11 Best Base Chain Meme Coins to Buy for 2024

Backed by Coinbase, Base is one of the hottest blockchain networks right now – especially for new meme coins.

In this guide, we explore 11 Base chain meme coins to buy before they explode. Read on to discover the next meme coin gem with 100x potential.

The Best Base Chain Meme Coins for 100x Gains

Here’s a list of 11 Base chain meme coins that could explode in the coming months:

  1. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) – Multi-chain Doge meme coin, built on Base. Get share-to-earn rewards
  2. Brett (BRETT) – Largest Base meme coin by market cap, could soon reach a $1 billion valuation 
  3. Toshi (TOSHI) – Trending Base meme coin with 1,300% gains since launching in August 2023 
  4. Byte (BYTE) – Popular meme based on Elon Musk’s AI dog, trading 58% below all-time highs
  5. Base God (TYBG) – Claims to be the ‘God’ of Base, with 400% growth since February 2024
  6. Mochi (MOCHI) – Top-performing cat meme coin, with year-to-date gains of almost 2,200%
  7. Doginme (DOGINME) – Dog-focused meme coin with zero taxes and an immutable contract
  8. Coinye West (COINYE) – Kanye West-inspired meme coin with 7-day growth of 2,000%
  9. Briun Armstrung (BRIUN) – Micro-cap meme coin based on Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong
  10. WASSIE (WASSIE) – Resurging meme coin with 1-month gains of 130%
  11. Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB) – Community-driven Base token riding the Shiba Inu wave

Top Base Meme Coins for 2024: Our Analysis

The Base network is a nascent market, meaning you can gain exposure before it becomes mainstream. However, knowing which meme coins have the potential to blow up is challenging. 

Therefore, investors should ensure they do their own research before proceeding. Let’s take a closer look at which Base meme coins are showing promising signs. 

1. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) – New Doge Coin Built on Base, Offers Multi-Chain Compatability

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) combines the popularity of the Base chain with the allure of Doge-themed meme coins. This project stands out from other Base coins as it offers multi-chain compatibility.

While Base Dawgz is built on the Base chain, it will be compatible with other top blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, and Binance. Thus, users will be provided with unparalleled multi-chain functionality.

Base Dawgz presale

Currently, the market cap for meme tokens built on the Base chain is more than $2 billion. Furthermore, 7 of the top 10 meme coins are Doge-themed projects. Base Dawgz combines the best of both worlds while promising further benefits through its ecosystem.

Base Dawgz will offer staking yield to $DAWGZ token holders, and offer share-to-earn rewards. All users who create and share content about Base Dawgz on X will earn points that can be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens.

From a total supply of 8.453 billion tokens, 15% will be allocated as $DAWGZ rewards. Another 20% will be distributed as staking rewards. For more information, read the Base Dawgz whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

2. Brett (BRETT) – The Leading Base Meme Coin by Market Capitalization

Brett (BRETT) is the largest meme coin on the Base chain. Currently, Brett is valued at over $560 million. According to the Brett website, this meme coin is “Pepe’s best friend on Base”. Just like Pepe, Brett is featured in Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comic. The project claims to be the mascot of the Base network and has a growing community of investors. 

Brett’s Telegram group has over 9,500 members and 33,000 X followers.  The total supply of BRETT is 10 billion tokens. According to CoinMarketCap data, 85% of the BRETT supply is in circulation. This gives Brett a fully diluted valuation of $657 million. In terms of price action, CoinMarketCap states that Brett was originally priced at $0.03877. 

Brett (BRETT) price

Today, Brett trades nearly 70% higher. That said, Brett’s current price is 24% below all-time highs. Check out our Brett price prediction for how we expect the price to change over the coming months.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to build exposure to Base chain meme coins, Brett is worth considering. As the most recognized meme coin, it has the best chance of becoming a billion-dollar project. That said, the upside is much lower when compared to small-cap projects.   

3. Toshi (TOSHI) – One of the Original Base Meme Coins With 1,300% Gains Since August 2023

Launched in August 2023, Toshi (TOSHI) is one of the original Base chain meme coins. Similar to Brett, Toshi claims to be the face of Base. Although Toshi is a meme coin project, it is building use cases for token holders. This includes a multi-sender tool that enables developers to airdrop new tokens seamlessly. 

It also offers locker features for new meme projects. This enables founders to vest their tokens and lock initial liquidity pools. Other use cases include decentralized swapping tools and a launchpad for up-and-coming projects. In terms of price action, CoinMarketCap claims that Toshi was originally priced at $0.00003567

Toshi (TOSHI) price

It has since enjoyed a prolonged upward trend, with Toshi trading more than 1,300% higher. This gives Toshi a market capitalization of just over $200 million. With 97% of the total TOSHI supply in circulation, it has a fully diluted valuation of $210 million. What’s more, Toshi has witnessed a pullback, so it now trades at a 32% discount from all-time highs. 

4. Byte (BYTE) – Popular Meme Coin Based on Elon Musk’s AI Dog

Next on this list of Base meme coins is Byte (BYTE). Put simply, this is a meme project based on Elon Musk’s ‘AI dog’. It has no use cases or utility, like most Base meme coins. The total supply is 1 trillion BYTE tokens. According to CoinMarketCap, over 96% of the BYTE supply is in circulation. This is welcome news for new investors. 

In addition, 100% of the Byte liquidity pool has been burned. This further reduces the risks of a rug pull. Speculative traders will also like that Byte has no trading taxes. In terms of valuation, Byte currently boasts a market capitalization of just under $26 million. This translates to a fully diluted value of almost $27 million. 

Byte (BYTE) price

As such, this could be one of the best low-cap coins to buy. Byte was launched in late 2023 at $0.000002499. It currently trades over 880% higher, showcasing superb returns for early investors. That said, current prices are 58% below all-time highs. This offers a solid entry point for new buyers. 

5. Base God (TYBG) – Claims to be the ‘God’ of Base, 400% Growth Since February 2024

The next Base meme coin to consider is Base God (TYBG). This project takes a religious approach to meme coin investing. It claims to be the ‘God’ of the Base network and token holders are referred to as ‘Disciples’. The project has even released some core ‘Commandments’. 

This includes a commitment to treat community members with respect, remain on a chain, and refrain from complaining. According to CoinMarketCap, Base God launched in February 2024. It was initially priced at just $0.00007282 per TYBG. Early investors have enjoyed a solid run, with Base God since increasing by over 400%. 

Base God (TYBG) price

That said, Base God currently trades 48% below all-time highs. Investors taking advantage of this dip will secure a favorable entry point. Base God has a market capitalization of $45 million. However, CoinMarketCap is unable to verify the stated valuation, as the circulating supply of 98% is self-reported. Therefore, investors should tread with caution.  

6. Mochi (MOCHI) – Top-Performing Cat Meme Coin With Year-to-Date Gains of Almost 2,200%

Mochi (MOCHI) is one of the best options for fans of cat-based meme coins. Some analysts believe that cat-focused projects could replicate the success of dog coins, such as Dogwifhat and Shiba Inu. In this instance, Mochi is named after Brian Armstrong’s cat – the founder and CEO of Coinbase. 

What’s more, Mochi has a growing community that continues to trend on social media. Its X page has over 20,000 followers and engagement levels are high. According to CoinMarketCap data, the total supply of MOCHI is 1 trillion tokens. 100% of this figure is already in circulation. However, like many Base meme coins, the circulating supply is self-reporting. 

Mochi (MOCHI) price

Nonetheless, this gives Mochi a market capitalization of almost $44 million. Mochi was launched in December 2023 at $0.000001816. It has since become one of the best-performing Base coins, with growth of almost 2,200%. New investors entering the market today will buy MOCHI tokens 46% below the all-time high price.   

7. Doginme (DOGINME) – Doge Meme Coin With Zero Taxes, an Immutable Contract, and Gains of 540%

Doginme (DOGINME) is a Base meme coin following the dog trend. It claims to be based on a conversation with Dan Romero, co-founder of Farcaster – a decentralized social media platform. When asked if he had a dog, Romero replied “No, but I got that Dog in me”. And hence, the doginme meme coin was born on the Base network.  

Now, Doginme isn’t currently tracked by CoinMarketCap. Nonetheless, CoinGecko data shows that doginme was launched in February 2024. Doginme continues to trend, with early backers securing gains of over 540%. However, this Base meme coin has entered a major correction. The tokens are down 48% in the prior week. 

Doginme (DOGINME) price

If you believe the downturn is temporary, you can get yourself a solid discount. In terms of valuation, doginme has a market capitalization of over $53 million. 100% of the DOGINME supply is already in circulation. Trading volumes are also healthy, with over $4.6 million worth of DOGINME traded in the prior 24 hours.  

8. Coinye West (COINYE) – Trending Base Meme Coin Based on Kanye West, 7-day Growth of 2,000%

Another parody-based meme coin on the Base chain is Coinye West (COINYE). As the name loosely suggests, this meme coin is based on Kayne West. The Coinye West website is very basic and the sole roadmap objective is “Just stick with us and you’ll see” All that said, Coinye West is one of the top-performing Base meme coins right now. 

In the prior 24 hours, Coinye West has increased by 48%. This is notable, as the broader meme coin industry is down almost 6% over the same period. What’s more, Coinye West has increased by over 2,000% in the prior week. This gives Coinye West a market capitalization of over $42 million. 

Coinye West (COINYE) price

Tread with caution, as the 100% circulation supply is self-reported. At current prices, Coinye West trades just 7% below all-time highs. This means you’ll be riding the uptrend. Another risk is that the Coinye West Telegram group has just 580 subscribers. Its X page has over 3,400 followers. 

9. Briun Armstrung (BRIUN) – Micro-Cap Meme Coin Based on Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Briun Armstrung (BRIUN) is another Base chain meme coin that continues to trend. This meme coin is based on Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. While Briun Armstrung has no use cases or utility, it claims to be the first deflationary meme coin on the Base network. This is because the project frequently burns tokens. 

So far, 5.41% of the total BRIUN supply has been removed from circulation. According to CoinMarketCap, 1 billion BRIUN tokens were initially minted. The remaining supply is now in circulation. This gives Briun Armstrung a fully diluted market capitalization of just over $7.5 million.

Briun Armstrung (BRIUN) price

This offers a huge upside potential for those entering the market today. In addition, the Briun Armstrung price currently trades 75% below all-time highs. That said, since launching in March 2024, Briun Armstrung has declined by 26%. Nonetheless, BRIUN tokens currently trade on Uniswap and Poloniex.    

10. WASSIE (WASSIE) – Resurging Meme Coin With 1-Month Gains of 130% and a $6 million Valuation

WASSIE (WASSIE) is another Base chain meme coin that could blow up in the coming weeks. CoinMarketCap data shows that WASSIE was originally priced at $0.00001271 when it launched in May 2023. This makes WASSIE a lot more established than most Base chain meme coins. 

That said, after an initial pump, WASSIE capitulated to lows of $0.0000002438. After trading sideways for several months, it appears that interest in WASSIE has resurfaced. The meme coin has witnessed growth of over 130% in the prior month. Today, WASSIE commands a modest market capitalization of just over $6 million. 


However, current prices are still 76% below all-time highs, which were achieved in September 2023. Looking at its socials, WASSIE has almost 5,000 followers on X. Importantly, the X page is still active, with the project releasing frequent posts. There is also activity in the WASSIE Telegram group, although this has just over 1,400 members. 

11. Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB) – Community-Driven Base Token Offering a Second Chance to Ride the Shiba Inu Wave

Last on this list of Base chain meme coins is Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB). This project is offering a second chance to ride the Shiba Inu wave. Only this time, on the Base network. It claims to be a community-driven project, although the Based Shiba Inu X page has just 6,000 followers. The Telegram group is also modest with just over 4,800 members. 

The total supply of Based Shiba Inu is 10 billion BSHIB tokens. According to CoinMarketCap, 100% of the total supply is currently in circulation. This gives Based Shiba Inu a fully diluted market capitalization of over $10 million. Trading volumes are high, with $8.5 million traded in the prior 24 hours. 

Based Shiba Inu (BSHIB) price

This amounts to 80% of the market valuation. In terms of price action, Based Shiba Inu was worth $0.0004956 when it launched in March 2023. It has since increased by 118%, based on current prices. Entering the market today will secure a 53% discount when compared to BSHIB’s all-time high. 

What is a Base Meme Coin?

Base chain meme coins are a hot topic in the crypto space. But what exactly are they? Put simply, these are meme coin tokens that operate on the Base network. This is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain and it’s backed by Coinbase. With this in mind, some analysts believe that Base tokens could be the next big crypto narrative. 

After all, Coinbase is one of the largest crypto ecosystems – especially in the US. It has over 100 million active users and commands billions of dollars in weekly trading volume. Moreover, Coinbase is a regulated exchange that is in good standing with lawmakers, so the long-term outlook is positive. 

Top Base meme coins by market cap

These metrics could help Base become the de-facto layer 2 ecosystem. It offers competitive fees, high scalability, and fast transaction times. This makes the Base network ideal for speculative meme coin traders. However, Base tokens are still a nascent concept, so nobody knows for sure whether the network will take off.  

In addition, the Base ecosystem is minute when compared to other layer 2 projects. For example, CoinMarketCap data shows that the entire Base ecosystem is valued at $3.7 billion. In contrast, the Arbitrum ecosystem has a total market capitalization of $196 billion. Nonetheless, this means you can invest in the Base meme coin narrative before it becomes mainstream.  

How to Invest in Base Meme Coins?

Most Base meme coins trade on decentralized exchanges, so the investment process might be new to some investors. In addition, Base meme coins operate on the Base standard, so you’ll need to ensure you’re comfortable with the basics. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to buy Base Meme Coins in 2024:

  • Step 1: Buy ETH – Base is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. As such, you’ll need ETH to invest in Base meme coins. You can buy ETH from the best crypto exchanges, although Coinbase is the best option. This is because you won’t need to use a bridging tool. 
  • Step 2: Get a Wallet That Supports Base – Next, you’ll need a wallet that supports the Base network. One of the best crypto wallets is MetaMask. Create a MetaMask wallet and add the Base network manually. Then, copy your unique deposit address.    
  • Step 3: Transfer ETH to Base Wallet – Next, withdraw ETH from Coinbase, ensuring you choose the Base network. Paste the wallet address you copied from MetaMask and confirm the transfer. The ETH should arrive in a few seconds. 
  • Step 4: Connect Wallet to DEX – Now that you have ETH on the Base network you can connect your wallet to a decentralized exchange. Check which exchange the Base meme coin is listed on. This is usually Uniswap or SushiSwap. 
  • Step 5: Paste Smart Contract Address – You’ll now need to swap ETH for your chosen Base meme coin. Importantly, never search for the coin by its name, as there will likely be imitations. Instead, copy the unique smart contract address from the project’s website, or get it from its Telegram group. 
  • Step 6: Confirm Swap – Finally, you’ll need to type in the number of tokens you want to buy. After confirming, ETH will be deducted from your MetaMask. The Base meme coins will then be added to your wallet. 

Once the purchase is complete, disconnect your wallet from the DEX. When you decide to sell your Base meme coins, use the same DEX process but in reverse. 

Selecting the Top Base Chain Meme Coins: Our Methodology

The good news is that Base chain meme coins are still a new phenomenon. This means you can buy coins at super-low valuations, in anticipation that they blow up when the bull market truly kicks in. 

The challenging part is knowing which coins to buy. We’ll now explain how we curated our list of top Base meme coins. This will help you discover new projects on a DIY basis. 

Market Capitalization 

We initially created a shortlist of Base meme coins based on their market capitalization. This enabled us to focus on the leading projects with the most exposure. 

  • For example, Brett and Toshi, the two dominant Base meme coins, are currently valued at $657 million and $200 million, respectively. 
  • This means they have a solid token holder base and sufficient liquidity. 
  • While the upside will be lower than micro-cap coins, the risk of a sudden collapse is also reduced. 

That said, we also included Base meme coins with a minute valuation. This will appeal to investors who want to speculate on the next 100x project. For instance, Briun Armstrung and Wassie are currently valued at just $7.5 million and $6 million. 

How is the Market Capitalization Calculated?

Similar to trading stocks, Base meme coins are valued based on their market capitalization.

This looks at:

  • The number of tokens in circulation
  • The current token price

Calculating these two figures gives you the market capitalization. For instance, if there are 10 million tokens in circulation and the meme coin is priced at $1, it has a $10 million market capitalization.

  • However, Base meme coin investors should also look at the fully diluted market capitalization.
  • This looks at the total number of tokens issued, rather than in circulation.
  • If only a small percentage of issued tokens are in circulation, the fully diluted market capitalization will be much higher.
  • This is because the remaining tokens will enter circulation at some point in the future, meaning the token value is diluted.


The token supply is very important when choosing the best meme coins to buy. Seasoned investors tend to pick projects with a high circulating supply. For example, if 100% of the supply has already been issued, then the risks of a rug pull are vastly reduced. 

What’s more, this removes the risk of the project founder dumping their own tokens. That said, some Base meme coins self-report their circulating supply. This means price aggregation platforms like CoinMarketCap are unable to verify the stated figures. In this instance, you’ll see a warning sign next to the supply. 

Investors should also assess whether the initial liquidity pool has been locked. This is especially important when investing in new Base meme coins that have low trading volumes. If the liquidity pool isn’t locked, the project founder can withdraw the funds. This effectively means that investors will be left with worthless tokens, as the price will capitulate. 

It’s also important that the project’s smart contract has been renounced. Put simply, this means the founder cannot make adjustments to the smart contract. If it hasn’t been renounced, the developer can add nefarious terms, such as restricting sell orders, adding a huge transaction tax, or issuing new tokens.  


Regardless of the underlying network, meme coins live or die based on the size and input of their community. This is how Shiba Inu went from a worthless ERC-20 token to a multi-billion dollar meme coin. As such, investors should also evaluate the community when researching Base meme coins. 

There are two key platforms to look at. First, check how many followers the project has on X. Make sure these are real followers and not bots. You can assess this by seeing how much engagement the page gets when new posts are released. Ideally, the X page will have thousands of followers and high engagement rates. 

Second, check the project’s Telegram group. Again, the more members the better, but ensure they’re real investors and not bots. 

The Potential Risks of Base Meme Coins

You should be prepared to lose some or even all your money when investing in Base chain meme coins. Unlike Bitcoin and other layer 1 projects, Base meme coins have no utility or use cases. This means their long-term value is questionable. 

Some Base meme coins make huge gains before capitulating in value. These meme coins are more difficult to find, as you’ll need to actively research and monitor the markets. What’s more, it’s difficult to know whether you’re investing toward the top of the peak. This is why diversification is especially important. 

If you do want to proceed, ensure you’re allocating a very small percentage of your available capital. For instance, if you’ve got $500 to invest in a meme coin, you should avoid allocating more than 10% into one project. 

This way, if one project loses most of its value, it won’t hurt your overall portfolio value. Similarly, you won’t need to invest large amounts to see substantial gains. For example, suppose you invest just $50 into a Base meme coin that increases by 100x. This means you’ve turned $50 into $5,000, while only risking a small percentage of your capital. 


In summary, while Base meme coins could be the next big crypto narrative, make sure you proceed with caution. Many Base tokens turn out to be scams, so you could lose all of your investment capital.

What’s more, you’ll likely be trading micro-cap coins with low liquidity levels. Consider diversifying to reduce the risks – you only need one Base meme coin to explode to make substantial gains. 

We have picked Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) as the top Base chain meme coin. The token offers multi-chain compatibility and share-to-earn rewards to $DAWGZ token holders.


How do Base meme coins work?

What are the best Base chain meme coins?

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