Xin Heng

Senior Director of Data Science, Punchh

Xin Heng is Senior Director of Data Science at Punchh, where he leads a growing team of analysts and data scientists, helping clients tackle business challenges with data. He and team are currently building comprehensive AI and data solutions into Punchh's retail marketing platform. Prior to joining Punchh, Xin was head of data science at StubHub and a data science manager in Uber. Xin earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology, and has a MS in financial engineering from Haas Business School, UC Berkeley.

Recently, Xin with his organization have mostly focused on bringing the state of the art research and engineering technologies into retail sector. As an example, they have built industry-leading ad bidding solutions in StubHub and a sophisticated recommender engine. Back in 2016, he and team were responsible for Uber's earliest real-time intelligent spend module. Xin has published 30+ articles and patents in tech, financial economics and biotech.

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