5 Bold Crypto Price Predictions For 2024 – Bullish And Bearish

2020 – 2024 Bitcoin price chart, monthly timeframe

Heading into the yearly close, the Bitcoin price is set to open 2024 at well over $40,000 – recovering 50% of the bear market correction since its $69,000 all time high – and the global crypto market cap now sits at $1.65 trillion.

Many top crypto analysts across social media have been posting their short, mid and long term crypto price predictions heading into the New Year – e.g. whether the ETF approvals will be a ‘sell the news event’, or if Bitcoin can hit new highs spurred on by the 2024 Bitcoin halving – estimated to take place in late April.

Top Crypto Price Predictions

We’ve listed a diverse mix of 2024 crypto price forecasts from some of the best crypto analysts, including Bitcoin price predictions and altcoin picks, both bullish and bearish:

Crypto Tony – Meme Season Will Be ‘Glorious’

With 382,000 followers and a mainstay on crypto Twitter since the 2017 bull run, @CryptoTony__ posts daily technical analysis on trending altcoins and BTC.

He’s bullish in the long term, confident the SEC will approve Bitcoin ETFs – BlackRock, VanEck, Fidelity and others are expected to be notified of the decision in the first week of January, as reported by Reuters, and Coinbase have made ‘extensive’ preparations for spot ETF approvals.


However in the short term he does expect some downside, if the market has already priced that news in. Yesterday he posted a Bitcoin price chart with the $38,000 level marked out as support, expecting a correction to there as bulls are ‘losing momentum’.

He followed that with some bullish altcoin charts – including Internet Computer (ICP), Immutable (IMX) and Tellor (TRB) – and a prediction that the next meme season will be ‘glorious’.

Some of the meme coins he’s brought awareness to include FLOKI (FLOKI) and new ICO Meme Kombat (MK).

Crypto ZEUS – $16 Trillion Market By 2030

YouTube analyst Crypto ZEUS posted a video this week reviewing a viral crypto price prediction on Forbes – that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and XRP will ‘boom’ to send the total crypto market cap to $16 trillion.

ZEUS also focuses much of his market research on new projects at the presale phase, aiming to find gems that could be the next Pepe or Bonk, the top performer of this year.

One ‘big memecoin for 2024’ he has highlighted includes Sponge which reached a $100 million market cap in mid 2023 and is now bridging to Sponge V2, adding utility as the native token of an upcoming play to earn crypto game.

One crypto wallet linked to Justin Sun currently holds a large position in Sponge.

Jacob Bury – $10 Trillion Market By 2025

In his latest best crypto to buy now roundup, Altcoin analyst Jacob Crypto Bury predicts the crypto market cap to hit $10 trillion by 2025.

He’s most bullish on Sei (SEI) heading into 2024 and predicts that many altcoins – some of his other top picks being $OP, $AAVE, $LINK, $SUI and $MATIC – will continue to go ‘parabolic’.

One month ago Jacob tipped $SEI in a video at $0.28, which hit a new all-time high of $0.63 yesterday – an over 100% return for his 25,000 followers.

Other under the radar altcoins he’s reviewed in late 2023 include Crypto Tony’s pick Meme Kombat, and Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX).

Sami Loyal – Big Bitcoin Dump

Popular YouTuber Sami Loyal, aka ‘Forflies’, predicts the Bitcoin price could crash to the $18,000 region as it is yet to put in a double bottom like previous cycles.

BTC has also been rejected several times at the $44,000 level and Bitcoin dominance is ‘dropping off a cliff’, Sami notes.

In the video above and other recent posts for his 129,000 subscribers, Sami explains that he does think spot Bitcoin ETFs are likely to be approved – but that it’s unrealistic to expect that news event to immediately make traders rich – stating ‘that’s not how it works’ in markets.

In a video this week Sami called the top on Solana, down 20% since he recommended selling $SOL. He does see ‘massive upside’ for other altcoins however if BTC continues to lose dominance. One of his recent picks for new low cap altcoins was Wall Street Memes (WSM), which he highlighted in a video in June.

ImNotTheWolf – Bitcoin To Outperform Altcoins

Full time trader since 2016 @ImNotTheWolf remained sidelined since mid December waiting for Bitcoin’s open interest to correct.

The OI support trend he marked out below was tested yesterday, at which point he opened a 10x long expecting Bitcoin to outperform altcoins in the coming days and break out of its ascending triangle.

If he’s correct in that forecast, one potential Bitcoin price target for January 2024 could be the 0.618 Fib of the bear market correction, at just over $48,500.

ImNotTheWolf’s target is even higher, aiming to take profit at $50,000 – $51,000, scaling out with limit orders. His crypto price prediction goes against much of the market, standing out as one of the few that is more bullish in the short term on BTC than altcoins.

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