11 Best Binance Trading Bots for 2024

Best Binance Trading Bots

Looking to automate your crypto trades on Binance? Consider using a trading bot. In doing so, you can buy and sell crypto 24/7 without lifting a finger. Most bots come with pre-set conditions too, making them ideal for beginners.

This guide ranks and reviews the 11 best Binance trading bots. Read on to discover the most profitable bot strategies that work on Binance in 2024.

The Best Binance Trading Bots Ranked

The 11 best Binance trading bots are ranked below:

  1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall best Binance trading bot for 2024.
  2. Learn2Trade – Trading bot with over 79% success rate.
  3. Coinrule – Cost-effective Binance bots with high ROIs.
  4. 3Commas – Great option for dollar-cost averaging crypto on Binance.
  5. TradeSanta – Access dozens of altcoin bots for just $25 per month.
  6. Kryll – Build a unique trading bot without coding knowledge.
  7. Cryptohopper – Beginner-friendly bot dashboard with paper trading tools.
  8. Bitsgap – Popular grid trading bot to profit from consolidation periods.
  9. WunderTrading – Automatically deploy TradingView signals into Binance.
  10. CryptoHero – Deploy 1 free crypto bot with unlimited positions.
  11. Shrimpy – Portfolio management bot for the Binance exchange.

The Top Binance Trading Bots Reviewed

We’ll now explain the key features and benefits of the top Binance bots listed above.

1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Binance Trading Bot for 2024

We rate Dash 2 Trade as the best Binance bot in the market. With the Dash 2 Trade platform, you can choose between two trading bots: DCA (dollar-cost averaging) and Grid. In the future, you will be able to build your own trading bot using over 10 technical indicators. When you’re ready, test your bots with the backtester feature and see how it would have performed in past events.

With extensive features including analytics that review historic data and real-time trading with virtual money, you can make the best trading bot for your needs in no time.

dash 2 trade bots

Aside from trading bots you can use on Binance, Dash 2 Trade offers a plethora of additional features. For example, use unique social indicators to make trading decisions, or use crypto trading signals powered by Quants.

Dash 2 Trade has its own ERC-20 utility token, D2T, which provides many benefits, such as access to the Dash 2 Trade dashboard.

Overview Pricing Performance
Make your own trading bot, either DCA or Grid with parameters that you set $102 per year paid in D2T tokens, or $120 per year paid with ETH Depends on the bot

Pros pros

  • The best Binance bot for 2024
  • Operates 24/7
  • DCA and Grid bots that you can customize
  • Backtest your bots and test them in real time with virtual funds
  • Social indicators and trading signals

Cons cons

  • Only DCA and Grid bots available at the moment
  • Bots trade crypto only

2. Learn2Trade – Trading Signals Provider With 79% Accuracy

Learn2Trade is an established trading signals provider with over 70,000 members. The Learn2Trade bot enables users to trade crypto on Binance while they sleep. It takes just 10 minutes to get started. Once activated, the bot will begin scanning the market for trading opportunities.

According to Learn2Trade, its algorithmic bot has a success rate of 79%. It typically enters around 70 trades per month. Most trades take a cautious approach; just 1% is risked to target gains of 3%. What’s more, the bot leverages over 1,500 lines of code and more than 100 technical indicators. This ensures the bot can trade in all market conditions.

Learn2Trade Binance bot review

In addition to Binance, the Learn2Trade bot also works with Bybit. Based on its historical results, Learn2Trade is competitively priced. You’ll pay just £99 per month for full functionality, which can be canceled at any time. Cheaper rates are available when making a quarterly or bi-annual purchase. Learn2Trade also offers top-notch customer support, not to mention a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overview Pricing Performance
Automated trading bot that operates 24/7. Takes 10 minutes to set up. Places 70 trades per month on average £99 per month. Cheaper rates when buying a 3 or 6-month plan 79% win rate since inception

Pros pros

  • In our view, the best Binance bot for 2024
  • Trade crypto while you sleep – operates 24/7
  • 79% win rate since inception
  • Trades some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy
  • Backed by an established signals provider with 70,000+ members
  • Top-rated customer support

Cons cons

  • Not compatible with Binance futures
  • Due to increased popularity, prices recently increased

3. Coinrule – Cost-Effective Binance Bots With High ROIs  

Coinrule is also one of the best Binance trading bots to consider today. It offers two primary services to choose from. First, Coinrule enables users to create their own Binance bots. This is achieved by creating ‘rules’. No coding knowledge is required, as everything is text-based.

For instance, you might want your Binance bot to buy XRP whenever trading volumes increase by 10%, and the RSI drops below 35. Alternatively, Coinrule also offers a marketplace with dozens of pre-programmed bots. Most are competitively priced, costing under $10. For example, the Optimized Relative Index bot leverages the RSI and moving averages.

Coinrule trading bot review

Costing just $9.95, this Binance bot has a 45% win rate. Buy The Dip Bull is another popular bot. Costing just $7.99, it discovers support zones to optimize crypto investments. In addition to the bot purchase, you’ll also need to choose a pricing plan. This ranges from $0 to $449.99 per month, depending on your needs.

Overview Pricing Performance
Enables users to create their own Binance trading bot without coding knowledge. Also offers a marketplace with pre-programmed bots Most marketplace bots cost under $10. Monthly pricing plans range from $0 to $449.99 per month Depends on the chosen trading bot

Pros pros

  • Buy pre-programmed trading bots for Binance
  • The most popular bots retail for under $10
  • Alternatively, build your own bot based on ‘rules’
  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Also compatible with Coinbase, Kraken, and KuCoin

Cons cons

  • Prices vary widely depending on the required functionality
  • Registration is required to view bot data and prices

4. 3Commas – Great Option for Dollar-Cost Averaging Crypto on Binance

3Commas is a reputable trading bot provider. It offers various bot strategies; all are compatible with the Binance exchange. Users can connect their chosen bot via a unique Binance API key. One of the most popular strategies is the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) bot. This is ideal for long-term investors, as you can choose your preferred DCA frequency.

Advanced DCA strategies are also available. For instance, 3Commas can borrow and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance, before buying them back at a lower price. It also offers DCA bots that specialize in sideways markets. The bot automatically determines key support and resistance levels, and enters trades accordingly.

3Commas Binance trading bot

Not only is 3Commas compatible with Binance but also Kraken, OKX, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and other tier-one exchanges. Prices vary considerably depending on what functionality is required. The Beginner plan costs just $5 per month. This allows two signal and grid bots, plus up to five DCA bots. However, just 25 trades per month are allowed. The Pro and Expert plans cost $49 and $79 per month, respectively.

Overview Pricing Performance
Offers various DCA bot strategies for Binance and other exchanges. Basic settings allow users to automate their crypto investments. Advanced settings allow reverse DCA investing and sideways market trading Plans range from $5 to $79 per month, depending on what functionality is needed Not provided. Results depend on the chosen bot strategy and the pre-set parameters.

Pros pros

  • Cost-effective Binance bots starting from $5 per month
  • More than 100,000 monthly active users
  • One of the best crypto auto trading platforms for DCA investing
  • Supports Binance and plenty of other tier-one exchanges
  • Also offers grid and signal trading bots

Cons cons

  • Trading results depend on the user’s settings
  • Inexperienced traders might find some features intimidating

5. TradeSanta – Access Dozens of Altcoin Bots for Just $25 per Month  

TradeSanta offers a cost-effective way to trade the best altcoins passively. Its marketplace supports dozens of Binance bots across every trading strategy imaginable. For example, there’s a Binance futures bot for PEOPLE/USDT. Over the prior seven days, the bot has made over 40% profit. There’s also a popular bot for trading ALT-FDUSD.

In just two days, this bot has increased by over 39%. For just $25 per month, you can deploy up to 49 bots simultaneously. However, this plan doesn’t support trialing take profits, TradingView signals, or access to futures bots. For full functionality, you’ll need to pay $90 per month.

Is TradeSanta legit?

You can reduce this to $45 per month when purchasing an annual plan. In addition to Binance, TradeSanta also connects with OKX, Kraken, Bybit, Coinbase Pro, and other popular exchanges. Bots connect to Binance via an API key, which takes minutes to set up. TradeSanta can be accessed via web browsers or its native app for iOS and Android.

Overview Pricing Performance
Popular marketplace for Binance bots. Dozens of strategies to choose from, covering spot trading and Binance futures Monthly plans range from $25 to $90 depending on the required features and number of bots. Discounted prices when paying annually Depends on the chosen trading bot

Pros pros

  • Get up to 49 trading bots for $25 per month
  • Connect to Binance via an API key
  • Offers a user-friendly app for iOS and Android
  • Supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies
  • Also considered one of the best copy trading platforms

Cons cons

  • Access to Binance futures bots costs $90 per month
  • Some bots have only been active for a few days

6. Kryll – Build a Unique Trading Bot Without Coding Knowledge  

Kryll is one of the best options for building a custom Binance bot from scratch. Fortunately, no coding or programming knowledge is required. This is because Kryll leverages a drag-and-drop model. As such, even beginners can create a profitable trading bot. Kryll offers plenty of triggers for the bot to follow.

This includes technical indicators like the MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages. The bot can also execute trades based on pricing, volume, deviations, and volatility. Risk-management tools like stop-loss and take-profit orders are also supported. Kryll offers a risk-free demo platform too.

Kryll review

This ensures you can test the bot before deploying it on Binance. And, if your bot is profitable, you can sell it on the Kryll marketplace for additional revenue. Unlike other Binance bots, Kryll offers a pay-as-you-go-plan. This is based on trading volumes and the number of days the bot is active. For example, trading $1,000 over a month would cost just $10.

Overview Pricing Performance
Build a custom Binance from scratch without any coding or programming knowledge. A wide range of triggers are supported, including technical indicators, volume, deviation, and volatility Pay-as-you-go prices depend on the trading volume and the number of days the bot is active N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Great option for building a custom Binance bot
  • Drag-and-drop system means no coding knowledge is needed
  • A wide range of bot triggers are supported
  • Accessible on desktop browsers and a mobile app
  • Established in 2018

Cons cons

7. Cryptohopper – Beginner-Friendly Bot Dashboard With Paper Trading Tools   

Founded in 2017, Cryptohopper is an established bot development platform for beginners. It enables users to automate their proven strategies on the Binance exchange. The first step is to build the bot; Cryptohopper offers more than 100 technical indicators and metrics.

For instance, the RSI crossover, MACD, and the Parabolic SAR. Next, users can deploy their bot in the paper trading zone. This mimics live market conditions but with virtual funds. Users can make adjustments to their bot as needed. Once ready, the bot can be connected with Binance via an API key.

Cryptohopper review

Cryptohopper also offers pre-built bots. This includes copy trading bots, enabling users to replicate a proven Binance trader. In terms of fees, you’ll need the Explorer plan to develop a live Binance bot. This costs $29 per month, although discounts are offered when buying an annual plan.

Overview Pricing Performance
Offers a user-friendly dashboard to create a custom Binance trading bot. More than 100 technical indicators and metrics are supported An Explorer plan is needed to create a bot. Costs $29 per month or $289.92 annually N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Established bot development platform
  • Beginners can create a Binance bot without coding skills
  • More than 100 technical indicators and metrics to choose from
  • Advanced paper trading tools
  • Also offers copy trading bots for Binance

Cons cons

  • A $29 per month plan is required to create a bot
  • You’ll need to already have a proven trading strategy

8. Bitsgap – Popular Grid Trading Bot to Profit From Consolidation Periods   

We found that Bitsgap is one of the best Binance bots for grid trading. Put simply, the bot specializes in consolidation periods. This is when crypto asset prices trade within a tight range of extended periods. The Binance bot will first analyze key support and resistance levels for your chosen pair.

After that, the bot will enter positions accordingly. Each position is considered low-risk, as sensible stop-loss and take-profit orders are executed. This also ensures that your bankroll is protected once a breakout eventually takes place. In addition, Bitsgap also offers one of the best DCA crypto bots. This is ideal for long-term investors who want to automatically buy crypto at regular intervals.


The DCA bot is not only suitable for the Binance spot exchange but also for its futures trading platform.  Bitsgap charges $29 per month for its basic plan. This permits up to two active Grid bots and 10 DCA bots. The advanced plan – at $69 per month, increases this to 5 Grid bots and 50 DCA bots.

Overview Pricing Performance
Popular Grid bot that specializes in consolidation periods. Also offers a DCA bot for spot and futures trading Plans range from $29 to $149 per month N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Top-rated Grid bot that trades in sideways markets
  • Scans the markets for support and resistance levels
  • Automatically deploys sensible risk management orders
  • Demo platform offers risk-free bot trading
  • Also one of the best Binance trading bots for DCA investing

Cons cons

  • The free trial only lasts for seven days
  • Prices start from $29 per month

9. WunderTrading – Automatically Deploy TradingView Signals Into Binance    

WunderTrading is one of the best Binance trading bots for TradingView users. It enables users to incorporate TradingView signals into their bot, which will then buy and sell pairs on Binance autonomously. This is a great option for technical traders who have already crafted a reliable strategy.

Meaning – traders no longer need to read charts and execute trades – as the WunderTrading bot does this on their behalf. WunderTrading also supports a wide range of execution orders. This includes limits, trailing stops, and multiple take-profit zones. Order sizes can be stated in percentage terms or dollar amounts.

WunderTrading bot review

What’s more, the bot can trade multiple pairs simultaneously. WunderTrading also supports Grid, DCA, and spread trading. There are five pricing plans to choose from, ranging from $0 to $89.95 per month. The higher the price, the more exchanges, bots, and strategies available.

Overview Pricing Performance
Incorporate TradingView signals into a Binance trading bot. Also offers a DCA, Grid, and spread trading bot Plans range from $0 to $89.95 per month N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Best Binance bot for TradingView signals
  • Many execution orders to choose from
  • Specify trade sizes in percentage terms and dollars
  • Trade multiple pairs simultaneously
  • Also offers Grid and DCA trading bots

Cons cons

10. CryptoHero – Deploy 1 Free Crypto Bot With Unlimited Positions    

CryptoHero might be the best option if you’re using a Binance bot for the first time. Unlike other providers, it offers a free plan with few restrictions. While you can only deploy one trading bot without a paid subscription, this includes unlimited positions. What’s more, the free plan supports multiple indicator triggers, long and short strategies, and backtesting.

It also comes with unlimited exchange connections. Not only for Binance but also Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, and other popular exchanges. CryptoHero makes the bot creation process simple too. Just select your preferred metrics and test the bot in the market simulator. This will give you an idea of how the bot will perform in live trading conditions.

CryptoHero bot review

You can connect your bot to Binance via an API once it’s ready. Alternatively, CryptoHero also offers a bot marketplace. This enables you to purchase a ready-made bot at competitive prices. Although the free plan is sufficient, you’ll need a premium package to access Binance futures. That said, this costs from just $13.99 per month, which is good value.

Overview Pricing Performance
Create a free trading bot from the ground up with unlimited positions. Also offers a bot marketplace with ready-made strategies Plans range from $0 to $29.99 per month N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Best free Binance bot in the market
  • No limitations on monthly positions
  • The free plan includes market simulation and backtesting
  • Buy a ready-made bot from the marketplace
  • Also supports other leading exchanges

Cons cons

  • A premium plan is needed to trade Binance futures
  • Might not be suitable for advanced trading strategies

11. Shrimpy – Portfolio Management Bot for the Binance Exchange      

Shrimpy will appeal to long-term investors who want to automate the portfolio management process. It offers a top-rated trading bot that integrates with Binance via an API key. It removes the need to constantly monitor your investment portfolio. Shrimpy automatically rebalances your portfolio based on your pre-defined settings.

For example, if you’re overexposed to a high-volatile crypto, Shrimpy might decide to reduce the position. It will then use the funds to reinvest in other crypto assets from your portfolio. Shrimpy also offers DCA services. Not only on Binance but also on Gate.io, Kraken, Coinbase, and Gemini.

Shrimpy review

If you have portfolios on multiple exchanges, you can link them to your Shrimpy account. This makes it seamless to manage your crypto portfolio in one safe place. Shrimpy offers a free plan with unlimited spot trades. However, you can only link the account to one exchange. The Standard and Plus plans – costing $19 and $49 per month respectively, offer greater functionality.

Overview Pricing Performance
Trading bot for portfolio management, rebalancing, and DCA investing. Supports Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and other leading exchanges Plans range from $0 to $49 per month N/A: Results are determined by your bot parameters

Pros pros

  • Great option for long-term investors
  • Automatically rebalances your portfolio
  • Offers customized portfolio weighting
  • Reduce exposure to high-risk crypto assets
  • Connect multiple exchange accounts to one platform

Cons cons

  • You’ll need the $39 per month plan for API access
  • The free plan is limited to three daily backtests

How do Binance Trading Bots Work?

Binance trading bots enable you to automate your crypto investments. Bots – which are pre-programmed to follow specific parameters, operate 24/7. This means you can implement proven trading strategies around the clock. What’s more, unlike human traders, Binance bots don’t suffer from emotions or recklessness.

On the contrary, they simply follow the rules they have been instructed to execute. For example, suppose you like buying Bitcoin during a market correction. You could instruct the bot to buy certain cryptos when their prices decline by 5% in a 24-hour period.

How do Binance trading bots work?

Bots can also execute trades when technical readings have been triggered. For example, the bot might short-sell Bitcoin when the RSI exceeds 70. Most Binance automated trading bots can also deploy risk-management orders. This often includes stop-loss orders, ensuring that losing positions are capped.

You’ve got two options when deploying a Binance trading bot. First, you can develop your own bot from the ground up. This rarely requires coding knowledge, as many providers offer a drag-and-drop framework. This simply means choosing your trigger points, preferred crypto assets, stop-loss requirements, and order values.

Is Bot Trading Allowed on Binance?

Binance supports third-party trading bots. It enables users to connect bots via an API key. Once provided to the bot interface, it will begin trading autonomously. Moreover, Binance also offers thousands of bots on its exchange. These are created by Binance users.

There’s normally a profit-sharing agreement in place, meaning the bot creator generates revenue on profits. Crucially, Binance makes money from trading commissions. This means it wants to attract as many users to its platform as possible. Not only human traders but automated bots.

Do Binance Trading Bots Really Work?

Binance trading bots do work. Whether or not they make money remains to be seen. Each bot has its own in-built parameters that it must follow. In other words, if the underlying strategy consistently outperforms the market, the bot will make money. But if the strategy is sub-par, the bot will make a loss.

Using a Ready-Made Binance Bot

  • Beginners might prefer buying a ready-made Binance bot from an online marketplace.
  • We found that Dash 2 Trade is the best option here.
  • It offers two trading bots, DCA and Grid.
  • It buys and sells crypto assets on your behalf, ensuring a passive and user-friendly experience.
  • What’s more, it takes under 10 minutes to connect the Dash 2 Trade bot with Binance.

This is similar to copy trading. If the person you’re copying makes money, so will you. Conversely, you’ll make a loss if the copy trader isn’t able to generate gains. This is why the best trading bots for Binance come with backtesting and simulation features. Backtesting allows you to see how the bot would have performed if it had traded in historical crypto markets.

You can make constant adjustments until the bot performs well. Simulation tools enable you to test the bot in live trading conditions. The bot uses paper trading funds, meaning the testing process is risk-free.

The most risk-averse way of using Binance bots is to diversify. This means deploying multiple bots simultaneously. Consider using different strategies too. For instance, Grid, DCA, futures, and swing trading bots. Most importantly, make sure the bot settings implement stop-loss orders. In doing so, you’ll never lose too much money on a single trade.

How to Use a Binance Trading Bot

Ready to use a Binance trading bot? Follow the steps below to get started in 10 minutes.

  • Step 1 – Choose a Binance Trading Bot: First, you’ll need to choose a Binance trading bot. You can opt for a ready-made strategy or build one from the ground up. Scroll up for a recap on the best Binance bot providers for 2024.
  • Step 2 – Adjust Bot Settings: Next, you’ll need to add some important parameters to your bot. This includes the preferred crypto pair – make sure it’s supported by Binance. If you’re trading Bitcoin, opt for BTC/USDT. You’ll also need to specify the trade size. This can be a percentage of your balance or a fixed dollar amount.
  • Step 3 – Backtesting and Paper Trading: Before deploying the bot on Binance, it’s crucial you do some testing. Start with the backtesting tool to see how the bot performs in historical trading conditions. After that, try the bot in simulated market conditions. This should mirror live market prices but with demo funds.
  • Step 4 – Create a Binance API Key: If your bot is ready to start trading with real funds, you’ll first need to create an API key on Binance. Log into your Binance account and click ‘Profile’ followed by ‘API Management’. Click ‘Create API’ and opt for ‘System-Generated’. Copy the key and paste it into your bot account.
  • Step 5 – Activate Binance Trading Bot: Finally, you’ll need to activate your Binance bot. In doing so, the bot will begin trading on Binance immediately. It’s crucial to monitor how the bot is performing. If the bot isn’t making money, you can switch it off at any time. You can then make adjustments and revisit the testing phase.


Binance bots enable you to trade crypto assets passively – 24/7. It’s important to research the underlying strategy, past performance, and risk settings before proceeding.

We rate Dash 2 Trade as the best option. Choose between two bots, DCA and Grid, and adjust the parameters, such as amount to trade and whether to go long on short, and use the bots with your Binance funds.



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