Chimpzee Mega Burning Event Scheduled for March 1 – Meme Coin Supply to Drop to 20 Billion!

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) has a pivotal burn event slated for March 1. With the token supply set to decline by 5 billion, analysts expect the meme coin’s price to skyrocket in the coming days.

The wildlife conservation project’s compelling staking program that offers up to 40% APY and NFT launch will further influence $CHMPZ’s price dynamics.

Wildlife Token with a Meme Coin Flavor

Although Chimpzee is a wildlife token, it has a meme coin flavor to it. Meme coins are one of the most trending and volatile niches within the crypto market. They can be highly rewarding if the investor knows when to get in and out. That makes them highly prone to pump-and-dump schemes employed by speculative investors as well.

Chimpzee stands apart from this erratic crowd with a robust ecosystem dedicated to wildlife conservation and climate action. It is celebrated for its global vision that has high potential in terms of adoption and expansion.

The energetic participation of the crypto and sustainability communities allowed Chimpzee to gather an impressive $2.7 million during its grand presale, followed by a successful debut.

Chimpzee’s unique half-ape, half-human theme has been integral to establishing its strong presence in the meme coin market. But the packaging’s broader vision is to draw attention to the Chimpzee ecosystem. It will drive sustainable, organic demand for the token and nurture its value independently.


Crypto Capabilities for a Global Purpose

Chimpzee aims to reinvigorate wildlife conservation using crypto incentivization as a tool. Here is a glimpse of how it works.

  • The project features a shop-to-earn pillar where users will find eye-catching branded merchandise like t-shirts and bags adorned with wildlife conservation and climate action slogans.
  • The trade-to-earn pillar features an NFT marketplace with a profit-sharing model. It caters to both active traders and sustainability investors.
  • Chimpzee’s Zero Tolerance Game is the third pillar, which presents a play-to-earn gaming experience with a wildlife conservation theme.

Customers can earn $CHMPZ rewards with each purchase made from the merchandise store. Payments and rewards on the other two platforms are also facilitated in CHMPZ tokens.

As March approaches, Chimpzee is on a mission to inject vigor into its token’s price action, as discussed below.

$CHMPZ Supply to Drop to 20 Billion

The mega burn event scheduled for March 1st will reduce the total Chimpzee supply to 5 billion tokens. In turn, that will decrease the total supply to 20 billion by its conclusion.

But it doesn’t end there.

Following this, the launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports will remove around 5 billion CHMPZ tokens from circulation. Together, these two events will burn up to 10 billion tokens.

Over the years, crypto projects have been using token burn events to tap into the inverse relationship between price and supply. As the supply diminishes, the price of the token is anticipated to rise in response to increased demand.

This demand will be fueled by Chimpzee’s three-pillar ecosystem, as well as the staking system. The reward APY of the staking system can go as high as 40% depending on the staked amount and duration. Staking the NFTs, investors can earn a 20% APY, in addition.

Global Vision, Extensive Collaborations 

The love for nature is deeply ingrained in humans. That’s surprising, given that our actions rarely demonstrate that. The relentless demands of our everyday lives leave us with little time and energy to make sustainable choices and protect the planet from a bleak future.

But what if we could make a difference without putting in a lot of effort or time?

That’s the vision that drives Chimpzee ($CHMPZ).

The project empowers us to make a meaningful impact on the environment simply by participating in the eco-system or holding $CHMPZ tokens. It operates on a three-pillar ecosystem, sharing its generated profits with credible environmental initiatives worldwide.

Working with organizations like the WILD Foundation, Forgotten Animals, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block, Chimpzee has already stayed true to its promises and vision. It made substantial contributions to various environmental causes during its presale period, building a loyal community of investors.

On the road ahead, Chimpzee will remain committed to its goal and donate profits to similar projects. But from the perspective of a $CHMPZ holder, the token represents more than just a social investment—it also offers financial rewards.

Not just from its price action, but also the staking system.

It’s Not Too Late to Buy $CHMPZ

The mega burn event in March will make a significant milestone in Chimpzee’s journey ahead. While token burn events have long served as potent drivers of price action, the global vision put forward by Chimpzee strengthens the price predictions.

The NFT launch, in addition, is much-awaited. Chimpzee NFT Passports promise a range of benefits and privileges for holders within the ecosystem. The higher earning potential makes them one of the most coveted NFT collections of this year.

Chimpzee’s native cryptocurrency, $CHMPZ, is now available for purchase on P2B and Bitmart. To calculate your potential rewards, visit the Chimpzee staking dashboard.

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