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When searching for the best tech podcasts, you typically encounter names like Leo Laporte and his successful TWiT.tv (This Week in Tech) podcast. This show has consistently held a position in tech news podcast rankings since 2005.

However, many of these best tech podcast lists are becoming dated after the fallout from the ‘Reply All’ Podcast and accusations of toxic culture and anti-union attitudes from its hosts.

Even must-listen shows like In Machines We Trust have stopped publishing new episodes, paving the way for a new wave of tech podcasts. Therefore, many more emerging voices are taking center stage.

Discover the best technology podcasts for 2024 as we highlight a mix of well-established favorites and up-and-coming voices reshaping the digital discourse with diverse perspectives.

Key Takeaways

  • The world of tech podcasting is experiencing a diversification as fresh voices emerge to challenge the status quo of established shows.
  • Tech podcasts are increasingly sought for their insights into the evolving trends in business and technology.
  • Prominent female-led tech podcasts have emerged, providing new perspectives and enriching the industry with their contributions.
  • Ethical considerations and the societal impacts of technology are now taking center stage as central themes in tech podcasts.
  • Top tech podcasts have expanded their horizons to cover topics ranging from AI advancements to cybersecurity concerns.

Voices of Change: The Dynamic Landscape of Tech Podcasts

Our world has changed with an influx of much-needed diversity in the tech industry and discussions around technology’s impact on our lives, work, and various business sectors. But the podcast charts often reflect a different world of large organizations, from NVIDIA to the New York Times and its popular Hard Fork podcast to celebrities and high-profile hosts such as Lex Fridman.

The reality is that every list of the best tech podcasts in 2023 and 2024 will be entirely subjective. Some people want to hear news about the latest gadgets and gizmos. In contrast, others might wish to enjoy a Tech Tonic from the Financial Times.


But when looking for a new tech podcast, we want to hear various opinions from multiple backgrounds hosted by people at the intersection of business and technology.

The good news is that podcasts remain the go-to medium to stay abreast of business or tech trends, efficiently transforming ‘dead time’ like commuting or exercising into informative sessions. It’s never been easier to stay updated and informed during unproductive moments.

But what are the top tech podcasts to listen to in 2024? Here is a list of old favorites and emerging new voices in the tech scene that could be the soundtrack to your dog walks and weekly household chores.

Best Tech Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Best Tech Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

1. In Her Element

Refreshingly, we have recently seen an influx of women in tech podcasts such as There Are No Girls on the Internet. In Her Element is another excellent tech podcast initiated by the Boston Consulting Group, which started in May 2022. This tech podcast offers a unique window into women’s lives leading the tech industry.

Hosted by AI and digital expert Suchi Srinivasan and fintech practice leader Kamila Rakhimova, this bi-weekly, 20-minute podcast has produced 47 episodes to date.

Each episode delves into female trailblazers’ personal and professional journeys in Tech, blending career achievements, personal victories, and the balancing act of family life. The show stands out for its intimate tone, making listeners feel partaking in a personal conversation with a mentor.

A distinctive feature of the podcast is its exploration of “arrival” moments – pivotal moments when these leaders realized they had made progress and genuinely arrived in their element. This insightful series highlights its guests’ accomplishments and provides inspiration and introspection for anyone interested in technology, business, and female leadership.

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2. The Future of Business & Technology Podcast

Bernard Marrs’s Future of Business & Technology Podcast delves into the changing landscape of business and technology. As a known futurist and author, Bernard Marr shares his expertise by discussing the impact and potential of Generative AI and other technological advancements.

The podcast features conversations with industry leaders, exploring topics such as AI’s influence on job markets, how cloud networking affects Formula One racing and the strategic implementation of Generative AI in companies.

This podcast is an informative resource for professionals who want to navigate the evolving world of business and technology while considering both the opportunities they present and ethical considerations.

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3. The Vergecast

The Vergecast has been around since 2011 and has become a cornerstone of tech news podcasts with over 700 episodes.

Hosted by Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz, this weekly podcast expertly navigates the world of gadgets and Big Tech. They provide an insightful rundown of the critical technology news each week. Every Friday, they unpack the latest Tech with humor and informative perspectives.

David Pierce and The Verges team of experts also dive into how technology impacts our lives every Tuesday. They guide listeners on which gadgets or software are worth integrating into their lives. In addition to its coverage of tech news, The Vergecast is known for its blend of humor and expert analysis.

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4. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries, which debuted in 2017 with Jack Rhysider as the host, gives a peek into the realm of the internet through its extensive collection of more than 140 episodes.

This captivating podcast delves into stories about hackers, cybercrime, secretive government activities, and online threats, making subjects like malware, botnets, and cyberattacks accessible to a broad audience.

Rhysiders engaging storytelling and insightful interviews with cybercriminals and security experts offer a perspective on security concerns. With its ability to entertain and educate listeners on cybersecurity practices, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by technology and internet safety.

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5. Women In Tech

The Women in Tech Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora of WeAreLATech, features diverse female professionals, including engineers, founders, investors, UX/UI designers, and journalists; the podcast showcases their journeys and achievements.

Its core mission is to provide listeners, especially aspiring women in tech, with the message ‘If She Can Do It, So Can I,’ which Espree describes as “actionable empowerment.”

This weekly podcast aligns its style and content with notable shows like Startup Podcast, WeAreLATech, Nerdette, Rocket, Tim Ferriss, and Recode, offering a blend of motivational stories and practical advice.

It is a crucial platform for highlighting female success stories in tech, encouraging more women to envision and pursue their career ambitions.

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6. The Tech Life Podcast

The Tech Life Podcast focuses on how technology impacts our everyday lives. Led by tech journalists, each episode dives into how technology is reshaping our work, education, and leisure activities.

The podcast explores topics like the implications of VPNs, the potential of technology in health, and the latest trends from renowned tech events like CES.

Tech Life offers a mix of stories, interviews, and hands-on product reviews. The hosts also critically examine the influence of tech giants while considering who benefits and who might be left behind in this transforming tech landscape.

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7. Pivot Podcast

The Pivot podcast, a collaboration between New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network, has been running since 2018 and has already released more than 500 episodes.

Known tech journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway host it. The podcast offers insights and bold forecasts on recent technological advancements, business, and politics.

Known for their banter during discussions, Swisher and Galloway engage in debates while offering thought-provoking opinions and analyses. Pivot stands out because of its hosts’ extensive knowledge and ability to delve into intricate subjects with a touch of humor and genuine curiosity. It’s a must-listen for those who want to gain an understanding of the influential stories that shape our world.

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8. The a16z Podcast

The a16z Podcast, created by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz based in Silicon Valley, started as a venture in 2014. Today, it has become one of the leading voices in the tech industry.

With over 250 episodes released each week, this podcast is celebrated for exploring cutting-edge technology and its societal impacts.

a16z offers detailed discussions that provide invaluable insights into the latest innovations and future technological directions. Its scope extends beyond Silicon Valley or traditional tech companies; it explores how technology fundamentally reshapes sectors. Work, life, and play alike.

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9. Tech Won’t Save Us

Tech Won’t Save Us is a technology podcast that started during the Covid lockdown in April 2020. Since then, they have released over 200 episodes. Hosted by Paris Marx, this show provides an insightful and critical look at the tech industry. It questions the narrative that technology alone can bring about progress.

Every Thursday, Marx engages with experts to discuss how the tech industry, Silicon Valley, impacts our world. They delve into topics such as labor exploitation, increased surveillance, and the influence of technology in politics. The podcast doesn’t just criticize; it also explores ideas for creating a future and challenges the capitalist limitations imposed on technological advancement.

The Tech Won’t Save Us podcast offers a thought-provoking perspective on the prevailing belief in technology potential. It challenges listeners to reconsider their relationship with technology and question the narratives imposed upon them regarding its role in society.

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10. Tech Talks

Tech Talks, hosted by David Savage, offers a compelling look into the minds of tech leaders, addressing a gap in content for industry leaders.

With his background in technology recruitment and a decade of experience in understanding the sector’s human element, David launched the podcast in 2015 to provide an honest insight into the challenges faced by leaders in the tech industry, avoiding the superficial gloss often found in mainstream coverage.

A recent focus of the podcast has been on the struggles of female entrepreneurs in fundraising and the systemic issues in venture capital.

The show recently highlighted the stark statistic that only 15% of founders are female and the minuscule investment they receive from the VC community.

This discussion reflects the broader issue of slow progress in equality, diversity, and inclusion in technology, a topic that Nash Squared has been tracking for over 25 years through its Digital Leadership Report.

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11. The CloudCast

Co-hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely since 2011, Cloudcast has emerged as the cloud computing podcast with over 800 episodes. It covers topics ranging from AI and big data to serverless computing and DevOps, catering to IT professionals and cloud computing enthusiasts.

Recognizing the need for accessible cloud education, they also launched Cloudcast Basics, a spin-off series providing shorter, structured episodes for beginners.

Each Cloudcast Basics segment is designed to introduce, explain, and offer examples of cloud concepts, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the field. Together, these podcasts form a comprehensive resource, keeping listeners at the forefront of cloud technology developments and learning.

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12. IT Visionaries

IT Visionaries is a podcast that caters to IT professionals, tech enthusiasts, and aspiring tech leaders. It provides a combination of real-life experiences and thinking viewpoints in IT. The show is a resource for individuals who want to gain insights from industry experts.

This podcast provides access to the minds of top CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs from the Fortune 1000. While the conversations are high-level, avoiding the minutiae of IT work, they are rich with expert insights, inspiring stories, and trend analysis.

Aimed at IT professionals, aspiring tech leaders, and tech enthusiasts alike, IT Visionaries focuses on shaping the future of technology.

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The Bottom Line: Author’s Perspective

After conducting 2,800 interviews on my podcast, Tech Talks Daily, I’ve enjoyed conversing with notable figures like Star Trek’s William Shatner and Gary Vaynerchuk.

I was also fortunate to have John Sculley share the moment when Steve Jobs said, “Would you rather spend your life selling sugary drinks or join me in changing the world?”

Ultimately, podcasts are about conversations and storytelling.

Having also dedicated hours to listening to tech podcasts, I have delved into the fascinating connection between business and technology through engaging conversations and classic storytelling techniques. But what did I learn?

The future of podcasting is not about the latest celebrity or influencer discussing the latest must-have technology or smartphone. I urge everyone reading this to seek out unique, diverse voices of people trying to solve the same problems as you and break down that fourth wall to share your ideas with them.

Technology works best when it brings people together to solve real-world problems; this is what the future of podcasts is all about.


What is the most viewed podcast?

What is the best type of podcast?

Do podcasts make money?

Which podcasts do CEOs listen to?

What percentage of podcasts fail?


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