Ariella Brown

As a technology writer, Ariella Brown has covered 3-D printing, analytics, big data, bitcoin, cloud computing, green technology, marketing and social media. She holds a Ph.D. in English and taught college level writing before becoming a full-time writer, editor, and social media consultant. Her best social media outlet of choice is Google+. Links to her portfolio, blogs, favorite quotes, and photos can be found at


Articles by Ariella Brown

Could you be fired by an automated process? It happened to one man due to human error and a lack of oversight of automated systems. See how...

Occupational Hazard: The Pitfall of Automation

Once information is in a blockchain, it can't be tampered with, which is why there's so much potential for using blockchain to verify a job...

How Blockchain Could Change the Recruiting Game

Seeing is believing ... or is it? AI methods are improving video processing to the point where it's getting more and more difficult to tell...

With Great Progress Comes Great Responsibility

Women have long been outnumbered and underrepresented in business. How can blockchain and crypto help to change this?

How Crypto Can Help Women Gain More Equal Footing in Business Leadership

Counterfeit drugs can cost people their money, their health and even their lives. Using blockchain to trace drugs back to their sources may...

Countering Counterfeit Drugs with Blockchain

Big data analytics are helping businesses and schools become more efficient and improve retention rates by helping them target their focus...

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