As Pepe and Bonk Face Correction, Investors Move to Poodl Inu For the Next Meme Coin Pump

The meme coin market has seen some volatility over the past few weeks. Two prominent meme coins, PEPE and Bonk, have experienced notable price corrections following spikes in late February to early March. With the short-term trend declining for these coins, savvy investors have started shifting their focus to a newer meme coin that is still in presale stage – Poodl Inu.

PEPE witnessed a spike between February 24 to March 8 where its price increased over 17%. However, the price was unsustainable and it soon entered a correction phase. PEPE’s value dropped significantly from its recent highs as bullish sentiment cooled off. Similarly, Bonk rallied until March 4 but saw its price retreat sharply afterwards as traders took profits. Both coins are now facing bearish trends in the short-run.

Opportunities in Poodl Inu Presale

With the recent downturns in PEPE and Bonk, cryptocurrency investors have begun exploring newer opportunities. This is where Poodl Inu comes into play. The project is currently in its presale phase, providing a chance to buy tokens at rock bottom prices before it launches. At the presale stage, 1 POODL (the native token of the Poodl Inu Project) can be purchased for just $0.000885, a very low entry point. The project Inu has already managed to raise over $1.8 million in its ongoing presale, showing strong interest from the community.

Another key difference between Poodl Inu and other meme coins is its ability to offer staking rewards to token holders. By locking up POODL tokens in a dedicated wallet, owners can earn additional tokens passively. This stands in contrast to meme coins like PEPE and Bonk which lack true utilities. Poodl Inu is also ramping up its marketing with the allocation of 10% of its total supply dedicated solely for promotion. With strong hype building and its cute doggy mascot, Poodl Inu has a serious chance to take off on the meme coin scene.

The rate at which investors are scooping up POODL  in the presale indicates very high enthusiasm and belief in the project’s future. If this momentum maintains, Poodl Inu could easily spike more than 10x from its current presale price after listing in Q2 2024. Such exponential growth would translate to huge returns for early buyers. Given that Poodl Inu is still undiscovered in the larger crypto market, widespread adoption could drive its price up even further from the potential 10x gains. The low barrier to entry in the presale coupled with high reward potential makes Poodl Inu compelling compared to now declining options like PEPE and Bonk.

How to Purchase Poodl Inu During the Presale 

For those interested in capitalizing on the Poodl Inu opportunity, there are a few simple steps to take. First, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask to hold your tokens. Setting up MetaMask is straightforward. Next, load your wallet with some Ether (ETH) which can be obtained from an exchange and transferred over. With ETH in your possession, you’re ready to buy.


Visit the official Poodl Inu website since this is the only legitimate location for presale purchases. From there, you can invest in POODL using ETH, Tether, Binance Coin or even a credit card. Complete the purchase and your POODL tokens will be received instantly. Don’t stop there – immediately put those tokens to work through the project’s staking program. Collect steady rewards as you wait for token distribution at presale’s end. In no time, you’ll be part of the exclusive Poodl community front of what could be a huge price increase. Gaining early access makes this a risk worth taking.

As the first generation of meme coins enters a correction phase, cryptocurrency speculators seem to be rotating capital into newer projects with strong fundamentals like Poodl Inu. With a low-risk presale opportunity available, incentives to hold via staking, and huge upcoming marketing efforts, the new meme coin is positioning itself well to capture investments leaving PEPE and Bonk. Savvy traders will want to take advantage of the presale window to get POODL tokens while they are still incredibly cheap ahead of its likely pump in price. The next big meme coin could very well be Poodl Inu.

Viraj Randev

Based in Wembley, England, Viraj graduated from the University of Surrey before pursuing an internship at DBS Bank in New Delhi. Following that experience, Viraj pivoted to a personal passion - creative writing - quickly becoming a top-rated Upwork freelancer and gaining further experience on OwlRatings. Currently Viraj is now part of the Techopedia team lending his knowledge of the financial markets to the site, reviewing trading platforms and offering tips for beginners to investing. In his spare time he also enjoys script writing.