The 10 Best Recruitment CRM Software Products for 2024 Reviewed

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best recruitment CRM software describes tools that let you track all your candidates, manage interviews, automate your recruitment, and overall, discover, engage, and hire the best talent — all from one platform.

That said, given all the options you have, finding the best CRM for recruiting isn’t easy. To help, we’ve tested, reviewed, and compared the market’s best ATS and CRM products based on factors like value for money, customization capabilities, integrations, and automation.

Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent 2024

1. Monday — Robust Recruitment CRM and ATS Platform

Monday Logo

Best For ATS and CRM combo
Starting Price $10/month/user
Free Version Free-forever for 2 seats
Standout Features Custom dashboards, Workflow automations, Seamless integrations
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Monday is a feature-rich platform that offers all the features and functionality of an ATS and a recruitment CRM. It’s also fully customizable, so you can easily adapt it using the intuitive drag-and-drop tools to visualize your recruitment pipeline and track each candidate with color-coded statuses.

With Monday, you can create different views for every aspect of your recruiting funnel. This includes list views for candidates in different stages of the funnel, Gantt charts to track different recruitment activities, timelines to monitor time to hire, and Calendar views to track and manage candidate interviews.

A strong suit of Monday is its advanced automations. You can automate email correspondence with candidates, test delivery, and interview scheduling, as well as set up real-time notifications when candidates reach set stages of your hiring funnel.

Additionally, you can leverage smart filters to sort applicants into different categories based on keywords in their resumes, specific soft and hard skills, years of experience, and other relevant factors.

As with other recruitment CRM software, it easily integrates with the tools you’re already using,l including Zapier, Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, Gmail, and dozens of other apps.

If there’s one downside, it’s that the range of features can be overwhelming for beginners.

Read our full Monday review for more details


  • Robust, feature-rich platform
  • Fully customizable views and dashboards
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Automated email correspondence with candidates
  • Easy integrations with your existing software stack


  • Can be overwhelming for beginners

2. Zoho Recruit — Talent Acquisition Solution with AI Resume Parsing

Zoho Logo

Best For Parsing resumes and identifying candidates with AI
Starting Price $26/month/user
Free Version Free-forever plan for 1 job opening
Standout Features One-click posting, Employee referral portal, Career site builder
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Zoho Recruit is another comprehensive talent acquisition solution designed to help you discover, engage, and hire the best people for the job, regardless of their location.

The biggest reason to opt for Zoho Recruit is the platform’s automation capabilities. With a single click, your recruiters can post a job ad on more than 75+ job boards.

Moreover, Zoho’s smart AI can parse resumes for you, assign ratings to applicants, identify where core skills match your job requirements, and provide a shortlist of the best candidates.

Zoho also lets you build a dedicated career website. This helps increase your company’s visibility and passively attract the right candidates, allowing you to build a strong talent pool.

You can also set up an employee referral portal to incentivize the top performers already in your team to refer friends and contacts in the industry to your company.

Once you have a candidate talent pool, you can use filters to split them into groups based on location, skill set, experience, salary expectations, and more.

You can design custom automation workflows in Zoho to engage candidates, inform them of the next steps, send offer letters, request digital signatures on contracts, assign them pre-onboarding tasks, and provide them with all the info they need before their first day.

Zoho is a comprehensive hiring tool that’s part of a broader business software toolset. That said, some features, like API calls and bulk emailing, are paid add-ons.

Read our full Zoho review for more details.


  • One-click posting on 75+ job boards
  • Build a dedicated career site and employee referral portal
  • Smart filters that let you create diverse candidate pools
  • AI resume parsing and candidate grading
  • Lets you offer a superb candidate experience


  • Features like bulk emailing and API calls are paid add-ons

3. Teamtailor — All-in-One Recruiting Platform

Teamtailor Logo

Best For Building a career site and gathering feedback
Starting Price Quote-based
Free Version 14-day trial
Standout Features Drag-and-drop career site builder, Live Chat widget for career site, Email automation
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Teamtailor is a powerful, all-in-one recruiting tool that helps you attract, nurture, and hire top talent with ease. The platform lets you customize and automate virtually every part of your hiring process.

The main reason to opt for Teamtailor is the easy-to-use career website builder. It features a simple drag-and-drop tool, lets you choose from a wide variety of professional images to add to the site, and allows you to embed videos, gifs, and custom forms.

All the applications are collated, and candidates are automatically scored on all relevant skills based on their responses, so you’ll be able to identify the most promising ones at a glance.

Teamtailor also features email templates that you can fully customize and send out to candidates when they reach particular stages in the hiring process. The templates are flexible, so you can add headers, useful links, gifs, and videos to engage applicants.

The platform also features an interview scheduler that integrates with your calendar, allowing you to easily pick available dates and schedule interviews with the best candidates in seconds.

Teamtailor also lets you measure candidate experience by sending out surveys to applicants and starting conversations with people who visit your career site, thanks to a live chat widget.


  • Super easy to use
  • Guarantees an excellent candidate experience
  • Lets you build a career site in minutes
  • Supports custom job application forms
  • Automates email correspondence and interview scheduling


  • Quote-based pricing
  • Lack of dashboard customization options

4. Rippling — Flexible Recruitment Platform With Advanced Automation

Rippling Logo

Best For Custom-built reports for every aspect of hiring
Starting Price Quote-based
Free Version
Standout Features 90-second onboarding, Learning management, Smart scheduling
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Rippling is a talent management system that merges recruiting and professional development. It gives you a dedicated platform to identify, engage, hire, and onboard new members, as well as help them further develop their skills and grow with your company.

Similarly to Zoho, Rippling lets you post your job opening on hiring platforms with a single click. Applications funnel into your Rippling dashboard, so you’ll see all candidates in one place.

The platform also provides a lot of flexibility. You can customize all your workflows and processes. You can set up custom interview stages and tests, build different recruitment pipelines, set up approval workflows, and set alerts for every stage of the hiring funnel.

What’s even more impressive is that Rippling lets you build custom reports for virtually any recruitment metric, including time-to-hire, success of different job boards, candidate feedback, average expected salary for every role, and more.

Compared to Monday and Zoho Recruit, Rippling offers a lot more reporting flexibility, but it also requires more knowledge and experience with ATS and CRM software to utilize fully.

Aside from job posting and reporting, Rippling lets you automate interview scheduling. The software also supports integration with Outlook and Google calendars.

After you identify the best candidates, Rippling can help you seamlessly onboard them by handling the paperwork, setting up payroll and benefits, providing new hires with the necessary equipment, and more.

Here’s our in-depth Rippling review


  • One-click posting on 50+ job boards
  • Full control over workflow and processes
  • Build custom reports for hiring metrics
  • Built-in calendar integration and smart scheduling
  • Streamlined onboarding


  • Navigating the UI takes some skill
  • No public pricing information

5. Manatal — Leading AI-Powered Recruiting Software

Manatal Logo

Best For Automatic candidate scoring and AI profile enrichment
Starting Price $15/month/user
Free Version 14-day trial
Standout Features Over 2,500 hiring channels, AI recommendations, Career page with custom forms
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Manatal is an AI recruiting software solution designed to fast-track candidate sourcing and recruiting. The smart AI is responsible for parsing candidate CVs and assigning matching scores based on their skills and your job requirements.

This eliminates the need to check every CV manually. When you combine the AI talent acquisition capabilities with the insane reach you get from posting on over 2,500 hiring channels, you’ll have hundreds of qualified candidates to choose from.

Manatal’s AI doesn’t stop at candidate scoring. It can enrich candidates’ profiles and provide recruiters with links to candidates’ LinkedIn profiles, locations, and GitHub contributions.

Another reason to choose Manatal is the ability to set up a fully customized career page, similar to Zoho Recruit’s dedicated career site.

The main difference is that you can have the page up and ready in minutes with Manatal, even if you have no experience, thanks to an easy-to-customize template and simple drag-and-drop editor.

Lastly, Manatal also facilitates onboarding. The tool provides an onboarding checklist so you can ensure they have all the credentials set up, access to all crucial documents, and physical equipment ready for their first day.


  • AI-powered candidate scoring
  • AI candidate profile enrichment
  • Access to over 2,500+ hiring channels
  • Easy-to-use career page builder
  • Excellent mobile application


  • UI can be overwhelming

6. Salesforce — Robust Platform With AI-Powered Staffing and Recruiting Functionality

Salesforce Logo

Best For Automate admin work with Salesforce AI
Starting Price Quote-based
Free Version
Standout Features Resume parsing, 180-day onboarding support, Custom reports
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Salesforce is often mentioned when talking about customer relationship management rather than recruiting, but the comprehensive platform does feature solid recruiting functionality.

You can build custom workflows and leverage automations to engage new candidates, deliver tests via email, provide information regarding the next steps, and automate offers and rejection emails.

Besides collating all your candidate information, Salesforce also leverages the power of AI to parse resumes across 140+ fields to find the best match for your company and enrich candidate profiles so your recruiters can identify top talent faster than competitors.

The smart AI can also generate emails, engage in conversations with your candidates, and even come up with personalized offers based on skills, experience, and job role.

Everything the AI does is based on your business’ real-time data, so you can lean back and let the AI handle the admin work, making Salesforce a solid CRM for recruitment companies that handle thousands of applications.

Need more? Here’s a full Salesforce review.


  • Best CRM for recruitment agencies
  • Custom workflows and automations
  • AI-generated emails and offers based on your real-time data
  • AI resume parsing and candidate profile enrichment
  • Onboarding support for the first 180 days at the company


  • Requires decent technical knowledge to fully utilize

7. Pipedrive — Easy-to-Use Platform With a Hiring Workflow Builder

Pipedrive Logo

Best For Custom-built hiring workflows with auto-emailing
Starting Price $9.90/month/user
Free Version 14-day trial
Standout Features Drag-and-drop workflow builder, Full email sync with templates, Seamless integrations
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Pipedrive is designed to facilitate application tracking and free up the time of everyone involved in recruiting – HR, department heads, managers, and CEOs – by letting you streamline your entire recruitment process.

You can create an end-to-end recruitment pipeline, see every incoming application in one dashboard, nurture candidates with timely responses and reminders, and organize them by interview stage.

The platform features a simple drag-and-drop tool that lets you visualize your entire recruitment process, attach automated emails to every stage in the hiring funnel, and set up reminders and approval workflows.

In addition, Pipedrive can help you source promising candidates and build a searchable talent acquisition network. This lets your recruiters easily find the talent with the right skills and sufficient experience when a new spot opens on your team.

Another area where Pipedrive excels is reporting and analytics. You’ll be able to set up KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure against, such as application volume, and time-to-hire.

Pipedrive integrates with business tools, such as Zapier, Mixmax, Aircall, PandaDoc, and Slack. You can also connect with Pipedrive Campaigns and design personalized email campaigns to for every candidate entering your hiring funnel.

The one thing Pipedrive is lacking is the ability to create a career website or page, so your recruiters will still have to manually post job ads and headhunt people on LinkedIn and popular job platforms.

Read our in-depth Pipedrive review for more.


  • Simple drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Real-time alerts whenever candidates reach set stages
  • Create and connect fully automated, personalized email campaigns
  • In-depth reporting based on a variety of KPIs
  • Excellent integration capabilities


  • No career page builder
  • Dated UI

8. HubSpot — Enterprise-Level CRM, Free for Up to 1 Million Contacts

HubSpot Logo

Best For Enterprise-level CRM
Starting Price $1,600/month
Free Version Free for up to 1m contacts
Standout Features Email templates, AI email writer, Meeting scheduler
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

HubSpot is a full-featured platform that can enhance virtually every aspect of your business, from sales and marketing to operations and customer service.

While HubSpot doesn’t have a dedicated recruitment module, it offers dozens of tools that will help make your recruiters’ lives easier, such as an interview scheduler, email templates, an AI email writer, and even live chat software that you can use to provide information to promising candidates in real-time.

With HubSpot, you’ll also have the full freedom to create custom hiring workflows that align with your organization’s unique processes and connect them with different email campaigns to automate candidate correspondence.

HubSpot CRM also offers a free plan that lets you save up to a million contacts, both candidates and clients. The number of users who can use the platform and the amount of candidate data you can store is also unlimited.

In addition to letting you create custom dashboards and generate in-depth reports to glean valuable insights into your recruiting efforts, it also gives you crucial information on the performance of your sales, marketing, content, and operations departments.

Learn more with our full HubSpot review.


  • Free to use for up to 1 million contacts
  • Build a custom hiring workflow
  • Dozens of email templates and an AI email writer
  • Store an unlimited amount of candidate data
  • Generates in-depth reports


  • Building hiring functionality from scratch requires technical expertise

9. Act! — Centralized Database for All Your Contacts, With Built-in Marketing Automation

Act Logo

Best For Staffing agencies headhunting top performers
Starting Price $31.62 + $9 for desktop sync
Free Version 14-day trial
Standout Features Marketing automation, Automatic backups, Calendar, email, and activity tracking
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Act! is a full-featured CRM and marketing automation tool that helps businesses streamline their operations, facilitate communication with candidates, and reduce admin work.

The platform acts as recruitment database software, with smart search functions that enable you to find the person you’re looking for in seconds.

While most businesses use the platform to collect leads, nurture them, and gradually convert them into paying customers, recruiters can also leverage Act! to build a pool of qualified candidates.

Since Act! doesn’t have a built-in capability to track applications, it’s the most useful for staffing agencies that are headhunting top performers on various job boards and platforms like LinkedIn.

After adding the candidate information to the database, recruiters can apply filters and perform quick searches to find the person who best fits a particular job opening.

You’ll also be able to send email blasts to your entire contact list or a specific segment to alert them of new job openings, share the latest industry news, or gather data on job satisfaction or average compensation for specific roles in different industries, for example.

Unsure? Here’s a full Act! CRM review.


  • Smart search functions
  • Built-in marketing automation with industry-specific templates
  • Easy database search to find specific contacts in seconds
  • Email tracking with real-time notifications
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboards and reporting


  • Have to manually add contact information
  • No ATS functionality

10. ClearCompany — Robust Talent Management Platform With a Text-to-Apply Feature

ClearCompany Logo

Best For Talent acquisition, onboarding, and engagement
Starting Price Quote-based
Free Version
Standout Features Text-to-apply, Streamlined onboarding, Performance management
Device Compatibility Windows, macOS

ClearCompany is a robust talent management software product that helps you grow your team by identifying and hiring top performers. It can also help you drive company culture, provide employee job satisfaction, and maximize staff productivity.

In addition to automating recurring HR tasks, ClearCompany provides pre-built hiring blueprints and integrates your top performers’ profiles into your hiring funnel.

This helps ensure you ask the right interview questions, evaluate candidates fairly, and select the best applicants with the highest chance of integrating well into your existing company culture.

The platform also guarantees a superb candidate experience by giving top talent multiple ways to apply and makes it easy for you to provide them with real-time feedback on the status of their application.

You can also use ClearCompany to build a visually stunning, candidate-friendly career site with built-in job search tools, filters, and application forms.

What you’ll also love about this recruitment CRM is the ability to recruit via text messages. This enables your recruiters to bulk text every person they’ve headhunted with links to your career site or job ads, so they can check out job openings in seconds.

ClearCompany also facilitates onboarding with ready-made templates. And it doesn’t end there. Once your new hire settles in, ClearCompany lets you engage them with talent management tools, such as employee surveys and custom engagement strategies, to help boost job satisfaction and improve your employee retention.

Read our in-depth ClearCompany review for more


  • Easy-to-use career site builder
  • Bulk texting of candidates and text-to-apply
  • Native integrations with popular video interviewing tools
  • Onboarding templates and streamlined employee engagement


  • No mobile apps

The Best CRMs for Recruiting and Staffing Agencies Compared

Here’s a quick recruitment CRM software comparison table so you can get a better overview of what each of the tools excels at and how much money you have to set aside per month for different solutions:

Recruiting CRM Software Best For Starting Price Free Version Standout Features Device Compatibility
Monday Best overall $10/month/user Free-forever for 2 seats Custom dashboards, Workflow automations, Seamless integrations Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Zoho Recruit Parsing resumes and identifying candidates with AI $26/month/user Free-forever plan for 1 job opening One-click posting, Employee referral portal, Career site builder Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Teamtailor Building a career site and gathering feedback Quote-based 14-day trial Career site builder, Live Chat widget for career site, Email automation Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Rippling Custom-built reports for every aspect of hiring Quote-based 90-second onboarding, Learning management, Smart scheduling Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Manatal Automatic candidate scoring and AI profile enrichment $15/month/user 14-day trial Over 2,500 hiring channels, AI recommendations, Career page with custom forms Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Salesforce Automate admin work with Salesforce AI Quote-based Resume parsing, 180-day onboarding support, Custom reports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Pipedrive Custom-built hiring workflows with auto-emailing $9.90/month/user 14-day trial Drag-and-drop workflow builder, Full email sync with templates, Seamless integrations Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
HubSpot Enterprise-level CRM $1,600/month Free for up to 1m contacts Email templates, AI email writer, Meeting scheduler Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Act! Staffing agencies headhunting top performers $31.62 + $9 for desktop sync 14-day trial Marketing automation, Automatic backups, Calendar, email, and activity tracking Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
ClearCompany Talent acquisition, onboarding, and engagement Quote-based Text-to-apply, Streamlined onboarding, Performance management Windows, macOS

How Do Recruitment CRM Systems Work?

A CRM system for recruitment functions as a centralized database that holds all your candidate information in one place. This lets you track their progress through your recruitment pipeline, search their resumes, perform background checks, and efficiently engage promising candidates.

Recruitment CRMs collate all candidate information and provide valuable insights into the recruitment process. This dramatically reduces the time for recruitment cycles and improves your odds of landing top performers.

You can see the percentage of clients that make it to the interview phase, their core skills, and their success rate on different job boards and platforms, such as LinkedIn, so you can optimize your recruitment pipeline and make smart, data-driven hiring decisions.

Do You Need an ATS or a Recruitment CRM System?

An Applicant Tracking System and a recruiting CRM are essential hiring tools that save tons of time and dramatically improve the outcome of your recruitment cycles.

While they are fundamentally different, the line between the two is becoming blurred as more platforms offer solutions covering both sets of features.

The key distinction between the two is in the approach to hiring. With an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you’ll actively look for candidates, post job ads with detailed job descriptions, administer tests, track candidates through your hiring funnel, and automate email correspondence.

Candidate Relationship Management software is used to build a database of potential candidates. It typically holds information on passive candidates – people who haven’t applied to your job ad – and lets your recruiters proactively reach out when there’s a job opening in your company.

The choice between the two depends on whether you’re going to be actively hiring or building a talent pipeline to facilitate future growth. That said, we believe a full-featured platform, like Monday, is the best option as it offers the best of both worlds and lets you attract job seekers and headhunt top performers in your niche.

The Key Benefits of Recruitment CRM Systems

Whether you use Pipedrive for recruiting or another CRM, these are the main benefits these solutions provide recruiters and staffing agencies:

Centralize Everything

Everything related to the hiring process —candidate details, resumes and cover letters, interviews, and everything in between—is centralized in one location.

This makes it easy to source the information recruiters need on an applicant or to know where a candidate is in the hiring process. Having this data automatically added and updated also removes the common issue of outdated or inaccurate information.

Improved Candidate Engagement

Recruitment CRMs let recruiters personalize their messaging, ultimately improving the candidate experience and helping recruiters build and maintain relationships with applicants, whilst boosting engagement with any outreach attempts.


All the best CRM systems for recruitment offer automated resume parsing, candidate screening, and interview scheduling. These allow recruiters to save time automating mundane tasks and focus their efforts on more important ones, like evaluating candidates.

Enhanced Collaboration

The best recruiting CRM platforms have built-in communication and collaboration tools. They allow recruiters and staffing agencies to collaborate in real-time, share candidate profiles and notes, and provide the visibility needed throughout the process to keep everyone aligned.

Advanced Filters and Matching

Recruitment CRMs let you filter candidates based on their location, salary expectation, experience, and more, making it far easier to shortlist applicants. In fact, some offer automatic resume parsing, where the platform scores applicants and does the short-listing for you based on the parameters you set.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Recruiting CRM software lets you generate reports (even custom ones) to monitor KPIs and key metrics related to your hiring process. This includes getting information about the time-to-fill, source of hire, and candidate pipeline status, to name a few. Having this data at your fingertips means you’ll be better equipped to make data-driven decisions.


Third-party integrations are vital to ensuring smooth workflows—if you aren’t after the powerful ATS and CRM combo because you already use an Applicant Tracking System, then you’ll want to make sure that the CRM software you choose can integrate with it. Other key integrations hiring managers will find handy include email clients, job boards, social media platforms, and calendars.


How We Review And Test CRM Software

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the CRM Software products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of Use: We assess the CRM service’s overall UX across platforms. Some CRM services we’ve used have a learning curve, so we also factor in their online documentation.
  • Functionality: We consider the depth of features on offer, including contact, lead, and pipeline management, marketing capabilities, and the depth of reporting on offer.
  • Integrations: We assess the CRM platform’s ability to integrate with essential everyday tools like email marketing services, accounting software, and ERPs, for example.
  • Security and Compliance: We look for features like data encryption, role-based access controls, GDPR compliance, and industry-specific regulations like HIPAA.
  • Customization: We check for features like custom fields, workflows, and automation rules, to assess whether the platform can be tailored to specific needs and industries.
  • Value for Money: We weigh the feature-to-price value on offer and consider whether the provider offers affordable scalability.
  • Mobile Accessibility: To ensure sales reps and managers can use the CRM on the go, we test the mobile apps available and evaluate their functionality.
  • Reputation: We don’t waste our time with tools that don’t have a good reputation. We note what other users have to say to ensure we offer full insight into the tools we feature.

Of course, as this guide is specific to recruitment, we put extra emphasis on ensuring the CRMs we recommend offer features like candidate management, recruitment workflow automations (i.e. email automations, candidate screening, and interview scheduling), and search and match candidate scoring, for example.

We also took into account the specific integrations hiring managers would find most valuable and the level of customization and reporting on offer. Compliance and data security—with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and OFCCP—was a big factor when we were compiling our recommendations

How to Choose the CRM Software for Recruitment

As you’ve seen from our reviews, recruitment CRM software solutions can vary drastically in terms of functionality and pricing.

In order to get the best value for your money and ensure you opt for the right recruitment CRM software that meets your company’s needs, you have to pay attention to the following factors:

Ease of UseLevel of CustomizationFunctionalityIntegrationsFree TrialsPrice

The best CRM for recruitment isn’t necessarily the one with the most features. We recommend opting for an intuitive solution that’s fairly easy to use.

Platforms like Monday, for example, make it easy for recruiters to sort the candidates, find the information they’re looking for, and engage the top-performing ones.

The UI is clean and simple, and everything is color-coded, so any HR professional can master the tool in a week or two without any previous CRM knowledge or experience.

While simplicity is a plus, you should ensure the tool isn’t rigid. Put simply, recruiting management software should allow you to create custom workflows that reflect your unique recruiting processes.

For example, some companies only have one interview stage, while others might want to schedule separate interviews with the HR, department heads, and the CEO.

Additionally, the best CRMs for recruiting should let you customize the email sequences that are automatically sent whenever a candidate completes a stage of the hiring process.

Depending on your needs, the key features you should look out for may vary. For example, a CRM for recruitment agencies doesn’t really need a career website builder since you’re hiring for dozens of other companies and won’t benefit from a single application form.

In that instance, you need a tool like Manatal that lets you post on 2,500 job boards. Alternatively, if you’re hiring for an open position in your company, you’d want a website builder, AI resume parsing, and candidate scoring.

Other key features include automated email correspondence, interview scheduling, HR dashboards, reporting and analytics, and new employee onboarding.

Recommended Read: Key CRM Features Every Business Needs

It’s crucial that your chosen recruitment CRM integrates with your other tools. For example, native integrations with your Google Calendar enable you to allow candidates to select the most convenient time to schedule an interview.

Slack integration lets you receive real-time notifications, so your recruiters will never miss a promising candidate even if they’re not logged into the CRM’s dashboard.

Other useful integrations include Zapier, Gmail, PandaDoc, and similar apps and tools.

A free trial or a free plan is the best way to test out a recruitment CRM in practice. Since the recruitment CRM will be an integral part of your hiring process, it’s often a long-term investment, so you want to make sure that you’ve got the right tool for the job before committing to a monthly or annual payment plan.

When it comes to the price of online recruitment software, it’s vital to understand that most will charge based on the number of users. So, if you’re planning on having five people use the software regularly, you’ll have to multiply the price by five.

Additionally, not every feature will be available on every plan. So, carefully review the list of features available on different pricing plans before you make your choice. Also, keep an eye out for other fees and charges.

Read More:

Do Free Recruiting CRM Tools Work?

They do work, but the functionality of free recruitment CRM is limited. You’ll be locked out of most of the key features. Let’s take Monday as an example.

The free forever plan limits you to only two users and lets you have a maximum of three boards at any given time. While you’ll still have access to all the core features and over 200+ templates, you’ll lack advanced functionality.

This includes things like automations, integrations, custom dashboard building, Gantt and Timeline views, time tracking, dependencies, and more.

While a free recruitment CRM is a great way to test out a tool in practice before committing to a paid plan, it’s not a good choice as a long-term solution.

If you want to consistently attract and hire top talent, we strongly recommend investing in a paid solution to ensure you have the best candidate management software.

Other Guides for Hiring Managers

If you want to learn more about recruitment software, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), check out our list of helpful guides:


As you’ve seen from our reviews, there are quite a few excellent recruitment CRM software solutions on the market, so you have plenty of options at your disposal.

It’s important to assess your business needs and compare the functionality and pricing plans of different solutions to ensure you opt for the one that’s the best fit for your business.


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