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NordVPN Threat Protection is a great first line of defense against malware

The Threat Protection antivirus forms part of a robust cybersecurity toolkit when paired with NordVPN, one of the top VPN products on the market.

The app can help block malware from various sources and also comes with an ad blocker and dark web monitoring. However, NordVPN doesn’t remove viruses from devices and has fewer features than other leading antiviruses.


  • Scans downloads for malware
  • Comes with a next-gen VPN
  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Blocks infected websites
  • Affordable plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t have on-demand scans
  • Lacks a firewall
  • iOS and Android devices only get the Lite version

In this NordVPN Threat Protection review, we’ll look at the security tool’s plans, features, and usability and cover everything you need to know about it.

NordVPN is one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity sphere due to its state-of-the-art VPN services. It now also offers the NordVPN Threat Protection package, which is dedicated to blocking malware from malicious websites, bogus ads, and infected downloads. Read on to see whether this service is the right fit for you and how it stacks up against the top antivirus programs on the market.

What is NordVPN Threat Protection?

Nord Threat Protection is a security package that’s integrated into the NordVPN’s app. As a market-leading VPN provider, NordVPN strives to offer top-tier security at an affordable price.

The provider, founded in Lithuania and now based in Panama, adheres to a strict no-logs policy and employs AES-256 encryption to ensure complete privacy from ISPs and government surveillance.

NordVPN offers two versions of its antivirus suite: Threat Protection and Threat Protection Lite. Both are available for macOS and Windows, while other devices can only use the Lite version.

See our complete NordVPN review for information about the VPN provider.

Is NordVPN Threat Protection Safe?

While offering a lighter antivirus protection package, NordVPN Threat Protection ensures reliable threat prevention for regular use. It can protect your devices from various types of malware and ensures you remain anonymous while browsing, gaming, streaming, or torrenting.

Unlike other antiviruses with VPNs, such as TotalAV and McAfee, NordVPN doesn’t offer on-demand malware scans. However, it does perform thorough scans of downloads and can block bogus websites, online trackers, and annoying ads, and it can even shorten URLs to provide greater anonymity.

Although the Threat Protection suite isn’t tested by independent groups like the AV-Test Institute, NordVPN itself undergoes regular independent audits. Agencies such as Cure53 have audited NordVPN’s app for security and certified it as being safe.

NordVPN Threat Protection Plans & Pricing

NordVPN Threat Protection is included with the VPN bundle, which offers three plans, each available with subscriptions of one month, one year, or two years. The longest plan is the most cost-effective, while the one-month plan is up to three times more expensive. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Plans Price (lowest price) Features
Basic $3.09/m (24 months) VPN
Plus $3.99/m (24 months) + Malware Protection, Password Manager, Data Breach Scanner
Ultimate $5.99/m (24 months) + Encrypted Cloud Storage, Identity Theft Recovery

Basic — $41.72/yr (24 months)

The budget-friendly Basic plan includes a fully-packed VPN suite and supports up to ten simultaneous devices.

It costs $3.09/m on a 24-month plan, $4.59/m on a 12-month plan, and $12.99 for a one-month plan. Renewing a two-year plan will cost $101.12/yr.

Plus $53.87/yr (24 months)

In addition to the VPN and antivirus suites, the Plus plan includes malware protection, a data breach scanner, and the market-leading NordPass password manager.

The plan costs $3.99/m on a 24-month plan, $5.49/m on a 12-month plan, and $13.99 for a one-month plan. Renewing a two-year plan costs $142.97/yr.

Ultimate — $80.87/yr (24 months)

The Ultimate plan grants you access to all the platform’s cybersecurity features and tools. As well as the VPN and Threat Protection toolsets, you get the NordLocker app for encrypted storage and help with identity theft recovery.

Prices go from $5.99/m on a 24-month plan and $7.49/m on a 12-month plan to $15.99 for a one-month plan. Renewing for two years costs $268.52/yr.

Can I Get NordVPN Threat Protection for Free?

NordVPN doesn’t offer a free-forever version of the app, but you can test the service by using its 30-day money-back guarantee or with a free trial on Android.

After downloading the NordVPN application, Android users can claim a seven-day free trial. Once activated, you can continue using Threat Protection and other security tools on up to five other devices.

You can also extend this by taking advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to temporarily subscribe to NordVPN and enjoy the Threat Protection suite risk-free.

NordVPN Threat Protection Security Features

NordVPN has a lot of next-gen security features, and Threat Protection is just one of them. Though more limited than industry-leading antivirus services, NordVPN’s anti-malware tool offers an excellent first line of defense against cyber threats.

We’ll now take a deeper look at each of the NordVPN Threat Protection security features:

Scans Downloads

Nord Threat Protection settings
Nord Threat Protection settings

Instead of a regular, on-demand malware scanner, NordVPN Threat Protection scans download files for viruses. This way, it aims to stop threats before they cause any damage to your device.

When Threat Protection is activated on your macOS or Windows devices, the antivirus tool immediately begins scanning files as you download them.

It also checks for double extensions to keep you safe. If a threat is detected, Threat Protection notifies you, helping you steer clear of dangerous websites and other threats.

Blocks Ads and Trackers

Ad blockers are increasingly recognized as essential cybersecurity tools. NordVPN Threat Protection not only provides an ad-blocking feature but also blocks online trackers from monitoring your online activity.

Adware remains one of the most common ways devices are infected and for passing on phishing scams. While some ads and pop-ups may seem merely annoying, others can pose serious risks, potentially leading to malware infections with a single click.

Threat Protection ensures effective ad-blocking for both computers and smartphones. It can remove ads on bogus websites and on YouTube, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

Blocks Malicious Websites

NordVPN Threat Protection ensures you never access infected websites, whether by clicking on a link or browsing unfamiliar sites for information. The protection service continuously checks for malicious URLs and blocks threats.

Aside from bogus website blocking, the platform also trims long URLs to remove unhashed tracking parameters. This enhances your privacy and allows you to share links more conveniently.

Finally, the DNS Filter feature routes your online traffic through NordVPN’s servers, shielding your device from ads and infected websites attempting to access your system.


Nord Threat Protection VPN
Nord Threat Protection VPN

Having a VPN has become essential for ensuring robust online security and privacy. Top VPN providers, including NordVPN, utilize government-grade encryption ciphers to make your online data unreadable, even to the most determined hackers.

NordVPN uses AES-256 encryption, making your data virtually impossible to decrypt. It also follows an independently audited no-logs policy and uses RAM-only servers, ensuring that none of your data remains on the servers after a reboot.

The provider has 6,100+ servers in 61 countries and uses the proprietary NordLynx protocol, making a fast and secure network connection accessible anywhere in the world. Moreover, it’s known for excellent content-unblocking capabilities, so you’ll be able to enjoy multiple Netflix catalogs and more.

NordPass Password Manager

Nord Threat Protection NordPass
Nord Threat Protection NordPass

Another impressive tool you get with the Ultimate and Plus plans is the NordPass password manager, and it’s worth every penny.

NordPass prioritizes next-gen security measures and employs the latest XChaCha20 encryption. It follows a zero-knowledge architecture and allows you to add two-factor or multi-factor authentication to enter your encrypted vault alongside a Master Password.

You can store unlimited logins and simultaneously access them on up to ten devices. Your stored items are automatically backed up and can be auto-filled in browsers and apps as required. NordPass can also generate complex passwords for you and identify weak and old passwords.

Data Breach Scanner

NordVPN’s data breach scanner is designed to alert you to potential personal data vulnerabilities. The platform conducts regular checks of the dark web for any information associated with your email address, passwords, or credit card details.

If leaked data is detected, NordVPN will promptly notify you so you can take action, such as changing passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, and deleting redundant profiles.

NordLocker Cloud Storage

NordLocker encrypted cloud storage
NordLocker encrypted cloud storage

NordLocker is a file encryption tool and secure cloud storage solution offered by Nord Security. The platform offers a user-friendly experience and supports all file formats, so even beginners can get top-notch protection.

This feature is available with the Ultimate plan, which includes 1TB of encrypted storage, or as a separate subscription. But what makes it worth paying? First of all, it’s encrypted using AES-256 encryption, which is currently the best on the market, as well as other ciphers for different parts of the software.

NordLocker offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensuring protection across all your devices. Each app includes multi-factor authentication for enhanced security. You can also sync your files across devices and protect items in your browser with the NordLocker extension.

Identity Theft Protection

The Ultimate plan includes two identity theft protection features to provide redress if things go wrong. There’s up to $1m coverage for identity theft recovery and $100,000 of cyber extortion protection. This is available to U.S. residents, excluding New York and Washington.

NordVPN Threat Protection Compatibility and Ease of Use

The full NordVPN Threat Protection package is only available on Windows and macOS. Android, iOS, and Linux users, however, can opt for NordVPN Threat Protection Lite. Let’s explore how the security suite differs from device to device:

Operating system Antivirus suite Features Interface
Windows Threat Protection Blocks ads, malicious websites, phishing domains, malicious links, phishing links, and trackers, scans files during download Accessible interface with clear navigation
macOS Threat Protection Blocks ads, malicious websites, phishing domains, malicious links, phishing links, and trackers, scans files during download Apple-like user interface, suitable for beginners
Linux Threat Protection Lite Blocks ads, malicious websites, and phishing domains No graphical interface, functions via command line terminal
Android Threat Protection Lite Blocks ads, malicious websites, and phishing domains Simple but eye-catching and easy-to-use app
iOS Threat Protection Lite Blocks ads, malicious websites, and phishing domains Good-looking app with a clear interface

Both versions of Threat Protection are user-friendly and accessible for beginners, though Lite offers fewer features (with features also varying depending on your plan).

How Does NordVPN Threat Protection Compare Against Other Antiviruses?

NordVPN has taken a huge step towards providing an all-around cybersecurity service by integrating an antivirus tool into the app. Nevertheless, can it compare to what you’d get with dedicated antivirus software? Here’s an overview of what leading providers offer.

Antivirus Price (lowest price) Max Devices Real-time Protection Firewall Scans
NordVPN Threat Protection $41.72/yr 10 Downloads
TotalAV $19/yr 6 Quick, System, Smart, Custom
Norton $29.99/yr Unlimited Quick, Full, Smart, Custom
McAfee $35.99/yr Unlimited Quick, Full, Scheduled, On-Demand, Real-Time, Individual Files

NordVPN Threat Protection vs TotalAV

TotalAV is a top antivirus and excels in independent tests. NordVPN Threat Protection lacks on-demand scans or a firewall, among other features. Additionally, TotalAV’s introductory pricing is substantially cheaper at $19/yr, though this does increase on renewal.

NordVPN Threat Protection vs Norton

Norton offers comprehensive antivirus protection, including virus detection and removal, while NordVPN Threat Protection focuses solely on prevention.

Overall, Threat Protection lacks features like on-demand scans, and it’s pricier compared to Norton, which starts at $29.99/yr. Norton also offers flexible plans that come with an increasingly impressive range of features.

NordVPN Threat Protection vs McAfee

McAfee starts at $35.99/yr for its basic plan, which includes robust antivirus features, a VPN, a password manager, and more. In contrast, Threat Protection is $41.72/yr with its cheapest offer and only provides a VPN and antivirus protection. That said, Nord’s VPN package is far superior to McAfee’s offering.

How to Set Up NordVPN Threat Protection

Threat Protection is integrated into NordVPN’s app. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the setup process:

  1. Subscribe to a Plan

    Navigate to the official NordVPN website and choose a plan.
  2. Download NordVPN Threat Protection

    Find the “Download VPN” option and download the software to your device.
    <strong>Download NordVPN Threat Protection</strong>
  3. Install the Application

    Install the NordVPN application by following the instructions and then launch it.
  4. Go to Threat Protection

    Find and select the “Shield” icon on the left side of the screen.
    <strong>Go to Threat Protection</strong>
  5. Access the Settings

    In the “Overview” section, click the “Turn On” button to maximize your online protection. You’ll get a message asking for confirmation with instructions for further steps. To continue, click “Open System Settings.”
    <strong>Access the Settings</strong>
  6. Finish the Process

    Choose if you want NordVPN Threat Protection to scan your files after the confirmation is completed.

      NordVPN Threat Protection Customer Support And User Reviews

      NordVPN Threat Protection offers superior customer support with contact by live chat and email. There’s also a knowledge base and online FAQs, though there’s no phone support.

      The customer support team works 24/7 and is fast, knowledgeable, and helpful. On Trustpilot, NordVPN has an “Excellent” 4.2/5 rating, with over 30,000 reviews.

      Trustpilot reviews of NordVPN Threat Protection
      Trustpilot reviews of NordVPN Threat Protection

      Users on the platform often praise the customer support delivered by the service. Feedback about NordVPN’s performance is also very positive.

      NordVPN Threat Protection Trustpilot reviews
      NordVPN Threat Protection Trustpilot reviews

      In our testing, NordVPN Threat Protection demonstrated swift and effective customer support. We evaluated their response times during business and evening hours and didn’t experience any prolonged wait times.

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