Chimpzee: Make a Real-World Impact and Earn Passive Income With Web3

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is making a real-world impact while providing its investors with a passive income and 50x potential.

Its presale has raised an enormous $2.5 million, with an increased flurry of investment recently due to its end-of-presale giveaway.

Chimpzee aims to show the world that Web3 can be used beyond speculation and memes by providing charitable contributions to organizations fighting deforestation and preventing animal extinction.

With the final days of its presale upon us, this is your last opportunity to get positioned in this wholesome project with 50x potential.

Chimpzee Redefines How We Donate to Charity

Chimpzee is redefining how we donate to charity through passive income and Web3 technology.

The project provides three avenues to earning a passive income while raising funds for noteworthy organizations that positively impact the world.


As a result, Chimpzee allows you to make money while doing your part to save nature and fight climate change.

The project wants to raise public awareness regarding the impact of climate change as it continues to wreak havoc on the environment and puts species on the brink of extinction.

The project is a first-of-its-kind Web3 conservation platform that helps to make a difference, with a string of noteworthy donations already under its belt.

Passive Earnings Still On the Table

Despite a series of staggering charitable contributions, Chimpzee’s ecosystem is designed for long-term growth as it provides passive income to its participants.


Their ecosystem offers three routes to passive income;

  • Shop-to-earn
  • Trade-to-earn
  • Play-to-earn

The Shop-to-Earn component consists of the Chimp Store, which allows users to purchase merchandise representing the fight against animal extinction to earn $CHMPZ rewards.

The Trade-to-Earn component is the first NFT marketplace that shares a slice of the trading fees generated with NFT holders on the network.

The Play-to-Earn component offers a fun adventure game where players earn $CHMPZ rewards for hitting certain milestones.

To earn the most passive income from this ecosystem, you will need to own the Chimpzee NFT Passport.

The NFT Passport provides the following perks;

  • Higher $CHMPZ rewards and an exclusive discount in the Chimp Shop for shop-to-earn.
  • An elevated share and a discount on the trading fees on the NFT Marketplace in the trade-to-earn section.
  • Access to discounted advertising on the platform.
  • Higher rewards in the Zero Tolerance play-to-earn game.
  • An elevated staking APY income for NFT stakers.
  • VIP access to events, airdrops, and special promotions in the ecosystem.

The NFT Passports will be available to all presale participants following the fundraising.

Those using $CHMPZ tokens to purchase the NFT Passport will trigger the burning mechanism, creating deflation in the ecosystem.

Charitable Contributions Allow Chimpzee to Stand Out

Investors are also rushing to $CHMPZ after learning about the string of charitable contributions the project has already made – even during its presale.

Chimpzee has donated to prestigious organizations such as WILD Foundation, Rainforest Rescue, Forgotten Animals, and WeForest.

Most donations were made through The Giving Block, which helps to send crypto-based donations to verified charities.

Donations made through The Giving Block are socially verified through media posts on the charities’ official accounts.

A complete list of all the donations can be found on the project’s website.

A selection of the most important donations include the following:

  • $15,000 to WILD Foundation to help rangers protect the last herd of desert-adapted elephants.
  • $20,000 to WILD Foundation to help protect the final few black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest.
  • Over 21,000 trees were planted through One Tree Planted in the South American Rainforest.
  • A donation to Forgotten Animals to neuter 240 cats and 180 dogs in war-torn Ukraine.
  • A donation to Rainforest Rescue to protect 1,000 meters of the Australian Rainforest.
  • A donation to WeForest to plant 5,000 trees in Tanzania.

Overall, Chimpzee is making a statement by showing the world that Web3 can be used for the greater good and is already making waves in the industry through the donations placed.

Final Opportunity to Get Positioned In End-of-Presale Giveaway

The final days of the Chimpzee presale are here, providing the last opportunity to get positioned.

Fortunately, an end-of-presale giveaway provides the opportunity for those purchasing more than $150 of $CHMPZ to win up to 1,000,000 $CHMPZ tokens for every $50,000 milestone in fundraising.

The final stage of the presale is selling the token for $0.00155. Take advantage of the current bonus and giveaway to bring your cost to $0.00078 or less! Use the calculator to see how low you will pay per token and take advantage of the current bonus of up to 200%

Chimpzee is a true game-changer in the Web3 sector, changing how we donate to charity.


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