Chimpzee is The Next Meme Coin to Add to Your Watchlist – Here’s Why

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Chimpzee is one of the best crypto investment platforms of 2023. The fact that the project’s vision lies beyond financial aspects makes it a favorite among the growing tribe of eco-conscious consumers.

Being a project dedicated to wildlife conservation and sustainability, Chimpzee has earned its right as the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2023. The whale action in the meme coin presale is mounting as it nears the final stage.

Is Chimpzee a meme coin?

Chimpzee shares a few attributes with meme coins. For example, the central character of the project is Chimpzee, a half-ape, half-human that calls for a vigorous fight against climate change. It is similar to popular meme coins in the sense that it is named after an adorable animal character.

The design of the website and the social media posts also reflect the fun and quirkiness that one often encounters in a meme coin project.

But that’s about it. Although in the first look, Chimpzee might appear to be a meme coin, it is much more than that. The project’s core vision is to help save the planet through widespread wildlife conservation and plant regeneration initiatives

It goes without saying that Chimpzee will benefit from the steep and rapid price actions that meme coins often kindle in their early stages. On the other hand, the robust foundation of the project deep-rooted in sustainability and wildlife conservation gives it long-term relevance.


Even if the initial momentum subsides, the project will be able to retain and nurture its value over time, as a result.

What is Chimpzee’s goal?

Chimpzee’s goal is to boost wildlife conservation by bringing more people into the picture. Its strategy for achieving this is not limited to raising awareness, however. While it educates the masses about the importance of climate action through its play-to-earn game and shop-to-earn merchandise store, it is more result-oriented.

As you may have noticed, most climate initiatives focus on generating awareness among people about the consequences of climate change and how it can affect our lives in the distant future. Since the threat will only unfold in the future, most people are unwilling to do anything about it.

The massive scale of the action required is also dispiriting from an individual’s perspective. But the truth remains that we need action right now to regenerate the earth and make it a safe, inhabitable space for the coming generations.

This is where Chimpzee implements its crypto incentivization strategy. Instead of waiting around for people to come to their senses, Chimpzee initiates action with the promise of attractive rewards.

How to earn rewards from Chimpzee?

There are many different ways. The most obvious way to earn money with Chimpzee is by buying and holding CHMPZ tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the platform that is now on presale for a discounted price. Or investors can buy Chimpzee NFT Passports, which give various benefits to holders within the Chimpzee ecosystem and a clear advantage over everyone else.

But there is no point in buying and holding a token if it doesn’t have a solid ecosystem that supports its value. That calls for an analysis of the Chimpzee ecosystem and crypto incentivization system.

The Chimpzee ecosystem can be broadly divided into three categories – shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn. As the names imply, they allow users to earn rewards by engaging in shopping, playing, and trading.

The first pillar is rooted in the Chimpzee merchandise store, which provides items like t-shirts and mugs that are featured with slogans related to environmental conservation.

The play-to-earn platform, on the other hand, involves a game called Zero Tolerance Game. It targets a younger audience and gives them an opportunity to make use of a fun source of income. At the same time, the game educates them about the importance of climate action and how it impacts the world through video gaming.

The Chimpzee NFT marketplace, the third platform of the ecosystem, targets active NFT traders and allows them to earn a share of the platform’s profits.

Ahead of the roadmap

The Chimpzee presale is moving ahead at a rapid pace and is on its way toward an early sell-out due to growing demand from crypto investors. But that’s not the only area where Chimpzee has been ahead of schedule.

The project’s charity initiatives and burning mechanism have also begun.

For example, Chimpzee has been donating to various environmental causes in the presale stage. Every time it hits a new presale milestone, it announces a donation and executes it upon the completion of the next.

Recently Chimpzee announced that it has helped WeForest plant 5000+ trees in Tanzania to help fight climate change and burn another 2 Billion tokens.

Being a meme coin powered by a green mission, Chimpzee has large growth potential in the short and long terms. The token will shine in the meme coin market in the first stages of the launch. Eventually, the hype will subside and utility will take over in the Web3 sustainability and utility markets.

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