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Is the Apple Watch still as revolutionary as it appeared on the scene nearly a decade ago? For many users, the daily grind of charging another device and being bombarded with notifications has taken its toll.

But the heavily rumored Apple Watch X could change all that.

With an increasing interest in smart rings, there is a danger that Apple’s famous smartwatch lineup is beginning to be replaced by a more discreet tech wearable.

However, there is increasing speculation that the Apple Watch X will be a complete revamp that will address concerns and offer something much more exciting than another incremental update — with rumors of a sleeker design and health features like sleep disturbance detection and elevated blood pressure monitoring.

Join us as we venture down a rabbit hole of Apple Watch series X rumors and learn more about what we can expect from this 10th-anniversary version.

Key Takeaways

  • A slimmer profile made possible by a new resin-coated copper (RCC) motherboard.
  • Longer battery life and a blood pressure sensor are rumored.
  • Sleep apnea and hypertension detection may be additional health benefits.
  • A new magnetic band system may be implemented — and we hope for a circular design option.

When Will the Apple Watch X Be Released?

Expected Apple Watch X Release Date: September 2024

Historically, Apple follows a meticulous annual release pattern for its watches, often opting for a grand reveal during its customary September event. Given this rhythm, industry watchers and enthusiasts are pinning their hopes on September 2024 as a likely timeline for an announcement and potential debut of this milestone edition.


However, whispers of a potential push to 2025 linger, suggesting the new Apple watch may still be fine-tuning this next evolutionary leap in its smartwatch saga. The decision hinges on achieving a balance between honoring a decade of innovation and ensuring the Apple Watch X sets new benchmarks in design, functionality, and user engagement.

Apple Watch X: Design & Build

Slimmer, New Motherboard

The Apple Watch X is expected to feature a slimmer profile, which will be made possible by a new resin-coated copper (RCC) motherboard. This innovation could allow for a larger battery or additional components without increasing the watch’s overall thickness.

Improved Battery Life

While introducing a thinner design might suggest potential compromises, rumors hint at Apple’s efforts to counterbalance this with a bigger battery facilitated by more efficient internal components. This could lead to longer battery life, addressing one of the longstanding critiques of the Apple Watch.

Magnetic Bands

Alongside a sleeker build, the device might adopt a new system for attaching watch bands — possibly a magnetic mechanism — representing a significant departure from the traditional slide and lock mechanism. This change could mean existing bands won’t be compatible with the new model.

Sound Design Improvements

There are whispers about improvements in the speaker and microphone components of the Apple Watch X, which would enhance voice call quality and interaction with Siri, providing a clearer and more robust audio experience.

Display Enhancements

A shift to microLED display technology has been speculated, offering brighter, more vibrant Apple Watch X colors and improved energy efficiency compared to the current OLED displays.

However, mixed reports suggest that while Apple has explored this technology, it might not debut in the Apple Watch X due to high production costs and marginal value improvements over existing technologies.

Apple Watch X: New Health Features

Blood Pressure Monitoring? Advanced Sleep Rhythms?

The rumored inclusion of a blood pressure monitor detector highlights could offer a significant leap forward, offering users more comprehensive health data and proactive alerts to potential health issues.

This proactive approach is enhanced by adding a ‘blood pressure journal,’ which enables users to record circumstances surrounding elevated blood pressure incidents. However, it stops short of providing exact systolic and diastolic measurements.

Strong rumors suggest enhancing the watch’s ability to track heart rate, detect fever, and monitor stress levels. The Apple Watch 10 may feature a revolutionary method for detecting sleep apnea by analyzing sleep and breathing patterns, expanding upon the existing sleep-tracking functionalities that lag behind competitors like Oura and Fitbit.

While the prospect of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring through infrared and other sensors is on the horizon, it appears unlikely to debut in this iteration of the Apple Watch. This ambitious feature could dramatically transform diabetes management, although its introduction remains speculative.

It will be quite something if the Apple Watch X succeeds in introducing health features such as blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and enhanced heart rate monitoring into the watch.

These advancements suggest that Apple is pushing the boundaries of what smartwatches can achieve in health monitoring, providing users with critical data that could preemptively alert them to health issues and streamline their healthcare interactions.

Apple Watch X: Software & AI Enhancements

watchOS 11 — Potential AI Features?

Expected to run watchOS 11, the Apple Watch X could include upgraded artificial intelligence capabilities, particularly an enhanced version of Siri. These improvements could make the watch more responsive and capable of handling various tasks directly from the wrist.

Apple Watch X: Color Options

Something New for the Anniversary Edition?

The current Apple Watch 9 offers a variety of colors and band styles — will the Apple Watch X follow suit? (Apple)
The current Apple Watch 9 offers a variety of colors and band styles — will the Apple Watch X follow suit? (Apple)

The current Apple Watch 9 offers a variety of colors and band styles — will the Apple Watch X follow suit? (Apple)

On the Apple Watch 9, aluminum models are available in Midnight, Pink, Starlight, Silver, and ‘Product Red’ options, and the higher-priced stainless steel models also offer gold, silver, and graphite finishes.

On the Apple Store, there is a whole host of bands in different styles available, such as Sunshine, Storm Blue, and a Pride Edition, with a choice of rubber or textile material and buckles or loops to keep them on your wrist.

We expect most of these color choices to carry over to the X range – but we would not be surprised to see Apple introduce something special for the anniversary year.

Our Wish List: An Apple Watch X Circular Design

One notable disappointment from the new Apple Watch X rumors is the need for more talk about more design options. Many users have long hoped for a variation in the Apple Watch’s appearance, particularly towards a round face that mirrors traditional watches, offering a blend of classic style and modern technology.

This round design could capture a market segment that prefers the look of traditional timepieces but has been reluctant to adopt the square design of current models. The continued preference for the familiar rectangular design in the Apple Watch X may leave some consumers longing for a fresh aesthetic twist that still needs to be added to the horizon.

Apple X Price Rumors

Expected Starting Price: $399

Speculation around the Apple Watch X price is rife with expectations of a blend of tradition and innovation in pricing strategy. Traditionally, Apple has maintained a starting price of $399 for its standard models. Assuming this trend continues with the Apple Watch X, The 41mm and 45mm versions would be priced at $399 and $429, respectively.

However, given the hardware upgrades and revamped design, Apple could tweak its pricing strategy to reflect these enhancements. While the base models might be priced close to traditional levels, enhanced versions could command a premium, balancing Apple’s portfolio across various price points and consumer expectations.

The Bottom Line

With its anticipated thinner design enabled by a new resin-coated copper motherboard, improved battery life, and a slew of health features, including blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection, rumors suggest that the Apple Watch X will represent a significant leap forward.

Introducing a new magnetic band system also suggests a departure from previous designs, aligning with Apple’s penchant for evolving product interfaces. However, it remains to be seen how these decisions will resonate with an audience eager for innovation and a nod to traditional watch aesthetics.


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