18 Best Anonymous Crypto Wallets with No KYC 2024

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are only as anonymous as the wallets that hold them. That’s why it’s incredibly important for privacy-conscious individuals to use a fully secure and anonymous crypto wallet.

Privacy-focused crypto wallets can protect your identity during transactions and even enable you to buy crypto without going through identity checks. In this guide, we’ll review the 18 best anonymous crypto wallets for 2024.

The Top Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets Ranked

Let’s dive straight into our list of the best anonymous crypto wallets to use today.

  1. Best Wallet – Fully anonymous Bitcoin wallet that lets users buy crypto with no KYC checks.
  2. Zengo Wallet – Secure and anonymous crypto wallet using MPC cryptography instead of seed phrases.
  3. Exodus – Anonymous wallet with a built-in exchange and NFT support.
  4. Ellipal WalletHigh-security, air-gapped wallet supporting 10,000+ digital assets.
  5. Ledger Nano X – Hardware wallet with multi-currency support and extreme security measures.
  6. Trezor Model TOffers advanced security with a touchscreen for easy management.
  7. Trezor Model One – Affordable hardware wallet supporting 1,000+ cryptos.
  8. NGRAVE Wallet – High-security wallet with EAL7 certification, supporting 1,000+ cryptos.
  9. Blockstream JadeBudget-friendly Bitcoin wallet with air-gapped transactions and Multisig Shield.
  10. BitBox02Swiss-made wallet combining security and modern design.
  11. SafePal – Budget-friendly anonymous wallet with EAL5+ secure element chip.
  12. SecuXHardware wallet with large touchscreen and military-grade chip, supporting 1,000+ cryptos.
  13. ColdCard – Bitcoin-only anonymous wallet that stores your seed words in specialized chips.
  14. Samourai Wallet – Privacy-focused crypto wallet that alerts users to address repeats.
  15. Wasabi Wallet – Open-source Bitcoin wallet conducting transactions over Tor network.
  16. SimpleHold – User-friendly no-KYC crypto wallet and decentralized exchange.
  17. Mercury Wallet – Layer-2 Bitcoin wallet enabling BTC transactions off the blockchain.
  18. Electrum – Decentralized Bitcoin wallet offering cold storage and support for hardware wallets.

The Best No KYC Crypto Wallets Reviewed

Want to know more about what makes these no ID crypto wallets stand out? We’ll take a closer look at our favorite no KYC crypto wallets.

1. Best Wallet – Fully Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet to Buy BTC and More with No KYC

Best Wallet is a new and highly private crypto wallet and decentralized exchange (DEX) that privacy-conscious users are sure to love.

Users can join Best Wallet with just an email address and share zero personal information while buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dozens of other popular cryptocurrencies.

Best Wallet

The Best Wallet app enables users to sign up in seconds and buy crypto with a credit or debit card without going through KYC checks. Best Wallet’s transactions are processed instantly and securely, and users only have to pay a 5% fee to buy crypto on the DEX. While that’s higher than fees at some centralized crypto exchanges that do not require KYC, it’s a much lower fee than individuals will typically pay at a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace or a Bitcoin ATM.

Best Wallet is fully self-custodied, so users have complete control over their tokens in the wallet.

For a limited time, users earn points towards the $BEST token airdrop. Once the token drops, Best Wallet users who hold $BEST coins in their wallet will enjoy perks like no gas fees and additional bonus airdrops.

Best Wallet is currently available for iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
10+ 5%
  • Built-in DEX
  • $BEST token airdrop
  • Supports NFTs


  • Sign up in seconds with just an email address
  • Buy crypto with a credit/debit card with no KYC
  • Watchlist feature for crypto traders
  • Earn points towards upcoming $BEST token airdrop
  • Available for iOS and Android


  • Chrome extension not yet available

2. Zengo Wallet – Secure and Anonymous Crypto Wallet Using MPC Cryptography

Zengo Wallet is a highly secure crypto wallet with nearly 1 million users around the world. The wallet’s developers claim that it has never been hacked, a lofty claim for any crypto wallet.

The secret to Zengo Wallet’s success is that it uses multi-party computation (MPC) cryptography rather than traditional seed phrases. MPC eliminates the need for seed phrases, which can be stolen and lead to loss of funds.

Zengo Wallet

Instead, Zengo Wallet uses a combination of email verification, biometric authentication, and a recovery file to unlock access to the wallet. This means that users do need to input an email address to use Zengo Wallet, but there’s no other personal information required.

The wallet doesn’t require any KYC and is available for iOS and Android devices. It currently supports more than 120 tokens and has a built-in DEX to enable instant swaps.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
120+ 2.9%
  • MPC cryptography
  • Built-in DEX
  • 24/7 support


  • Buy crypto with a card with no KYC
  • Uses MPC cryptography rather than seed phrases
  • Supports 120+ popular tokens
  • Claims that no Zengo account has ever been hacked or taken over.


  • Requires an email address

3. Exodus – Anonymous Wallet with a Built-in Exchange and NFT Support

Another anonymous wallet to watch out for is Exodus. The wallet does not require users to complete KYC procedures– which helps maintain a high degree of privacy. Being a non-custodial wallet, Exodus does not store users’ private keys. This means users have full control over their funds.

In fact, the platform also clearly states that it does not track any personal information about its users. The wallet works with over 300 cryptos, including well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also has a built-in exchange where you can swap cryptos right inside the wallet.

Exodus is among the leading and most comprehensive crypto wallets on the market.

If you want to make your wallet even safer, you can connect Exodus to a Trezor hardware wallet. This lets you store your private keys (which are like the passwords to your crypto) offline, making it much harder for hackers to steal your money online.

The wallet also lets you “stake” certain cryptos like Cardano, Algorand and Solana. Moreover, Exodus has a built-in gallery for NFTs that makes it easy to store and trade NFTs.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
300+ digital assets Depends on the Third-party provider Quick customer support, Simple user-interface, Offers staking options


  • User-friendly interface, suitable for beginners
  • Highly favorable user reviews
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Cold storage through Trezor
  • Staking options
  • No fees for buying crypto


  • Closed source software
  • No embedded 2FA

4. Ellipal Wallet – Anonymous Wallet Combining High Security with User-Friendly Features

The Ellipal Wallet is a promising anonymous wallet known for its high security and broad compatibility. We’ve rated it one of the best crypto wallets overall for 2024.

Designed as an air-gapped system, it ensures the highest level of security by staying completely offline, devoid of USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, or cellular connections.

ellipal homepage

The Titan’s solid aluminum alloy construction renders it resistant to physical damage, including dust, water, and tampering attempts. It features a 4-inch touchscreen, while the Titan Mini offers a more compact 2.4-inch HD LCD screen. Both models have a built-in camera for scanning QR codes, streamlining secure transaction confirmations.

An automatic self-destruct feature is in place to reset the wallet in case of tampering, protecting your data. Firmware updates are conducted offline using a microSD card, maintaining the integrity of the air-gapped system.

Our in-depth Ellipal wallet review found it to be one of the leading hardware wallets on the market today.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
10,000+ digital assets Depends on the Third-party provider Air-gapped, Durable, Large touchscreen


  • Air-gapped for high security.
  • Supports over 10,000 assets.
  • Durable, metal-sealed construction.
  • Large touchscreen for ease of use.


  • No direct internet/device connectivity.

5. Ledger Nano X – Hardware Wallet with Support for 5,000+ Cryptocurrencies

The Ledger Nano X is one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market and it’s fully anonymous. The wallet comes loaded with privacy and security features that not only protect a user’s identity, but also ensure their crypto is completely safe.

The Nano X can be plugged into any device with a USB-C connection to conduct transactions. When it’s not plugged in, the device is fully disconnected from the internet and can’t be tracked.

Ledger Nano X

To access the Nano X, users have a PIN code and a secure element chip. They can also add passwords and additional layers of encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the wallet.

Since it’s a cold storage wallet, the Ledger X is not associated with a smartphone—which has a SIM card that can be traced back to a person’s identity. It also doesn’t need to be installed and users can easily switch their IP address and device every time they transact with it.

The Ledger X supports more than 5,000 crypto tokens and users can store up to 100 different assets on a single device. It also supports NFTs.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
5,000+ N/A
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • PIN code and element chip
  • Supports NFTs


  • Hardware wallet
  • Not associated with an email or SIM card
  • Store up to 100 assets per device
  • Supports 5,000+ crypto tokens


  • Doesn’t include access to a DEX
  • Costs $150 per device

6. Trezor Model T – User-Friendly Wallet With DeFi Compatibility

launched in February 2018, The Trezor Model T is a flagship product from Trezor, known for its advanced security and extensive crypto support. Its user-friendly design and strong security features have made it popular among crypto users.

A key highlight of the Model T is its touchscreen, a significant upgrade from earlier models. This feature improves user interaction, simplifying crypto management for newcomers and experienced users. The touchscreen, combined with an intuitive interface, helps easily manage digital assets.

Trezor Model T

The wallet supports around 1,000 cryptos, catering to users with varied portfolios. In terms of security, the Model T uses a customizable PIN, secure firmware updates, and the innovative Shamir Backup system, which divides the recovery phrase into several parts for enhanced safety against loss or theft.

Although the Trezor Model T offers many benefits, it is one of the pricier options in the hardware wallet market. 

Additionally, its design is more desktop-oriented, lacks Bluetooth capability, and offers limited mobile support, which could be a drawback for users seeking more flexibility.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
1,000+ cryptos Depends on the Third-party provider Touchscreen, DeFi compatibility, Shamir Backup


  • Touchscreen for improved user interaction.
  • Supports over 1,000 cryptos.
  • DeFi application compatibility.
  • Improved safety with Shamir Backup.


  • Pricier, limited mobile support, no Bluetooth.

7. Trezor Model One – Budget-Friendly Anonymous Crypto Wallet Supporting 1000+ Cryptos

The Trezor Model One is a budget-friendly choice in the hardware wallet market, priced at around $69.

The device is compact and lightweight, with a clear OLED screen and two buttons for navigation, connected via a micro-USB. 

Trezor Model One

The Model One stands out for its comprehensive security measures. It uses a PIN protection system with randomly shuffled digits on the screen.

The wallet’s use of a 24-word recovery seed phrase is a standard security practice in the crypto world, ensuring asset recovery if the device is lost or damaged.

An additional passphrase can be used, adding another security layer and the ability to create hidden wallets, further protecting against physical threats.

The Trezor One supports over 1,000 cryptos, including well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, catering to users with various crypto needs.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
1,000+ cryptos Depends on the Third-party provider Affordable, PIN protection, 24-word recovery seed


  • Budget-friendly hardware wallet.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Strong security with PIN protection.
  • Supports over 1,000 cryptos.


  • No touchscreen, limited storage.

8. NGRAVE Wallet – Anonymous Wallet With A Highly Secure EAL7 Certification And A Large 4-Inch Display

The NGRAVE wallet is a highly secure wallet with EAL7 certification, which is the highest level of protection against hacks.

The wallet supports many digital assets, supporting over 1,000 cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many ERC-20 tokens.


One of its key strengths is its completely offline and air-gapped functionality, ensuring that private key generation and storage are isolated from online vulnerabilities.

The wallet has a large 4-inch touchscreen display, improving usability and account management. Additional security measures include a built-in camera and fingerprint scanner, offering extra layers of protection.

However, it does not support staking or DeFi applications and lacks Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The wallet’s software isn’t entirely open-source and has a shorter history in the market than established brands.

NGRAVE offers GRAPHENE, a durable stainless steel backup solution for key recovery. This backup device is designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring the safety of recovery keys.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
NGRAVE Wallet Depends on the Third-party provider EAL7 certification, Air-gapped, Large touchscreen


  • Highest security level with EAL7 certification.
  • Completely offline and air-gapped.
  • Large 4-inch touchscreen.
  • Supports 1,000+ cryptos.


  • No staking/DeFi support, higher price

9. Blockstream Jade – Budget-Friendly Wallet With Built-In Camera For QR Scanning

Priced at about $64.99, the Blockstream Jade wallet is a budget-friendly option in the anonymous hardware wallet market. It’s specifically designed for Bitcoin and Liquid Network assets, catering to users primarily dealing in these currencies.

The wallet offers high security, offering offline key storage, and a hardware-based secure element. Its Multisig Shield technology and built-in camera facilitate fully air-gapped transactions, allowing for secure signing without exposing private keys.

Blockstream Jade Wallet

The companion app, Blockstream Green, also supports native Tor, providing an added privacy layer by hiding IP addresses.

Blockstream Jade has a user-friendly design with a matte black finish and a 29 mm IPS LCD. The integrated camera for QR code scanning further improves the convenience of air-gapped operations.

The wallet’s primary focus on Bitcoin and Liquid Network assets might limit its appeal to users with a broader crypto interest. Its reliance on a remote secure element and exclusive compatibility with Android devices may also be considered constraints by some.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin, Liquid Network assets Depends on the Third-party provider Budget-friendly, Air-gapped, Multisig Shield


  • Budget-friendly, focused on Bitcoin.
  • High security with air-gapped transactions.
  • Built-in camera for QR scanning.
  • Supports native Tor for privacy.


  • Limited asset support, Android only.

10. BitBox02 – Secure, User-Friendly, and Uniquely Designed Anonymous Wallet

The BitBox02, developed by Swiss company Shift Crypto, is a sleek and secure hardware wallet for storing cryptos. 

Priced at around $120, it offers a blend of affordability and high-end features, making it a competitive choice in the anonymous hardware wallet market.

BitBox02 Wallet

The BitBox02 stands out with its modern OLED screen and touch sliders, offering an interactive user experience. This design replaces traditional buttons, improving both aesthetics and functionality.

The wallet uses a secure ATECC608A chip for cryptographic operations, ensuring top-notch security for your digital assets. It supports Tor and full-node connections for improved privacy, along with multi-sig wallets and FIDO U2F authentication for additional layers of security.

BitBox02 is compatible with major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 1500 ERC-20 tokens.

Unlike traditional seed phrases, BitBox02 offers backup on a microSD card, providing a new and user-friendly way to secure your wallet.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Major cryptos, 1500+ ERC-20 tokens Depends on the Third-party provider OLED screen, Touch sliders, Open-source software


  • Sleek design with OLED screen.
  • Secure chip for improved protection.
  • Supports major cryptos and ERC-20 tokens.
  • Open-source software for transparency.


  • No native support for iOS.

11. SafePal – Anonymous Wallet Combining Affordability with High Security

The SafePal S1 wallet, backed by Binance Labs, is a budget-friendly yet highly secure hardware wallet priced at around $50. It’s ideal for those seeking a cost-effective solution for managing cryptos and NFTs.

The wallet has an EAL5+ secure element chip, offering top-tier security for digital assets. It features a self-destruct mechanism and supports two-factor authentication, adding layers of security against unauthorized access and potential hacking threats.

SafePal Wallet

The SafePal S1 functions offline, using an air-gapped method for signing transactions, greatly reducing the likelihood of cyber attacks.

The wallet is compatible with over 10,000 digital assets, including popular choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and various NFTs. It includes a built-in decentralized exchange and supports direct Binance Spot trading within its app, simplifying crypto swaps and trades.

Moreover, the SafePal S1 is tailored to be user-friendly and particularly appealing to crypto newcomers. It seamlessly integrates with the SafePal app, facilitating efficient management of crypto assets.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
10,000+ digital assets Depends on the Third-party provider Budget-friendly, EAL5+ chip, Air-gapped signing


  • Affordable with high security.
  • EAL5+ secure element chip.
  • Supports a vast range of cryptos and NFTs.
  • Air-gapped signing mechanism.


  • Limited battery life.

12. SecuX – Offers a Military-Grade Security Chip With Support For 1000+ Cryptos

SecuX is a promising anonymous crypto wallet that offers two flagship products: the SecuX V20 and the SecuX Shield BIO. These wallets stand out for their security, ease of use, and support for many cryptos.

The V20 wallet has a large 2.8-inch color touchscreen, one of the largest in the hardware wallet market, improving user interaction. It features a polished aluminum chassis, offering a premium feel and durability superior to standard plastic wallets.

SecuX Wallet

The wallet also uses the Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip, ensuring military-grade security. This makes it ideal for users holding significant crypto assets.

It supports Bluetooth 5 and USB Type-C, ensuring compatibility with various operating systems. The wallet also supports over 1,000 cryptos, including major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The Shield BIO is known for its biometric recognition, including an EAL5+ certified military-grade chip for top-tier security. Priced at $149, the Shield BIO is a relatively cost-effective option for those prioritizing biometric security.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
1,000+ cryptos Depends on the Third-party provider Large touchscreen, Military-grade chip, Biometric security (Shield BIO)


  • Large touchscreen (V20).
  • Biometric security (Shield BIO).
  • Military-grade security chip.
  • Supports over 1,000 cryptos.


  • Slightly higher price.

13. ColdCard – Bitcoin-Only Cold Wallet Offers Top Security 

ColdCard Mk4, the flagship product of ColdCard, allows investors to anonymously trade Bitcoin. One of the premier cold wallets, ColdCard Mk4 offers top-notch physical security for your Bitcoin holdings. 

Designed to simplify Bitcoin buying and selling, ColdCard Mk4 does not require users to complete a KYC process. ColdCard Mk4 boasts a user-friendly design, including a numeric keypad for straightforward PIN entry. The wallet comes with a 128×64 pixel OLED screen – which is customizable and comes in different colors. 

ColdCard wallet home

ColdCard Mk4 takes its commitment to security very seriously – storing your seed words in specialized chips. This acts as a vault for your private keys, ensuring safety against potential hackers. 

Providing anonymity, ColdCard Mk4 air-gaps transactions by using offline cold storage facilities.

With unlimited memory and no Bitcoin transaction size limits, ColdCard Mk4 is a top solution for investors. Additionally, the cold wallet offers a microSD card to enable easy backup and storage. All the ColdCard code is open for the public – as it is editable, viewable, and verifiable. 

This wallet retails at $157.94. 

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin only Depends on the Third-party provider Stores private keys in specialized chips, no BTC transaction size limits, Numeric keypad, and 128×64 pixel bright OLED screen


  • Private keys stored in specialized chips
  • Offers a numeric keypad to simplify trading
  • MicroSD card provided
  • No BTC transaction size limits


  • Only supports Bitcoin transactions

14. Samourai Wallet – Privacy-focused Crypto Wallet with Repeat Address Alerts and VPN

Samourai Wallet is a privacy-centric Bitcoin wallet designed to help protect users from on-chain snooping.

One of the most common ways that wallets can be de-anonymized is by tracking their transactions and looking for patterns. In particular, spies look for repeat transactions to the same wallet addresses to find out who might be behind a wallet.

Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet prevents this by automatically alerting users when they’re about to transact with a wallet they’ve traded with in the past. By proactively avoiding these repeat address transactions, users make it much more difficult to track down who they are using the blockchain.

Samourai Wallet also uses a built-in VPN to route transactions through servers around the world, further obfuscating where users are located. This prevents transactions from being traced back to a single IP address.

This anonymous crypto wallet doesn’t require any information to use—not even an email address. Users simply have to install it on their device to start using Samourai wallet. It’s fully self-custodied, too.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin 0.00015 BTC
  • Built-in VPN
  • Randomized PIN screen
  • Download and go


  • Alerts users to repeat wallet addresses
  • Hides users’ IP address with a VPN
  • Doesn’t require any information, not even an email
  • Automatically switch between crypto exchanges


  • Only supports Bitcoin

15. Wasabi Wallet – Open-source Bitcoin Wallet Conducting Transactions Over Anonymous Tor Network

Wasabi Wallet is a free and open-source Bitcoin wallet designed for the desktop. It’s fully non-custodial and doesn’t require any information to join. Users simply have to download the wallet to start using it.

The wallet uses 3 measures to keep users’ identities secret.

Wasabi Wallet

First, all transactions are conducted over the Tor network, a completely anonymous and private internet network. Second, Wasabi uses a built-in VPN to prevent a user’s IP address from being leaked during transactions. Finally, all transactions use coinjoins, which wash Bitcoin together from different transactions to obscure where the funds came from. All of these privacy measures are automatic.

The platform doesn’t provide access to a decentralized exchange, so users can only use Wasabi Wallet to send and receive Bitcoin. The wallet also only supports Bitcoin, not any other cryptocurrencies.

Wasabi Wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. There are no mobile apps available at this time.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin 0.3% (send fee)
  • Conducts transactions over Tor
  • Built-in VPN
  • Uses coinjoins


  • Open-source and fully private
  • Automatic coinjoin algorithm
  • Privacy features are automatic
  • Very easy to use


  • No mobile apps available

16. SimpleHold – User-friendly Crypto Wallet and DEX with No KYC Required

SimpleHold is a browser-based no-KYC crypto wallet similar to the popular MetaMask wallet, but with more privacy features. Users don’t have to input any personal information to start using SimpleHold.

The wallet is fully non-custodial and stores a user’s private keys on their device, putting them in full control of their crypto. It’s easy to create additional wallet addresses for different purposes or tokens.

SimpleHold Wallet

One of the best things about SimpleHold is that it doubles as a user-friendly DEX. Users can easily swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 70 other cryptocurrencies in SimpleHold without any KYC or identity checks. There’s no transaction fee for using the DEX or for sending crypto from one wallet to another.

The developers behind the wallet offer 24/7 user support, which is unusual for crypto wallets. So, it’s easy to get help if users run into any issues during installation.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
70+ None
  • Built-in DEX
  • Fully non-custodial
  • 24/7 support


  • Available for browsers, iOS, and Android devices
  • Supports most major crypto tokens
  • Create multiple wallet addresses
  • No fee for using DEX


  • Does not anonymize transactions with Tor or VPN

17. Mercury Wallet – Layer 2 Bitcoin Wallet Enabling Off-chain Bitcoin Transactions

Mercury Wallet is a new kind of Bitcoin wallet that’s designed to be as secure, efficient, and low-cost as possible. It uses a concept known as ‘statechains’ to conduct transactions in Bitcoin off the main blockchain, effectively creating a Layer-2 solution for Bitcoin.

We won’t dive too deep into statechains, but in effect they enable users to split their private key between the sender or recipient in a transaction and Mercury Wallet’s secure servers. Private keys fragments on the server are deleted immediately after every transaction to protect users’ privacy.

Mercury Wallet

Mercury Wallet’s Layer 2 solution makes it much more difficult for blockchain snoops to find Bitcoin transactions and trace them back to a specific wallet. It also cuts down miner fees since users are transacting off the main Bitcoin blockchain and don’t require block validation.

Mercury Wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but there are no mobile apps available.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin N/A
  • Transact off the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Reduces miner fees
  • Start using with no personal info


  • No wallet fees for transactions
  • Layer 2 solution limits blockchain snooping
  • Private keys are deleted immediately
  • Can reduce Bitcoin blockchain fees


  • Only works for Bitcoin
  • Does not offer a way to buy or sell BTC

18. Electrum – Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet with Cold Storage

Electrum is one of the oldest and most established Bitcoin wallets and it’s never required users to provide information about their identity.

What’s great about Electrum is that the wallet’s infrastructure is fully decentralized. Anyone can manage an Electrum server and index the Bitcoin blockchain to enable transactions. That means that there’s no central entity in control of Electrum that could possibly monitor transactions happening on Electrum wallets.

Electrum Wallet

Another benefit to Electrum is that it supports cold storage. Users can isolate their wallet from the internet when not in use. Electrum also syncs with hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano X for users who prefer to take their coins fully offline.

The wallet is easy to use, but note that it’s only available as a desktop client. Electrum also only supports Bitcoin and doesn’t provide a DEX to enable buying or selling BTC.

Supported Tokens Fee to Buy Bitcoin Top Features
Bitcoin N/A
  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • Cold storage
  • Works with hardware wallets


  • Anyone can run an Electrum server
  • Free and open-source software
  • Keep private keys in cold storage
  • Multisig enables splitting coins between wallets


  • Only supports Bitcoin
  • No way to buy or sell crypto

What is a Non-KYC Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A non-KYC cryptocurrency wallet is one that doesn’t require any personal information to use. That is, users don’t have to submit their name, address, or other personal details in order to hold funds in the wallet or to send or receive cryptocurrency with the wallet.

Some anonymous wallets do require an email address to sign up. However, these are still considered non-KYC wallets because the email used to register can be temporary or disposable. Users don’t need to give more personal information or scan a copy of their ID, as is usually required for KYC checks.

Best Wallet Balance

Buying Cryptocurrency with a No-KYC Crypto Wallet

Many crypto wallets offer an integrated decentralized exchange that lets users swap one cryptocurrency for another. However, in order to swap tokens, users must already have crypto in their wallets.

That leads to a chicken-and-egg problem for crypto investors who want to buy crypto anonymously. However, some no identification crypto wallets, such as Best Wallet, offer an anonymous on-ramp into crypto. With Best Wallet being one of the leading no KYC exchanges, users can sign up with just an email and buy crypto with a credit card with no KYC checks.

Potential Benefits of No ID Crypto Wallets

There are several benefits to using a crypto wallet without ID verification.

Maintain Privacy on the Blockchain

The most important thing that using an anonymous crypto wallet does for users is maintain their privacy. If users don’t submit any personal information when signing up for a crypto wallet, their wallet can’t leak any of their information when they make transactions on the blockchain.

Many privacy-centric wallet apps go one step further, actively obfuscating the transactions that users make with their wallet. For example, wallets that use a VPN or conduct transactions over the Tor network are designed to prevent anyone from capturing a user’s IP address or other potential identifying information.

More Secure Crypto Holdings

The process of protecting users’ personal information in a crypto wallet is essential to protecting their cryptocurrency.

To understand how, say an individual has a wallet with a large amount of Bitcoin. If malicious actors determine who the owner of that wallet is, they could be targeted with sophisticated phishing attacks designed to steal their Bitcoin.

best wallet homescreen

In addition, anonymous crypto wallets are often designed with security in mind. They may offer more decentralization or unusual cryptographic techniques, or require multiple layers of authentication to access funds in the wallet. All of these security measures contribute to keeping a user’s crypto safer.

Avoid Unwanted Oversight

Anonymous crypto wallets can also help users avoid unwanted oversight, either from armchair blockchain analysts or government regulators. This is especially important in countries where cryptocurrency isn’t permitted or where individuals use cryptocurrency to get around illiberal rules. It also makes them ideal to use at no KYC casinos.

Of course, Bitcoin has a reputation for being used for illegal transactions thanks in part to the use of anonymous wallets. While crypto should always be used legally, using a wallet with no ID verification can help users skirt the rules in some cases.

How to Pick an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

There are several features that individuals should consider when choosing the best anonymous crypto wallets.

Personal Information Required

No anonymous Bitcoin wallet should require a user’s name, address, phone number, or other personal information. Many allow users to simply download the wallet and start using it without any information.

Some require an email address, but temporary or single-use email addresses can be used to remain anonymous.

Supported Tokens

Some crypto wallets only allow users to hold, send, and receive Bitcoin. Others support a wider range of major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more. Some let users store and swap between thousands of different tokens.

Users should think about what types of tokens they plan to own. It may make sense to use one wallet for Bitcoin and another wallet for other types of tokens.

Supported Platforms

Some crypto wallets are designed for desktop use, while others focus on mobile use and browser extensions. Desktop wallets are typically more advanced and may offer features like a built-in VPN. Mobile wallets are usually more user-friendly and often include a decentralized exchange to make swaps as simple as possible.

Hardware Wallets vs. Software Wallets

While software wallets can be very secure, they aren’t as secure as hardware wallets. Many crypto experts recommend using a hardware wallet to maximize the security of crypto tokens.

Hardware wallets store a user’s private key on an external device, similar to a USB flash drive. Funds in the wallet can only be accessed with the physical device, making it nearly impossible for attackers to steal funds from a wallet remotely.

Many crypto owners use hardware wallets and software wallets in combination to blend quick access to actively used funds with safer storage for funds that aren’t actively being used.

Privacy Measures

Different wallets offer different measures to keep users’ transaction data private and anonymous. For example, some wallets route all transactions through a VPN or the Tor network to make it harder to trace a user’s IP address. Others bounce trades through different exchanges or alert users when they’re sending funds to the same wallet address more than once.

These advanced privacy measures can help ensure that a user cannot be identified based on the pattern of transactions that they make with their crypto wallet.

Decentralized Exchange Integration

Many crypto wallets offer a built-in DEX that enables users to swap from one token to another. This can be highly convenient, especially for traders or for users who want to move from one blockchain to another quickly.

When comparing wallets with DEX integrations, be sure to check how much it costs to swap tokens. It’s also a good idea to look at the range of tokens available and the overall liquidity on the exchange.

Using Multiple Crypto Wallets

Recently, Atomic Wallet was hacked after a software update. This shows that individual wallets can have unknown security risks that may be specific to a single wallet app rather than applicable to cryptocurrency as a whole.

So, it can be a good security practice for an individual to spread their cryptocurrency holdings across multiple anonymous crypto wallets. This ensures that in the event that a wallet is compromised, only a portion of a user’s funds are at risk.

Are Anonymous Crypto Wallets Safe and Legal?

Crypto wallets without KYC are completely legal. In fact, there are very few rules around Bitcoin wallets and ID verification in most countries. Most requirements for ID checks are around on-ramps to crypto, which typically involve exchanges.

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That said, there are some non-KYC wallet apps that offer the ability to buy crypto without an ID check. These apps are fully legal, but users should beware that they could face action from regulators in the event of a future crackdown. If these wallets are self-custodied, users will retain control over their funds and don’t have to worry about their tokens disappearing even in the event of a crackdown.

Crypto wallets without ID check can be just as safe as wallets with ID check. The only difference is that privacy-centric wallets are almost always non-custodial, meaning that users are in charge of managing their wallet’s private keys. This is a big responsibility and users need to take care to ensure their keys aren’t lost or exposed.


The best anonymous Bitcoin wallets enable users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency without exposing any of their personal details. These wallets often pair security with privacy, ensuring users’ crypto is as safe as possible.

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