Top 5 Best Cashback Shopping Apps Reviewed for 2024

A cashback shopping app allows you to get a portion of the money you’ve spent on goods back to your bank account. The more frequently you visit cashback shopping sites and make purchases, the more money you’ll get in return. Besides being great for saving on everyday purchases, retailers also look at cashback as a valuable economic engine and an ideal tool to entice more customers.

Finding the right shopping cash back app can be challenging for beginners. Because of that, we’ve decided to do the legwork for you and present you with the best cashback shopping apps in 2024. The following rebate apps excel in accessibility, area coverage, number of retailers, and cashback potential. Read on to learn more.

The 5 Best Cashback Shopping Apps in 2024 

When searching for the best cashback apps for online shopping, there’s a risk of coming across scams. To compile this list, we thoroughly analyzed the market and tested over 100 rebate applications to find these 5 legit, top cashback apps:

  1. BeFrugal – Overall, the Best Cashback App in 2024, which is free to join, comes with a $10 signup bonus and up to 40% cashback rates.
  2. QuickRewards – One of the best cash apps for restaurants, which offers several ways to earn money and is partnered with big-name firms.
  3. TopCashBack – Best receipt rewards app for beginners that has great fashion and travel deals and multiple cashout options.
  4. iBotta – Great grocery shopping cash back app which offers a sign-up bonus of up to $20 and covers 50,000+ stores.
  5. Upside – Popular app that offers savings on everyday purchases, with cash rewards of up to 25% and instant withdrawals.

Best Cashback Apps for Online Shopping Reviewed

Below, you can find more details about each cashback shopping app from our top 5 list. Read on and find out what app offers the highest cashback percentage, what the best app for beginners is, and which app to use, depending on your spending habits.

1. BeFrugal – One of the Best Cashback Shopping Apps with 40% Cashback Rates

BeFrugal is the best cash app as it allows you to get up to 40% off on various purchases. In addition, you can get additional money by claiming BeFrugal’s Bonus Cash deals.

BeFrugal google play store app interface

This promotion saves you more money than regular retailer cashback deals. Join BeFrugal now and get a $10 bonus to your cashback balance.

The App  

BeFrugal platform is divided into several categories: stores, coupons, deals, credit cards, and bonus cash back. You can browse the app from A to Z and take a look at the current bonus rate.

The app also displays older bonus rates so that you can compare and calculate the expected discount. On top of this, the browser extension offers several valuable features.

Every time you visit an online store, the extension will notify you if there’s an active deal you can use. More importantly, the BeFrugal browser extension will display the best possible combinations of deals and discount codes, thus allowing you to save more. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


The list of BeFrugal partners includes over 5,000 popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Nike, and many others. Some of the available categories are:

  • Shoes
  • Travel
  • Luxury
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Men’s and Women’s apparel

And many others. In addition to a wide variety of coupon deals and discounts, BeFrugal offers a unique guarantee that if you find a higher cashback on competitors’ sites, this cashback shopping app will match the rate at 125%.

BeFrugal Cashback Shopping App Earnings

Although the app advertises up to 40% cashback rates, you won’t find many such deals on this platform. Still, you can earn a decent refund by purchasing through BeFrugal. The majority of deals offer between 2% and 10% rebates, with a decent amount of those at a 15% rate.

BeFrugal earnings

Also, you can withdraw your money swiftly using a variety of options like a paper check, PayPal, bank deposit, Venmo, Zelle, or gift cards.

The minimum amount is 1 cent, except for paper checks ($25) and gift cards ($5). You can expect your cashback to arrive within 24 hours or less. Finally, if you sign up now, you’ll get a $10 bonus, which you can later add on top of your cashback account balance.

BeFrugal Referral Program

Help your friends join BeFrugal and get a $10 bonus. You become eligible for the reward once your referral earns at least $10 cashback.

You can ask for a unique link from BeFrugal and share it on social media or as a banner on your blog site. The more people you bring, the more money you can get in return.


  • Free to join
  • $10 bonus for sign up
  • Up to 40% cashback
  • 1 cent minimum withdrawal
  • Cashouts under 24h
  • 125% BeFrugal guarantee


  • $25 minimum withdrawal via paper check
  • Bonus Cash Deals are rare
Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Referral Program
Apparel + Beauty

Electronics + Computer



Travel + Sports & Outdoor

Up to 40% when using Bonus Cash deals

Between 2-15% at online retailers


Gift Cards

Paper Check



Bank deposit

Under 24 hours Get a $10 bonus when your referral reaches a $10 cashback limit

2. QuickRewards – One of the Best Cash Apps for Restaurants

QuickRewards is a cashback payment system that allows you to earn money by participating in different activities. You can earn rebates by:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Taking online surveys
  • Completing different daily tasks

QuickRewards cashback app

QuickRewards has an easy-to-use app and offers plenty of perks for its users. More about this cashback shopping app is below.

The App

The QuickRewards cashback app is somewhat more complex than some of its competitors. Still, you won’t find any trouble browsing the list of available deals and offers.

quickrewards programs

QuickRewards doesn’t offer a dedicated app. However, that doesn’t mean your experience in getting exclusive cashback deals will suffer in any way. On the contrary, the QuickRewards app provides a seamless experience to both desktop and smartphone users.


The app links over 1,000 businesses from various niches. You can earn valuable cashback deals by purchasing at Walmart, Disney, Red Lobster, Domino’s Pizza, Target, Home Depot, and many other big names.

QuickRewards Cashback Shopping App Earnings

The minimum you can receive from using one of the best cashback shopping apps is 1 cent. Additionally, you can make up to $1 per day by simply watching videos. Also, surveys pay out around 75 cents each. Playing games can also land a minor amount of money into your account.

You can earn around $0.01 per game, which isn’t the highest rebate we’ve seen thus far. Alternatively, you can earn money by visiting recommended websites and reading paid emails. On the plus side, you can also withdraw your money relatively quickly via PayPal.

QuickRewards Referral Program

At the moment, we found no referral program offers at QuickRewards. However, we believe this can change in the near future.


  • Accepts PayPal
  • Mobile-optimized app
  • Watching videos pays out up to $1/day
  • Offers several easy ways to earn money
  • Partnered with Disney, Walmart, Red Lobster, and Domino’s Pizza


  • No dedicated app
  • Low rebates on playing games
Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Referral Program


Up to 1$ daily from watching videos

$0.75 from surveys

$0.01 from playing games

PayPal Fast Not Available

3. TopCashBack – Best Receipt Rewards App for Beginners 

TopCashback offers rebates by purchasing at over 5,000 online stores. The app is simple to use and comes with a browser extension to make your experience smoother.

Topcashback cashback app

It’s free and offers multiple payout options like PayPal, bank transfer, and gift cards. Here’s why TopCashBack is one of the best cash back apps:

The App 

To earn your refund, you need to use the mobile app or install the browser extension if you prefer using a desktop computer or laptop. You can browse through the available rebate offers.

Once you find the desired deal, the app will redirect you to the retailer’s official website. The app is simple and requires no previous experience using similar cashback platforms.


You can save money by purchasing at 5,000+ different locations across the US. TopCashbackApp has partnered with major brands from various industries like fashion, travel, electronics, gardening, and many others. You can earn while purchasing at Expedia, M&S,, Sky, eBay, and Booho.

TopCashBack Shopping App Earnings

TopCashBack is one of the best apps to get cash back, and for a good reason — it pays out between 2% and 20%, depending on the retailer. The app allows you to collect your rebates in cash. However, you can save an additional 12.5% if you exchange your refund for e-gifts.

Topcashback earnings interface

The minimum amount you can take out is $0.01 via PayPal, $10 with a Visa card, and between $1 and $10 with gift cards.

TopCashBack Referral Program 

With the Tell a Friend program, you can get valuable cash rewards every time your referral reaches the target. Once your recommended friend earns a $10 cashback, the TopCashBack app will immediately credit your account with $30.


  • 5,000+ stores
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Multiple cashout options
  • $0.01 minimum withdrawal
  • Great traveling and fashion deals
  • Save 12.5% more by purchasing gift cards
  • Includes big names like Sky, eBay,


  • $10 minimum cashout via Visa
Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Refferal Program




Between 2-20% at online retailers

Save an extra 12.5% by exchanging cashback for gift cards



Bank Transfer

Gift Cards

Fast Get $30 every time your referral reaches a $10 cashback

4. iBotta – Great Grocery Shopping Cash Back App 

With around 300 businesses, iBotta may not seem like a massive cashback shopping app. However, the reality is that this app offers discounts across 50,000+ locations, and it’s renowned for being one of the key players in the rewards app market.

ibotta cashback app

Moreover, iBotta is a safe and legit app that’s paid over $1.2 billion to its users thus far. Intrigued? Read more below.

The App

You can use both the desktop and mobile versions of this cashback app. You can download the iBotta mobile app from your iOS or Android store.

The app has over 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4,5 out of 5 stars on Google Play. Also, you can find 632,000+ user reviews, with the majority being positive.


As mentioned above, iBotta doesn’t boast a massive group of partners. You can earn cashback by purchasing in over 300 in-store and online retailers.

For the most part, you can find exclusive deals from local grocery shops. However, iBotta offers a diverse selection of retailers that include apparel, home, and discount website coupons. Some of the big names you can find on the iBotta cashback list are:

  • Priceline
  • Best Buy
  • eBay
  • Home Depot
  • Groupon
  • Kohl’s
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy

The list of partners is constantly growing – so, don’t be surprised if you see more big names in the future. With the big names on this list, it’s already the best grocery shopping cash back app, though.

iBotta Cashback Shopping App Earnings

The iBotta cash back application helps you to save up to 30% on your everyday purchases. To get your rebate, you need to upload the picture into your app.

You can do that by using the app’s camera. Alternatively, you can link your loyalty account with the app. That way, your receipt will be automatically processed by the iBotta app.

Furthermore, signing up with iBotta can bring you a substantial welcome bonus of up to $20. Redeeming an in-store offer for $10 is the first out of a total of three steps.

ibotta earnings

Claim a mobile shopping offer for $5 and then redeem another in-store or mobile shopping offer for $5 to get your first $20. Finally, you can combine iBotta cashback with various discounts and promo codes to get products at bargain prices.

The minimum cashout is $20. You can withdraw your cash almost instantly via PayPal, bank account, or gift cards.

iBotta Referral Program

Contact iBotta support and request the referral code and share it via email and social media. As a part of the iBotta referral program, you get $10 for every new user that signs up using your code. The more people you get on board, the more money you’ll get.


  • 300+partners
  • Up to 30% cashback
  • Up to $20 sign-up bonus
  • Cashback deals across 50,000 locations
  • Can combine cashback with discount codes


  • $20 minimum withdrawal
Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Referral Program
Groceries Up to 30% PayPal

Gift Cards

Bank Transfer

Under 24 hours $10 for every referral that signs with your code

5. Upside – Popular Cashback App for Saving on Everyday Purchases

Upside is the by far one of the best cashback apps for online shopping. Having amassed partners from 50,000+ locations, this app makes it incredibly easy to save money on everyday expenses.

Upside best cashback app

You can earn by shopping for gas, groceries, or dining at local restaurants. Upside is simple to use and allows you to save up to 25% on various products and services. Here’s why it’s a top pick for many.

The App

You can download the Upside app for free from the Android or iOS store. Signing up is straightforward; you can do that via email, Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts.

The app design is simple and user-friendly and provides users with valuable instructions on every single step. It’ll continuously offer the best deals in your area and show you the expected rebates.

Back in the day, thanks to the rise of reusable notebooks, people wrote down the discounts and manually calculated the money they saved. But not anymore.

All you need to do is go to locations in your app and find the best offer. If this is your first time using cashback apps, we recommend giving Upside a try.


The app offers rebates at 50,000+ different locations across the US. Domino’s, Valero, Papa John’s, and Shell are just some of the many big names included in the list of Upside’s partners. Its massive network includes gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Upside Cashback Shopping App Earnings

You can find different offers and discounts depending on your location. The lowest rate you can expect with Upside is 1 cent. On the other hand, the highest rebate depends on the type of goods you consume.

Upside cashback app earnings

For example, the highest refund we found at gas stations was 25 cents per gallon. As a result, we can conclude that the Upside app is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Besides this, if you prefer using cashback shopping apps for restaurants and groceries, you’ll be happy to hear that Upside offers between 12% and 25% earnings.

How to Claim the Deal 

You can activate the deal by clicking on the desired offer. Once you do that, you’ll have 24 hours to use the promotion. You need to scan the receipt to claim your earnings.

Luckily, you can do that in a few seconds, which makes Upside one of the best receipt apps for cashback. Also, some businesses may require you to check-in. In that case, you need to link your credit or debit card with the app and make a purchase. Your cashback will reflect on your balance within 20 minutes.

You can withdraw your collected funds at any time. Plus, the Upside app allows you to get your money instantaneously via PayPal or Bank transfer.

Referral Program

You can earn additional money with Upside by helping others earn more. Bring people to the platform and get 1 cent per gallon every time one of your referrals buys gas. Consequently, you can create a great money-making system that generates profit for doing — nothing essentially.


  • User-friendly app
  • Instant withdrawals
  • 50,000+ businesses
  • Great gas-saving cashback app
  • Savings of up to 25 cents per gallon
  • Up to 25% cashback on restaurants
  • Lucrative referral program


  • Could have more restaurant and grocery deals
Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Referral Program
Gas stations



Up to 25 cents/gallon

Up to 25% on local restaurants


Bank Transfer

Instant 1 cent/gallon every referral buys

Top Cashback Apps for Shopping Compared

Sometimes, a shoulder-to-shoulder overview like the one below of key details can help you compare your leading options and arrive at the best one for your needs:

CashBack App Covered Industries Potential Cashback Earnings Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Speed Referral Program
BeFrugal Apparel, electronics, luxury, travel, sports & outdoor, computer, shoes Up to 40% Paper check, Gift Card, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Deposit Under 24 hours $10 when a referral reaches a $10 cashback limit
QuickRewards Restaurants and groceries $1 from watching videos

$0.75 from participating in surveys

$0.01 from playing games

PayPal Fast NA
TopCashBack Travel, fashion, gardening, electronics 2%-20% PayPal, Visa, Gift cards, Bank transfer Fast $30 every time a referral reaches a $10 cashback threshold
iBotta Groceries Up to 30% PayPal, Gift Cards, Bank Transfer Under 24 hours $10 for every referral
Upside Gas stations, restaurants, groceries Up to 25 cents/gallon and 25% on local restaurants PayPal, Bank Transfer Instant 1 cent/gallon every referral buys

What is a Shopping Cashback App?

A cashback shopping app is a platform that provides you with a refund on eligible purchases. Typically, you get a specific percentage of the buying price. Companies use this to increase customer retention.

The reward can come in the form of real money or cashback points that you can later redeem. On top of this, cashback applications are free to use in most cases.

You can either sign up for desktop versions or download iOS and Android dedicated apps, and the best shopping cashback applications come with browser extensions. These features scan every site you visit for the best discount deals. In reality, using the best cashback apps won’t make you a millionaire.

If you intend to become one, then we advise you to check the best cryptos to buy right now for 30x gains. However, if you’re looking to add a few hundred dollars to your home budget every month, using rebate apps can be a great choice.

Why Do I Need a Shopping Rewards Program?

What are the benefits of cashback apps? Is it worthwhile installing such apps and tracking discounts every day? Read on as we present you with the benefits of having a great cashback shopping app.


Getting the best cashback application is simple. All you have to do is visit the official cashback app website and register. When it comes to desktop versions, all you need to do is to register and start browsing the sites. If you prefer using the app on the go, you can download a dedicated app.

The best cashback shopping apps are available for iOS and Android devices. You can download them from your mobile store and access your cashback apps through your smartphone or tablet. You can even connect your loyalty cards with the app and enjoy instant cashback without the need for receipt scanning.

Save Money On Everyday Purchases

People tend to attach themselves to one place when it comes to shopping. For example, some people always visit the same grocery or fill gas at the same gas station.

The most typical reasons are location, attractive prices, quality, or simply a matter of habit. The bottom line is — you’re going to spend that much anyway. Since that’s the case, cashback shopping apps come as a perfect solution. Use a rebate application to find better deals at your favorite shopping places.

That way, you’ll get a refund on goods and services you purchase frequently. As a result, you can earn money when buying food, clothes, accessories, or dining and traveling. The possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is dive and explore the vast ocean of earning opportunities.

Earn Multiple Cashback Rewards 

Besides getting money on every purchase, you can also earn various non-cash rewards when buying at participating businesses.

For example, some cashback apps allow you to earn points every time you make a purchase. When you reach a certain point threshold, you can exchange them for real money or gift cards.

Cashback App FAQs

What app gives the highest cashback?

Do cash back apps work?

What’s the best cashback app for online shopping?

Can you use multiple cashback apps at once?

What’s the best cashback app for grocery shopping?

Are cashback apps safe?

Conclusion | What’s the Best Shopping Cashback App in 2024?

Cashback apps help people make money by purchasing goods they’d buy anyway. These platforms make shopping more affordable by scouring the Internet and looking for the best deal.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of cash-saving sites and found 5 cashback apps that excel in accessibility, ease of use, withdrawal speed, and cashback percentage.

Overall, BeFrugal is the best all-around cashback shopping app. The platform offers various deals and discounts of up to 40%. You can find bargains at 5,000+ locations across many categories like travel, apparel, and electronics.

BeFrugal also offers swift withdrawals, and you can collect your rebates via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Venmo, Zelle, or gift cards. The app is free to use and beginner-friendly — why not try it right now?

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