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Best Artificial Intelligence Learning Resources Online in 2022

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The artificial intelligence market is booming, with an expected annual growth of 35.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2026. The demand for artificial intelligence experts is mounting as the economy widens and companies inflate their technology usage to improve their businesses. While this presents great opportunities for many to start a career in AI, gaining the in-demand skills can be a challenging task, especially when there is no guidance or conflicting guidance available.

We have compiled a list of some of best online courses and Youtube channels which are freely available. Although various articles have published lists of top/best courses, most of them do not cater the requirement of the learners which could vary with their background.

The aim of this article is to guide learners to these online resources in a way that helps them choose those resources according to their specific requirements.

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Online Courses

Elements of AI

If you want to learn AI at a more elementary level, without getting involved in the underlying mathematics and statistics, and you have no computer science background, then this course can help. It aims to build understanding of what AI does, how it can impact our lives, and how we can build it. The Elements of AI course was initiated as a part of the Finnish government’s initiative to educate its population about AI. Later on, they decided to make it available to the world. So far, 730,000 students from 170 countries have signed up for the course.

AI for Everyone – Coursera

If you want to understand AI with no rigorous technical details in order to leverage it in your organization or roll out AI initiatives but have to work with non-technical people, then this course is typically designed for you. It teaches you about the workflow of AI projects and strategies around the deployment of AI in business. This course is led by Professor Andrew Ng who is a renewed Stanford AI professor, and co-founder and head of Google Brain as well as former Chief Scientist at Baidu.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Udacity

If you want to start learning the fundamentals of statistics and logic in AI, and their applications in areas like computer vision, natural language processing and robotics, then it is a great resource for you. The course is an online version of CS211 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence offered at Stanford. Led by two very prominent AI researchers (Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig,) this course takes around 4 months to complete.

Stanford Machine Learning – Coursera

Also developed by Andrew Ng, this introduction to machine learning is for those with some programing experience and a background in linear algebra. It has an enrollment of 4,316,734 students & professionals around the globe and they have rated it very highly. It covers the core machine learning concepts including supervised learning, unsupervised learning, support vector machines, kernel, and neural networks. The exercises are drawn from numerous case studies and are well-crafted to provide handy hands-on experience.

Learning From Data (Introductory Machine Learning) – Caltech (EdX)

If you want to cultivate a mathematical understanding of machine learning theory while covering basic probability, matrices and calculus, then this is an excellent resource. The course is particularly designed to help individuals who want to pursue a career in data science or as a data analyst, and requires 10 weeks to complete. The instructor Abu-Mostafa is a professor of electric engineering and computer science at California Institute of Technology, and co-author of Amazon’s bestseller machine learning book “Learning From Data.”

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How To Build An AI – Udemy

If you want to learn building AI systems for real-world applications such as self-driving cars and games, this course is for you. It cover Q-learning which is a type of reinforcement learning and widely adopted AI technology for such applications. The course requires basic mathematical and python programming knowledge.

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Youtube Channels


If you want to understand and implement machine learning from scratch using Python, this is an excellent channel for you.

Artificial Intelligence – All in One

If you are looking for a single channel that contains AI courses on key topics like machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing, taught by renowned AI experts like Geoffery Hinton, Andrew Ng and Dan Jurafsky, you must visit this channel.

If you want to deeply learn deep learning then you should look into this channel. The channel also hosts an interview series with leading AI researchers.


If you want to learn about building deep learning models with an easy-to-use and effective fastai library, then check out this channel from Jeremy Howard, who is the creator of this library.

Two Minute Paper

Stay up-to-date on the latest research in machine learning by following this channel. You’ll get key ideas and findings of an applicable research article condensed into a two-minute long video.

Yannic Kilcher

If you want to get an in-depth understanding of latest research articles on deep learning, natural language processing and reinforcement learning, then this is a “must visit” channel for you.

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Henry AI Labs

This is another useful channel if you want to keep yourself updated on the latest deep learning research in topics including natural language processing, reinforcement learning, generative adversarial networks and self-supervised learning.


If you want to learn the craft of applying AI to solve data science problems, this channel provides you tutorials on how-to code deep learning, perform data processing operations and build dashboards.

Lex Fridman

If you like to watch interviews of superstars in the AI industry talking about their work and how they see future of AI, then there is no better channel than this.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel

If you are curious about the future of AI, then you must visit this channel to listen about it from most successful AI researchers and business tycoons.


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Dr. Tehseen Zia
Tenured Associate Professor
Dr. Tehseen Zia
Tenured Associate Professor

Dr. Tehseen Zia has Doctorate and more than 10 years of post-Doctorate research experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is Tenured Associate Professor and leads AI research at Comsats University Islamabad, and co-principle investigator in National Center of Artificial Intelligence Pakistan. In the past, he has worked as research consultant on European Union funded AI project Dream4cars.