TotalAV Review 2024

Our Verdict

TotalAV offers superb antivirus protection and a wide range of features

TotalAV is a lightweight yet feature-rich antivirus that makes device protection a breeze even for first-time antivirus users. Although its VPN could use a few more locations, we had no complaints about its many other extra features.

It offers superb antivirus protection, with near-perfect scores from independent research labs for malware detection, usability, and security. Although it can be pricier than some of its competitors on renewal, it’s still the first choice for millions of users looking for a reliable antivirus service with a flawless track record.


  • Excellent scores from independent research labs
  • Effective real-time antivirus protection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Numerous identity theft protection tools
  • Easy-to-use system optimization tools
  • Reliable password manager


  • Expensive auto-renewal
  • Browser extensions could be improved
  • Cheapest plan protects just three devices

In this TotalAV review, we’ll explore its features and plans to illustrate what makes it the choice of more than 30 million customers today.

With protection for up to six devices and various cybersecurity features beyond the traditional antivirus tools, TotalAV is a solid choice for anyone looking to keep their devices safe from cyber threats.

Read our TotalAV review to learn about what its feature can do for you, how it prices its services, how it performs, and how it compares to the best antiviruses.

What is TotalAV?

TotalAV is a UK-based cybersecurity company that provides antivirus protection for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The company offers excellent introductory prices for new customers, which makes it ideal for individuals and small businesses on a budget.

TotalAV’s software is known for its excellent malware detection rates, which ensure the highest levels of security. Its plans also include performance optimization tools, an ad blocker, and a VPN.

Is TotalAV Safe?

TotalAV is an antivirus you can trust to keep your devices and data safe and secure from malware and third parties.

The AV has seen strong performances in AV-Test’s assessments, blocking 100% of zero-day threats and prevalent malware with zero false flags – so it won’t accidentally delete important files, which can happen when antivirus software flags the wrong files.

In addition, we found the software less heavy on device resources than most of its competition. This means it won’t shorten the battery life of your devices.

TotalAV Plans & Pricing

TotalAV System Tune-Up
TotalAV System Tune-Up

Total AV splits its services into three main tiers for users with varying budgets and needs. Each plan offers the traditional antivirus features you’d expect to keep your devices safe from cyber threats, as well as a range of extra security tools.

Below, we’ll break down its plans and list their features and pricing structure.

Plans Starting Price Features
Antivirus Pro $29/yr Malware Protection, System Tune-Up Tools, Browser Protection, AdBlock
Internet Security $39/yr + Safe Browsing VPN
Total Security $49/yr + Total Password
Antivirus ProInternet SecurityTotal Security

Antivirus Pro — $29/yr (renews at $119)

TotalAV’s cheapest plan, Antivirus Pro, offers everything you need to fight malware, viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams. With real-time antivirus protection, TotalAV can keep up to three devices safe.

The WebShield feature stops you from accessing fake and scam sites that could be used to download viruses onto your system or harvest your data as part of a phishing attack. It also blocks third-party trackers and ads, enhancing your browsing experience.

One of our favorite features is the system tune-up tool, which few competitors have at this level. TotalAV enables you to remove duplicate, residual, and unneeded files cluttering your devices with a single click. This can improve system performance and free up memory.

Being able to download Antivirus Pro on more than three devices would be a benefit, but it’s still a very generous entry-level plan.

Internet Security — $39/yr (renews at $145)

Paying just $10/yr more for TotalAV’s Internet Security plan adds a reliable virtual private network (VPN) solution to Antivirus Pro’s bundle of features.

This comes with the security benefit of allowing users to encrypt their connection and block trackers as well as to access geo-restricted content. The plan also extends coverage to five devices, making it a better pick for families and office users.

Total Security — $49/yr (renews at $179)

Total Security is TotalAV’s top-tier plan, and it adds to the Internet Security package with a robust password manager Total Password. This significantly reduces the risk you’ll lose your online accounts to password-related breaches. It also makes it easier to log in and out of your accounts and fill out forms, such as online payment forms.

During testing, we found the auto-fill feature to be on par with some of the best password managers we’ve tested. The plan also extends coverage to six devices.

Can I Get TotalAV for Free?

TotalAV offers a free version of its software to keep your devices safe from malicious files. However, the free version only includes a virus scanner.

This means you won’t have real-time protection, system tune-up tools, or browser protection. Given this, opting for premium plans is a much better choice to get multi-layered security protection. You can try one of TotalAV’s premium plans with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

TotalAV Security Features

From real-time antivirus protection to automatically detecting data breaches, TotalAV offers an impressive lineup of security features. In this section of our TotalAV app review, we’ll break down each feature and its capabilities.

Virus Scans

TotalAV Malware Scan
TotalAV Malware Scan

TotalAV offers four types of virus scans to help protect your devices from malware. These include:

  • Quick Scan — Takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and checks the most vulnerable parts of your devices where malware is likely to be found.
  • System Scan — In-depth scan of your entire device. Takes longer, especially if your device’s storage is full.
  • Smart Scan — Searches for viruses and malware and addresses junk and duplicate files, browser cookies, and performance issues.
  • Custom Scan — You can also schedule scans, scan specific files and folders (or exclude them), and specify what type of scan you want to use. For example, you can schedule a full system scan to run while you’re away from your devices.

Real-Time Antivirus Protection

TotalAV Smart Scan options
TotalAV Smart Scan options

TotalAV’s real-time antivirus protection monitors your devices for the ever-increasing range of online cyber threats. You can toggle this off, as it can slow devices down, but we found TotalAV to be light on resources while working in the background, so it shouldn’t significantly impact your devices’ performance.

Some free solutions, like Microsoft Defender Antivirus, do offer this type of protection. Although it’ll protect you from most malware and viruses, it lacks TotalAV’s tools for removing zero-day threats, which will protect your devices from emerging threats.

Phishing and Ransomware Protection

TotalAV is able to block potentially malicious links, downloads, and attachments. This will help you avoid phishing scams targeting your personal information. The provider has an expanding database of malicious sites to help keep your privacy intact.

Ransomware attacks see malicious actors encrypting files on your devices and demanding a ransom to restore access. TotalAV can keep your devices safe from these attacks by preventing access, ensuring your devices are never at risk.

Within its identity protection features, TotalAV monitors your personal information, such as your social security number (SSN), credit cards, bank account numbers, and health insurance details.

TotalAV will alert you of any unauthorized access to your information that could stem from a ransomware or phishing attack, giving you time to protect your finances and accounts before they can be exploited.

WebShield Extension

TotalAV WebShield options
TotalAV WebShield options

TotalAV’s WebShield extension for Chrome, Edge, and Opera is a helpful tool that blocks intrusive ads and notifications. Powered by artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, the feature includes:

  • Online Threat Protection — Blocks phishing, scams, and fake websites that could lead to identity theft, malware downloads, and fraud attempts.
  • Suspicious Website Warnings — Alerts you when you connect to a site that shows suspicious behavior or has suffered a data breach before.
  • Data Breach Monitoring — Lets you know if your details have appeared in leaks on the dark web.
  • Third-Party Tracker Blocking — Prevents third-party trackers from collecting your information and blocks pop-ups.

Total Adblock

TotalAV AdBlock
TotalAV AdBlock

Total Adblock blocks ads, pop-ups, and notifications from loading as you browse the web. One of the best Total Adblock features we found during testing is its ability to block push notifications on iOS and Android.

It’s extremely easy to add the extension to your browser, and we like that it lets you support preferred websites by allowing them to display safe ads on your devices.

Total Password

TotalAV’s Total Password feature is a password management tool designed to enhance your online security.

It’s available with the top-tier Total Security plan and allows you to generate and store unique passwords in an easy-to-access password vault. It also comes with a time-saving auto-fill feature, which is fast and accurate.

This means you’ll only need to remember the master password for your password vault. The passwords created by Total Password are near-impossible to crack, and the data breach monitor will let you know if any accounts have potentially been exposed.

The feature is user-friendly and makes importing passwords a breeze. Moving stored passwords takes just a minute, and you won’t need to rebuild your password database from scratch when you switch to Total Password.

Safe Browsing VPN

TotalAV VPN servers
TotalAV VPN servers

TotalAV’s Safe Browsing VPN can help you stay anonymous online and unblock foreign streaming services – and you can connect with just a single click.

Although it doesn’t offer a large server network, with just 50+ servers across 35+ countries, it’s perfectly serviceable and sits alongside the best antiviruses with a VPN, particularly given that an average VPN will set you back more than $30/yr on its own.

System Tune-Up Tools, Disk Cleaner, and Browser Manager & Cleaner

TotalAV Startup Manager
TotalAV Startup Manager

TotalAV offers a suite of tools designed to help you improve your device’s performance and keep it clean and secure. Here’s what each tool can do for your device:

  • System Tune-Up Tools — Allows you to add and remove startup launch programs and helps you uninstall unused applications.
  • Disk Cleaner — Locates duplicate, unused, and junk files and deletes them.
  • Browser Manager & Cleaner Helps you manage and clean your web browser data and remove adware.

Reducing the amount of programs running on your system can lead to faster boot speeds and speed up your computer.

Data Breach Monitoring

Data breaches are a major issue. Having strong, unique passwords limits the damage, but TotalAV’s data breach monitoring feature goes a step further.

It continuously scans the internet for your personal information and immediately informs you if it appears in a data leak. This means you’ll be one of the first to know, allowing you to swiftly protect your online accounts.

TotalAV Performance

We’ve thoroughly tested TotalAV and its apps, features, and functionality. During the testing, we closely monitored the performance of our devices to determine whether TotalAV slowed them down. We’ve found the product to be intuitive and easy to use, and we haven’t seen any significant device impact.

To support our results, we also cite data from AV-Test, a leading independent IT security institute. In its latest assessment, AV-Test certified it as a “Top Product.”

AV-Test gave TotalAV 6/6 for protection, 5.5/6 for performance, and 6/6 for usability. The antivirus was able to detect 100% of zero-day and prevalent malware attacks and didn’t issue any false warnings.

In terms of usability, it had some impact on launching popular websites, the installation of frequently used applications, and copying files, but it was otherwise on par with or better than industry averages.

TotalAV Compatibility and Ease of Use

TotalAV is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems, with dedicated apps for each. We tested its apps on each platform and found it easy to use overall. Here’s how TotalAV’s clients look on each platform:


TotalAV for Windows

To install TotalAV on Windows, you’ll Microsoft Windows 7 or higher installed. During our tests, the app never made major demands on the RAM, and we found it easy to use and navigate.

It offers its full feature set for Windows users, separating out the malware protection features, the system tune-up tools, and the internet security settings, which makes them accessible and easy to find.

It’s also very easy to navigate the advanced settings and configure the platform to your needs.

TotalAV for macOS

TotalAV’s Mac client is similar to the Windows UI and offers plenty of features to keep your Apple device safe. It works with macOS X 10.9 Mavericks and higher and doesn’t significantly affect performance.

As with the Windows app, you’ll find all the TotalAV features in the left menu. Macs can get viruses, despite any myths, and TotalAV includes its entire malware-detecting toolkit to help you combat cyber threats.

You’ll also find its VPN, password manager, data breach monitoring tools, and other extra features available.

TotalAV for Android

You can download TotalAV on smartphones running Android 5.0 or higher, and it’s one of the best antiviruses for Android we’ve tested. It’s feature-rich, easy to install, and runs well with minimal battery drain.

The real-time protection button stands out on the home page of the Android app screen, and below it are two rows of features for security and privacy. Swiping lets you scroll between the features, making the app easy to navigate.

In the bottom menu, you can find optimization features to declutter your Android device, profile management features, and app settings.

TotalAV for iOS

TotalAV is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later. Its iOS client doesn’t offer as many features as are provided on other platforms, primarily because iOS devices don’t support full-system scans by third parties.

However, you’ll still find a Smart Scan in the iOS app, which can detect whether your phone or tablet requires updates and if its security measures are in place. In addition, you’ll have access to its QR Code Check feature, data breach check, and VPN.

One of our favorite things about the iOS app is its ability to find duplicate and junk files, including those in your gallery. It can remove blurry photos you may have forgotten to delete to free up your device’s space, for example, which worked well for us.

How Does TotalAV Compare Against Other Antiviruses?

TotalAV is one of the best antiviruses, but it faces tough competition. To help you compare it to its closest competitors, here’s an overview of their key features.

Antivirus Starting Price  Max Devices Real-Time Protection Firewall Scans
TotalAV $29/yr 6 Quick, System, Smart, Custom
Bitdefender $29.99/yr 25 Quick, Full, Custom, Vulnerability
Norton $29.99/yr Unlimited Quick, Full, Smart, Custom
McAfee $29.99/yr Unlimited Quick, Full, Scheduled, On-Demand, Real-Time, Individual Files

TotalAV vs Bitdefender 

Both providers offer similar features, but TotalAV may be a better choice given that it comes in very slightly cheaper. You’ll also need to pay a fair bit more with Bitdefender to get a password manager or unlimited VPN bundled in. However, Bitdefender offers a firewall and parental control features, which TotalAV lacks.

TotalAV vs Norton

Norton’s cheapest plan has similar pricing to TotalAV’s Antivirus Pro, but it includes a password manager, which is only available with TotalAV’s top tier.

Norton has a lot of other unique features, as well, including encrypted cloud storage, parental controls, and extensive identity protection tools with higher-tier plans, as well as covering unlimited devices. We found TotalAV to be more user-friendly, though, so it may be a better choice for inexperienced users.

TotalAV vs McAfee

Like Norton, McAfee shines with its most expensive plans, which cover an unlimited number of devices and offer its full range of features. While McAfee’s Basic plan supports only one device, it does include a VPN and password manager on the platform’s cheapest subscription tier.

How to Set Up TotalAV

Setting up TotalAV on your devices takes just a few minutes after you subscribe to its services. Here, we’ll walk you through setup on Windows with a quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Subscribe to TotalAV

    The first step requires you to head to TotalAV and pick one of its plans. You can then download the antivirus software and proceed. Alternatively, you can download its free software to test it out before committing to a subscription.
    <strong>Subscribe to TotalAV</strong>
  2. Install TotalAV on Your Computer

    Once it downloads, run the TotalAV installer to install the program on your computer. During the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions until the process is completed. The installation itself won’t take more than two minutes on most devices.
    <strong>Install TotalAV on Your Computer</strong>
  3. Run Your First Full System Scan

    Once installed, you can immediately use the TotalAV client to scan your device and eliminate any malicious files. In addition, the software enables real-time antivirus protection by default, which means you can use your computer with confidence that you’re secure.
    <strong>Run Your First Full System Scan</strong>

TotalAV Customer Support And User Reviews

TotalAV offers comprehensive customer support, and you can contact the team via email and live chat channels. These contact channels are available 24/7, and the provider has a separate telephone support channel for identity theft protection.

Besides making direct contact with its customer support teams, TotalAV provides a knowledge base on its website, which can resolve many technical queries with straightforward, step-by-step guides. The TotalAV Help Center has separate tabs for each feature and its components.

TotalAV Help Center
TotalAV Help Center

We tested all of TotalAV’s features, including its performance, security, usability, and customer support quality. It’s also important to us to incorporate the opinions of the service’s long-term users for a comprehensive TotalAV antivirus review, so we researched feedback on platforms like Trustpilot.

The service has an overwhelmingly positive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with more than 100,000 unique reviews. Of these, 86% of reviewers gave the platform the highest score, while another 10% gave it 4/5.

TotalAV Trustpilot review
TotalAV Trustpilot review

Most of the users described an experience that matched our observations or TotalAV’s apps across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. They describe it as a lightweight and reliable service, and it gets praised for its lack of aggressive ads and interruptive messaging.

Trustpilot users review TotalAV
Trustpilot users review TotalAV

Users appreciate its transparent pricing structure and the value for money that it delivers. It isn’t a flawless service, though. Some of the TotalAV complaints we found on Trustpilot describe it as a service that’s tough to cancel, for example, as the cancelation process takes several steps on the website.

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