Best Pet Tech in 2024: Smart Devices & Pet AI Apps

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI have reshaped human technology in recent years. However, they have gone beyond humans and taken pet technology to a new level.

In 2023, Bloomberg Intelligence estimated the global pet industry to be worth about $320 billion and expected it to reach $500 billion by 2030.

As such, pet owners are consistently looking for more advanced tech solutions, focusing on health monitoring, improved engagement, and increased quality of life for their pets.

Can AI for pets become a new trend? Today, we witness the rise of smart pet tech, such as wearables, pet robots, high-tech pet doors, and toys, as people strive to get the best pet tech products for their furry buddies.

What smart devices and pet AI apps would you choose in 2024?

Key Takeaways

  • Emerging technology has gone a long way in reshaping human and pet technology, offering new innovative AI-powered devices and apps.
  • These include pet robots, self-cleaning litter boxes, smart collars, cameras, and high-tech pet toys.
  • Several AI-powered pet apps are also available for pet healthcare, engagement, recognition, and more.
  • Robot pets can be a good option for people who are not ready for real pets, older adults, or people with disabilities who may not be able to take care of live pets.
  • Pet technologies such as virtual pet experiences, facial expression recognition, and bark translators are likely to develop further.

5 Best Pet Tech Solutions 2024

19% of parents who also have pets revealed that they spent more on their fur babies than children, while 27% said they spent approximately the same amount on both, according to a recent survey by Ally Financial.


According to the research, 42% said that their household pets cost them anywhere between $100 and $299 per month, whereas 22% go further and spend over $300 a month.

As such, most pet parents seem willing to splash out for new and expensive high-tech products for their animals as long as they improve their quality of life.

Let’s explore some of the popular pet tech solutions available on the pet tech market today.

1. ORo’s AI-powered Pet Robot

ORo AI pet robot.
ORo AI pet robot. Source: Oro Dog

The ORo AI pet robot is one of the best smart pet products on the market. With the ability to fulfill several functions, such as playing, feeding, health monitoring, guarding, and training, this robot can become the perfect companion for your dog.

The ORo robot has an automatic feeder, which gives out both food and treats, which means that you can rest assured that your dog’s feeding schedule is maintained, even when you’re away from home.

It also maintains a health journal for your dog, including eating habits and other vital signs, so you can immediately be aware of any irregularities and potential issues.

The robot also plays with your dog when you can’t, keeping boredom and loneliness at bay. The robot’s AI mechanism can pick up your dog’s behavior and distress signals and attempt to calm or distract them.

Another key benefit is that it handles a lot of dog training, which is especially useful for pet owners who may not have enough time or the know-how to do so themselves.

As an added security benefit, the ORo robot also does periodic scans of your home and your pet’s whereabouts and flags anything suspicious.

As another nice-to-have feature, it also records whatever your pet does, preserving precious memories.

The ORo robot will be available for shipping from this month onwards and is currently priced at $799.

2. Whisker Litter Robot 4

Whisker’s Litter Robot 4.
Whisker’s Litter Robot 4. Source: Litter Robot

Love your kitties but hate scooping their litter boxes? Whisker’s Litter Robot 4 can go a long way in eliminating this most dreaded task for cat owners. This litter box is a self-cleaning automatic machine that can be connected to WiFi.

The self-cleaning cycle starts a few minutes after your cat has used the box, and the litter tray is replaced with a fresh bed of litter after every use. This goes a long way in reducing odors and litter tracking. Furthermore, the Whisker Litter Robot 4 can help significantly in decreasing litter wastage, helping you save up to 50% more litter.

The cleaning cycle time can also be adjusted based on your cat’s preferences and how comfortable they are with the box. It also has a quiet cycle, dubbed the WhisperQuiet cycle, which is ideal for nighttime cleaning and potentially better for more anxious cats.

This box also has an app to track your cat’s bathroom habits and weight, thus spotting anomalies immediately. It also comes with a step, fence, and carbon filter. The Litter Robot 4 can be used for up to 4 cats.

The Whisker Litter Robot 4 currently retails for $699.

3. Invoxia’s Minitailz Smart Dog Collar

The most advanced health and GPS tracker for dogs.
The most advanced health and GPS tracker for dogs. Source: Invoxia

Recognized as the product with the best innovation in the AI category at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Invoxia’s Minitalz Smart Dog Collar is the perfect smart collar for vigilant pet parents.

Equipped with GPS and a medical-grade health tracker, this collar lets you track your dog’s whereabouts, appetite, heart health, activity, and behavior. The collar even tracks your dog’s bark, which can also indicate their overall health.

The collar comes with an accompanying app, which helps you closely track your dog’s overall health and wellbeing and critical indicators such as breathing and heart rate. Both of these have proved instrumental in predicting and preventing heart attacks.

As such, the data gathered by the Invoxia dog collar can be invaluable to your vet, who can get a more transparent and holistic idea of your pet’s health and medical needs, resulting in better diagnostics and care. The collar has a ring for easy clipping onto various straps.

Invoxia’s Minitailz dog collar is currently priced at $99.

4. Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605
Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605. Source: Eufy

The Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 is one of the best dog cameras on the pet tech market, with 1080p clarity, a 170-degree wide-angle lens, and night vision.

Equipped with a Eufy Pet app, pet owners can always keep an eye on their fur friends on the go.

This camera also has a treat dispenser with a 270-degree rotation and a 3-distance setting to keep your pup engaged and active when you’re busy. But fear not; it also includes an anti-clog design and a dishwashable cup you can easily remove for hassle-free cleaning.

Furthermore, the camera automatically keeps your dog front and center in the frame by identifying them through the pet detection technology and following them with the smart motion sensor.

For noisy or anxious dogs, the camera sends a notification to pet owners if their dog barks a lot. This allows the owners to talk to their dogs and calm them down through 2-way audio.

As the cherry on top, the camera also offers 16GB local storage, keeping recordings easily at hand for pet owners to pore over down the line.

The Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 retails at $199.99 right now.

5. PetSafe’s SmartDoor Connected Pet Door

SmartDoor Connected Pet Door.
SmartDoor Connected Pet Door. Source: PetSafe

PetSafe’s SmartDoor Connected Pet Door is another smart pet product for busy pet parents. It involves pet door keys, which you can put on your pet’s collar. This key is automatically sensed by the door when your pet approaches and grants them entry, effectively keeping unwanted animals and wildlife out. A keyless option is also available, pairing your pet’s microchip with the system.

Controlled with the My PetSafe app, owners can seamlessly set operating schedules for multiple animals that align with their individual routines. This is especially useful if your pets like to go out and come back at different times. It also ensures that your pets get regular bathroom breaks and backyard access when you may be too busy to go for a walk.

Not only that, but pet owners can also get notifications on the app, alerting them of their pets’ whereabouts, as well as when they have used the door. The notifications can also help track when the door is locked and unlocked.

This pet door also has weather sealing, helping protect your pets indoors during bad weather and ensuring your heating or cooling does not get out.

PetSafe’s SmartDoor Connected Pet Door currently sells for $399.95.

High Tech Pet Toys to Entertain Your Furry Friends

High-tech pet toys have gained popularity in recent years due to their increased ability to engage, entertain, and provide positive behavioral training.

They can range from individual devices to complex interconnected systems. Smart pet toys include ball launchers, cat lasers, immersive experience systems, smart games, and puzzle devices.

Below are some of the best high-tech pet toys this year

CleverPet Hub

CleverPet Hub
CleverPet Hub. Source: CleverPet

The CleverPet Hub offers an entertaining solution that utilizes your dog’s instinct to work for its food and solve puzzles.

This pet tech product has dozens of innovative color-based puzzles for your dog to crack. Once they do, they get a treat, which motivates them to come back for more.

Puzzles are grouped based on difficulty levels and your dog’s capabilities, allowing you to select the type of quiz you want them to try and level up to the next difficulty level once they’ve conquered it.

The CleverPet Hub also comes with its app, through which you can watch your dog solve the puzzles and monitor its progress. Although the Hub is mainly for dogs, savvy cats can also use it.

Currently, the CleverPet Hub is priced at $249.


CleverPet Hub
CleverPet Hub. Source: CleverPet

Companion is a state-of-the-art pet technology device and toy that combines positive reinforcement training with AI for engaging interactive games.

The device also includes a camera, a treat launcher, a microphone, LED lights, and speakers. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

The Companion toy also sets itself apart from most other pet toys by being incredibly personalized to your dog and picking up on individual habits to adapt accordingly.

Thus, it plays and engages with your dog the way they prefer, such as playing stationary games such as “Simon Says” and “Offswitch” or chasing treats more actively.

Through the Companion app, pet owners can also keep track of their dogs’ activity, progress, games, and play sessions.

Companion currently has a waitlist, with the next shipments likely to be available in 2025. It is priced at $999.

AI-Powered Pet Apps

AI-powered pet apps, especially AI Pet Care apps, have seen immense popularity in recent years as pet lovers become more vigilant regarding their furry friends’ health and strive harder to nip health issues in the bud through early detection.

Other pet AI apps focus more on entertainment, training, and engagement, which are especially useful for busy owners working long hours outside the home.

Below are some of the best AI-powered pet apps:


TTcare AI-powered pet healthcare app.
TTcare AI-powered pet healthcare app. Source: TTcare

TTcare is one of the best AI-powered pet health apps that has won several awards, such as the 2023 Pet Innovation Award and the 2022 Forbes Asia 100 To Watch award.

This app lets owners take pictures and upload videos of their pets’ eyes, teeth, joints, etc. The app’s AI technology will then identify potential signs of illnesses or abnormalities, if any, and return the results, along with veterinary comments.

This can go a long way in identifying early warning health signs and prompting a timely visit to the vet to administer due pet care.

Note that AI examination will never replace real doctors.


Petnow AI-powered pet registration app.
Petnow AI-powered pet registration app. Source: Petnow

We know how heartbreaking and worrying losing a pet can be. Petnow, an AI-powered pet registration app, goes a long way in addressing this issue. It lets you register your pet by taking a picture of your dog’s nose or your cat’s face.

This data is associated with your personal data. As such, if your dog or cat is lost and found by someone, they can immediately scan their face or nose through the Petnow app, which will then tell them if this animal has been reported missing. Along with that, it will also provide owners’ contact details for a smooth recovery process.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for pet insurance payments to come through by simplifying pet identification.


Traini Dog Training & AI Chat.
Traini Dog Training & AI Chat. Source: App Store

Traini is an AI-powered dog training app that uses AI and PetGPT. As a result, you can get real-time guidance online, as well as corrections, recommendations, and consultation services.

It also offers more than 200 fun, personalized, and easy-on-the-pocket tricks for your pup to pick up.

The app instantly records the main areas of a pet’s bone structure during training sessions and gives instant feedback to its owners. Furthermore, it also connects you with other pet owners and trainers and offers relevant courses and services.

Robot Pets: Your Mechanic Companions

Robotic pets, or robo pets, have become immensely popular in recent years. Essentially, they are robots, shaped like dogs or cats, which are AI-powered to simulate much of the behaviors and responsiveness of actual pets.

Thus, robot dogs and cats provide many of the benefits of actual pets, such as engagement and companionship, without the need to take care of them like living animals.

These are usually best suited for people who are not quite ready for real pets yet, as well as people who want to prepare for eventually having a real animal. They also make good companions for older adults and people with disabilities who may struggle to take care of live pets.

Some examples of robot pets are the Emo desktop AI robot pet, the Eilik Robot Pet, and the Makeblock mTiny robot pet.

The Future of Smart Pet Technologies

One of the most important trends in smart pet technology is the use of virtual reality (VR) experiences for pets. These can include simulations and immersive scenarios of things and experiences that pets typically enjoy to keep them occupied and entertained.

Games, chasing and hunting situations, and walks are some popular examples. They can decrease boredom, improve the quality of life, and reduce separation anxiety and other pet stress. Virtual reality tools can also help training dogs immensely.

Another key development is cat facial cues and expressions deciphering apps and bark translators. These apps can help examine pet health and overall well-being and are especially useful for monitoring pain. Several examples include the Tably app for cats and Bark GPT for dogs.

Further improvements in pet care can include better access to telemedicine and home care, more focus on pets’ mental health, and a wider array of robot companions who can interact with your furry buddies.

The Bottom Line

Modern tech devices and AI-powered apps improve our pets’ quality of life, well-being, and entertainment experiences.

Today, pet lovers want the best pet tech products for their four-pawed friends, which include robot companions, high-tech pet collars, dog toys, and self-cleaning litter boxes.

For those who are not quite ready for pets yet or would like to prepare for one, robo pets can also be a good option, going a long way in simulating what having a real pet would be like.

In the future, pet technology is expected to continue growing in leaps and bounds by developing things like virtual reality devices for pets and bark and facial cues recognition software.


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