Are Pepe Coin’s Cat Friends Poised To Eat The Doge For Dinner?

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The frog memes announced it last year around this time– “The dog days are over.” The creators of Ethereum Pepe Coin touted it as “The most memeable meme coin in existence.” In almost no time at all this loveable non-conformist frog went from a tadpole on the lily pad to the baddest lizard king on the blockchain– fattened up on little doggies’ lunches every hop of the way.

Now a new meme on the block is about to show the doge memes that Pepe meant business, but this one isn’t a frog. It’s another chthonic creature from the dewey underworld and an absolutely fierce predator with cobra-like slit eyes and an awful hiss.

It’s— a countryside backyard cat named Kai Cat. The ERC20 tokens bearing his image– secured by Ethereum and financed by a blockchain cat meme team– are on presale in May.

PEPE’s 2023 Launched Marked 7,000% Gains

At the time Pepe launched from out of nowhere to over the moon last year, he earned a feature article in Fortune Magazine. It said, “If there’s one meme that encapsulates the confusing twists and turns of internet culture, it’s a green frog with a preternaturally expressive face.”

Pepe Coin launched on Tax Day in the U.S.– April 15, 2024. Just three weeks later, by May 5th, the frog had risen to over $1.6 billion in market capitalization. With Ethereum’s programmable smart contract technology, he’s well on his way to being a Web3 decentralized insurance agent to rival Berkshire Hathaway’s cable television gecko. Just give him a minute.

“With Ethereum’s smart contracts and decentralized applications, insurance can be conducted over blockchain accounts, introducing more automation and tamper-proof audit trails,” according to an article by MetaMask wallet creator Consensys.


According to Webster, Massachusetts insurance company MAPFRE in an August 2023 article, “Peer-to-peer insurance that uses tokens for premium and claim payments and operates on a public blockchain, such as Ethereum. This would be known as tokenized insurance, and it allows users to make transactions directly with each other, without an intermediary.”

Why Cat Meme Altcoins Are Hot Commodities This Year

So in case anyone at CoinDesk doesn’t understand why meme coins make some of the biggest gains and hold some of the most capital on the blockchain– it’s because they’re not just funny Internet pictures. Smart contract tokens are digital stem cells for the AI revolution that is underway that will soon disrupt insurance and contract law like they did finance.

So it wasn’t only “pure memetic power,” as Fortune put it, that fueled Pepe’s rise last year. Sure, Web3 likes putting animal memes on its money just the same as central banks like putting them on theirs– whether they be birds, bison, bears, or the Queen of England.

That doesn’t make the underlying technology any less wieldy and valuable for sending financial signals and keeping accurate accounting. Combined with a meme community that works in tech and posts on Reddit since the ancient days of the Internet, there was no stopping Pepe from launching 7,000% in price in just 17 days last year.

Reuters Cryptoverse article

This month Pepe’s done it again, stomping all over the doges to lead meme coin gains in May. Those who think in terms of memes didn’t miss the fact that Pepe let the dogs out this month, and that it was his good friend “Roaring Kitty” from Reddit’s WallStreetBets that tagged him into the meme ring for the win.

Between that and rumors of the doges’ demise, it is evident that the meme finance ecosystem is roiling with potential for cat memes to dominate the altcoin meta this year. That’s why new cat memes like Kai Cat Coin (KAI) are springing up in Q2 of 2024 and clawing for Pepe-level gains. KAI is currently available at a guaranteed-low, fixed, pre-market price until the presale ends.

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