Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Compared for 2024

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The best Bluetooth speakers deliver the highest quality audio, with seamless connectivity and a solid 10-20 hours of playback time. With features like a sturdy build, a long wireless range, built-in voice controls, and portability, a Bluetooth speaker is an indispensable music essential.

However, given the various number and types of speakers available, choosing one can be a difficult ordeal. That’s why we’ve put in the legwork to find and review the best Bluetooth speakers based on criteria like pricing, portability, battery life, wireless range, and connection options. Dive in as we discover why the JBL Flip 5, Anker Soundcore 2, and JBL Clip 3 are among the best in the music business.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Ranked

The JBL Flip 5 tops our intensive research to emerge as the best Bluetooth speaker, owing to features like a 12-hour long playtime, IPX7 waterproof rating, and 11 color options to choose from. Here’s how it fares against others on the list:

  1. JBL Flip 5 — The best Bluetooth speaker overall for its industry-leading “Party Boost” that lets you connect up to 100 speakers together for the perfect outdoor event.
  2. Anker Soundcore 2 — A popular Bluetooth speaker that stands out for its 24-hour battery life and IPX7 waterproof rating. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and is great for the outdoors.
  3. JBL Clip 3 — The perfect portable speaker weighing just 0.46 pounds. You can simply clip it onto your bag or belt and carry it wherever you go.
  4. Sony SRS XB31 — A must-have speaker for its multi-colored line lights and a flashing strobe that lets you set the perfect mood for every party. We also love its high bass.
  5. Marshall Emberton — A premium Bluetooth speaker that stands out for its fast charging; you get 5 hours’ worth of runtime in just 20 minutes of charging.
  6. OontZ Ultra — This unique triangular-shaped speaker offers one of the largest Bluetooth ranges of 100 ft. Listen to music or take calls from any corner of the house.
  7. Doss Soundbox — Comes with an intuitive touchscreen display and user-friendly design. The 12W drivers offer immersive audio for a pleasant listening experience.
  8. Bose SoundLink II — The ideal choice for beginners as it helps you set up through voice prompts and comes with a native app for easy handling.
  9. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 — The toughest and most durable speaker on the list. Having gone under 25 durability tests, it’s the ideal choice for adventure-driven people.
  10. Amazon Echo 4 — The best smart speaker that lets you manage your smart appliances along with playing quality music. Use voice prompts to control it hands-free.

Reviews of the Top Wireless Speakers for Home

Can’t wait to get your hands on the best Bluetooth speaker for your next party? Read on as we’ll now discuss in detail the best features, pros, cons, and pricing of each of our top recommendations.

1. JBL Flip 5 — Best Bluetooth Speaker Overall in 2024

The Flip 5 is the best JBL Bluetooth speaker and the ideal one for parties. It comes with a “Party Boost” mode that allows you to pair up to 100 speakers together, as long as they’re all JBL speakers and have the Party Boost mode themselves — thankfully, many do, including the JBL Pulse 4, Xtreme 3, Boombox 2, and Charge 5.

With this feature, you’d connect via Bluetooth and press the “Party Boost” button on all your JBL speakers one by one. Now any song played will do so on all the connected speakers simultaneously.

JBL Flip 5 | Best Bluetooth speaker

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$82.52 10 meters Bluetooth 65Hz to 20kHz IPX7 12 hours

The Flip 5 is perfect for outdoor parties because of its IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can handle both exposure and immersion in water. So if you want to host a pool party, the JBL Flip 5 is your safest option. Whether you splash water on it or even drop it in the pool, the speaker will continue to work without missing a beat.

You’ll also appreciate its long 12-hour playtime. In most daily scenarios and even at parties, a 12-hour battery life should be more than enough, but if you travel a lot, we’ve got other options on our list that are worth considering.

How a speaker looks matters. If you want your speaker to enhance the overall look of your workstation or gaming desk, this JBL provides 11 different colors, from shades of black and blue to fun and vibrant yellow, pink, and red; the options are endless.

Overall, it’s tough to pinpoint a flaw with the JBL Flip 5, hence its popularity and shining reputation online.

Pros pros

  • Multiple color options
  • Premium sound quality
  • Lets you pair multiple JBL speakers together
  • Durable material made for outdoors
  • Best waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Cons cons

  • Only 12 hours of playtime

2. Anker Soundcore 2 — Best Outdoor Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life

The Anker Soundcore 2 is a great option if you’re looking for an outdoor-friendly Bluetooth speaker. It’s a battery-powered speaker with 24 hours of playtime, which is twice that of the JBL Clip 5.

Furthermore, it also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating that makes it resistant to all tough weather conditions. These two features together make it the perfect travel-friendly speaker. Whether you want to take a speaker to the beach or on your next road trip, the Anker Soundcore 2 will suit you well.

Anker Soundcore 2 | Best outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$39.99 20 meters Bluetooth & Aux-In 70Hz to 20kHz IPX7 24 hours

Other remarkable features include the 5.0 Bluetooth connection, that’s more stable than its previous versions. It comes with a better range, longer battery life, and can transmit 2x the data per second than the 4.2 version so that the audio doesn’t lag.

We also loved the “Wireless Stereo” pairing feature, which allows you to connect two speakers via your original music source to make it louder. This feature is similar to JBL Party Boost, with the only difference being that while JBL lets you join multiple devices, the Anker Soundcore 2 limits it to 2 devices at a time. This should be more than enough for small gatherings and house parties.

What makes Anker Soundcore 2 rank second on the list is the brand’s decade-long experience. It’s served over 20 million happy customers across 50 countries in the world. Plus, it has 181 licensed patents and countless exclusive technologies that give it an upper hand over its competitors in terms of sound quality. We don’t need more proof to confirm that the Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the best options in the market.

Pros pros

  • Trusted by 20+million people
  • IPX7 rating – both splash and submersion proof
  • An affordable device with 24-hour battery life
  • Aux input to connect to the best laptops

Cons cons

  • Some users find the bass to be too high

3. JBL Clip 3 — Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Weighing Just 0.46 Pounds

The JBL Clip 3’s biggest USP is in its name — it’s a small and portable clip-on speaker that you can use on the go. This has several benefits, including that you can simply hang it on the handles of your bag to make more space in your luggage or protect the speaker from being buried under your package’s weight. This makes it easily among the best portable speakers.

On top of this, if you’re going on a hike, trek, run, or basically any activity where you’d like to keep the music playing for the entire group, this mini Bluetooth speaker will come in very handy.

JBL Clip 3 | Best portable speaker

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$49.90 10 meters Bluetooth 600Hz IPX7 10 hours

This also applies to when you want to listen to music while doing chores around the house. You won’t have to carry the speaker with dirty hands to the next room — hang it in your pants loophole or even the laundry basket (it weighs just 0.46 pounds).

It’s also one of the few speakers on the list that lets you answer calls directly. Since it comes with noise and an echo-canceling speakerphone, the audio will be clear and audible with minimal network disturbances.

Color and design options are also endless. Starting from red, green, and mustard to yellow, pink, and silver, there’s enough diversity to choose from. However, the only minor shortcoming that concerned us was the low playtime. With just 10 hours of playtime, it’s much below the industry average.

Pros pros

  • Built for adventures
  • Multiple color options
  • Built-in noise cancellation technology
  • Easy to carry, meaning a good shower speaker too

Cons cons

  • Average battery life

4. Sony SRS-XB31 — Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker with Multi-Colored Line Lights

The Sony SRS-XB31 is undoubtedly a mood-setter for parties with its multi-colored line light. These not only change color but also twinkle at fixed intervals, adding to the effect. Imagine this speaker with its dazzling colors in a dimly lit room — the ambiance will be surreal.

Beyond this, the speaker mainly focuses on adding extra bass to your music, another feature that indicates how perfect it could be for house parties. Compared to low-bass speakers, the high bass fills up the gaps in the song and makes each sound fuller.

Overall, the songs sound more vibrant. This feature is available in the “Live Sound Mode,” which is built to give you a 3D and immersive sound experience.

Sony SRS XB-31 | Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$109.99 30 meters Bluetooth & USB Cable 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz IP67 24 hours

Connecting the speaker is also very simple. Thanks to the integrated NFC technology, you can connect it to your phone with just a simple tap. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, power up the speaker, and tap your mobile on it — you’ll be connected instantly.

The speaker works in collaboration with the Sony Music Centre app, which makes managing it even easier. You’ll find 3 presets under the Sound Mode that you can choose to avoid manually adjusting the audio settings of the speaker.

The app can also be used to manage the lighting, and you get dozens of colors to choose from. Furthermore, the lighting strobe that periodically runs across the speaker can also be turned on or off through the app. So while it could be the perfect second fiddle in a home disco setting, you can also turn off its lighting and use it for its impressive sound quality alone.

Pros pros

  • An excellent 24-hour battery life
  • Lets you connect up to 100 speakers
  • Best sound quality Bluetooth speaker
  • Provides a 3D immersive audio ambiance
  • Comes with multicolored line light and flashing strobe

Cons cons

  • The water resistance rating could be better

5. Marshall Emberton — Premium Speaker with Fast Charging

The Marshall Emberton is a true premium speaker. You surely have to pay a higher price, but it’s worth every penny, thanks to its visual appeal and service. Weighing 1.54 pounds and with dimensions of 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches, it’s certainly not the most lightweight or compact speaker on the list.

But then again, it wasn’t meant to be. Marshall speakers command awe and are supposed to draw attention to whatever table or shelf you put them on. Consider them like Apple products; they add a small but certain amount of social prestige to the owner’s persona.

This Marshall speaker comes with fast charging technology — you can run it for 5 hours straight with just 20 minutes of charging. And once it’s fully charged, you get 20 hours of non-stop service.

Marshall Emberton | Premium speaker with fast charging

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$149.99 9 meters Bluetooth 60Hz to 20kHz IPX7 20 hours

Another notable feature is the 360° music experience. Using the “True Stereophonic” technology, this speaker manages to create a multi-directional audio ambiance. It’s like how it is in movie theaters — the music will seem to flow in from every direction with you in the center.

Using the speaker is straightforward. It comes with a multi-directional knob that you can use to forward, rewind, play, or pause the music. The same knob can also be used to turn it on or off and adjust the volume.

The device also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating which is quite standard in the industry and more than enough to ensure long-lasting service. Plus, the speaker is covered by Zound Industries USA Inc’s one-year limited warranty, so you’ll have expert help at your fingertips when needed.

Pros pros

  • 1-year warranty coverage
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Comes with 20+ hours of playtime
  • IPX7 rating makes it water-resistant and road ready

Cons cons

  • Offers a premium experience but might be too costly for some

6. OontZ Ultra — Bluetooth Speaker with a Large Wireless Range of 100 ft.

The OontZ Ultra Bluetooth speaker comes with a massive Bluetooth range of 100 ft (or 30m). Usually, the Bluetooth range of speakers in this budget range isn’t over 10-15m. OontZ is one of the few that gives you double the regular Bluetooth range with a consistent connection.

This means you can carry your phone all the way to the other side of the house and still listen to your favorite music playing with the same sound and clarity. You can also take calls from a different room or your yard (obstacles like walls don’t interrupt connection) as long as it’s within the 30m range.

This makes it perfect for users who want an expansive wireless range but find the Sony SRS XB31 offering a similar 30m range or the MEGABOOM 3 with a 45m range to be outside their budget.

Oontz Ultra | Large wireless range Bluetooth speaker

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$39.99 30 meters Bluetooth 150 Hz to 140 kHz IPX7 20 hours

The design is also rather unique. The triangular shape allows you to place it in two ways: you can either lay it flat on the platform or make it stand upright on one of its three bases. It’s a significant advantage over the standard cylindrical design that leaves the risk of the speaker rolling down the platform it’s placed on.

Speaking of battery life, OontZ provides a 20-hour play time on 2nd/3rd volume. In simple terms, if the volume is set at around 70% throughout, the speaker will last the entire day once fully charged — perfect for small get-togethers at home.

The only thing that might be slightly concerning is the material. It’s made of plastic, however, it has been rubberized to add durability. All the corners and edges are smooth and round and covered with a layer of rubber to minimize the impact of accidental falls.

Pros pros

  • High-quality and sound
  • Among the finest portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Up to 100 ft of Bluetooth range
  • Offers a stable connection
  • Can be made to stand upright or laid flat

Cons cons

  • 20+ hours of playtime only if the volume is at 2nd/3rd

7. Doss Soundbox — Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker

The Doss 12W Soundbox comes with a smooth touchscreen display that you can easily use to adjust the sound settings and set the right mood. No more jabbing at the buttons to change the sound — a few quick flicks is all you’ll need.

For high-quality sound, the speaker uses 12W dual high-performance drivers, which are more equipped than traditional drivers to handle bass and frequency separately, resulting in more immersive audio.

Speaking of the playtime, it offers 20 hours at a stretch which is more than many other options above, but it can only be achieved if you’re playing the songs at 50% volume. So unless you’re buying it for personal use and planning to keep it indoors, the battery life isn’t much.

Doss Soundbox | Best budget Bluetooth speaker

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$34.99 10 meters Bluetooth and USB 50Hz to 20kHz IPX5 20 hours

The water resistance is somewhat okay. It comes with an IPX5 rating which means it can resist gentle splashes or light exposure to drizzle but cannot be submerged in water. You can certainly use it for pool parties or at the beach, but there’s always a risk that you might drop it in the water and damage it. Combining its poor water resistance and low playtime, we don’t recommend this speaker for outdoor use.

On the plus side, it does have a stellar visual appeal, which goes to show that the manufacturers meant it to be an indoor speaker. The speaker’s sleek design, paired with its smooth matte finish, also gives it an expensive look — perfect if you’re trying to impress your houseguests.

In addition to that, you get 12 different colors to choose from. If you choose the deep black model, you’ll also get a micro USB cable and a waterproof bag to store and carry the speaker.

Pros pros

  • Touchscreen display
  • Sleek & compact design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Dual high-performance drivers

Cons cons

  • The battery only lasts 20+ hours if the volume is at 50%
  • A poor waterproof rating

8. Bose SoundLink II — Beginner-Friendly Speaker with Voice Prompts for Setup

The Bose SoundLink II is high-end, sure, but an amazing beginner-friendly speaker. While other speakers come with a written manual to help you set up, this Bose speaker uses voice prompts through Bluetooth to guide you through the process. These instructions will help you connect the speaker to your phone and other NFC devices.

Speaking of connecting devices, this Bose speaker lets you connect two other speakers of the same brand under its “Party” mode to amplify the volume. It’s great for small parties, but if you’re hosting a lot of guests or if you have an expansive garden, we recommend the JBL 5’s Party Boost mode, as it lets you connect up to 100 speakers together.

What’s more, the Bose SoundLink II comes with its own app called “Bose Connect.” You won’t have to throw your hands at your Bluetooth menu and have an app dedicated entirely to your music systems instead, making it easier for you to connect the speaker, manage the connection, and switch between devices.

Bose SoundLink Color II

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$159.99 9 meters Bluetooth 88.5 Hz to 7.1 kHz IPX4 8 hours

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose device, the Bose SoundLink II is a great choice. You can use it to stream music as well as take calls. Sure, the JBL Clip 3 lets you take calls, too, but Bose SoundLink II brings something more to the table.

It comes with a high-quality built-in microphone that captures your voice and transmits it to the user on the other end with minimal disturbance. What’s more, its wireless range covers a 30-feet radius which makes answering phone calls all the easier.

It’s also one of the few Bluetooth speakers that lets you connect to your phone’s virtual assistant. This way, you can command the phone to play your favorite song hands-free.

That said, battery life isn’t too remarkable. It only serves 8 hours at a stretch, but since it’s rechargeable, it won’t be a huge problem.

Pros pros

  • Voice-control available
  • Best Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • Lets you take calls hands-free
  • Voice prompts help you set up
  • Lets you connect two speakers together

Cons cons

  • Only 8 hours of playtime

9. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 — Most Durable Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is the most durable, strong, and adventure-friendly speaker on the list. It has undergone 25 durability tests to ensure it can survive in almost every tough condition. These tests included intentional drops, hits, and button pushes to ensure it can survive rough use as well.

Adding to the sturdiness, the speaker comes covered in a two-tone fabric which makes it stronger and looks better at the same time. It also comes with the standard IP67 rating, but what caught our eye was if you accidentally drop it in water, it’ll automatically float up.

The buoyancy means it’s the cream of the crop when it comes to party speakers, as you don’t have to worry about your speaker drowning when at a pool party.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$130 45 meters Bluetooth 60Hz to 20kHz IP67 20 hours

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the MEGABOOM 3 and Marshall Emberton have many features in common. For example, this speaker has an all-purpose button that you can use to play, pause, or skip the music, just like the all-in-one knob in Marshall Emberton.

It also provides an immersive 360° experience so that no matter where you go or which corner you’re at, the music seems even and balanced.

The only difference is that the MEGABOOM 3 is slightly costlier than Marshall Emberton. If the other distinct features mentioned above don’t benefit you in any way, you should probably stick to Marshall Emberton.

Also, the MEGABOOM 3 lacks a speakerphone and an auxiliary input. So if you’re looking for a speaker that lets you take calls or allows wired connections, you should consider other options such as the Anker Soundcore 2 or Bose SoundLink II.

That said, if you want a Bluetooth speaker with the best wireless range and are willing to spend a little, there’s no beating the MEGABOOM 3, thanks to its 45m range.

Pros pros

  • Easy to use
  • Floats in water, no risk of drowning
  • Sturdy with a two-tone fabric for extra protection
  • Lets you connect up to 150 speakers at once
  • One of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Cons cons

  • It’s a bit expensive

10. Amazon Echo 4 — Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant

The Amazon Echo 4 is an in-house product of Amazon itself, so there’s no doubt that it comes from a reliable brand. It’s also the only speaker on the list that can be completely controlled by voice commands. So if you’re on the lookout for smart speakers, this is your best bet.

Amazon Echo works a lot like Alexa — you basically speak to the device and give instructions to it. The best part is that it’s compatible with several music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, meaning you’ll never run out of song options.

Since it’s a smart Amazon device, it connects to all other smart Amazon appliances, and they can all work together like a synchronized unit. For example, you can connect it to your FireTV so that each movie or show comes to life with loud, clear, and realistic audio.

Amazon Echo 4

Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
$74.99 10 meters Bluetooth 40Hz to 100Hz No waterproof rating 4 to 5 hours

It’s also Alexa-enabled, which means you can use it for more than just music — ask the device to set a reminder for you, read a message, call a contact, or even ask questions.

However, there are two very clear downsides to using the Amazon Echo 4. First of all, it doesn’t have a waterproof rating, so it’s neither travel-friendly nor a good pick for parties. Secondly, it’s not the loudest Bluetooth speaker. In serving a plethora of other responsibilities, its features as a speaker have taken a backseat.

On the plus side, Amazon is sincere about keeping your data safe. That’s why the Echo 4 comes with multiple layers of encryption to keep away data thieves. It also lets you turn off the mic when not in use in case you don’t want the device to eavesdrop on your conversation.

Pros pros

  • Alexa-enabled by default
  • A smart assistant and not just a speaker
  • Can connect to all smart devices in your home
  • One of the best home Bluetooth speakers
  • Comes with a battery base for seamless charging

Cons cons

  • Not exclusively made for quality music streaming

Comparison of the Best Wireless Speakers

To help you easily compare the market’s top products, here’s a quick roundup of the key differences between the 10 best speakers for music so that you can make a decision on the factors that matter the most:

Bluetooth Speakers Price Wireless Range Connections Frequency Response Waterproof Rating Battery Life
JBL Flip 5 $82.52 10 meters Bluetooth 65Hz to 20kHz IPX7 12 hours
Anker Soundcore 2 $39.99 20 meters Bluetooth & Aux-In 70Hz to 20kHz IPX7 24 hours
JBL Clip 3 $49.90 10 meters Bluetooth 600Hz IPX7 10 hours
Sony SRS XB31 $109.99 30 meters Bluetooth & USB Cable 20Hz to 20,000 Hz IP67 24 hours
Marshall Emberton $149.99 9 meters Bluetooth 60Hz to 20kHz IPX7 20 hours
OontZ Ultra $39.99 30 meters Bluetooth 150 Hz to 140 kHz IPX7 20 hours
Doss Soundbox $34.99 10 meters Bluetooth and USB 50Hz to 20kHz IPX5 20 hours
Bose SoundLink II $159.99 9 meters Bluetooth 88.5Hz to 7.1 kHz IPX4 8 hours
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 $130.00 45 meters Bluetooth 60Hz to 20kHz IP67 20 hours
Amazon Echo 4 $74.99 10 meters Bluetooth 40Hz to 100Hz No waterproof rating 4 to 5 hours

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Speaker 

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is undoubtedly a useful tool to have while celebrating. However, with so many alternatives on the market, it can be difficult to choose the ideal Bluetooth speaker that meets your needs. To break this impasse, here are a few factors to consider when purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker:

Audio Quality

The key factor when buying a wireless Bluetooth speaker is its ability to produce top-notch sound quality with sufficient bass.

Most Bluetooth speakers are excellent for listening to podcasts and light music. But if sound quality is essential to you, seek devices with larger drivers in the higher price range. They’re heavier and bigger but perform well across the sound spectrum.

To determine audio quality, consider total harmonic distortion, which should be less than 1%. Another significant consideration is the frequency range, which should be between 50Hz and 20kHz. A lower frequency produces higher bass quality.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important consideration when choosing the best Bluetooth speakers. A speaker with a shorter battery life will always be connected to a charging wire, making it less mobile than intended. You will require a more powerful battery backup to use it outside or while traveling.

Choose a speaker with a battery life of at least 10 hours if you plan to use it frequently. Some speakers also offer a reliable 20 hours of battery backup. So be picky about this. Be sure to read the product description and customer reviews carefully before purchasing to ensure that the battery life meets your needs.

Construction and Design

In addition to being small and portable, the wireless speakers should have a contemporary, easy-to-use design that complements the current aesthetic and fits your active lifestyle.

If you enjoy taking your Bluetooth speaker along wherever you go, opt for a portable and lightweight one to avoid the hassle of storage. You don’t want to carry around a massive, bulky, and unattractive speaker.

Lag Free Connectivity 

Having the option for both wired and wireless connectivity in a portable speaker is a great perk. If the speaker has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, you can use an AUX cable to connect to devices that don’t support Bluetooth.

To ensure a stable connection with no delays, it’s best to choose a wireless speaker with Bluetooth version 4.1 or higher. Additionally, an integrated microphone is another useful feature in a Bluetooth speaker, as it allows for hands-free answering and rejecting calls. What’s more – you can even connect these speakers to your gaming laptop for a complete in-room sound experience.

Type of Speaker 

Are you looking for a compact speaker that you can carry on outdoor trips? Or are you just looking for a speaker to play music in the living room? Portable wireless speakers can be classified into two types: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The most common alternative is portable wireless Bluetooth speakers because of how convenient they are to use.

They also have quick charging and outstanding sound quality. Although they cost a little extra, Wi-Fi portable speakers have the benefit of being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. They’re suited for audio streaming from a tablet or smartphone as well. In any case, these speakers are a definite upgrade from traditional computer speakers.

Smart Speakers

You might think this is a new category, but “smart” is a must. And in the upcoming years, smart speakers will dominate the market. These smart speakers can do it all, including providing weather updates, sports scores, Wi-Fi access, 360-degree sound, and serving as an extension of your cell phone.

A speaker with smart features can respond to voice instructions, which is useful if you’re listening to audio while cleaning, working out, cooking, or doing other work that makes it difficult to control your speaker manually. Therefore, before spending more money on features you won’t use, determine whether your potential speaker is built with smart capabilities.

Product Durability and Manufacturer Reputation 

Durability and build quality are some other considerations you mustn’t forget. The manufacturer’s history is an important factor in determining a product’s potential longevity. A brand with an excellent track record for producing high-quality items often proves to be a better option.

Another way to tell if a brand is trustworthy is to see if they offer a product warranty. Usually, brands extending warranty and return facilities are more trustworthy as it shows how much trust they put in their products.

Features and Specs 

Like larger speakers, portable speakers, too, have top-tier features such as a dual-mode, aptX HD audio technology, and an AUX jack connector.

The majority of Bluetooth speakers can do more than merely play music. Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are accessible through smart speakers.

Google has its Home series of smart speakers, Apple has the excellent HomePod, and Amazon Alexa is accessible in the brand’s Echo range of speakers. Additionally, you’ll discover that many Bluetooth speakers are equipped with microphones for hands-free calls and support for voice-activated virtual assistants, allowing you to handle your calls and music even when your phone is far from you.


Bluetooth speakers weren’t always this affordable. While this is still true for high-end brand-driven speakers, there are lots of places to find affordable alternatives. Today, you don’t have to spend much money to get a good speaker. You can get decent sound in a well-designed compact box with long battery life for a fair price.

In any case, Bluetooth speakers are much more affordable than the best soundbars. However, don’t buy a speaker for the lowest price. Aim for a mid-range speaker with usable functionalities.

Water and DustProof Construction

Besides signifying waterproofing capabilities, the IP67 certification also refers to dust resistance, which means that any device constructed with IP67-level protection will not be affected by dust build-up.

Some Bluetooth speakers include IP ratings that describe the speaker’s level of durability, which is valuable for people with heavy outdoor usage.

Bluetooth speakers are now available in water and dust-proof variants. Many of which employ the “IP67” Ingress Protection Code classification. This indicates the speaker won’t be damaged if dropped into the water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes.

Conclusion | What is the Best Bluetooth Speaker to Buy in 2024?

Our list of the best Bluetooth isn’t short of action. Whether you need a budget speaker for casual listening or a high-end one for a superior professional audio profile – we’ve got something for every listener.

However, you wouldn’t need to look beyond the JBL Flip 5, no matter your specific requirement. With unmatched audio quality with the option of pairing up with other JBL speakers, 11 color options, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and an affordable price tag, the JBL Flip 5 is all you need for your next music session, whether that be a solo one or to create the perfect atmosphere at a pool party.

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