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Chad Bryant

Data Science Team Lead at AltaML


I am a data scientist with statistical analysis skills and a strong interest in machine and deep learning learning problems. Drawing upon my career in physics, I have extensive experience in working with large and disparate data sets which I combine together in innovative ways to find solutions to problems and inventive ways to visualise and explain the data. These skills are highly transferable between academia to industry.

As a data scientist, I have discovered that having a wide range of abilities in software development (in both traditional languages such as C and others such as Python), working in interdisciplinary teams and playing different roles can be key for all the players to have an understand of the importance of the data.

Of current interest is deep learning problems using TensorFlow and predictive analytics, particularly in the health care, climate, and clean energy fields.

See me on Kaggle.

Specialties: Neural Networks, DNN (LSTM, ConvNet, etc), Python, Research, Data Analysis, Statistics, Data Modelling, Physics, Space Science, Atmospheric Science, Signal Processing, Software Development, R, Matlab

Current Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforced Learning, Generative Analytics, TensorFlow, Climate and Energy, Predictive Modelling, Data Analytics, Google Cloud Platform

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