The 10 Best CRMs for Email Marketing in 2024 Compared

With the best CRM for email marketing, you won’t need to worry about investing in these tools separately—you’ll be able to manage all your leads and customers from one platform, run email campaigns and A/B tests, and monitor campaign success.

That said, finding the best CRM software for email marketing is no easy task. To help, we’ve meticulously ranked, reviewed, and compared the market’s best options based on factors like email marketing features, value for money, and deliverability and compliance.

The 10 Best Email Marketing CRMs Ranked

We took into account numerous factors when ranking the best email marketing CRM tools. Here’s a round-up of the market’s best options and who/what they’re best suited for:

  1. Salesforce — An incredibly popular email CRM for sales teams looking to automate all of their marketing processes.
  2. Pipedrive — Best budget solution for small businesses looking to simplify task management and visualize sales processes.
  3. HubSpot — Offers the best free CRM email marketing plan with in-depth email health reporting.
  4. Act! — Popular all-in-one solution that excels at contact management and helps you maintain and improve customer relationships.
  5. Oracle NetSuite — Best for mid-large sized businesses. It offers exceptional email marketing automation capabilities.
  6. Zoho — Best cheap CRM email software for ecommerce businesses looking for easy workflow automation.
  7. Freshsales — Best for small businesses after an email CRM marketing tool with great lead generation tools and a user-friendly interface.
  8. Maximizer CRM — Best for SMBs in the b2b sector. It stands out with its powerful marketing reports.
  9. SageCRM — Best email marketing tool for large businesses. It’s highly scalable and offers excellent customer insights.
  10. Engagebay — Best for beginners, and it offers robust email campaign scheduling and zero-cost onboarding and migration.

Is Email Marketing Still Worth it in 2024?

The question of whether email marketing is dead in 2024 is one many business owners wonder about. Is it worth investing in email marketing? The short answer is yes, but here are some key statistics that prove you should be using this medium to connect with leads and customers:

  • There will be close to 5 billion email users worldwide by 2027 (Statista)
  • Revenue from email marketing is set to hit $17.9 billion by 2027 (Statista)
  • The ROI for email marketing is 4,200% (Luisa Zhou)
  • Every dollar spent on email marketing has a return of $40 (Omnisend)

Of course, social media marketing is on the rise, too, but it’s certainly not replacing email marketing. Instead, companies are using both mediums for ultimate reach.

So, while the importance of social media marketing is undeniable, email marketing remains a vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

The Best CRM Email Marketing Services Reviewed

We’ll now go into the details of each of the best email marketing services built into CRMs so that you can learn more about them before deciding on the one best suited to your particular needs.

1. Salesforce — Popular Email CRM Marketing Tool for Sales Teams

A logo of Salesforce

Best For Sales Teams
Starting Price $25/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan Unlimited
Email Limit 5,000/day
Free Version 30-Day Free Trial
Top 3 Features Mass Email, Campaign Management, Activity Feed

Salesforce is a comprehensive platform with diverse email marketing features. It’s an all-in-one solution that handles everything from lead optimization to lead scoring and customer retention.

While you’ll need one of its more expensive plans for the advanced CRM features, like workflow automation, we found an exceptional set of email marketing features even on the lowest-cost plan.

After segmenting your contacts, you can create targeted email campaigns, and Salesforce offers ample mobile-friendly email templates. Einstein, Salesforce’s AI, is also miles ahead of competitors’ offerings.

With it, you can collect data on customer preferences for more targeted product recommendations, for example. Of course, you can also trigger emails; for example, when someone signs up for your newsletter, they’ll automatically receive a welcome email.

Salesforce users also enjoy A/B testing and mass SMS marketing capabilities. Overall, Salesforce offers excellent value for money if you’re looking for a well-rounded CRM email marketing solution.

So, while its add-ons may be pricey, it’s jam-packed with all the core features growing businesses need, and it’s very scalable.

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce has numerous products—the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and even Small Business plans, the latter of which also start at $25/user/month.

Here are your options with the Sales Cloud product, which is ideal for email marketing:

Plan Price
Starter Suite $25/user/month
Professional $80/user/month
Enterprise $165/user/month
Unlimited $330/user/month
Einstein 1 Sales $500/user/month
  • Starter Suite — Includes lead, account, contact, and opportunity management + mass email and task management
  • Professional — Adds offline mobile access, forecasting, built-in chat, 5 workflows, and contracts, order, and quote management
  • Enterprise — Adds opportunity management and deal insights, advanced reporting including embedded forecast charts and workflow approval processes
  • Unlimited — Adds Einstein relationship insights and forecasting, email insights, lead scoring, and actionable sales engagement and conversion insights
  • Einstein 1 Sales — This plan adds generative AI, Einstein Copilot, and Slack.

It’s worth noting that all the plans, except Einstein 1 Sales, have other features that aren’t included in the plan but can be bought separately if needed. For example, if you’re on the Professional plan, you can get email insights for an additional fee.

Unsure? Read our full Salesforce review for more details.


  • Frequent software and security updates
  • Provides a unified view of customer engagement history
  • Well-designed mobile apps
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Scalable and flexible
  • One of the best sales CRMs


  • Slight learning curve

2. Pipedrive — Best Budget Option for Small Businesses

A logo of Pipedrive

Best For Small Businesses
Starting Price $14/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan Unlimited
Email Limit 100 at a time
Free Version 14-Day Free Trial
Top 3 Features Deal Reports, Email Analytics, Email Tracking

Pipedrive is an exceptional CRM for small businesses with a limited budget looking to improve their data management and launch their first email marketing campaigns.

It’s ideal for first-time users and incorporates action-based sales features with email marketing. That said, one of our favorite things about Pipedrive is its drag-and-drop email builder and templates.

Besides email campaigns, Pipedrive simplifies pipeline management to help you move deals across stages. You can automate the stages of your sales funnel and track progress with ease.

Pipedrive will help you identify opportunities to close more sales, too, allow you to segment your audience, and even provide revenue forecasting based on performance.

Although it may not offer as many features as Salesforce, we found it to be more user-friendly, making it better for a small marketing team. We like how it simplifies task delegation and admin task automation, too.

Although Pipedrive is one of the cheapest email marketing CRM tools, opting for just its CRM plans gives you a limited set of email marketing features, as most of its advanced features require the Campaigns add-on.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive offers numerous plans for varying needs and budgets and is a top choice for small businesses thanks to the value for money on offer with their Essential plan. Here are your options:

Plans Pricing
Essential $14/user/month
Advanced $29/user/month
Professional $49/user/month
Power $64/user/month
Enterprise $99/user/month
  • Essential — Includes lead, deal, contact, calendar, and pipeline management, customizable pipelines, deal rotting, reporting, and 3,000 open deals
  • Advanced — Adds two-way email sync, email open and click tracking, group email and scheduling, automations, web-to-mobile calls, and 10,000 open deals
  • Professional — Adds a boatload of custom field options, team management, 100,000 open deals, and contacts timeline and automatic lead assigning
  • Power — Adds a free built-in project management tool, 24/7 support, and phone support, and 200,000 open deals
  • Enterprise — Adds security alerts and rules, unlimited open deals, custom fields, dashboards, and reports, and more active email accounts and automations

For email marketing, you’ll want to opt for the Advanced plan, which includes features like email tracking, mass email, and scheduling. Overall, the low-end plans’ limits are generous compared with rivals, making them an excellent choice for small businesses.

Need more? Here’s an in-depth Pipedrive review.


  • Deal rotting notifications
  • Merges duplicate data
  • Shareable dashboard links
  • Intuitive desktop and smartphone interface
  • Affordable


  • Custom onboarding only with its most expensive plans

3. HubSpot — Best Free CRM Email Marketing Solution

A logo of HubSpot

Best For Free Tools
Starting Price $15/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan 1,000
Email Limit 500-5,000/day
Free Version Free-Forever Plan
Top 3 Features Forever PlanForms, Shared Inbox, List Segmentation

HubSpot conveniently integrates email marketing with CRM and sales management features to suit the needs of small and large businesses alike.

It’s also the best free CRM with email marketing capabilities. We suggest giving its free plan a try if you’re a beginner, as it does have a steep learning curve.

HubSpot is known for being a one-stop solution for nurturing customer relationships, managing omnichannel marketing campaigns, and improving customer retention with its sales, marketing, and CRM tools.

During our experience with the platform, we found that it’s an excellent pick for creating personalized content, such as landing pages with call-to-action buttons and targeted campaigns.

Email list segmentation, email automation, reply tracking, A/B testing, and very in-depth campaign reporting are all included with HubSpot’s paid plans. While it has a learning curve, most find the tool invaluable and highly scalable.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot has ample products covering sales, marketing, content, operations, service, and commerce—each with its own set of plans, including free tools for numerous hubs.

Here’s a closer look at HubSpot’s marketing hub, which is ideal if you’re after an email CRM:

Plans Pricing
Free Tools $0 (for 5 users)
Marketing Hub Starter $15/user/month
Marketing Hub Professional $800/month (3 seats)
Marketing Hub Enterprise $3,600/month (5 seats)
  • Free Tools —10 custom properties, 10 active lists for list segmentation, 2,000 emails/month, 1 automated email action, limited forms, 3 dashboards, and more
  • Marketing Hub Starter — 10 email automations, marketing automation, 10 dashboards, 1,000 custom properties, 50 active lists, 10,000 emails/month
  • Marketing Hub Professional — 1,200 active lists, mobile optimization, 50,000 emails/month, 100 inboxes, A/B testing, duplicate management, 25 dashboards
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise — 2,000 active lists, 200 shared inboxes, 50 dashboards, custom permissions, 500 custom reports

It’s no wonder HubSpot is so popular. It’s highly scalable, and email marketing is an option, even on the free plan, which is loaded with features and generous limits.

It’s easily the best CRM for email automation, too.

Need more? Read our full HubSpot review.


  • Customizable plans
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Excellent customer service features
  • Email health reporting
  • Numerous social media management options


  • Expensive, and for larger companies

4. Act! — Popular All-in-One Tool for Contact Management

A logo of Act! CRM

Best For Contact Management
Starting Price $30/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan Unlimited
Email Limit 2,500-100,000/month
Free Version 14-Day Free Trial
Top 3 Features A/B Testing, Surveys, Social Sharing

Act! is an easy-to-use small business CRM with email marketing features integrated into its platform. It’s one of the only CRM email marketing tools to offer professional training and guidance.

This is charged per hour, but it’s great for beginners looking to improve their email marketing campaigns. Act! is easily one of the most straightforward services we’ve tested, too.

And its transparent pricing is a refreshing sight. It simplifies contact data management by providing detailed relationship timelines for each contact to provide a complete picture of each relationship.

Beyond this, adding new contacts is a breeze, and Act! automatically follows up on interactions with your email marketing campaigns and websites, adding relevant information to contact notes.

That said, although Act! can effortlessly handle a large volume of contacts and help you maintain relationships with its automation features, it’s not the best pick for advanced email analytics.

However, its ease of use and exceptional customer support team make it a better choice for beginners than most services on our list.

Act! CRM Pricing

Act! CRM Pricing

Unlike most, Act! CRM has both cloud and on-premise solutions. Here are your options:

  • Cloud — $30/user/month — Includes email and activity tracking, sales pipeline management, marketing automation, SMS messaging, and analytics
  • On-Premise — $37.50/user/month — Same features + offline access and self-managed security

The Cloud and On-Premise solutions include the AMA Basic features. Other options for additional features and add-ons allow you to build a plan specific to your needs.

Plans Pricing
AMA Basic Included
AMA Select $79/account/month
AMA Complete $199/account/month
AMA Advanced $399/account/month
  • AMA Basic — 2,500 emails/month to unlimited contacts, drip marketing, email tracking, deliverability, and compliance tools
  • AMA Select — 25,000 emails/month and unlimited contacts, plus landing pages, team management, and social sharing
  • AMA Complete — 50,000 emails/month to unlimited contacts plus marketing automation, asset tracking, advanced lead capture tools, and lead scoring
  • AMA Advanced — 100,000 emails/month to unlimited contacts plus A/B testing and progressive profiling

The price jump is quite steep compared to some of the other email marketing CRMs, but we were impressed to see that regardless of the plan, you aren’t limited in terms of your contact list.

Here’s a detailed Act! CRM review for more information.


  • Intuitive smartphone apps
  • Excellent email templates
  • Beginner-friendly dashboards
  • Campaign calendar
  • Responsive customer support


  • Outdated interface

5. Oracle NetSuite — Best for Larger Businesses After Email Marketing Automation

A logo of Oracle Netsuite

Best For Mid-Large Sized Businesses
Starting Price Custom
Contacts on Starter Plan Unlimited
Email Limit 10,000/campaign
Free Version
Top 3 Features Real-Time Analytics, Single Data Source, ROI Calculator

Oracle NetSuite offers comprehensive cloud-based business management software with numerous modules, including email marketing with CRM features.

Its powerful automation features can help companies automate entire marketing processes, making it an excellent pick for large businesses.

NetSuite can also help you avoid the complexities of lead qualification and conversion by automatically identifying when a lead meets the conditions you’ve set for your marketing campaigns.

Once a potential customer becomes a highly qualifying lead, NetSuite will automatically notify your sales reps, eliminating repetitive tasks and improving your business’s efficiency.

That said, unlike others on our list, NetSuite doesn’t disclose its pricing, and most of its modules require an additional fee. However, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive service than NetSuite.

It’s an excellent choice for large businesses looking for some of the best workflow management software solutions, HR tools, and other business-related apps.

Oracle Netsuite Pricing

Oracle Netsuite Pricing

Oracle Netsuite only offers custom plans. If you feel the platform is best suited to your needs, you’d need to request a quote.


  • Feature-rich CRM email marketing platform
  • Excellent customer support
  • Superb automation features
  • Scalable and flexible


  • Doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing

6. Zoho — The Best Budget-Friendly CRM for Workflow Automation

A logo of Zoho

Best For Workflow Automation
Starting Price $14/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan Unlimited
Email Limit 250-1,000/day
Free Version 15-Day Free Trial
Top 3 Features Auto-Responders, Anomaly Detection, Process Blueprints

Zoho can help you create, launch, and manage visually appealing email campaigns without technical expertise, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

In Zoho campaigns, you can include elements, such as polls or videos, to engage your audience. It’s also one of the best picks for businesses looking to improve their ecommerce email marketing or run a newsletter.

Zoho leverages AI to provide in-depth business and email analytics, so you can leverage accurate and reliable sales forecast suggestions to make informed decisions while trying to achieve your goals.

In addition, each of its plans, including the cheapest one, includes access to workflow rules, which allow you to automate the day-to-day activities of your sales reps.

Like Salesforce and HubSpot, Zoho offers its CRM email marketing services as a part of a comprehensive all-in-one business solution. However, unlike some, its CRM natively integrates with one of the best project management solutions, Zoho Projects.

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM has numerous scalable pricing plans. Here are your options:

Plans Pricing
Standard $14/user/month
Professional $23/user/month
Enterprise $40/user/month
Ultimate $52/user/month
  • Standard — Lead, contact, deal, and account management, sales call scheduling, multiple pipelines, email insights, workflow automation, custom reports, mass email
  • Professional — Auto lead assignment, unlimited custom reports and dashboards, macro automations, live customer notifications
  • Enterprise — Adds multiple scoring rules, email parsers, customer portals, approval processes, anomaly detectors, loads of AI tools, segmentation, and autoresponders
  • Ultimate — Includes Zoho Analytics for free

Beyond these, Zoho CRM also offers a free version for 3 users. Regardless of the plan, Zoho offers excellent value for money for startups, and scaling, compared to rivals, is affordable.

Here’s a full Zoho CRM review for more details.


  • Superb workflow and sales automation
  • In-depth business performance analytics
  • Sales forecasting, even on the cheapest plan
  • Budget-friendly


  • Steep learning curve

7. Freshsales — Best for Startups and Lead Generation Tools

A logo of Freshsales

Best For Lead Generation
Starting Price $15/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan 1,000
Email Limit 250-5,000/day
Free Version Free-Forever Plan, 21-Day Free Trial
Top 3 Features Multichannel Campaigns, Task Management, Marketing Lists

Freshsales can help you attract visitors, understand their intent, and drive repeat purchases. It’s one of the best CRM solutions for businesses looking to improve their lead generation.

While most provide customizable email templates, Freshsales goes a step further with numerous landing page templates and 100+ block types designed for conversion.

That means you can edit these using the simple drag-and-drop landing page builders to create a high-converting landing page and ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

Besides simplifying email campaigns and landing page creation, Freshsales offers numerous advanced email marketing features and has a modern, well-designed interface.

It immediately left a good impression on us. It’s more user-friendly than most of its competition, and it’s free for the first 21 days. However, if you’re looking for the best free CRM email marketing software, you’ll be better off with HubSpot’s free plan.

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales has several plans on offer, including a free version for 3 users. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

Plans Pricing
Free $0
Growth $15/user/month
Pro $39/user/month
Enterprise $69/user/month
  • Free — Includes collaboration tools, lead and opportunity management, 1,000+ integrations, deal and pipeline management, AI chatbot
  • Growth — Adds lead scoring and automation, as well as team inbox and Slack integration, 20 workflows, rotten deal management, and call features like call recording
  • Pro — Time-based workflows, auto-assignment of deals, conference calling, 10 sales pipelines, 50 workflows, team inbox
  • Enterprise — 100 workflows, 10 simultaneous sales pipelines, 100 auto-assigned rules per module, 100-member teams

Unlike many of its rivals, the Enterprise doesn’t offer unlimited features—whether this is a problem really depends on your specific needs. Its free and cheap entry-level plans make it an excellent choice for startups and those on a tight budget.

Check out our full Freshsales review for more details.


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Advanced AI forecasting
  • Kanban view for contacts, accounts, and deals


  • Customer support could be better

8. Maximizer CRM — Best for SMBs in the B2B Sector

A logo of Maximizer

Best For Marketing Reports
Starting Price $65/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan 100,000
Email Limit 100/month
Free Version
Top 3 Features Proactive Notifications, Lead Tracking, Automated Drip Campaigns

Maximizer CRM helps you stay professional with branded, highly customizable email templates. You can add custom fields, headers, and footers or include signatures to elevate your brand.

Like our other picks on this list, Maximizer CRM offers advanced email marketing features to help you promote your services and attract new customers.

However, its reporting capabilities stand out. It excels at combining the reports for customer support, sales, and marketing teams, which allows you to identify up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.

With how you can elevate your brand’s image, it’s an exceptional pick for SMBs in the B2B sector, aiming to enhance lead generation, sales efforts, and customer relationship management.

However, its pricing structure and high starting price may make it less attractive to small businesses on a strict budget compared to its competition.

Maximizer CRM Pricing

Maximizer CRM Pricing

Maximizer, unlike many, only has 2 plans to choose from, and the starting price for both is quite high compared to rivals like Pipedrive, for example. Here are your options:

Plans Pricing
Base $65/user/month (3 users min.)
Sales Leader $79/user/month (5 users min.)
  • Base — Includes core CRM features like contact and lead management, loads of integrations, dashboards, data security, and compliance
  • Sales Leader — Adds activity tracking, advanced pipeline management, revenue and activity tracking, and sales intelligence dashboards

There’s also an on-premise option, but it’s severely lacking in terms of functionality. It’s also worth noting that even on the high-end plan, some features like custom data visualizations are add-ons.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Ideal for massive customer databases
  • Powerful lead and opportunity management tools


  • Relatively expensive

9. SageCRM — Best Email Marketing Tool for Enterprises

A logo of Sage

Best For Large Businesses
Starting Price Custom
Contacts on Starter Plan
Email Limit 2,000/day
Free Version
Top 3 Features Real-Time Tracking, Integrations, Compliance Management

SageCRM offers a versatile set of features that empower businesses to drive growth and engage customers. It also offers numerous other business solutions via native integrations.

This includes one of the best payroll systems, inventory tracking tools, and loads more. The platform delivers an all-in-one product.

Ultimately, this streamlines your marketing, customer service, and sales team, ensuring customer satisfaction. You can track prospects from the first email you send to when they become customers.

This level of centralization ensures your team members avoid task duplication, empowering them to work more efficiently and providing real-time insights into the customer journey.

While SageCRM’s email marketing capabilities are impressive, it has a steep learning curve and doesn’t have a transparent pricing structure.

That means small businesses with limited budgets may find another tool on this list more suitable for their needs.

Sage CRM Pricing

Sage CRM Pricing

SageCRM doesn’t have set plans in place like its rivals, instead, you’d need to contact them for a custom quote.


  • Impressive marketing campaign management features
  • Feature-rich
  • Numerous third-party integrations and native add-ons


  • Steep learning curve

10. Engagebay — Best for Beginners and Campaign Scheduling

A logo of EngageBay

Best For Beginners + Campaign Scheduling
Starting Price $12.74/user/month
Contacts on Starter Plan 500
Email Limit 1,000-50,000/month
Free Version Free-Forever Plan
Top 3 Features Marketing Automation,
Site Messaging, Predictive Lead Scores

Engagebay is the best pick for businesses looking for a reliable solution for launching multiple email campaigns at different times. It also lets you schedule email campaigns by date.

This allows you to plan for holiday marketing, anniversaries, birthdays, and similar occasions. You can also send geography-focused campaigns at the best times for their time zones.

This makes it an excellent pick for global businesses. Besides all this, the first thing you’ll notice is how well-designed its interface is. We were particularly impressed with how easy A/B testing is.

That makes it an exceptional pick for beginners who’d like to compare two variations of their email campaign and see which performs best.

We also liked that Engagebay automatically returns the test results, highlighting the winning version and allowing you to launch it immediately.

Like HubSpot, Engagebay offers a comprehensive free email marketing plan with limited customer service and CRM features. However, we prefer HubSpot’s free version because it lets you add more contacts, while Engagebay limits you to just 250.

Engagebay Pricing

Engagebay Pricing

Engagebay has numerous products for varying needs and budgets. You can get free help desk software; there’s a hub for CRM and sales features, one for marketing, and an all-in-one solution, which we’ve outlined below:

Plans Pricing
Free $0 (15 users)
Basic $12.74/user/month
Growth $55.25/user/month
Pro $101.99/user/month
  • Free — Includes 250 contacts, email marketing (including autoresponders), 1 landing page, list segmentation, 1,000 branded emails, email broadcast, email tracking, contact management
  • Basic — 500 contacts, 3,000 branded emails, lead scoring, 10 landing pages, 10 forms, 10 web pop-ups, and custom deal milestones
  • Growth — 5,000 contacts, 25,000 branded emails, marketing automation, A/B testing, email sequences, proposals, SSO, dedicated account manager
  • Pro — Unlimited contacts, 50,000 branded emails, role management, web analytics, call recordings, team hierarchy, phone support

The free plan, with a cap of 15 users, is easily one of the most generous for growing small businesses, especially since it offers a mix of CRM and email marketing capabilities.


  • Excellent value for money on its more expensive plans
  • Form and email editors are easy to use
  • Excellent customer support


  • Limited landing page and email templates

The Best CRM Email Marketing Software Compared

The master table below provides everything you need to compare the best email marketing CRM tools based on their pricing, top features, use cases, and more:

Email Marketing CRM Best For Starting Price Contacts on Starter Plan Email Limit Free Version Top Features
Salesforce Sales Teams $25/user/month Unlimited 5,000/day 30-Day Free Trial Mass Email, Campaign Management, Activity Feed
Pipedrive Small Businesses $14/user/month Unlimited 100 at a time 14-Day Free Trial Deal Reports, Email Analytics, Email Tracking
HubSpot Free Tools $15/user/month 1,000 500-5,000/day Free-Forever Plan Forms, Shared Inbox, List Segmentation
Act! Contact Management $30/user/month Unlimited 2,500-100,000/month 14-Day Free Trial A/B Testing, Surveys, Social Sharing
Oracle NetSuite Mid-Large Sized Businesses Custom Unlimited 10,000/campaign Real-Time Analytics, Single Data Source, ROI Calculator
Zoho Workflow Automation $14/user/month Unlimited 250-1,000/day 15-Day Free Trial Auto-Responders, Anomaly Detection, Process Blueprints
Freshsales Lead Generation $15/user/month 1,000 250-5,000/day Free-Forever Plan, 21-Day Free Trial Multichannel Campaigns, Task Management, Marketing Lists
Maximizer CRM Marketing Reports $65/user/month 100,000 100/month Proactive Notifications, Lead Tracking, Automated Drip Campaigns
SageCRM Large Businesses Custom 2,000/day Real-Time Tracking, Integrations, Compliance Management
Engagebay Beginners $12.74/user/month 500 1,000-50,000/month Free-Forever Plan Marketing Automation, Site Messaging, Predictive Lead Scores

What’s the Best Free CRM With Email Marketing Tools?

HubSpot is the best free email marketing CRM. It provides a solid set of CRM and email marketing features at no cost, making it a good pick for startups and budget-conscious organizations.

While a free tool like HubSpot can help those looking to experiment with CRM and email marketing and even offers customer service software, a free plan usually has many limitations.

If you want to scale, we suggest opting for a paid solution to handle your business’s marketing efforts. Premium tools offer more advanced CRM features and fewer limitations.

Why You Need a CRM With Email Marketing

CRM email marketing tools can help you address issues related to data management, email campaign effectiveness, and customer segmentation, all using a single platform.

Deploying an email marketing tool without a CRM system can result in several challenges. The main issue is data fragmentation.

The lack of a unified view will lead to missed opportunities for personalized messages, so you’re more likely to have to resort to generic bulk emails, which are less likely to engage recipients.

On the other hand, opting for the CRM software for email marketing provides numerous advantages. It centralizes customer data, giving your sales and marketing teams access to the same information, so they can improve their sales and marketing processes.

These tools often allow you to access customer interactions and history, improving the precision of your personalized email content, which drives higher conversions and engagement.

In addition, these tools can help you create a sales pipeline and improve conversion rates with marketing automation features like email sequences triggered by specific customer actions.

Read More:

How We Ranked the Best Email CRM Software

We took numerous factors into consideration when ranking our list of the best email CRM platforms. Here’s the methodology we used:

Email Marketing Functionality

Email Functionality

One of the key factors we used to rank the best CRM email marketing platforms is, of course, the email marketing functionality on offer with the CRM.

We looked for features like the ability to segment audiences, create automated email campaigns, A/B testing, automation, and even things like email analytical capabilities (to create custom reports), ensuring every CRM on our list would eliminate the need for you to invest in an email marketing platform separately.

Integration Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

We also factored in the number of integrations on offer with each email marketing CRM platform and the quality of these integrations, putting emphasis on those that offered integration with e-commerce platforms, marketing or sales automation software, and analytical software, for example.

Deliverability and Compliance

Deliverability and Compliance

The provider’s delivery is important when it comes to an email marketing CRM. We factored this into our ranking, as having a CRM with email marketing functionality is useless if all bulk emails you send end up in your lead or client’s spam folder.

Equally important, we also factored in whether the best CRM marketing platforms are compliant with email marketing regulations like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CASL.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

The best CRM for email campaigns lets you customize it to your needs, down to tailoring campaigns specific to your business and audience. Similarly, it gives you the freedom to expand as and when needed—regarding your email list size, your contacts, or the monthly email send limit. We factored all of this in when ranking the best marketing tools.

Cost and Value

Cost and Value

We know that our audience’s needs vary; as such, we ensured that our list of CRM email marketing tools had something for everyone, regardless of their particular needs or budget. We also considered not only the base price but also the overall value for money on offer to ensure we were including the very best of the bunch on our list.

Ease of Use and Support

Ease of Use and Support

Having tested the best CRM and email marketing software for our dedicated reviews, we were sure to factor in each platform’s usability and ease of customization. Of course, one tool having a learning curve isn’t reason enough to lower it on our list, but we noted this alongside available documentation and customer support.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing CRM

Picking a CRM email marketing tool for your business can be challenging. Opting for an all-in-one tool means it’ll affect other departments in your company, too.

So, besides aligning its capabilities with your business’s goals and requirements, here are some crucial factors to consider before you make your decision:

Budget and ScalabilityUser-FriendlinessDeliverabilityCustomizationSegmentation

Assess your budget and the CRM’s scalability to determine if it aligns with your growth potential long-term. Consider solutions with feature-rich, customizable plans, even if you don’t need to opt for their most expensive solutions from the start.

An intuitive interface and easy-to-use features can make a CRM system more accessible to your team, leading to a better experience with the tool and eliminating performance drops.

Consider the CRM’s email deliverability rates. High deliverability rates ensure your emails reach the inbox and avoid spam folders, improving the campaign’s performance.

Ensure your future CRM email marketing tool allows you to create personalized email templates and messages that align with your brand identity. In addition, look for solutions with customizable landing pages and custom fields.

Evaluate the CRM’s contact segmentation capabilities. Customer segmentation allows you to target specific customer groups with relevant messages, increasing the relevance of your emails.

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