BlockDAG Dominates with Teaser of Keynote Video on Moon, Surpassing Bitbot & Fezoo Presales with Stellar $17.8M Growth

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The crypto community watches the crypto presale arena as Bitbot presale rallies and Fezoo expands its trading capabilities through Telegram. These platforms offer innovative features, but none seem as promising as BlockDAG’s rapid growth in its presale batches. 

BlockDAG has not only raised an impressive $17.8 million in its presale but has also sold over 7.5 billion coins, showcasing its robust technological advancements and market potential. As the best crypto presale, BlockDAG’s latest developments, including the teaser of the keynote release on moon and an anticipated 20,000x ROI, position it uniquely in the competitive crypto landscape.

BlockDAG crypto project showing astronaut going to the moon

Exploring Bitbot’s Advancements in Crypto Trading

The Bitbot presale has raised $2.2 million and is currently in its ninth stage. The presale offers Bitbot tokens at $0.0148 each. This strategic phase of the Bitbot presale introduces features like revenue sharing and community governance. Bitbot operates seamlessly through Telegram, offering users a direct way to trade while ensuring the security of their assets. The integration of self-custodial wallets during the Bitbot presale has set a new standard for security in Telegram-based trading. 

Fezoo: A New Contender in Crypto Exchange

The Fezoo presale has sparked considerable interest among investors, particularly those from the Ethereum and Ripple communities, looking for fresh opportunities in a buoyant market. As a decentralised platform, Fezoo offers the significant advantage of no-KYC requirements, enabling traders to begin trading immediately without the need for identity verification.

Amid growing competition with established platforms like Binance, Fezoo is distinguishing itself by simplifying the user experience. Fezoo focuses on a less cumbersome interface and lower transaction fees, attracting traders who seek convenience without the hassle of traditional KYC processes, by focusing on user-friendly access and a wide range of cryptocurrency trading options.

BlockDAG’s Ascent: Keynote on Moon Teaser Boosts Presale’s Growth

BlockDAG has made waves in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing significant growth in its presale phases, which so far has made over $17.8 million and distributed over 7.5 billion coins. The price trajectory from batch 1, starting at $0.001 to $0.005 in batch 9, and anticipated to rise to $0.006 in batch 10, illustrates the potential profitability for investors. The continued technical innovations reinforce investor confidence.


Amidst the backdrop of a dynamic market, BlockDAG introduces a Low-code/No-code platform that democratizes the creation of utility tokens, meme tokens, and NFTs. This platform empowers individuals and businesses to transform their blockchain visions into reality without needing extensive coding knowledge. BlockDAG has simplified blockchain development and shortened time-to-market.

Furthermore, BlockDAG is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and everyday spending with its BlockDAG Crypto Payment Card. This card allows for the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into daily transactions, promoting the mainstream adoption of BDAG and enhancing its utility. The card underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to providing tangible, real-world applications for its digital assets.

Lastly, BlockDAG enriches its community engagement through a mobile app that allows users to mine cryptocurrency effortlessly. As BlockDAG continues to innovate and expand, it sets a new standard for the best crypto presale with a 20,000x ROI projection and solidifies its place in the market with ambitious plans as showcased with its recent teaser of keynote video on the moon.

Final Say

As the Bitbot presale garners attention, Fezoo innovates through Telegram, enhancing trading experiences. However, BlockDAG has dramatically outperformed both, with a $17.8 million presale and selling over 7.5 billion coins. Dubbed the best crypto presale, BlockDAG’s strategic advancements and exciting keynote video on the moon teaser and its showcase of technological breakthroughs with the recent massive display on the Las Vegas Sphere set it on the path for a potential 20,000x ROI.

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