Best CRM Software for Hotels in 2023: Top 10 Hospitality CRMs Compared

The best CRM software for hotels can help you to provide exceptional customer experiences for attracting and retaining guests. By leveraging CRM systems designed for the hospitality industry, you can effectively manage guest data, personalize interactions, and optimize your marketing efforts. CRM programs provide tools for managing guest profiles, reservations, loyalty programs, and marketing campaigns.

They empower hotel staff to deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint on the customer journey, from initial contact to post-stay follow-ups. With automation tools and advanced analytics, these CRM systems enable hotels to streamline their operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive revenue growth. We’ll walk you through our 10 choices for the best CRM software for hotels today.

The Top 10 CRMs for the Hotel Industry

Our shortlist for the best hotel software covers a wide range of CRM packages, and you can check out their best features below:

  1. Monday — The ideal CRM for hotels with unique customization needs. Create boards and columns that align with your workflows and processes, streamline tasks, boost productivity, and provide a seamless guest experience.
  2. Salesforce — Comprehensive solution for hotel sales teams, with advanced lead scoring and extensive functionality. Track sales processes effectively, prioritize high-potential leads, and forecast sales accurately.
  3. Pipedrive — Effortlessly manage hotel marketing with a user-friendly CRM. Create custom pipelines, drag-and-drop deals, and streamline communication with seamless email and calendar integration.
  4. HubSpot — Manage customer interactions painlessly with a robust feature set and a generous free version. Standout features include comprehensive contact management, customizable lists for targeted marketing, and powerful reporting and dashboarding capabilities.
  5. Act! — Leverage automation to nurture leads, drive revenue, and enhance guest satisfaction with this comprehensive CRM solution, catering to hospitality SMBs.
  6. Oracle Netsuite — Enterprise option for streamlining the entire customer journey, from lead acquisition to customer service. Features include sales forecasting, upsell recommendations, partner management, and analytics.
  7. Zoho — Versatile platform for hotels and businesses that features seamless integration with Zoho tools and third-party apps. Sales automation, analytics, and omnichannel communications are key parts of this comprehensive CRM.
  8. Freshsales — AI-powered contact and deal scoring to prioritize leads, as well as in-depth customization options for a tailored CRM experience.
  9. Maximizer CRM — Keep track of customer contact details with this scalable CRM software for hotels. Customizable tabs and data fields allow you to design your CRM the way you want.
  10. Bonsai — Ideal for smaller businesses and Airbnbs, this sought-after CRM for hotels includes scheduling, client management, contracts, and payments, all in one package.

What is a Hotel CRM System?

A CRM system – for Customer Relationship Management – is a software solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry to manage and optimize guest interactions and relationships. It serves as a centralized platform where hotels can collect, store, analyze, and utilize guest data to enhance the guest experience, improve customer loyalty, and streamline hotel operations.

Hotel CRM systems will typically include features tailored to the needs of hotels and will allow hotels to gather guest information from multiple sources, such as online reservations, check-in forms, loyalty programs, and guest feedback.

This data is then stored in a centralized database, creating comprehensive guest profiles that capture preferences, stay history, communication preferences, and other relevant information while conforming to data protection legislation like GDPR.

Why Do Hospitality Businesses Need a CRM?

Hospitality businesses, such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants, can benefit significantly from implementing a CRM system. A CRM allows these types of businesses to effectively manage their relationships with guests throughout their journey, from booking to post-stay interactions. By consolidating guest information in a centralized database, businesses can develop a holistic view of each guest’s preferences, past stays, and interactions.

With a CRM, hospitality businesses can tailor guest experiences to their preferences. By accessing guest profiles, staff can anticipate guest needs, deliver personalized services, and provide special touches that enhance the overall guest experience. This personalization helps create memorable moments and fosters positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

CRMs also enable hospitality businesses to implement and manage loyalty and rewards programs. By tracking guest interactions and spending patterns, businesses can offer targeted rewards, incentives, and exclusive benefits to loyal customers.

CRM systems facilitate the tracking of loyalty program status, points accumulation, and redemptions, thus encouraging repeat business and driving customer retention.

Reviews of the Best Hotel CRM Software

We’ve compiled our top 10 list of the best hotel CRM software out there based on factors like price, scalability, customization, and data security. Check out our top picks below:

1. Monday — Our Top Choice for CRM Software for Hotels is our top choice for a CRM system for hotels due to its modern UI, high capacity for customization, and in-app automations. With its visually appealing interface, provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience for hotel staff, making it one of the best hotel management software packages out there.

There aren’t many platforms out there that are ready out-of-the-box for the specific needs of the hospitality industry, but Monday can easily act as a CRM with a few simple changes. The platform allows hoteliers to create boards and columns that align with their workflows and processes. This ensures the CRM can be tailored to meet industry requirements, making it ideal for hotels of all sizes. CRM

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Customization options $24 $288 Free Plan Android and iOS

In-app automations further enhance the efficiency of hotel operations. Hotel staff can create automated workflows that streamline tasks and processes, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity. These automations can be set up to trigger actions based on specific events, such as sending automated notifications to guests or updating inventory levels.

This feature enables hotels to provide a seamless experience for their guests while optimizing their internal operations, and it’s why is near the top of our list of best marketing automation CRMs.

However, may require some customization to fully map your hotel business’s workflows, and the 14-day trial period may not be sufficient to fully explore the app, which could be a limitation for some hoteliers looking to thoroughly evaluate the CRM.

Best Features

  • Easy data import: Excel and API compatibility means it’s easy to import all of your existing databases into Monday at the click of a button.
  • Merge duplicate data: Monday constantly analyzes data entry and lets you know with alerts when you enter a duplicate lead, reducing overlaps in your database.
  • Automatic lead capture: You can set up integrated forms on your website that will automatically populate Monday with new leads when they fill out an inquiry.
  • No-code automations: Setting up automations is a breeze even without any prior coding experience, thanks to Monday’s drag-and-drop interface.


Monday offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate different team sizes and business needs. The Basic CRM plan starts at $10 per seat/month, providing unlimited leads, contacts, and customizable pipelines.

The Enterprise CRM plan is designed for larger organizations, with features such as lead scoring and advanced analytics and automations.


  • Modern UI
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful automations
  • Extensive template library
  • Among the best CRMs, overall


  • Complex navigation options

2. Salesforce — In-Depth Analytics and AI

Salesforce is another great choice for hotels looking at CRM solutions. The platform offers a comprehensive solution that focuses on sales management and automation, making it an ideal fit for hotel sales teams.

Salesforce offers extensive functionality and advanced lead-scoring capabilities. It provides a range of reporting and dashboard customization options, allowing hotel sales teams to track sales, tasks, and details quickly and easily. Mature sales teams may need to consider additional Salesforce products and add-ons to fully leverage the capabilities of Sales Cloud.

Salesforce CRM Dashboard

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Large hotel chains with a unified sales team $25 $300 30-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

Salesforce offers key features that are essential for hotel sales teams. The contact management features provide a complete overview of contact information, opportunities, accounts, notes, and activity in one location.

Lead scoring functionality, powered by, enables the prioritization of leads based on predictive scores, ensuring sales teams focus on high-potential opportunities from prospective guests.

Opportunity management allows hotel sales teams to track the progress of opportunities, including related contacts, campaign influences, and products.

Salesforce also offers robust sales forecasting capabilities, customizable reporting dashboards, and collaborative features like Salesforce Chatter for efficient team communication. For large hotels with centralized sales teams, Salesforce is an ideal choice.

Salesforce regularly updates its CRM products, ensuring improved user experience and expanded functionality. Recent updates include better integrations with Google and Slack, which further enhance the platform’s collaboration and communication capabilities.

 Best Features

  • Slack integration: Tight integration with Slack allows employees to communicate and get updates on a centralized platform.
  • Einstein AI: Dynamically generate content according to your needs, optimizing your marketing team’s output.
  • Tableau data analysis: Automate your data analysis with Tableau, which generates actionable insights on trends in your sales database.


While Salesforce CRM may come with a higher price tag than some competitors, it offers extensive functionality even on lower tiers. It’s worth considering, however, that mature sales teams and larger hotels may need additional Salesforce products and add-ons to maximize the software’s potential.

The Starter plan, priced at $25 per user/month, offers sales, service, and email outreach tools for a quick start, while the Unlimited plan is available at $300 per user/month. Additional solutions like CPQ & Billing, Sales Cloud Einstein, Pardot, and more can be selected as add-ons.


  • Comprehensive contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales forecasting and customizable reporting dashboards
  • Collaborative features like Salesforce Chatter for efficient team communication


  • Customer support can be slow

3. Pipedrive — Simple Software at Affordable Prices

Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM that caters to small businesses and is an excellent choice for hotels seeking a CRM system for the first time. With its intuitive interface, Pipedrive allows users to easily create custom pipelines and move deals with a simple drag-and-drop input.

The platform also offers highly customizable reports and automated workflows that streamline the sales process. It integrates smoothly with calendars and emails, too, making scheduling and communication efficient. Leadbooster, meanwhile, is an add-on that includes web forms, live chat, and a web scraper for lead generation.

Pipedrive CRM For Hotels

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Small hotels with simple needs $14.90 $178.80 14-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

Pipedrive offers several tools to help organize hotel contacts, teams, and correspondence. Its Contact Timelines assist sales representatives in prioritizing contacts and determining follow-up schedules.

The Smart Contact Data feature pulls public information about contacts, providing a comprehensive view of prospects, leads, and current customers. Pipedrive also includes functionality like identifying and merging duplicate contacts to avoid redundancy in sales efforts.

While Pipedrive excels in its core features, it lacks some tools growing businesses may require. It doesn’t provide project management capabilities, for example, and offers limited email marketing tools. Additionally, features like web forms and chatbots for lead generation come at an additional cost.

Best Features

  • Lead generation chatbot: Keep your communications running 24/7 with AI-powered chatbots that funnel leads to your support staff.
  • Automated invoicing: Generate invoices from inside Pipedrive or integrate with your own invoicing app.
  • Security dashboard: Receive live notifications about user activity on your CRM, enabling you to be proactive about data security.


Pipedrive offers a range of plans to suit different needs. The Essential plan starts at $14.90 per user per month, billed annually, offering basic sales process organization. Add-ons are available for features like lead generation, web visitor identification, email campaigns, smart document management, and project management. Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.


  • Customizable deal pipelines with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Seamless integrations with calendars and emails
  • Automated workflows for streamlined sales processes
  • Highly customizable reporting and dashboard options


  • Limited automation options compared to other CRM systems

4. HubSpot — Powerful Hotel Management Software for Mid-Size Brands

HubSpot is a top choice for hotels in need of a customer relationship management solution. With its robust feature set, HubSpot offers a comprehensive platform for managing customer interactions. The ability to bundle pricing for both marketing and service features alongside the CRM makes it a convenient one-stop solution for mid-sized hotels.

Getting started with HubSpot CRM is straightforward, with easy steps for adding team members and importing contacts and opportunities. The user interface is intuitive, and the platform can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of a hotel.


Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Hotels with long-term, repeat clients $30 $360 Free-Forever Plan, 14 Day Free Trial Android and iOS

HubSpot’s best feature for hotels is its Contacts and Communications functionality, which allows for a comprehensive view of all customer data, including communications, documents, notes, and associated records. The interface is user-friendly, allowing for easy management of tasks, deals, and other customer interactions.

HubSpot CRM’s reporting and dashboarding capabilities are robust, offering both canned reports and the ability to create custom reports from scratch. While the visual aspect of the dashboards may not be cutting-edge, the flexibility to create customized reports is a valuable feature.

For hotels looking to automate their processes and analyze data, HubSpot offers advanced options in the form of Automation and Analytics. These features are available at higher pricing tiers and enable hotels to create email sequences and workflows and analyze data to drive informed decision-making and optimize customer journeys.

Best Features

  • Contacts and Communications: Provides a comprehensive view of customer data, including communications, documents, notes, and associated records.
  • Automation and Analytics: Advanced options for automating processes and analyzing data to drive informed decision-making.
  • Lists: Allows users to create customized lists based on specific filters for targeted marketing and communication.


HubSpot is a compelling choice for mid-sized hotels with its comprehensive functionality, ease of use, and the ability to bundle pricing for marketing and service features. The Starter CRM Suite includes Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter, Service Hub Starter, CMS Hub Starter, and Operations Hub Starter, with prices starting at $30 per month.

There’s also an excellent free-forever plan for up to five users. You can also check out our guide to the best free CRM options for alternatives.


  • Robust feature set
  • Generous free version
  • Integrated payment processing


  • Higher pricing tiers for commonplace features
  • Steep learning curve for certain features

5. Act! — Robust Email Marketing Automation and More

Act! is a trusted brand in CRM software that has stood the test of time, offering comprehensive customer relationship management solutions for hotels. With its integrated email marketing capabilities and a range of valuable tools, it emerges as a top choice for hotels seeking to enhance their customer relationships.

By leveraging Act! CRM’s email marketing capabilities, hotels can efficiently connect with their customers, delivering targeted and personalized email campaigns. This allows hotels to effectively engage with their guests, driving customer loyalty and maximizing revenue opportunities.

crm e-commerce

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Marketing automation $30 $360 14-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

With a robust set of tools at their disposal, hotels can easily manage and automate their marketing campaigns, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased bookings.

Act! CRM stands out for its marketing automation capabilities. Hotels can leverage the visual workflow designer to create and automate marketing campaigns, including email templates, autoresponders, and scheduled sendings. This powerful tool enables hotels to nurture leads, increase conversions, and drive revenue growth, all within the Act! CRM platform.

While the interface may have a slight learning curve due to its classic design, Act! CRM compensates with a wealth of functions that empower hoteliers to streamline their operations. The Contacts view provides a comprehensive overview of guest information, enabling hotels to efficiently manage their customer database.

The in-app calendar and task management features further enhance productivity, enabling hotel staff to stay organized and focused on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Best Features

  • Marketing tools: Efficiently connect with customers through targeted and personalized email campaigns, driving customer loyalty and maximizing revenue opportunities.
  • Guest information: Contacts view provides a clear and organized overview of customer data for efficient management.
  • Intuitive pipeline view: Track and manage sales opportunities seamlessly with drag-and-drop functionality.


The Act! Premium Cloud option provides a cloud-based solution for $30 per user per month, offering convenient access, secure hosting, automatic updates, and optional desktop sync. The Act! Premium Desktop option is an on-premise solution priced at $37.50 per user per month, providing networked and offline access, self-managed security, and complete control of updates.


  • Integrated email marketing capabilities
  • Tools for managing and automating marketing campaigns
  • Integration with popular email clients like Outlook


  • Interface has a slight learning curve
  • Outdated UI

6. Oracle Netsuite — Data-Driven Insights for Enterprise Businesses

Oracle NetSuite is an excellent choice for hotels seeking a comprehensive CRM solution with integrated enterprise resource planning capabilities. With its wide range of features and seamless integration with the larger NetSuite business ecosystem, this CRM offers everything from sales automation and forecasting to partner management and marketing campaigns.

By subscribing to the NetSuite platform, hotels gain access to a wealth of high-grade technology. We recommend NetSuite because of its ability to track and manage the entire customer journey, from lead acquisition to deal management to order processing and customer service.

Oracle Netsuite

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Large hotel chains On Request On Request None Android and iOS

The deep integration with NetSuite’s cloud-based services, including ERP functionalities, eliminates the need for multiple business platforms and makes it an ideal choice for hotels looking for a CRM with ERP capabilities.

The CRM’s user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation make it accessible to sales teams unfamiliar with CRM systems. The Home dashboard provides a clear overview of pending tasks, meetings, key performance indicators, and shortcuts to essential components. Additionally, the Recent Records tab and drop-down menu allow easy access to frequently used customer records.

NetSuite offers an impressive array of features, including ERP functionality, sales forecasting tools, upsell recommendations, commission management, and a mobile app for on-the-go productivity.

It also excels in partner relationship management, enabling effective tracking of partner-related sales and marketing efforts. The reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into sales, marketing, and customer support metrics.

Oracle’s customer service is commendable, with immediate assistance from sales representatives and various self-service support options, including online training and resources. However, small businesses and sales teams in need of a stand-alone CRM solution may find NetSuite CRM too complex and feature-heavy.

Best Features

  • NetSuite ecosystem integration: Seamless integration with enterprise resource planning functionality, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.
  • User-friendly interface: Accessible to sales teams unfamiliar with CRM systems, with a clear overview of tasks, meetings, key performance indicators, and shortcuts.
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities: Provide valuable insights into sales, marketing, and customer support metrics.


Oracle doesn’t have pricing options publicly available, so you must contact their sales department to find out more. The extensive functionality and seamless integration make Oracle NetSuite a top choice for hotel chains operating at scale.


  • Seamless integration with the larger NetSuite business ecosystem
  • Ability to track and manage the entire customer journey
  • User-friendly interface and straightforward navigation
  • Excellent partner relationship management and analytics capabilities


  • Not suited to small businesses

7. Zoho — Perfect for Sales Automation for Hotels

Zoho is a versatile customer relationship management platform that caters to the needs of hotels and other businesses. It particularly benefits from seamless integration with other Zoho tools and third-party applications such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and QuickBooks.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for newcomers to learn and use. It also offers a mobile app that allows quick access to contacts, leads, notes, and deals, as well as the ability to make calls directly from the app. Zoho CRM’s artificial intelligence tool, Zia, provides predictive analysis, dictation, data search, and anomaly detection features, but these are only available with top-tier plans.

Zoho CRM Software - Best All in One CRM

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Predictive sales analysis $14 $168 15-Day Free Trial Android and IOS

Zoho CRM excels in sales automation, offering lead generation through forms on websites, social media, and email, as well as lead scoring and workflow automation. It also provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to run prebuilt and custom reports and visualize data through charts.

Collaboration tools, including Feeds, direct messaging, and tagging, facilitate teamwork and organization within the platform. The CRM can also be integrated with project management software for streamlined project collaboration.

The mobile app enhances productivity for sales representatives on the go, meanwhile, offering route planning, offline access, voice-to-text transcription, and business card scanning features. There’s also a built-in dashboard for omnichannel communications, which enables seamless integration of email, phone, social media, website forms, and live chat to keep in touch with potential customers.

Best Features

  • Seamless integration: Integrates with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, and many more.
  • Zia AI tool: Provides predictive analysis, dictation, data search, and anomaly detection.
  • Sales automation: Lead generation, lead scoring, workflow automation, and robust analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Collaboration tools: Feeds, direct messaging, tagging, and integration with project management software for streamlined collaboration.


Zoho CRM offers plans ranging from the free plan for three users to higher-tier plans for unlimited users. The free plan provides basic lead, account, and deal management, while paid plans start at $14 a month and unlock additional features such as sales forecasting, inventory management, and AI-powered tools.


  • Free plan available
  • Automation features save time and streamline workflows effectively
  • Offers a wide range of integrations
  • User-friendly interface


  • Steeper learning curve for complex automation setups

8. Freshsales — Cloud-Based AI Analytics

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM that offers a comprehensive solution for hotels and other businesses. With its highly functional forever-free plan and affordable paid plans, Freshsales is an excellent choice for small to midsized hotels looking to streamline their sales processes.

Freshsales empowers hotel staff with AI-powered contact and deal-scoring capabilities, which allow hotels to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement and likelihood to convert. This helps sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities, increasing their chances of closing deals.

Freshsales CRM

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Omnichannel engagement $15 $180 Free plan/21-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

Freshsales also offers customization options, allowing hotels to tailor the CRM to their needs. Users can create custom dashboards, reports, and workflows and track and manage contacts, accounts, and deals according to their preferences. A built-in phone API enable hotels to easily contact leads via chat, email, and phone, regardless of the plan they are on.

While Freshsales has many strengths, there are a few areas that could be improved. There are some issues with customer support, including delayed responses and a lack of support on the free plan. Additionally, support is only available on weekdays, which may be inconvenient for hotels requiring assistance during weekends or holidays.

Best Features

  • Predictive deal insights: Harness intelligent sales insights to drive revenue by maximizing efficiency and finding the best deals to close with smart recommendations and predictions.
  • Intelligent workflow: Automate tasks such as lead assignment, email sending, task creation, and more to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Freshsales Suite: Unified CRM for sales, marketing, and support teams, providing a single source of truth across the entire customer journey.


Freshsales offers a free plan for up to three users, making it budget-friendly and one of the best CRMs for small business. Paid plans start at $15 per user per month for the Growth plan, which includes advanced features like workflows and sales sequences.

The Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses and includes advanced customization and governance features. Add-ons are available for branded documents, bot sessions, workflows, and phone credits.


  • Forever-free plan and affordable paid plans
  • Ability to contact leads via chat, email, and phone for all plans
  • AI-powered lead scoring available on all paid plans
  • Various automation options
  • Customizable dashboards and reports


  • Customer support could be better

9. Maximizer CRM — Contact Management at the Touch of a Button

Maximizer CRM is a functional and scalable customer relationship management software designed for hotels. While the interface may appear dated, it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Maximizer serves as an address book, calendar, and task organizer, allowing hotels to easily view, sort, and prioritize their workload. It offers integrations with popular productivity applications such as MailChimp, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office, enhancing its functionality and allowing seamless data exchange.

best customer relationship management system automated marketing

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Integration with email clients and more $65 $780 None Android and iOS

Customizability is a strong point for Maximizer. Users can tailor the interface to suit their needs, making changes to tabs and data fields and even building their own features using the API. This level of customization provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt the CRM to their unique requirements.

Maximizer offers pipeline and deal management for sales teams, as well as forecasting capabilities, helping to track key metrics and generate reports for informed decision-making.

Marketing teams can benefit from campaign management, email marketing, and web form builder features, while customer service teams can utilize case management, automatic call logging, and a knowledge base for efficient support.

Maximizer provides customer support through phone-based assistance, email support, and online resources, including training webinars and a community forum.

Best Features

  • Simplicity in contact management: Serves as an address book, calendar, and task organizer for easy workload management.
  • Pipeline and deal management: Track sales opportunities and forecast sales with key metrics and reporting capabilities.
  • Marketing tools: Campaign management, email marketing, and web form builder for effective marketing campaigns.
  • Customer service tools: Case management, automatic call logging, and knowledge base for efficient customer support.


Maximizer CRM starts at $29 per user per month. It offers a 30-day free trial and flexible deployment options. However, the basic plan limits users to a single user, which is lower than some of the other starter plans available on this list.

Additional features and support are available in higher-tier plans, such as investment account management, consolidated property views, and phone-based support.


  • Excellent online customer support resources
  • 30-day free trial
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Highly scalable


  • Limited range of integrations

10. Bonsai — Ideal For Single Hotel Hosts

Bonsai is a CRM solution for hotels with features such as scheduling, client management, a client portal, contracts, and payments, as well as financial management tools for accounting, banking, and tracking expenses. Bonsai’s intuitive and visually attractive design simplifies admin tasks, automates workflows, and saves valuable time for hotel businesses.

The platform’s extensive financial management capabilities allow users to manage and automate payments, expenses, accounting, banking, and taxes. On top of this, there’s a range of paid tools for opening dedicated accounts, tracking expenses and profits, setting tax reminders, and making tax estimates.

Bonsai - Best CRM Software for Freelancers

Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Small hotels or Airbnbs $17 $204 7-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

Bonsai also includes collaboration features to support growing hotel businesses. Users can invite fellow staff members or assistants to manage tasks and track time, while built-in project collaboration tools eliminate the need for additional software when working on joint projects or expanding the team.

This product provides a library of prebuilt and customizable templates for various forms used for small businesses, including invoices, client contracts, and session templates. This saves time by allowing users to quickly create and customize forms without starting from scratch.

While Bonsai’s great for freelancers, it’s missing additional features such as website building.

Best Features

  • Contracts and payments: Manage and automate contracts and payments for smooth business transactions.
  • Extensive financial capabilities: Manage and automate payments, expenses, accounting, banking, and taxes.
  • Add-ons: Extra tools for dedicated accounts, expense and profit tracking, tax reminders, and tax estimates.
  • Collaboration tools: Invite staff members to manage tasks, track time, and collaborate on projects within the software.


Bonsai offers plans starting from $17 per month for the Starter plan, which is suitable for new hoteliers just getting started. The Business plan provides additional features such as unlimited collaborators, subcontractor management, and accountant access.


  • Comprehensive features, including scheduling, client management, and financial management tools
  • Simplifies administrative tasks and automates workflows
  • Collaboration features
  • Prebuilt templates for quick customization of forms


  • Relatively short seven-day free trial duration

The Best CRMs for Hotels Compared

It might be hard keeping track of all the different features on offer from the top hotel sales management software on our list, so we’ve put together this table to help you compare the key aspects of the best software for hospitality today:

Name Best For Starting Monthly Price Starting Annual Price Free Version Compatibility
Monday Customization options $24 $288 Free Plan Android and iOS
Salesforce Large hotel chains with a unified sales team $25 $300 30-Day Free Trial Android and iOS
Pipedrive Small hotels with simple needs $14.90 $178.80 14-Day Free Trial Android and iOS
HubSpot Hotels with long-term, repeat clients $30 $360 Free-Forever Plan, 14-Day Free Trial Android and iOS
Act! Marketing automation $30 $360 14-Day Free Trial Android and iOS
Oracle Netsuite Large hotel chains On Request On Request None Android and iOS
Zoho Predictive sales analysis $14 $168 15-Day Free Trial Android and IOS
Freshsales Omnichannel engagement $15 $180 Free plan/21-Day Free Trial Android and iOS
Maximizer CRM Integration with email clients and more $65 $780 None Android and iOS
Bonsai Small hotels or Airbnbs $17 $204 7-Day Free Trial Android and iOS

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hospitality CRM for Your Hotel

Hotel Size and Complexity

You’ll need to understand the size and complexity of your hotel operations and plan accordingly. Larger hotels with multiple properties and diverse offerings may require a more robust CRM solution that can handle complex operations and integrations with other systems.

Features and Functionality

Different CRM systems offer a wide range of features and functionality. When choosing a CRM for hotels, look for features such as guest profiling, segmentation, personalized communication, reservation management, loyalty program integration, reporting and analytics, marketing campaign management, and integration capabilities with other hotel systems.

Ease of Use and User Interface

You’ll also need to ensure that the CRM system has an intuitive user interface that is easy for your staff to navigate and use efficiently. A user-friendly CRM will streamline adoption and reduce learning time for your team, saving you costs in staff downtime and training.


Plan for the future and pick a CRM that can accommodate your hotel’s growth and expansion plans. It should be capable of handling increasing volumes of guest data, additional properties, and growing customer interactions as you expand across multiple locations.

Integration Capabilities

The CRM’s ability to integrate with other essential hotel systems is vital. This can include property management systems, central reservation systems, revenue management systems, online travel agencies, and review platforms. Seamless integration ensures data synchronization and enhances operational efficiency.

Customization Options

CRM marketing software offers customization options to tailor the system to your hotel’s specific needs and branding requirements. Customization also allows you to align the CRM with your hotel’s unique workflows and guest service standards.

Data Security and Compliance

Data compliance is extremely important when running a hospital business, so the CRM provider you choose needs to follow robust data security measures and comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Guest data privacy should be a top priority, and the CRM should provide strong security protocols, data encryption, and access controls.

Customer Support and Training

The best CRM systems for hotels will offer extensive customer support and training. Look for responsive customer service, documentation, training resources, and user communities to assist your staff in utilizing the CRM effectively.

Conclusion – What is the Best CRM Software for Hotels in 2023?

Based on our comprehensive analysis of the top CRM software solutions for hotels, the clear winner for 2023 is With its robust features and tailored functionalities for the hotel industry, stands out as the best choice for hotels seeking to elevate their customer relationship management. offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with hotel operations, and powerful tools for guest management, reservations, and marketing campaigns. It empowers hotel staff to deliver personalized experiences and streamline operations, ultimately enhancing guest satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Whether you’re a small boutique hotel or a large hospitality chain, Monday CRM provides the necessary tools to optimize your customer relationships and elevate your hotel’s performance.

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