Chimpzee – This Sustainability Meme Coin Changes the Game With Passive Rewards

Meme coins are highly lucrative. But they can also be highly volatile. They are vulnerable to the slightest market movements and best suit adventurous investors who are looking for quick money.

Chimpzee is a new sustainability project that takes advantage of the virality of its meme coin label to draw more attention to environmental goals. That establishes its long-term relevance when compared to the rest of the meme coin market.

Wildlife Conservation Needs More Action

Chimpzee is a new wildlife conservation project. It doesn’t work like existing projects, however. It is a blockchain project that aims to bring more energy to wildlife and climate action initiatives through improved tools for transparency and global coordination.

More importantly, it integrates crypto rewards into its platforms to encourage a large community to join its causes.

The three platforms of Chimpzee belong to the shop2earn, trade2earn, and play2earn categories. On the shop2earn platform, investors can earn rewards for shopping Chimpzee merchandise like t-shirts, tank tops, and mugs that feature impactful messages to promote wildlife conservation and climate action.

The first look of the Chimpzee Shop is out. Users can now visit the shop to browse the design and understand how it works. Purchases have not been enabled yet. The fully operational shop will go live soon, after quality-control tests and final negotiations with the payment provider.


The trade2earn platform is an NFT marketplace that is currently under development. It features a profit-sharing mechanism unlike anything seen before in the market, which underscores the competitive edge of the platform.

The play2earn platform, on the other hand, allows users to earn rewards for gaming. The theme of Zero Tolerance Game is designed to spark curiosity in gamers about sustainability challenges.

A Collaborative Effort

Chimpzee’s steadfast commitment to wildlife conservation is rooted in blockchain technology. Being decentralized in nature, blockchain technology supports global coordination of sustainability initiatives unlike anything seen before.

The project introduces crypto incentivization and blockchain tokenization to climate action and sets aside a portion of its profits to strengthen genuine environmental initiatives. It has entered into partnerships with organizations like the WILD Foundation, Rainforest Rescue, The Giving Block, and One Tree Planted, among others to power various causes.

In fact, the donations led by Chimpzee have begun prior to the token launch. They have exceeded their initially planned milestones and have gone a long way in driving traffic to the ongoing presale. With the presale attaining new milestones, Chimpzee will continue to make substantial contributions to various causes.

Chimpzee’s dedication to wildlife conservation is made evident through its commitment to achieving specific objectives upon hitting new presale goals. For instance, the project has contributed to the reforestation of the Brazilian rainforest through the planting of 1200 trees, donated $15,000 to protect the last herd of desert-adapted elephants, and planted 20,000 trees in Guatemala for the restoration of the Amazon rainforest.

After crossing the recent presale milestone, Chimpzee has made a charitable donation to support the forgotten animals in war-torn Ukraine.

Regular Burning Supports Price Action

The above-mentioned initiatives and donations are geared towards the greater good.

In addition to that, Chimpzee completes a token burn benefits early investors with each new milestone it crosses. For example, the last presale milestone involved burning 1 billion tokens, effectively reducing the total supply to 36 billion CHMPZ tokens. This ongoing effort to slash the total supply of CHMPZ tokens is strategically designed to support attractive price dynamics.

The burning mechanism is accompanied by a staking system, which encourages the holding of the token among investors. Although it doesn’t cut down the supply of the token forever, it limits the supply and promotes price action. This is made possible by the inverse relationship shared by price and supply.

Staking is a proven strategy to generate engagement within an ecosystem, as well as support the price action of a token. Investors can step up their staking APY by purchasing Chimpzee NFT passports. It also comes with additional benefits as shown below.

Chimpzee features

Chimpzee Presale is in the Last Phase

The ongoing Chimpzee presale allows investors to get early access to the investment opportunity opened by the project. The first-of-its-kind sustainability meme coin has the potential to gain high speculative as well as utility value.

While FOMO will power the meme coin in the first phase of the token launch, the utility will take over the role in the subsequent stages. As a result, the meme coin will be able to maintain strong momentum even after the initial hype subsides.

The use case of the tokens in the sustainability space as passive rewards will help it sustain its price action over the long term. It won’t be surprising to see CHMPZ on the top meme coin chart due to its high market relevance and dynamic ecosystem.

Investors who join the presale can earn up to 4X bonus.

To calculate the cost of your presale purchase, taking the bonus into account, please visit

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