BlockDAG’s Community Focus: New Dashboard and $2 Million Giveaway Eclipse Floki Inu Price and Lido DAO Market Cap

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The Floki Inu token reached an all-time high in November 2021; it dropped by 37.15%. However, new listings and strategic partnerships could drive the price of Floki Inu to new heights. In contrast, Lido DAO has a market cap of only $1.4 billion, with a ratio exceeding 19, despite being a leader among protocols in total value locked (TVL).

Meanwhile, BlockDAG has recently updated its dashboard, revealing extensive whale activity and enhancing the user experience. The platform now includes sophisticated features that allow users to track their ranks, manage their wallets, and more, establishing BlockDAG as one of the top layer 1 cryptocurrencies. The combination of innovation and community focus, along with the $2 million giveaway, has propelled presale numbers to $29.3 million upon entering batch 14 at an attractive price of $0.0085.

FLOKI Inu Price: Moderate Movements and Market Speculations 

FLOKI has shown modest market movements recently. Floki Inu’s price is currently trading at $0.0002144, with some fluctuations over the last month. Despite a trading volume of $485.48 million and a market cap of $2.05 billion, it remains a speculative asset with uncertain future performance. Key developments include its listing on Binance Thailand and a partnership with Revolut Business, which could potentially increase its user base. 

Additionally, community-driven initiatives like the token burn, and the upcoming Valla app launch aim to enhance its utility. However, like any cryptocurrency, FLOKI’s future price movements are speculative and subject to market risks and volatility. Prospective investors should be cautious and consider the inherent risks associated with meme coins and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Lido DAO Market Cap and TVL Analysis

Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi positively correlates with a token’s market cap, indicating security and value. Higher staked assets suggest a more secure protocol. Lido DAO leads in TVL, but the Lido DAO Market Cap is only $1.4 billion.

LDO’s price fell from a $4.04 high in January and broke a 700-day support trend line, signaling a bearish trend. It also fell below the $1.78 Fibonacci retracement support level. With the weekly RSI below 50, if LDO breaks the $1.50 support, it could drop to $0.95.


BlockDAG Updates Dashboard with Enhanced Features and $2 Million Giveaway

BlockDAG recently updated its dashboard, offering sophisticated features designed to enhance user experience. Upon entering, users are greeted with the latest announcements through the “Hot News” section and notification tab. Users can easily track their ranks and view the purchase amounts needed to advance in rank. 

The “Wallet” section allows users to manage their purchases, balances, and miners. Adjacent to this, the “Leaderboard Preview” displays top purchasers. The “Last Transactions Preview” provides detailed status, stage, time, and amount of recent transactions.

In the “Referral Screen,” users can monitor the purchases made via their referral links and earned bonuses. The “Leaderboard” page displays the top 30 buyers from the BlockDAG Presale, categorized into rankings: Crab, Tortoise, Fish, Shark, and Whale. 

Users can review their complete transaction history under “My Transactions” and view instant purchases on the “Live Transactions” screen. The “Profile” page lets users access their rank, update delivery addresses, and manage their miners.

Moreover, users can now participate in BlockDAG Network’s $2 Million Giveaway. Complete tasks and refer friends for bonus entries. To qualify, join the BlockDAG presale and hold at least $100 worth of BDAG for a chance to be one of 50 winners sharing the prize pool. 

Final Say

Despite a trading volume of $485.48 million and a market cap of $2.05 billion, Floki Inu remains a speculative asset with uncertain future performance. Although Lido DAO leads in TVL, its market Cap is only $1.4 billion.

On the other hand, BlockDAG leads with its revamped user-friendly dashboard, $2 million giveaway, and unprecedented presale success of $29.3M, emerging as a top layer 1 cryptocurrency for significant gains.

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