Apple iPad Mini 7: Expected Release Date, Colors, Features & Prices

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The absence of an iPad mini gen 7 update at Apple’s recent “Let Loose” event meant that those looking for a more compact-sized tablet will have to wait a little longer.

Despite its popularity, the seventh-generation model will not be mentioned at Apple’s WDDC event in June, and it isn’t expected until late 2024.

Apple’s focus on other iPad models, like the iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air 6, and its plans for a more budget-friendly 11th-generation iPad have arguably overshadowed the Mini’s update.

But here are just a few reasons why we are beginning to get excited about the iPad mini 7 news and rumors.

Key Takeaways

  • The iPad mini 7 is expected to be released in late 2024 or early 2025.
  • It will feature a processor upgrade, with rumors suggesting an A16 or A17 Pro chip — but we are hopeful for an M2 chip.
  • Apple aims to fix the “jelly scrolling” display issue.
  • The design will remain largely unchanged from the iPad mini 6.
  • Prices are expected to start at around $499.

When Will the Apple iPad Mini 7 Be Released?

Expected Release Date: October 2024

Many Apple fans eagerly ask: “When will the iPad mini 7 come out?” Although any talk of a release date is speculative, everything points towards its unveiling in October 2024.

In his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicated that the new iPad Mini will be announced before the end of the year. The bad news is that the actual release could slip into 2025. This information aligns with iPad mini 7 leaks from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who noted that mass production is delayed until the second half of 2024.


Apple iPad Mini 7: Design and Build

Processor Upgrade

The iPad mini 6 was released in September 2021 with a fresh new design, an A15 Bionic chip, and 5G connectivity. But in a world where iPad Pros have M4 chips and more RAM than MacBooks, the specs of the iPad mini have not aged well.

It’s important to remember that in a world where Apple has added its M1, M2, and M4 chips across its iPad range, the same iPad mini 6 currently uses the A15 Bionic, which many will remember from the iPhone 13. So, a processor upgrade is long overdue, and the iPad mini 7 specs need a boost.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPad mini 7 will feature a processor upgrade, potentially the A16 or A17 Pro chip. However, as an eternal optimist, I am hopeful it will include at least an M1 or M2 chip to align it with everything else in the iPad family.

Display Improvements

The new iPad mini 7 is expected to retain its LCD screen rather than upgrading to a 120Hz ProMotion or OLED screen, which are reserved for Apple’s high-end tablets like the iPad Pro.

Instead, Apple plans to address the “jelly scrolling” issue, a notable flaw in the current iPad mini 6, through design tweaks such as rotating the display assembly. This issue, particularly evident when scrolling through text in portrait mode, gives the illusion of one side of the screen refreshing faster than the other.

By implementing these changes, Apple aims to improve visual stability without significantly overhauling the display technology.

Camera Enhancements

Although not a focus for the iPad mini, it will likely see updates to its camera after several years without an upgrade. Rumored improvements include a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide front-facing camera. It’s too early to know for sure, but early ipad mini 7 rumors suggest that it might incorporate features like Photonic Engine and ProRes video recording.

Unchanged Design

Following the iPad mini 6 design overhaul, the iPad mini 7 is expected to retain the same design. This includes the all-screen look with squared-off edges, which aligns with Apple’s current design language across its devices.

Storage Options

Apple is expected to continue offering a base model with 64GB of internal storage, with a higher-end 256GB option also available, aligning with its typical storage offerings.

Battery Life

While the iPad mini’s compact size limits battery capacity, Apple is expected to optimize battery life, potentially matching or slightly exceeding the 8-hour usage seen in the current model.

New Colors

While the design remains the same, new color options may be introduced. Speculated shades include those similar to the latest iPad models, such as cool colors like yellow or a deep, wine-like red.

iPad Mini 1-7: All Models Compared

Should I Upgrade to the iPad Mini 7?

If you feel FOMO kicking in, you might find yourself Googling, “Should I wait for iPad mini 7?” Whether it’s worth the wait depends on how desperate you are to get a new compact tablet.

While the iPad mini 7  won’t feature major upgrades like an OLED screen or 120Hz ProMotion, the enhancements could still be significant if you’re using an older model or considering a switch from a larger iPad.

But if you already own the iPad mini 6 or another tablet you’re satisfied with, you won’t find many reasons to upgrade.

However, if you are looking for an affordable entry point, the current iPad mini 6 prices are dropping fast, offering a cost-effective alternative for those eager to upgrade now.

Apple iPad Mini 7 Price

Expected Price: $499

Price rumors for the Apple iPad mini 7 predictably point to a $499 entry point for the Wi-Fi model, similar to the iPad mini 6. The Wi-Fi + Cellular version is expected to begin at $649. Apple is unlikely to raise the price significantly for an iterative release, keeping the iPad mini 7 within a familiar and accessible price range.

The Bottom Line

Whether the iPad mini 7 is the right purchase for you depends on your current devices and future needs. For example, if you buy a 6.9-inch iPhone 16 Pro Max later this year, you will get little value from an 8.3-inch iPad mini 7. So the big question is, who is the core audience for the mini iPad?

The Apple product range is beginning to look crowded with four different iPads, five iPhones, and a long list of MacBooks. But ultimately, it’s all about giving users options, and as Steve Jobs once said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.”


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