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Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky

Chief Data Scientist, The Bloor Group


Dr. Malafsky has 25 years of experience leading all phases of complex technical projects. This spans

formal research programs as a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory in Nanotechnology, to

designing and developing commercial software products for enterprise data aggregation and deep

analytics. He has started and led multiple companies for: advanced technology consulting especially in

enterprise scale Knowledge Management, data processing, Enterprise Architecture, and semantic

metadata frameworks; data science software and services company using its product to provide secure

access with automated synchronization of data models, lookup codes, and Hadoop custom Java code

operating in production for business critical use cases; specialists in rapid, agile projects for securely

aggregating complex business-critical data across silos with different business rules. He is a regularly

featured expert on broadcasts in multiple areas, including: Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics. He has

deep experience identifying the root causes of large-scale data environment inconsistencies,

adjudicating them in open facilitated work with clients, documenting the full business context,

semantics, data models, business rules, and analytical logic. He also has built Big Data clusters for

production use and operated them with very high service levels in secure environments with hundreds

of regular users processing hundreds of TBs of active data.

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