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Philip Regenie


Founder and CEO Philip Regenie established Zanthion after experiencing the challenges his parents faced in their final years of life. Despite both of his parents wearing the best available calling systems, Regenie and his siblings were frequently interrupted with false emergencies, as well as real ones, while caring for their parents as children should. His personal experience with the indignity of his parents’ deaths inspired him to enter the market and invest his personal finance to build a business based on dignity and care. With 35 years working in IT as a programmer, analyst and project engineer and eventually CEO/CTO in military aircraft systems, IOT (Internet of Things) and electronic medical record management, Regenie was uniquely positioned to understand and solve the complex problems associated with senior care. Realizing that no one else in the industry was providing the solutions he knew, from his personal experience, that seniors and their families need today, he decided to create Zanthion.

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