Intego Antivirus Review 2024

Our Verdict

Intego is a first-rate antivirus for macOS users

Intego antivirus stands as a top choice among macOS users.

The company boasts over 25 years of experience and offers intuitive applications for Mac and Windows operating systems, equipped with advanced security features like a two-way firewall, a VPN, and an advanced system optimizer.

However, its premium pricing may give some pause before hitting the “Subscribe” button.


  • Fully optimized for macOS devices
  • Ensures solid protection against malware
  • Advanced firewall
  • Real-time virus scans
  • Parental controls feature
  • 30-day free trial


  • No applications for smartphones
  • Weaker app for Windows OS
  • Quite pricy plans

Our detailed Intego antivirus review explores how the product breaks the trend of Windows-first cybersecurity solutions as one of the few antivirus programs designed specifically for macOS.

With advanced security features like NetBarrier, Intego consistently achieves high protection scores. In addition, it has a VPN with over 35,000 servers. It also has some downsides, though, such as the absence of an app for iOS devices. So, how does it stack up against the top antivirus software solutions?

What is Intego?

Intego is a rare example of an antivirus built specifically for macOS machines. It’s also one of the older antivirus programs on the market, launched by French founders Jean-Paul Florencio and Laurent Marteau in 1997.

The antivirus is known among Mac users for its two main features – VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. VirusBarrier is a malware scanner, while NetBarrier is a state-of-the-art firewall. However, there’s much more to it, such as a system optimizer, parental controls, personal backups, and a VPN.

Although it’s primarily macOS antivirus, Intego introduced a Windows application a few years ago. Unlike other antivirus providers, though, Intego’s Windows version offers fewer features than the macOS app. However, it compensates with clear and simple navigation, making cybersecurity simple.

In the past, many users have believed Mac devices can’t get viruses. However, research by SentinelOne shows that threat actors are using sophisticated social engineering techniques to compromise Mac users – so it’s important to use security tools like those provided by Intego.

Is Intego Safe?

Yes, Intego is a safe antivirus for both macOS and Windows devices. The provider offers a wide range of features, including a robust malware scanner, advanced firewall, and Web Shield to safeguard against various types of malware such as viruses, trojans, and more.

In recent third-party assessments completed by AV-Test, Intego achieved scores of 5.5 or 6 out of 6 for protection. This indicates a high level of success in catching zero-day threats and widespread malware attacks.

Nevertheless, Windows users shouldn’t ignore the fact that it’s a Mac-focused antivirus tool and that macOS users receive more thoroughly developed features.

Intego Plans & Pricing

Intego antivirus has two subscription plans for macOS users and one for Windows. Subscription prices go up with the number of devices you want to secure, and you can get a discount for signing up for two years rather than one.

Plans Price (lowest price) Features
Mac Internet Security X9 $39.99/year VirusBarrier, NetBarrier
Mac Premium Bundle X9 $69.99/year + Mac Washing Machine, ContentBarrier, Personal Backup
Mac Premium Bundle + VPN $89.99/year + VPN
Intego Antivirus for Windows $39.99/year Anti-malware, virus scans, Web Shield, financial protection, network security
Mac Internet Security X9Mac Premium Bundle X9Mac Premium Bundle + VPNIntego Antivirus for Windows

Mac Internet Security X9 — $39.99/yr (renews at $49.99)

This plan is tailored for users seeking basic yet reliable protection against malware. The subscription includes VirusBarrier (a malware scanner) and NetBarrier (an advanced firewall). It also offers anti-phishing and real-time virus protection features.

Internet Security X9 costs $39.99/yr (renews at $49.99) for one device, $54.99/yr (renews at $66.99) for three, and $69.99/yr (renews at $84.99) for five.

Mac Premium Bundle X9 — $69.99/yr (renews at $84.99)

Alongside essential tools like VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, this plan includes additional features such as the Mac Washing Machine for removing duplicate files, ContentBarrier for managing content access, and the Personal Backup tool for safeguarding sensitive files.

Prices start at $69.99/yr (renews at $84.99) for one device, $94.99/yr (renews at $115.99) for three, and $119.99/yr (renews at $146.99) for five.

Mac Premium Bundle + VPN — $89.99/yr (renews at $134.99)

The Mac Premium Bundle + VPN is an all-around cybersecurity option where you can find top-notch antivirus features and a reliable VPN boasting an extensive server fleet.

With this package, you can protect against malware, browse anonymously, and unblock geo-restricted content.

The plan starts at $89.99/yr (renews at $134.99) for one device, $114.99/yr (renews at $165.99) for three, and $139.99/yr (renews at $196.99) for five.

Intego Antivirus for Windows

macOS users aren’t the only ones who can enjoy Intego’s services. There’s also a subscription plan for Windows users, which includes a range of features to stop malware.

The Windows version is equipped with an antivirus engine, virus scans, PUP protection, financial protection, and the Web Shield feature.

Intego Antivirus for Windows costs $39.99/yr (renews at $49.99) for one device, $54.99/yr (renews at $66.99) for three, and $69.99/yr (renews at $84.99) for five. You can also add a VPN to the bundle for $4.17/m (renews at $6.17).

Can I Get Intego for Free?

Intego antivirus doesn’t have a forever free version. However, there are two ways to test the service risk-free.

There’s a 30-day free trial period where you can explore each product before making a commitment. Then, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee included with every Intego subscription, so after subscribing, you’ll have up to 30 days to change your mind and request a refund.

Intego Security Features

Intego stands out in the antivirus market with its broad feature suite that’s tailored for Apple computers. Each Intego tool comes in a separate application. The Windows app offers fewer features but consolidates them into a single app. Continue reading to learn about Intego’s security features.


Intego VirusBarrier
Intego VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier is Intego’s primary toolkit and contains its malware scanner and real-time virus protection features. You can enable 24/7 monitoring for cyber threats with it, with a low impact on the device’s CPU load.

Using the malware scanner, you can choose to run full and quick scans, and you can set these to run manually or on a schedule, or you can drag-and-drop files to check. If malware is detected, Intego places it in Quarantine, while reliable files that don’t need scanning are marked as Trusted Files.

While Intego doesn’t offer a dedicated application for iOS smartphones or tablets, you can connect them to your macOS computer. The VirusBarrier tool will then scan these devices for infected files downloaded through email.


Intego NetBarrier
Intego NetBarrier

NetBarrier is Intego’s proprietary two-way firewall, which is designed to provide inbound and outbound security for both Wi-Fi and wired network connections to stop data breaches.

NetBarrier automatically detects the type of network connection you’re using and enables the appropriate settings. This is a valuable addition to your online security, as it limits the need for you to constantly monitor the types of connections you use and helps prevent information leaks.

Mac Washing Machine

Intego Mac Washing Machine
Intego Mac Washing Machine

The Mac Washing Machine is an advanced system optimization tool built specifically for macOS devices. The cleaner scans attachments, localization files, logs, items in the trash, and cache files and then allows you to delete unwanted items.

The tool also helps you remove duplicate files and rarely-used applications, which can quickly fill up your device’s storage space. To prevent accidental file removal, you can use the “Preview” function, which enables you to inspect files before they’re deleted.

The Mac Washing Machine also automatically organizes files on your desktop into folders, making it easier to navigate through years of collected information. You can also easily drag and drop files into your preferred folders.


Intego ContentBarrier
Intego ContentBarrier

Parental control tools are often included in antivirus programs today. Intego includes the ContentBarrier feature for managing children’s online access to meet these needs.

You can use the tool to create separate profiles with individual restrictions. For example, if your school-age child needs to use a search engine for research, you can temporarily block streaming sites for them without applying the same restriction to your other children.

The ContentBarrier also lets you set screen time limits to reduce the number of hours your kids spend online and ensure you’re aware of when they’re online and using the internet.

Another significant benefit of ContentBarrier is its Anti-Predator chat monitoring feature. This monitors chats for questionable content and promptly notifies you about anything concerning.

Personal Backup

Intego Personal Backup
Intego Personal Backup

Intego’s Personal Backup tool is a great way to prevent data loss if your device is stolen or disabled. Unlike the macOS Time Machine feature, Personal Backup allows you to synchronize data between multiple devices or hard drives.

Intego provides four backup functions:

  • Backup – Backed up files or folders on another device or hard drive
  • Bootable backup – Enables you to create a complete backup of your system, including the current macOS version installed on your device to create a startup disk
  • Synchronize – Allows you to keep two sets of files in sync
  • Restore – Allows you to update files in the original source from the backup, which can be helpful if they’ve been damaged or corrupted

You can also schedule regular automatic backups to ensure that none of your data is unexpectedly lost.

Intego Privacy Protection VPN

Intego Privacy Protection VPN
Intego Privacy Protection VPN

Intego’s Privacy Protection VPN is available for both Mac and Windows users. However, it’s not included by default and requires an additional fee. While it may not be considered among the best VPNs today, Intego provides a reliable anonymous browsing tool.

With the Mac Premium Bundle + VPN and the VPN add-on, you get a user-friendly VPN with an eye-catching design with AES-256 encryption. It provides you with essential security features, such as a kill switch and split tunneling, to prevent leaks and optimize your VPN traffic.

Privacy Protection VPN also includes an ad blocker to streamline your browsing and block trackers. The VPN can also be used to bypass geo-restrictions on various streaming services, applications, and websites, as it boasts an impressive server fleet of 35,000+ servers in 83 countries.

Intego Performance

When evaluating Intego’s performance, we also looked at independent assessments from AV-Test, which tested Intego VirusBarrier. This provides a structured image of how well the antivirus performs in identifying and blocking malware, spyware, trojans, and other threats.

Intego antivirus's AV-Test protection score
Intego antivirus’s AV-Test protection score

In the assessment, VirusBarrier demonstrated excellent capabilities and detected 99.2% of prevalent threats identified in the previous four weeks. The antivirus also achieved a perfect usability score of 6.0. This means it didn’t misreport any files as threats, ensuring you’ll only be alerted to actual dangers.

Intego scored 5.0/6.0 in Performance testing. The antivirus slowed down two processes slightly more than the industry average, but in a third category, it performed less well, significantly slowing down the installation of frequently used applications.

This result may have been an outlier, as Intego scored perfect results in two of the last four sets of tests.

Intego Compatibility and Ease of Use

For years, Intego only provided software for Macs – and was one of the best antiviruses for Mac – and it didn’t offer features for any other operating system. However, the company has expanded its offerings by introducing Intego for Windows to provide tools for a broader range of users.

There are now two versions of Intego antivirus – one for macOS and one for Windows. They differ significantly in terms of functionality and navigation. Let’s explore these differences below.


Intego for macOS

Intego for macOS consists of five applications, each with its own security tools and features. While this approach may seem unusual, it allows you to concentrate on one task at a time, preventing security gaps.

While the first steps of subscribing to Intego might be confusing, once you hit the installation button, the experience improves significantly. Intego for Mac has been designed to seamlessly blend with the classic macOS aesthetic.

You’ll notice rounded corners in the interface and a user-friendly menu layout that resembles the macOS Settings menu.

It’s also no surprise that the macOS version supports every top-notch security feature Intego has to offer. Depending on your plan, you’ll find a malware scanner, a two-way firewall, anti-phishing protection, an ad blocker, parental controls, and more.

Although there isn’t a dedicated app for iOS, Intego provides an alternative by allowing you to scan your smartphone for viruses when connected to a computer with the VirusBarrier tool enabled.

While it may not fulfill all your mobile cybersecurity needs, it does offer basic protection.

Intego for Windows

Intego for Windows offers all its features in one application. While this may seem more convenient, it also means you lose some features – so it’s not necessarily the best Windows antivirus.

Nevertheless, Intego offers a user-friendly application that’s suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The design is simple, and it’s easy to find all the cybersecurity features.

In contrast to the Mac application, the Windows app lacks the VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, and two-way firewall features.

It still provides a functional malware scanner, real-time virus protection, the Web Shield, and financial protection features. This is certainly more than just basic protection, and it’s a good choice for those new to antivirus software.

How Does Intego Compare To Other Antiviruses?

Antivirus Price (lowest price) Max Devices Real-time Protection Firewall Scans
Intego $39.99/yr 5 Full, Quick, Manual, Drag-and-Drop, Scheduled
Norton for Mac $29.99/yr 10/Unlimited Full, Quick, Smart, Custom
BitDefender $29.99/yr 25 Full, Quick, Vulnerability, Custom
TotalAV $29/yr 6 Scheduled, On-Demand, Real-Time, Individual Files

Intego vs Norton for Mac

Intego is a better choice for Mac users who want a personalized macOS experience and advanced features like a firewall that protects multiple types of network connections.

However, Norton is a more affordable option, with even the cheapest Intego subscription costing $10 more, so if you have a tight budget, Norton is the winner.

Intego vs BitDefender

Bitdefender has maintained its position at the top of the antivirus rankings for years, steadily expanding its customer base. One notable advantage over Intego is its pricing, starting at $29.99/yr. Additionally, Bitdefender’s plans extend protection to up to 25 devices.

Unlike Intego, Bitdefender also provides one of the most robust antivirus apps for iOS, helping you to safeguard personal information across all your devices.

Intego vs TotalAV

TotalAV is one of the top cybersecurity services in the industry, offering user-friendly apps with top-notch security features. However, it’s worth noting that Intego for macOS arguably offers a better experience.

While Intego may come at a slightly higher price point than TotalAV, with introductory pricing, its tailored Mac application could justify the investment for those seeking an efficient security solution.

How to Set Up Intego

Intego may be one of the most intuitive antivirus programs we’ve tested, and both the setup process and the app are beginner-friendly. Here are step-by-step instructions on getting started.

Intego homepage
Intego homepage

1. Go to the official Intego website and choose the subscription you want.

2. Provide your payment details and create an account.

3. Head to the email inbox that you’ve provided to Intego, find the software file, and download it to your device

4. In the Downloads folder, find Intego’s .DMG file, click to open it, and double-click to start the installation process.

5. Launch Intego through the Finder or the “Intego Tower” ​icon in the top right corner of your menu bar.

6. Run the Intego application you wish to use, such as VirusBarrier, and run a full malware scan.

Intego Customer Support And User Reviews

Intego offers live chat, email support, and a knowledge base. The fastest contact channel is live chat, providing instant communication with a customer success manager. However, it’s important to note that live chat is only available during weekday business hours for U.S. Central time.

For more complex issues or when live chat isn’t available, you can opt for email support. This method requires providing personal information like your name and the serial number of the operating system. There’s also an informative knowledge base, which can guide you through certain processes.

On Trustpilot, Intego’s customers have indicated that they’re very satisfied. The product has an “Excellent” 4.8/5 overall rating, with 98% of reviews being four or five stars.

Intego Review on TrustPilot
An Intego review on Trustpilot

Users have praised Inetgo’s customer support on the platform, noting that it provides a human experience rather than relying on automized answers and that support agents are knowledgeable and helpful.

Trustpilot users review Intego
Trustpilot users review Intego

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