Chimpzee: Everything You Need to Know About the Hot New Wildlife Meme Coin

Meme coins are always hot. But the trend shifts rapidly in the market. The hottest new meme coin to capture the attention of the market is $CHMPZ – the native cryptocurrency of the wildlife conservation project Chimpzee.

Chimpzee is getting ready to inject new vigor into its price action with a mega token burn event scheduled for March 1. Here is an analysis of Chimpzee and why it is set for huge gains in the coming weeks.

What is Chimpzee?

Chimpzee is a new wildlife conservation token that comes with a meme coin flavor. The project donates a share of its profits to impactful initiatives that work for common environmental missions.

Chimpzee makes this possible by forging partnerships with credible organizations such as the WILD Foundation, Forgotten Animals, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block.

To the pleasant surprise of the community, Chimpzee began donating to various causes right from its presale stage. It continues to steadfastly uphold its promises and vision.

However, for $CHMPZ token holders, it is not just a social investment. They see it as a lucrative financial investment for the coming years.


These three core pillars will support the long-term price action of the token even after the meme coin momentum subsides.

Shop-to-Earn Merchandise Store The Chimpzee Store offers an engaging array of branded merchandise like t-shirts and bags adorned with captivating slogans advocating wildlife conservation and climate action.

Purchases made from the shop translate into $CHMPZ rewards for customers. The first version of the store is already live.

Trade-to-Earn NFT Marketplace The NFT marketplace operates on a profit-sharing model that where active traders will receive a portion of the trading fees.

Rewards and payments within this marketplace will be facilitated using $CHMPZ tokens.

Play-to-Earn Zero Tolerance Game The third pillar is “Zero Tolerance Game,” which offers a play-to-earn gaming experience centered around wildlife conservation. It gives users the opportunity to earn $CHMPZ rewards while engaging with the game’s content.

$CHMPZ tokens serve as the primary medium of value exchange on all of these three platforms. $CHMPZ is now available for purchase on P2B and Bitmart.

3 Reasons Chimpzee is on the Brink of a Breakout

Listed below are three reasons why Chimpzee is about to begin a bull run.

1. Mega Burn Event Scheduled for March 1st

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is gearing up for a mega burn event on March 1st. It will reduce the token supply by 5 billion, paving the path for a substantial surge in the price of the meme coin in the coming days.

It will effectively bring the overall supply down to 20 billion tokens.

Token burn events have long been used as a tool for harnessing the inverse correlation between token price and supply. Declining supply leads to increasing token value in response to heightened demand.

2. High Staking Rewards

Chimpzee has laid the foundation for a new approach to revitalizing wildlife conservation through the strategic use of crypto incentivization. The crypto staking program allows users to earn attractive rewards of up to 40% through staking.

The rewards will depend on the staked amount and duration. To calculate your potential rewards, visit the Chimpzee staking dashboard.

3. NFT Launch

Chimpzee is also gearing up for an NFT launch that will bring an array of perks and privileges for holders. Chimpzee NFT Passports will play a crucial role in giving participants a strong edge in terms of rewards and earnings within the Chimpzee ecosystem.

Along with the 5 billion burn event of March, the introduction of Chimpzee NFT Passports is set to further diminish circulating tokens by another 5 billion CHMPZ. Together, these events are expected to eliminate up to 10 billion tokens from circulation.

Staking NFTs presents another opportunity to earn an extra 20% APY, further fueling engagement in the ecosystem.

In addition to these, Chimpzee has more exchange listings planned:

How High Can Chimpzee Go?

Chimpzee carries the image of a meme coin. But at its heart, it is a wildlife token that has the potential to increase engagement and participation in conservation initiatives at levels unprecedented.

By infusing a meme coin flavor centered around a half-ape, half-human theme, Chimpzee has two aims. The first is to draw attention to its sustainability goals, tapping into the viral meme coin mania. The second is to give investors an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the exponential pumps that meme coins are known for.

In the days that precede and follow the mega token burn event, Chimpzee has the potential to surge anywhere from 30X to 50X, capitalizing on the meme coin mania.

Although the token is likely to soon fall prey to a price correction, the rebound will be quicker. While most meme coins are susceptible to pump-and-dump schemes orchestrated by speculative traders, Chimpzee’s utility-rich ecosystem will continue to drive organic demand for the token.

Chimpzee’s high relevance in wildlife conservation and climate action communities gives it a strong edge against competitors.


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