8 Best BSC ICOs & Presales to Invest in 2024

Blockchain technology has enabled entrepreneurs to reach individual investors in a way they have never been able to before through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and presales. It has also allowed investors to find and connect with entrepreneurs and ideas more easily.

Individuals usually invest in ICOs as they believe in the idea and can see a substantial return should the project be successful. Many are also seeking their “golden ticket,” as many investors have made millions from investing in this way.

In this piece, we’re going to cover the best BSC ICOs available right now. We’ll also look at how to go about choosing which ICO to invest in and whether they’re safe or not before finally covering exactly how to invest in the best BSC ICOs and presale.

The Top BSC ICOs to Invest in Now

Here, for those short on time, we’ve summarized the best BSC ICOs. For those wanting more information, we’ve also reviewed their offerings below.

  1. eTukTuk – First ever EV charging stations and payment system building on BSC; $2.5 million in presale
  2. Scorpion Casino – Ready-to-launch cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook; $9 million raised already
  3. Healix Protocol – Revolutionizing preventative healthcare with a blockchain-based perk system.
  4. AL-E-IT – Upending the restaurant loyalty model, benefiting business and customers.
  5. Gemex – Freshest DEX to launch on BSC, featuring an AI trading bot
  6. CratD2C – Layer 1, e-commerce-focused blockchain raising funds through a BSC ICO.
  7. Betix Casino – Newest casino on BSC, featuring profit sharing NFTs.
  8. ANONToken – Developing an ecosystem of products, sharing the collective ideas of Anonymous.

Reviewing the Top New BSC Presales

Below, we dive into what each of the best BSC ICOs and presales listed above actually offer potential users and investors.

eTukTuk – First Ever EV Charging Stations and Payment System on BSC

The eTukTuk project is one of the first, if not the first, automotive projects on BSC, hence why it is one of the most exciting BSC presales going on right now. The goal is to set up EV charging stations for electric TukTuk drivers to charge their eco-friendly rides.

Over 270 million TukTuks were on the roads in 2023, and mainly exist in developing areas. That is why the project’s creators are targeting these areas to have the biggest impact and create the most immediate, real-world utility for their token; the first station is planned for Colombo, Sri Lanka. As the world transitions to green energy alternatives, eTukTuks are expected to become much more common and will need places to charge.

eTukTuk Homepage and Presale Module

Alongside creating an ecosystem for charging eTukTuks, where drivers can pay to charge their vehicle with the TUK token through a driver app, eTukTuk also plans to sell electric vehicle equipment from their charging stations, selling all that an eTukTuk driver needs at these charging stations. Holders of TUK can also stake their tokens to earn a variable APY, currently 105%.

Pros pros

  • Large market in emerging regions of the globe
  • Eco-friendly angle gives it high investor appeal
  • Multi-function token for charging and buying parts
  • TUK Can be staked for a variable APY
  • Aiming for a franchise model, which can be cost-efficient for scaling

Cons cons

  • Size of demand in different regions is hard to quantify
  • Station setup costs are not detailed in the whitepaper

Scorpion Casino – Ready-to-Launch Cryptocurrency Casino and Sportsbook in Final Stages of Presale

Already live in beta, with 210 casino games already live for users, Scorpion Casino is building an online social gambling platform that offers some of the world’s most popular casino games, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. Connections with some of the most popular casino game providers, such as Evolution, ensure that players get access to premium casino games. This is all alongside a sportsbook that covers all major sports.

Scorp Token Presale Participant Benefits

The platform is regulated by the Curacao EGaming licensing entity and is close to hitting its soft cap of $9 million. Those who contribute now can still get the platform’s SCORP tokens at a 10% discount from the list price. This token will be the payment method in the SCORP ecosystem and the default currency in the Scorpion Casino and Sportsbook.

The online gambling market is projected to reach $138.10 billion by 2028, with an annual CAGR of 6.51% per year. The SCORP token and Scorpion Casino seem well-positioned to take a piece of this growth as crypto-based gambling grows in popularity alongside the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Pros pros

  • 210 casino games already launched
  • Offers a Casino and a sportsbook
  • Partnered with some of the best casino game creators
  • Token is still available at a discount

Cons cons

  • The token sale is almost over
  • High level of competition in the cryptocurrency casino space

Healix Protocol – BSC ICO Aiming to Revolutionize Preventative Healthcare with a Blockchain-Based Perk System

The Healix Protocol is one of the only Binance Smart Chain ICOs targeting the growing preventative healthcare technologies and services market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 11.8% between 2023 and 2030. To do this, Healix is combining blockchain technology, IoT monitoring devices, and AI assessments of the data collected.

As a decentralized healthcare solution, Healix aims to make healthcare more affordable and accessible and focuses on using emerging technologies to incentivize preventative healthcare through well-being initiatives and perks.

Helix Presale Module

Users of the Healix protocol will receive a Health Quotient (HQ), an easily readable measure of an individual’s health derived from continuous monitoring using IoT devices and put together by AI assessments. Users will also be able to sign up to a Smart Health Club, where they can lock HLX tokens at different levels to receive a variety of perks offered by leading healthcare institutions.

At the heart of this protocol is the HLX health utility token. HLX is in the early stages of presale and is available for just $0.03 per token.

Pros pros

  • Focusing on emerging technologies to incentivize preventative healthcare
  • Aims to partner with leading healthcare institutions to provide these perks
  • Tokens can be locked in a Smart Health Club to earn perks; the more tokens locked, the better the perks
  • Integrates AI and IoT technologies for continuous health monitoring

Cons cons

  • Entering a market full of large, established players who typically frown on preventative care
  • No information available on the team

AL-E-IT – Revolutionizing the Food Delivery and Restaurant Loyalty Model, Benefiting Business and Customers

Using blockchain technology, the AL-E-IT project aims to tokenize rewards in the food delivery industry. Rewards can be earned on every purchase and then used within the AL-E-IT ecosystem or withdrawn to realize the cash-back earned, finally giving restaurant loyalty rewards transferable monetary value. Users can also stake their tokens for weeks or months and potentially earn the value of their whole purchase back in rewards.

AL-E-IT Tokenomics

While users can stake tokens in the AL-E-IT ecosystem to earn rewards, they can also use these tokens to redeem rewards and/or discounts from partner restaurants. Restaurants can use the AL-E-IT system as their rewards system to easily track and reward loyal customers, while customers are free to use their rewards anywhere in the AL-E-IT network.

Finally, those who drive for restaurants in the AL-E-IT ecosystem are also incentivized, earning rewards for delivering food on time. The AL-E-IT token sale is in its early stages, and today’s contributors will be some of the first to the project.

Pros pros

  • Finally giving a monetary value to restaurant rewards
  • Rewarding everyone who is a part of the food delivery process
  • Users can stake their tokens to amplify rewards
  • Rewards can now be spent in other locations

Cons cons

  • Untested model, yet to be known if it is popular with restaurant operators
  • No detailed information on how it will accomplish its mission
  • Team behind the project is anonymous

Gemex – Freshest DEX Proposed on BSC, Featuring an AI Trading Bot

Gemex is one of the newest BSC ICOs on the market. It’s so new that it hasn’t even started—meaning that those who join the community now will have OG status. Gemex is a planned DEX, which plans to feature some of the “best earning tools” on BSC, including an AI trading bot that can trade on DEXs for you.

Gemex Hompage

While it is launching on BSC, Gemex plans to go multi-chain and operate its own decentralized app for bridging cryptocurrencies between chains with advanced security features.

The GMX token is the utility and governance token of the Gemex platform, and users will be able to stake GMX and other BSC-based tokens to earn rewards proportional to their stake. They will also be able to have their say on the future direction of the DEX by voting on governance proposals.

Pros pros

  • Freshest of launches, chance to be an OG community member
  • DEX on BSC with plans to go multi-chain
  • Building a proprietary bridge to go multi-chain
  • Can stake GNX and other BSC tokens to earn rewards
  • AI trading bot and other trading tools promised

Cons cons

  • Not much information is available just yet
  • There are already a lot of DEXes available on BSC

CratD2C – Layer 1, E-Commerce-Focused Blockchain Raising Funds Through a BSC ICO

CratD2C is building its own Layer 1 chain—secured using a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism just like Binance Smart Chain—to facilitate a direct link between businesses and consumers over the internet. They aim to cut out the third-party middlemen we all currently buy goods through. The team has even gone as far as to register the IP of their network and how it operates.

CratD2C Presale Module

CratD2C aims to have three portals for the network’s functionalities: an e-commerce trading portal, a real estate trading portal, and a luxury lifestyle booking portal. There will also be a universal payment gateway that includes a crypto debit card and integrates the existing finance system into the network.

The blockchain’s native token, CRATD2C, acts as a means of settlement on the chain and is also used for paying transaction fees. It is required as a stake to run validators and network supporting nodes, and holders can also delegate to validators to earn a share of the block rewards earned.

CratD2C is running as one of the most promising Binance Smart Chain presales. Once the network launches, users will be able to swap their BSC-20 CRATD2C tokens for 1:1 copies of the CRATD2C mainnet tokens.

Pros pros

  • Claims IP rights to their technology
  • A chain designed specifically for servicing the e-commerce industry
  • Clear plan focusing on three distinct sectors
  • Token currently offered at a 72.5% discount from list price
  • Can also buy a portion of the IP (Separate from the token sale)

Cons cons

  • Release date of mainnet is not yet known
  • Requires significant uptake to become properly decentralized
  • Will require bridges, partnerships, and continued development and marketing to be successful

Betix Casino – Newest Casino on BSC, Featuring Profit Sharing NFTs

BETX is the core utility token of Betix Casino and the driving force behind the platform’s games. The Betis Casino games have been designed with a huge focus on entertainment, removing the monotony typically associated with online gaming.

Roulette is live now, and other games to be released soon include a Raffle Arena, Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, and Bull Run: A Crypto Crash Game. Token holders can also have input on what games will be developed next.

Betix Homepage

Holders of the BETX tokens receive numerous benefits in the Betix ecosystem, including early-bird discounts and exclusive access to special platform features, such as jackpot pools and crypto chests. There is also a built-in burn mechanism, and regular buybacks and burns will be conducted with the profits from the casino. More details can be found in the Betix Docs.

40% of the token supply, 400 million BETX, is earmarked for the presale, which is only 22% complete. The Betix ICO is currently in stage 3 or 11, with tokens priced at $0.006, just 30% of the list price. An NFT collection also exists that grants owners rights to a share of the casino’s profits.

Pros pros

  • Currently in the early stages
  • Unique games focused on entertainment
  • Regular token buybacks and burns
  • Numerous games under development
  • NFT collection for profit sharing

Cons cons

  • Crypto casinos are a saturated industry
  • Team is anonymous
  • Blockchain element not made clear

ANONToken – Developing an Ecosystem of Products, Sharing the Collective Idea of Anonymous

The goal of ANONToken is to combine anonymity with a functional ecosystem, allowing people to live the ideals of Anonymous, which are those of non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience. Multiple elements make up this ecosystem, including:

  • AnnonBrowser: A secure web browser for private web surfing where users earn rewards as they browse.
  • AnonGames: An array of competitive games.
  • AnonSwap: A DEX with a Swap-to-Earn model where users can swap to earn rewards and bonuses.
  • OpenAnon: An NFT marketplace for unique digital collectibles.

Anonymous Banner

The first protocol targeted for launch from this project is AnonSwap, followed by OpenAnon.

50% of the ANON token is set aside for the presale, and each transaction with the token will be subject to a 4% tax, which is distributed within the ecosystem. More can be learned in the Anonymous Token Whitepaper.

Pros pros

  • Suite of four different products
  • Uses an already-recognized brand
  • Focuses on blockchain’s decentralized positives
  • Aiming to launch on multiple chains after initial BSC launch

Cons cons

  • Investors and users might be deterred by the chosen branding
  • Team has not, and will not, be DOXed

Are BSC ICOs a Good Investment?

With the number of blockchains available to users and developers growing every week, many wonder whether they should be concentrating on protocols being launched on these new chains, instead of those being launched on legacy chains like BSC. However, as we detail below, Binance Smart Chain and BSC coin ICOs are both still very much relevant in the blockchain world and worth investing in.

One of The Top Crypto’s for 5 Years

According to the history of the CoinMarketCap top 10, Binance’s token, BNB (formerly Binance Coin), has been in the top 10 since 2019. That’s an impressive 5 years in a turbulent crypto market.

This is mainly due to the explosive growth of the Binance exchange, but also ensures that Binance Smart Chain, and the projects on it remain in the limelight alongside blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

Most dApps of All Blockchains

While it lags behind the other top blockchains in key metrics, such as NFTs and DeFi TVL, Binance leads the charge in the number of dApps launched on the chain, with a full 700 more than its nearest competitor— according to data from DappRadar.

dapp radar

It also has the third-highest number of smart contracts tracked by the platform and the third-highest number of unique active wallets. This means that users are actively using the chain, which means there are a lot of potential investors for ICOs.

Top 24 Hour DeFi Volume

BSC ranks third in DeFiLlama’s TVL ranking, with just 10% of the TVL of Ethereum. However, Binance regularly ranks #1 when the list is ranked by 24 volume, seeing an incredible 37% of its TVL actively change hands on the day of writing. By comparison, Ethereum only saw 4% of its TVL active during that time period.

This, combined with the high number of unique active wallets mentioned above, means that investors investing in BSC crypto ICOs can typically expect to find excellent liquidity for trading the ICO tokens they receive.

One of The Most Active Chains for ICOs

While not a widely measurable metric, a look at the many upcoming ICO lists on the internet reveals that BSC is a hugely popular chain for launching projects. This means that, despite its long existence and the growing popularity of other smart contracting platforms, projects and investors continue to choose and use Binance Smart Chain.

How to Pick Which BSC Presales to Invest in

There is an abundance of crypto presales going on at any moment in time, and picking the best BSC presales from the pack takes some research and knowledge. Below, we’ve gone through the process of how to find and select the best BSC ICOs and presales.

Finding Potential Candidates

New projects are not widely distributed and typically don’t have a large marketing budget to get their product out in front of people. There are, however, numerous places where these new token offerings can be found.

The most popular of these are ICO and presale listing websites, such as CoinSniper, PinkSale, and a multitude of other popular ICO listing websites. Users can also hunt out new tokens in the “Recently Listed” section of coin aggregators like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Finally, these projects will almost always have social media accounts and can be found on social media sites popular with crypto verse, e.g., Reddit and X. The best way to find these is to search for hashtags and keywords like “presale” or “ICO.”

Reddit Search for Presale

Conduct Research on The Projects Offerings and Team

Traditionally, when someone proposes a business to investors they present them with a business plan for how the business is going gain a foothold in the market and then continue growing. In the blockchain world, this comes in the form of a website, roadmap, and whitepaper.

These should be read, understood, and evaluated by every investor before they consider committing money to a presale. Is the project’s idea and goal clearly outlined? And backed up with information on how they’re going to accomplish said goal? Furthermore, what is that stated goal? Is it achievable?

Beware of Moonboy Talk and Waffle

Hype and FOMO are very real things in a volatile crypto market as people look to discover their next lottery ticket to financial freedom.

However, it is pertinent to be wary of projects that try to induce this through their website, whitepaper, and social media, as promoting this sort of language rarely offers substance. Meme coins regularly and pointedly live and die on this and are an exception to the model.

In addition to the hype, there is also “waffle.” Does the project’s whitepaper or website have a lot of words but, on the whole, not actually convey much meaningful information about the project or its offerings? This can be a sign of a hollow project posing as offering more detail than they actually do, hoping to attract the funds of the less attentive researchers.

The research stage is the longest and most painstaking, but the more you practice doing it, the quicker you’ll be able to filter out projects that are subpar or even outright scams.

etuktuk roadmap

When reading the project’s content, there are areas that should get some extra attention.

  • The Team: Who is building the project, and do they have the skills and industry knowledge to help their project succeed? Anonymity is an acceptable trait in a decentralized world. However, you should scrutinize the offerings of an anonymous team more closely than one that you can verify. Also, watch out for fake teams and fake social media accounts used to back them up—both are sure signs of a scam.
  • Tokenomics: How a token is distributed, when it is distributed, and how the funds raised are used to fund the project are all important. How token supply and demand are managed is also important, along with the use of token mechanics, such as token burns and vesting contracts, and their impact on the token.
  • Potential Future Demand: Is the project building in a niche industry with little demand for utility, or is it building in an industry with wide adoption potential? In addition to this, who are the competitors, and how do they shape up next to each other?

Are BSC ICOs Safe?

Anyone can quite easily create an ICO for their idea. This unregulated level of freedom to post an idea on the internet with a request for blockchain-based funds means that the good as well as the bad will be listed. This means that investors must sift through all of them to find the ones that they think are worth investing in.

Most importantly, the cryptocurrency space is unregulated, paving the way for scammers to easily create ICOs and presales and then silently abscond with the contributors’ funds, with little fear of retribution at this moment in time.

So, while ICOs can have a huge upside should you invest in the right one, there is also the potential to lose everything you invest if you invest in the wrong project. This is one reason why the golden rule of investing is to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

How to Invest in BSC ICOs

Each ICO is different; however, the steps for investing in them don’t vary a lot. Below, we’ve gone through the simple 5 step process for investing in BSC ICOs.

  1. Find an ICO: Conduct your research to find the best BSC ICO that you’re happy to invest in.
  2. Decide How Much To Invest: This is one of the most important parts. Remember: never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Get a BSC Compatible Wallet: As one of the most popular blockchains, all of the best crypto wallets offer support for Binance Smart Chain. You should also make sure that the wallet you choose is compatible with the ICO’s website.
  4. Fund Your Wallet: ICOs typically accept contributions in BNB or stablecoins, e.g., USDT. Most wallets have built-in onramps for buying these with fiat money, but if they don’t, you can also buy these currencies from a top crypto exchange and transfer them to your new wallet.
  5. Partake in the ICO: Connect your wallet to the presale module on the presale page and enter how much you want to contribute to the project. Click the button to make your purchase and sign the transaction in your wallet.

You’ve now invested in a BSC presale! Be sure to follow the project’s socials and join their community groups to keep up with their offerings.


While ICOs and presale are still very much the epitome of the Wild West tag given to cryptocurrencies, investors keep returning to them for the huge profits they could receive by investing in them. Above, we’ve shown you the best BSC ICOs for right now and also the steps you need to follow to find and assess ICOs on your own.

It is pertinent to judge each ICO on its own merit, not comparing it to the others you find, to always do your due diligence, to know that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is, and, as always, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

We found eTukTuk to be one of the most exciting upcoming BSC ICOs as it tackles a real-world issue. It also has a detailed and achievable roadmap with a transparent team structure and active community.


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