Are Sustainability Projects the New Thing in Crypto?

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The growing success of projects like Chimpzee indicates that a new trend is taking shape in the crypto market – sustainability.

Although the industry has long been accused of consuming an unfair amount of energy and promoting consumption, things are changing now. Most blockchains are making use of energy-efficient consensus mechanisms now, minimizing their environmental impact to a great extent. 

But projects like Chimpzee take this to the next level. Let’s see how.

How Chimpzee Uses Blockchain For Climate Action

One of the key benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is the ease of cross-border transactions that they facilitate, whether it is money or data. Being inherently decentralized, they allow high transparency.

Chimpzee uses this feature of blockchain technology to build a sustainability community in the crypto market. The Chimpzee ecosystem includes shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn platforms. As you can see, the platform makes use of crypto incentivization to fuel engagement and participation in its ecosystem. 

For example, the Chimpzee shop-to-earn platform is essentially a merchandise store that offers items like t-shirts and mugs featured with impactful quotes and illustrations. Users who purchase products from the platform will be eligible for rewards in CHMPZ coins. 

The next is the Chimpzee trade-to-earn platform or NFT marketplace. Here, the project has implemented a profit-sharing model rather than a reward system. Active traders are eligible for a share of the revenue generated by the platform, depending on the scale of their engagement. 


The play-to-earn platform is even more interesting. Through gaming, Chimpzee is predominantly targeting younger demographics with the notion of exciting gameplay as well as rewards. At the same time, the project instills in them a deeper connection with nature. It subconsciously encourages them to join wildlife conservation initiatives and minimize their carbon footprint. 

A share of Chimpzee’s revenue is dedicated to various wildlife initiatives from around the world. Right from the presale stage, Chimpzee has been donating to a wide range of environmental causes, supporting credible organizations like WILD Foundation, Forgotten Animals, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block.

A Financial and Environmental Investment 

Chimpzee’s allure lies in the fact that it doesn’t fit into any molds that the crypto or sustainability markets have created over the last few years. For example, Chimpzee brings forth a uniquely new use case of blockchain that has high market relevance. The real-world impact of the project is high, when compared to any average cryptocurrency. 

That gives it a competitive advantage in terms of regulatory compliance and mainstream acceptance. For example, Chimpzee’s growing network of organizations with sustainability initiatives extends its reach beyond the crypto community. 

And within the sustainability market, Chimpzee maintains an edge with its blockchain and crypto integrations. Blockchain ensures a transparent foundation for the project, establishing its credibility among members and investors. Crypto incentivization, on the other hand, draws more attention and engagement to the platform. 

Buying Chimpzee tokens, as a result, is not just an environmental investment. The token has high growth potential in the coming days and years as it expands its partnerships and reach. 

The project has implemented several methods to further increase its appeal as a crypto investment, as we will discuss below. 

Deflationary Tokenomics 

Chimpzee follows deflationary tokenomics to strengthen the power of its native token $CHMPZ. Deflationary tokenomics basically makes use of the inverse relationship shared by supply and price. Through various token burn initiatives over time, the project boosts the value of the token. It particularly favors early investors.

Chimpzee has been implementing token burns right from the presale stage with each new milestone. The process continues after the exchange launch too. For example, Chimpzee activated a 5 billion token burn at the beginning of March. It plans to implement more later on.

The next much-awaited event is the launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports. All CHMPZ used for the purchase of the NFTs will be burnt. That could pave the way for the removal of around another 5 billion tokens from supply. 

Another factor pulling in a growing number of investors to Chimpzee is staking with up to 40% APY. The token is also preparing for more centralized exchanges, which will make it accessible to broader and more diverse demographics. 

How to Get in Before It’s Too Late?

Chimpzee is an audacious crypto project that breaks away from conventional norms but still takes advantage of the hot meme coin trends with its hybrid human-ape avatar. 

$CHMPZ token burns, Chimpzee NFT passports, multiple exchange listings, and the staking reward system will continue to generate strong price action for Chimpzee in the coming days. 

For a better understanding of Chimpzee’s wildlife conservation initiative and to purchase $CHMPZ tokens through P2B, BitMart and MEXC, please visit the official Chimpzee website.

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