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Gal Diskin

Co-founder & CTO of Authomize


Gal Diskin, a well-known cyber-security and AI technology expert, is a co-founder and the CTO of Authomize, a company whose mission is to enable visibility into cloud permissions. Gartner has noted the importance of Authomize's cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) tools in the paper "Innovation Insight for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management."

In the past, Gal was VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and he was the Israeli site manager, technical lead, and co-founder of Intel's SW security organization. Mr. Diskin has also served as CTO of Cyvera, HeXponent and First Group.

Mr. Diskin's research has been featured in HITB, Defcon, Black Hat, CCC and other conferences, spanning fields from low level security research such as hardware vulnerabilities, binary instrumentation, and car hacking to high level research on AI detection methods, enterprise security and secure identity management in the cloud.

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