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Beena Ammanath

Executive Director


Beena Ammanath is the executive director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute and leads Trustworthy AI & Ethical Tech at Deloitte. She is also the author of the book “Trustworthy AI” and the founder of the non-profit "Humans For AI," an organization dedicated to increasing diversity in AI.

An award-winning senior executive with extensive global experience in AI and digital transformation, Beena's experience spans e-commerce, finance, marketing, telecom, retail, software products, services and industrial domains with companies such as GE, HPE, Thomson Reuters, British Telecom, Bank of America, e*trade and a number of Silicon Valley startups.

Beena also serves on the board of and the advisory board at Cal Poly College of Engineering. She has been a board member and advisor to several technology startups. Beena thrives on envisioning and architecting how data, artificial intelligence and technology in general can make our world a better, easier place to live for all humans.

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