, such as a VPN, password manager, and data breach monitoring.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security $19.95/year
Trend Micro Internet Security $39.95/year
Trend Micro Maximum Security $49.95/year
Trend Micro Premium Security Suite $54.95/year
Who It's Best For

Trend Micro makes the internet safer for your whole team and is excellent when it comes to reporting. From email and web browser protection to mobile security, the antivirus can detect and remove malware, ransomware, and viruses and stop your employees from falling victim to phishing scams.


  • Detailed logs
  • Consumes few system resources
  • Virtual patching
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Flexible plans


  • Some false flags on third-party application installs
  • Higher prices on renewal
Trend Micro

6. ESET – Best Server Antivirus for Multi-Purpose Servers

Cheapest Plan $3.52/Month per device
Best Features Vulnerability and Patch Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, Digital Forensics
Max Devices 100
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, Linux, and Microsoft Azure servers
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Why We Picked It

ESET has nearly three decades of experience with malware prevention using machine learning and is one of the best choices for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to set up multilayered defenses against cyber threats.


ESET will safeguard your general servers, network file storage, and multi-purpose servers. It keeps your servers stable and conflict-free, minimizing your company’s restart and maintenance windows to avoid disrupting business operations.

ESET offers affordable server antivirus security for firms requiring endpoint security and server protection. Some of its features include ransomware protection, fileless malware attack prevention, real-time server monitoring, and data breach prevention.

Its advanced solutions also provide advanced threat defenses and cloud app protection to minimize your exposure to zero-day threats. Unlike Avast, ESET doesn’t offer email protection with its entry-level plan, but you can add this feature by opting for one of its more expensive packages.

ESET quarantines all data passing through your servers and tests it in a cloud sandbox environment before allowing it to reach your devices, ensuring you’re protected from malware and ransomware breaches.

The server antivirus software product also lets you encrypt files using the AES-256 encryption algorithm to keep them secure. In addition, the software allows you to set company-wide password policies to ensure your employees’ accounts are immune to brute-force attacks.

Compared to Trend Micro and Avast, ESET has a steeper learning curve, but its extended detection and response features impressed us in hands-on testing as they allow your security team to quickly perform in-depth root cause analysis so you can promptly respond to threats.


ESET offers a range of consumer plans which scale from basic security to include features like a VPN, data breach monitor, and identity theft protection.

1 device 5 devices
ESET Essential $34.99/year $48.99/year
ESET Premium $41.99/year $55.99/year
ESET Ultimate n/a $125.99/year

ESET’s business plans are as follows and offer discounts for adding devices, up to 99 devices, and subscribing for longer periods.

5 devices
ESET Protect Entry $211/year
ESET Protect Advanced $275/year
ESET Protect Complete $287.72/year
ESET Protect MDR Custom
Who It's Best For

ESET is a great option for protecting multi-purpose servers against cyber threats – and it comes at a great price. Going beyond robust endpoint security and server protection, ESET also has plenty to offer small businesses and home users.


  • Enhances network traffic monitoring
  • Advanced reports
  • Robust ransomware protection
  • Remote administrator access


  • Slight learning curve to interface
  • More advanced plans are relatively expensive

Best of the Rest

These three tools – Norton, NordVPN Threat Protection, and Intego – don’t provide direct support for servers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good solutions for businesses and home users. Check out what these tools can do for you.

7. Norton – Best Antivirus for System Optimization

Cheapest Plan $2.49/Month
Best Features Cloud Backup, Antivirus Protection Promise, Password Manager
Max Devices Unlimited
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
Why We Picked It

Norton offers flexible and scalable plans for small businesses looking for efficient antivirus protection. It includes cloud backups, a VPN, and internet security tools as well as a great suite of system optimization tools.


Norton’s Deluxe plan offers 50GB of cloud backup storage, which increases to 500GB with its top-tier plans. Like McAfee, Norton provides comprehensive identity theft prevention features that will help your business reduce the chance of financial losses.

Thanks to its advanced AI machine learning algorithms, Norton excels at detecting and removing spyware from devices to prevent surveillance and data theft. The capability also helps Norton detect malware, ransomware, and viruses faster than most competitors.

Norton also offers business cybersecurity plans. These add utility tools to help you optimize your workplace devices by cleaning out junk files, unneeded apps, and obsolete data.

Each Norton plan also comes with a password manager, which can detect weak passwords and automatically suggest strong, uncrackable alternatives. That provides an additional layer of security for your employees and your business data.

Unlike most of its competitors, Norton also has a virus protection guarantee in place. The provider will issue a full refund for your plan if it fails to remove a virus from your devices.


Norton Antivirus Plus is the company’s cheapest plan, starting at $29.99/year, but you can upgrade to the Norton 360 Deluxe plan for additional identity theft protection solutions – and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee to protect you.

Norton AntiVirus Plus $29.99/year
Norton 360 Standard $39.99/year
Norton 360 Deluxe $49.99/year
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select $99.99/year
Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage $191.88/year
Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus $299.88/year
Who It's Best For

Norton offers a superb set of tools at an affordable price, but it shines when it comes to system optimization features. The antivirus solution makes it easy to clean up your devices and boost their processing power, whether on home devices or business machines.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Blocks phishing websites
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Intuitive mobile apps
  • Frequent updates


  • Heavy resource usage when running full scans
  • Limited features on starter plan

8. NordVPN Threat Protection – Best Antivirus With a VPN

Cheapest Plan $3.99/Month
Best Features Data Breach Scanner, Password Manager, 1TB Encrypted Cloud Storage
Max Devices 10
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days
Why We Picked It

NordVPN Threat Protection is provided by NordVPN, and it offers exceptional tools to keep your employees safe online and your company’s data out of the reach of unauthorized parties.


This lightweight antivirus solution will warn your staff if they visit a potentially dangerous website that may carry malware, keeping your company’s devices safe from infection. NordVPN Threat Protection also automatically scans download files and blocks threats.

Threats are logged in a dashboard, which you can review to identify sites and files your employees should be wary of in future.

NordVPN Threat Protection is a separate service to NordVPN and doesn’t require a VPN connection unless you’re on a mobile device or Linux. However, the VPN plays a significant role in keeping you safe from online threats, and it’ll block phishing scams, intrusive ads, and third-party trackers.

This can stop data brokering firms from collecting information about your business. In addition, NordVPN Threat Protection’s data breach scanning feature can track and inform you if any of your information is leaked online. This can help to ensure the security of your passwords, emails, and credit card details.

NordVPN Threat Protection also provides up to $1 million in coverage for identity theft recovery and up to $100,000 of cyber extortion protection, which can help you recover from a ransomware attack.


The cheapest Nord Threat Protection plan costs $53.87/year on a two-year plan – and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

24 months + 3 free 12 months + 3 free 1 month
NordVPN Plus $3.99/month $5.49/month $13.99/month
NordVPN Ultimate $5.99/month $7.49/month $15.99/month
Who It's Best For

NordVPN Threat Protection combines robust security tools with one of the best global VPNs available today. Given this, it’s great for browser protection and using the internet securely and anonymously with a choice of server locations around the world.


  • Minimal resource consumption
  • Cross-platform password manager
  • Easy to use and install
  • Provides one of the fastest VPN services


  • NordVPN server connection required for mobile devices
  • Can’t run system scans
NordVPN Threat Protection

9. Intego – Best Business Antivirus for Macs

Cheapest Plan $3.12/Month
Best Features NetBarrier, Personal Backup, Mac Washing Machine
Max Devices 5
Automatic Updates Yes
Compatibility macOS, iOS, Windows
Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days
Why We Picked It

Intego is an excellent antivirus provider that stands out for its focus on Mac protection packages in contrast to its competitors’ Windows-first focus.

Contrary to myth, Apple devices aren’t immune to cyber threats, and Intego’s beginner-friendly macOS app can protect them from emerging, prevalent, and known threats.


All Intego’s products include automatic and scheduled scanning, real-time protection from viruses and malware, and anti-phishing protection.

In addition, its firewall, NetBarrier, will identify devices trying to access your business network and let you decide what can connect. NetBarrier is a two-way firewall, so it can also prevent company files from being extracted from your business devices, safeguarding your data.

More advanced packages include backup for your Mac devices, and you can store and back up all your essential files in case of loss, damage, or data theft so they can be ported to an external drive or another Mac.

In addition, the Mac Washing Machine feature can help you optimize your devices. With a single click, you can remove junk files, duplicate files, and unnecessary apps from your company devices.

That said, while Intego offers more features for macOS protection than our previous picks, its Windows antivirus solutions don’t match the likes of TotalAV, McAfee, or Surfshark.


Intego offers a variety of paid plans for Windows and Mac, with the cheapest plan being $37.50/year with a two-year plan. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products.

1 year, 1 device 2 years, 1 device 1 year, 3 devices 2 years, 3 devices 1 year, 5 devices 2 years, 5 devices
Mac Internet Security X9 $39.99/year $37.50/year $54.99/year $50/year $69.99/year $62.50/year
Mac Premium Bundle X9 $69.99/year $65/year $94.99/year $87.50/year $119.99/year $110/year
Mac Premium Bundle + VPN $89.99/year $75/year $114.99/year $97.50/year $139.99/year $120/year
Who It's Best For

Intego is the perfect solution for securing Mac devices. It comes with a wide range of tools and the ability to scan connected iOS devices is an added bonus.


  • System failure insurance
  • Feature-rich Mac packages
  • Background scanning and monitoring
  • Lets you synchronize files between Mac devices


  • Relatively expensive
  • No dedicated mobile support

Techopedia’s Server Antivirus Software Picks Compared

Here’s a quick head-to-head comparison of the best antiviruses for servers:

Provider Cheapest Plan Max Number of Devices Automatic Updates Compatibility Money-Back Guarantee
TotalAV $1.58/Month 8 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 30 days
Surfshark $2.89/Month 5 Yes Windows, macOS, Android 30 Days
McAfee $3.33/Month Unlimited Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ChromeOS 30 Days
Avast $2.01/Month 999 Yes Windows and Linux servers 30 Days
Trend Micro Custom Pricing 25 Yes Windows, Linux, and Novel NetWare servers 30 Days
ESET $3.52/Month per device 99 Yes Windows, Linux, and Microsoft Azure servers 30 Days
Norton $2.49/Month Unlimited Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 60 days
NordVPN Threat Protection $3.99/Month 10 Yes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 30 Days
Intego $3.12/Month 5 Yes macOS, iOS, Windows 30 Days

How We Review And Test Antivirus Software

15 Antiviruses Tested

20 Datapoints Measured

300+ Hours Testing

500+ User Reviews Read

We base our recommendations on first-hand experience and in-depth testing. All the Antivirus products we suggest, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Core Security Features: We make sure that the antivirus software is fully equipped with features like real-time protection, scanning, a firewall, web protection, and more.
  • Malware Detection Rates: We test malware detection rates ourselves by running both in-depth and quick scans on our devices. Additionally, we check independent lab tests.
  • Compatibility: We check which devices and operating systems the antivirus software is compatible with. Often, different-looking dashboards and slightly different packages of features may be available.
  • Performance Impact: A reliable and functional antivirus should not slow down your device significantly. So, we examine our device performance with and without the antivirus running.
  • Customer Experience: Alongside our own experience, we are curious to know what real users have to say regarding the services. So, we’ve scoured the web for feedback on each of our tested antiviruses.
  • Value for Money: We always consider value for money and how much each product is offering for the set price point.

What is a Business Server?

A business server is a computer or software system that manages services and resources for other programs, users, and devices.

It may manage network resources, remote access, or data storage – including files, emails, and databases – or provide services to clients. Centralizing these processes makes them more efficient and more secure.

Different Types of Servers

Servers run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Some of the most common types of servers include:

  • Application Servers – Manage how programs are deployed and run.
  • Backup Servers – Oversee and store data backups.
  • Database Servers – Manage business databases.
  • Mail Servers – Manage email communication and how messages are sent, stored, and received.
  • Proxy Servers – Sit between users and other servers and offer caching and filtering to enhance performance.
  • Remote Access Servers – Enable users to remotely connect to a network or its resources.
  • Storage Servers – Manage and store files and how they’re accessed.
  • Web Servers – Handle hosting for websites and distribute their content online.

How Does Server Security Software Work?

While servers are less likely to be infected than user endpoints, it can have severe consequences if they’re infected with malware. Antivirus software can scan the server for suspicious files and data and run real-time behavioral analysis to detect threats on the system.

Having a firewall in place can also prevent hostile actors from gaining access to the network and can flag unusual traffic patterns as data enters or leaves the network. This is particularly important as infected servers can rapidly transmit viruses and malware to all the end-user systems connected to them.

How to Maximize Server Protection for a Linux or Windows Server

It’s wise to take steps to keep any device secure, but servers are even more important as they likely hold information and manage processes for your entire organization – and an infected server can infect your whole network. To keep your servers secure:

  • Use strong, unique passwords and regularly change them
  • Require two-factor authentication for system access
  • Use secure SSH connections when connecting remotely
  • Encrypt connections with VPNs or private networks
  • Keep software up to date
  • Run regular backups
  • Disable or remove unnecessary software and services
  • Monitor logs for anomalous activity and login attempts
  • Install antivirus software for servers and a firewall

Do I Need Antivirus Protection for My Business Servers?

It’s possible to run business servers without antiviruses, but since cyberattacks are becoming ever more common and have an evolving nature, leaving your business server unprotected is a massive risk for your business network.

The best antivirus software for Windows servers won’t leave vulnerabilities in your server’s defenses and will make the system stronger and block malicious actors.

Besides protecting your server from some of the most prevalent online threats, like ransomware and malware software, the best antivirus server solutions will prevent data breaches and safeguard your database files.

If you’re interested in protecting Linux servers, check out our guide to the best Linux antivirus software.

Free vs Paid Options – Are Free Server Antiviruses Enough?

A free server antivirus is a welcome addition to your server protection tools – but it won’t provide a service as comprehensive as a premium server antivirus, and it’s rare that you’ll find an antivirus server core edition for free. Some offers of antivirus support will even be scams.

Aleksandar StevanovicSoftware Reviews Expert

“Free tools can be helpful if you're running a home office and don’t need to monitor multiple devices and employees, for example. However, like many software products advertised as being free, most free server antiviruses come with limited features or hidden fees. Because of that, instead of looking for an antivirus for servers free of charge, we recommend exploring affordable paid options that come with more features. After all, they can do far more than even the best free antivirus for a Windows server.”

How to Choose the Best Server Antivirus for Your Business and Operating System

Choosing the best server antivirus isn’t easy, especially when you consider that it’s not just your business network at stake but also the privacy of your customers and partners.

Our team of cybersecurity and hosting experts have extensive experience researching and testing IT hardware and software – meaning we can identify the antivirus software server features that really make a difference, from a comprehensive host intrusion protection system to exchange server protection tools.

Here’s a list of crucial factors we considered when deciding which server antivirus for business to include on this list that are worth keeping in mind whether you’re looking at ESET server security or the best antivirus for Windows servers.

PerformanceReal-Time UpdatesEase of UseComprehensive Threat Protection


Some server antiviruses overwork your devices by constantly scanning and monitoring processes, ultimately slowing your system down, which may impair your work.

Ensure that your devices can run the server anti-virus you choose and that it can protect your business network without bogging it down. The best antiviruses for servers typically include features to minimize their impact on the network’s resources.

Real-Time Updates

With new online threats constantly evolving, the best server security software must provide constant updates to keep your business network safe.

You should also ensure the software supports automatic updates to save your team wasting time on manual updates.

Ease of Use

Unless your company has expert tech security staff, avoid overly complicated server antiviruses that require specialist experience for installation and use.

The best antivirus for servers should have a user-friendly dashboard that’s easy to navigate. You should also look for an antivirus program that provides detailed and accurate reports after every incident.

Compatibility is also important. It’s no use getting the best antivirus for Windows servers if you need to support Linux hardware.

In our other guides, we’ve also considered antiviruses for a wide variety of circumstances – such as the best antivirus software for India.

Comprehensive Threat Protection

The best server anti-virus must protect you from well-known online threats, like viruses, ransomware, malware, and spyware, but also from more sophisticated malicious attacks.

Look for antiviruses that protect from phishing and social engineering attacks and that have robust identity protection capabilities, among other features.

How to Install a Server Antivirus

While each software product requires a different approach to its installation, most of the server anti-viruses on our list follow a similar process.

Here’s a quick guide for installing Avast anti-virus for server infrastructure:

  1. Download Avast

    First, go to Avast and sign up for an Avast Server Protection plan. You’ll then need to download the right Administration Console for your business.

    If your business has fewer than 199 workstations, download the Small Business Administration Console. If you need to manage more devices, download the Enterprise Administration Console.

    Once downloaded, start installing the Administration Console and allow it to make changes to your device.

  2. Install the Avast App

    During installation, Avast will ask you to confirm your identity by providing a valid Avast license, which you can download from your account panel on the website. In addition, you’ll need to enter a password for your administration account.

    Once you provide your credentials, press “Install” to proceed.

  3. Set Up Your Business Network

    Press “Finish” to complete the installation process, which will take you to your Administrator Console. Once there, start adding your business devices to the network and setting up Avast’s security features to prevent malware, ransomware, and other malicious files from reaching them.


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