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LACRM excels in ease of use, customization, and team collaboration

Less Annoying CRM is a reputable product designed for small businesses. It has a near-perfect reputation online and offers one of the easiest user interfaces we’ve tried. In short, LACRM offers a no-frills solution for anyone after a simple contact management platform.

That said, Less Annoying CRM isn’t the best option for large businesses, as it lacks AI automation and scalable plans. As such, we’d recommend it for small and mid-sized businesses after a simple CRM solution.


  • Unlimited contacts and pipelines
  • Ample customization options
  • Has a good reputation online
  • It's incredibly easy to use


  • It lacks AI automation
  • Doesn't have built-in email capabilities
  • Only offers one pricing plan

Our Less Annoying CRM review explores a popular platform known for its ease of use. That said, despite being the go-to for many small businesses, it’s not the best option for everyone. To help you decide if it’s best for your business, we cover its pros and cons, pricing, features, reputation, and how it compares to the best Less Annoying CRM alternatives.

Less Annoying CRM Pricing

Less Annoying CRM offers a no-nonsense pricing structure. There’s just one plan, which includes everything the CRM has to offer, with no features locked behind higher-priced plans.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get with LACRM:

Starting Price $15/user/month
User Limit 1
Free Trial Period
Opportunities Management
Lead Scoring
Team Collaboration
Integrations 25
Support Email and phone

Plan — $15/user/month

With this plan, you get unlimited contacts, clients, and custom fields and pipelines, along with a built-in calendar and task view for easy project tracking — You get everything on offer with LACRM.

Compared to rivals like Salesforce, which starts at $25/user, LACRM is more affordable. However, as we found in our full Salesforce review, it has more features.

That said, on the surface, it’s pricer than HubSpot’s Starter plan ($18 for 2 users ($9/user)), but HubSpot limits you to 2 pipelines per user. To further compare, though,  HubSpot does offer more scalability.

All-in-all, Less Annoying CRM offers good value for money for small businesses. However, it’s not the best for large businesses, as it lacks automation and offers limited integration options, for example.

Less Annoying CRM’s Key Features

During our Less Annoying CRM review, it was easy to see why it’s among the best small business CRM solutions. Here are some standout features we found that are worth exploring in more depth:

Contact and Companies

Less Annoying CRM Contact and Companies

Contact and company records are the core of LACRM and form the foundation of the database on the platform, and we found it lived up to its ease of use claims, as adding this data was pretty simple.

All we had to do was click on the “Add” button on the left panel of the dashboard. There are 9 contact fields by default, including the “Company Name” option.

Let’s say you’re adding the accountant of company XYZ. Type the company’s name in the “Company Name” field. If you’ve already created a company by that name, it’ll show up in the search options.

This contact card acts as a single source of truth for your business. All interactions with each contact are stored in the “History” tab—logged emails, completed tasks and events, and pipeline updates.


Less Annoying CRM deal pipelines

With Less Annoying CRM, you can either create a pipeline from scratch or choose from the 9 pre-built templates. This includes orders, job applications, and customer issues, for example.

Every pipeline has two broad statuses, too—Active and Closed. Moreover, we liked how these can further contain multiple statuses, which you can customize.

For example, the job application pipeline may have active statuses such as “application received” or “interview scheduled”, and assigning a contact to a team member is really straightforward.

As you’d expect, you can also customize your pipeline fields to make it your own and add notes to tasks or projects to ensure all the information the rep needs is there.


Less Annoying CRM Calendar

The Less Annoying CRM calendar offers a holistic overview of your day (or week) ahead. As we mentioned above, for easy management, each event can be tied to contacts and companies.

Overall, we found that creating an event is super easy — click “Add” and “Event”, fill out the details, and add attendees. You’ll also get a daily email reminding you of the tasks and events lined up.

Plus, you’ll get an email 15 minutes before an event, which can be customized. In fact, you can even set multiple reminders for a particular important event.

We really liked how users can customize the calendar with multiple sub-calendars, and you can color code events based on priority or the assignee to keep it easy for your team to follow.

It even allows you to mark some events as “private” so that they don’t show up on the team’s calendar—only you can view them.

Less Annoying CRM Integrations

Less Annoying CRM offers just a handful of native and third-party integrations. However, you have the option to connect with loads of apps via Zapier.

Native integrations include Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Outlook, and Mailchimp. Besides this, you can connect apps like ContactLink, Canvass, Agile Forms, Simplii, and 14 others as well.

Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar lets you sync your CRM with your calendar, while the Google Contacts sync ensures you only have to enter a contact once for it to show in both accounts.

All in all, LACRM lacks on the integration front. Competitors like Agile CRM, for example, offer 40+ integrations, Monday CRM 200+, and Salesforce offers 3,000+ options.

Less Annoying CRM Customer Reviews

Less Annoying CRM has received some great reviews on independent review platforms. For instance, it has a whopping 4.9/5 stars on G2 based on 573.

Similarly, it’s rated 9/10 on Trustradius based on 46 reviews. This is impressive, but it’s worth noting that the number of reviews isn’t as high as what platforms like Monday have received, for example.

Less Annoying CRM customer reviews

Less Annoying CRM reviews highlight, amongst other things, its extreme ease of use and customization capabilities. Beyond this, many praise LACRM for its customer support.

That said, complaints you’ll find include the lack of built-in email capabilities. The only option here is the integration with Mailchimp. Overall, though, LACRM has predominantly positive feedback.

What is Less Annoying CRM Good for?

Less Annoying CRM was made for small businesses. If you’re a startup, LACRM is a good option because of its ease of use and built-in collaboration capabilities.

This includes the effortless assigning of tasks, leads, and events and the shared calendar. Unlike rivals like HubSpot, for example, you also get unlimited contacts, pipelines, and companies.

However, if you want AI functions to streamline your processes, then you’ll want to consider a platform like Salesforce. Moreover, LACRM also isn’t an option for mass email marketing campaigns.

Less Annoying CRM vs Top Competitors

Here’s a quick look at some of the best CRM apps in the market and how Less Annoying CRM fares against them:

CRM Platform Less Annoying CRM Monday CRM Salesforce Pipedrive HubSpot Act! CRM
Best For Small businesses Startups Large organizations Pipeline management Enterprise-level features SMB needs
Starting Price $15/user/month $12/user/month $25/user/month $9.90/user/month $18/month $30/user/month
Free Version 30-day trial 14-day trial 30-day trial 14-day trial Free plan 14-day trial
Compatibility iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser
Top 3 Features Unlimited pipelines, unlimited contacts, team collaboration Unlimited free viewers, 200+ templates, mass email tracking 3,000+ integrations, automated activity capture, AI automation Contact mapping, 10,000 open deals, meeting scheduler Free tools, 200 shared inboxes, email scheduling Relationship timeline, mail merge, automated workflows

Less Annoying CRM vs HubSpot

If you’re looking for a simple CRM solution for your small team, LACRM is a good pick. You get unlimited contact storage and pipelines.

HubSpot, even on its highest plan ($150/user), limits pipelines to just 15. However, it’s known for being among the best email marketing CRMs and is easily one of the best free CRM solutions.

You get features like email tracking, email scheduling, conversational bots, live chat, and several email templates at no cost—none of which are available with LACRM.

Overall, LACRM isn’t scalable like HubSpot, either, and as we’ve noted above and seen in our full HubSpot review, it boasts more features, despite having stricter usage caps on its plans.

Less Annoying CRM vs Salesforce

If you’re a growing business, Salesforce is hard to beat. It offers 5 pricing plans and boasts powerful AI and lead management tools. This includes lead assignment & routing, as well as:

  • Duplicate lead blocking
  • Web-to-lead capture (for lead generation from your website)
  • Several email templates

All of this is available on Salesforce’s base plan ($25/month). That said, LACRM remains a top choice for startups after contact management, but it lacks the scalability on offer with Salesforce.

Less Annoying CRM vs Monday CRM

In terms of ease of use and simplicity, LACRM is easily among the best for this. During our Less Annoying CRM, we found it has next to no clutter on the dashboard, and it’s ridiculously easy to navigate.

That said, unlike Monday CRM, which we found just as easy to use in our Monday CRM review, LACRM lacks email marketing, you’d need to integrate and pay for Mailchimp separately for this.

In contrast, Monday includes this in the base plan for $17/user. Beyond this, you also get unlimited boards, pipelines, and 200+ templates, which is more than enough for most small businesses.

Plus, if you need more functions like an AI email generator, and lead and activity management, you can consider switching to a higher plan instead of having to look at other CRM services.

Verdict – Is Less Annoying CRM Worth it?

Less Annoying CRM is worth it for small businesses looking for a well-rounded entry-level CRM. It lets you easily collaborate with the built-in calendar—plus, you can connect Google Calendar and Outlook so that you’re always on top of your tasks.

However, we found it lacks lead management features. You can build a lead pipeline, but features like lead scoring, mass emailing, and email tracking are missing.

Similarly, compared to rivals like Salesforce, it lacks automation and scalability—factors every business should consider when choosing a CRM. Overall, whether LACRM is worth it ultimately comes down to your particular needs and budget.

How We Test CRM Services

With over 13+ years in the industry, we’ve tested and reviewed tons of CRM products to help our readers find the best one for their needs. For our reviews, we start by testing the CRM.

This includes analyzing its features, UI, customer support, and ease of integration. Having tested numerous others, we know what to look for to spot unique USPs and anywhere it falls short.

This helps us ensure that we offer a well-rounded overview of how it compares to others. To add to this, we also factor in other online reviews to ensure we haven’t missed anything in our testing.

This helps us accurately gauge whether the platform is good and, more importantly, who it is and isn’t best suited for.

How to Choose the Best CRM Solution

Picking the best CRM service can be hard work. Here are core factors to consider when choosing a CRM:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of UseIntegrationsCustomer Support


Your budget is one of the most important considerations when choosing the best CRM service. Start by outlining your budget so you know which services are options for you.

From there, be sure to factor in what you get for the price. Some features may be locked behind higher-end plans.


Another factor to consider is the features you need. For example, you won’t get a lot of sales and marketing automations on the base plan of any CRM solution. It’s all about striking a balance.

Factor both in to ensure you get full value for your money. Similarly, take into account any feature limits.


You don’t want to need to switch CRMs when your business grows. That’s why, generally, a CRM with multiple scalable plans is the best bet. It’s vital to consider the price to scale and what’s on offer on higher-end plans to ensure it’ll be a good fit for years to come.

Ease of use

Does the platform offer enough induction videos to help your team get started? Are there enough FAQs available to solve common problems? We also always advise using any free trials, plans, or money-back guarantees to test the service before committing.


It’s important to ensure the CRM you pick integrates well with other platforms you use in your day-to-day operations. Some platforms are limited in this respect, locking some behind higher-tier plans or offering them as add-ons.

Customer support

Customer support is always a factor to keep in mind. Does it boast a good reputation? Also, be sure that the support options are vast, including email, live chat, and/or phone support.


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