8 Best Cat Meme Coins to Buy for 2024

Cat coins are the next big trend after the recent success of dog cryptocurrencies. But what are the best cat meme coins to buy?

This guide explores popular cat-themed cryptocurrencies that could explode in the coming months. We cover cat meme projects from various chains to ensure investors are diversified.

List of the Best Cat Meme Coins to Invest in

The best cat meme coins to buy right now are listed below:

  1. Mochi (MOCHI) – Popular cat meme coin on the Base network with almost 20,000 token holders
  2. Cat in a dogs world (MEW) – The largest cat-themed crypto by market capitalization
  3. Wen (WEN) – Solana-based cat coin with 500% gains since January 2024
  4. Mog Coin (MOG) – Leading cat crypto on the Ethereum network, trading 53% below ATHs
  5. Toshi (TOSHI) – Trending Base meme coin project building use cases for token holders
  6. CatWifHat (CATWIF) – Micro-cap cat coin with 77% gains in just 24 hours
  7. Popcat (POPCAT) – Tax-free meme coin with YTD growth of over 1,600%
  8. CatCoin (CAT) – Multi-chain cat coin with 800% returns in the prior month

8 Top Cat Meme Coins in 2024 Reviewed

We’ll now explore the best cat-themed crypto coins in more detail. This will help meme coin investors make an informed decision.

1. Mochi (MOCHI) – The Overall Best Cat Meme Coin to Buy Today

Mochi (MOCHI) is our top pick when ranking the best cat crypto tokens. This meme coin operates on the Base network, a trending layer 2 solution for Ethereum. It’s based on Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s cat. Mochi was launched in mid-2023, which makes it one of the original Base meme coins. It has a modest market capitalization of just $46 million.

This makes Mochi one of the best low-cap coins to buy. In addition, 100% of MOCHI tokens have already been issued. Unlike other cat meme coins, this ensures no more tokens will enter the circulating supply. We found that Mochi has an active community, which is a crucial component for virality.

Mochi price prediction

For instance, it has over 18,000 X followers and more than 7,000 Telegram members. Mochi also boasts almost 20,000 unique token holders. In terms of price performance, Mochi has enjoyed a solid upward trajectory since launching. The tokens are up over 2,800% since inception. That said, Mochi currently trades 48% below all-time highs. This enables new investors to buy Mochi at an attractive price.

2. Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) – The Largest Cat-Themed Crypto by Market Capitalization

Cat in a dogs world (MEW) is the largest cat-themed coin by market capitalization. This project is currently valued at over $412 million. Even so, cat in a dogs world was only launched in March 2024. This makes it one of the newest cat coins to buy. The project opted for the Solana network, which remains popular with speculative meme coin traders.

According to CoinMarketCap, cat in a dogs world was initially priced at $0.001628. It currently trades 147% higher at $0.004638. However, new investors will secure a 54% discount from prior all-time highs. The total MEW supply is 88,888,888,888 tokens. 100% have been issued, with 90% locked in the liquidity pool.

cat in a dogs world price

The 10% balance was airdropped to the Solana community. In terms of socials, cat in a dogs world has over 61,000 X followers. Its Telegram group is approaching 9,000 members. Although cat in a dogs world is a brand-new project, it already trades on major exchanges. This includes MEXC, KuCoin, Gate.io, and HTX.

3. Wen (WEN) – Solana-Based Cat Coin With 500% Gains Since January 2024

Next on this list of cat meme coins is Wen (WEN), which also operates on the Solana network. This project is based on the ‘A Love Letter to Wen Bros’ poem. It split the poem into 1 trillion units and backed each one by a fractional token. This means WEN holders have proportionate ownership of the poem.

That said, Wen is best known as a speculative meme coin. It has performed well since launching in late January 2024. Back then, you would have paid just $0.00005976 per WEN token. Today, WEN trades at $0.0003394 – representing growth of over 500%. Based on current prices, Wen has a market capitalization of over $245 million.

Wen cat coin price chart

This offers a solid entry price before the cat meme coin craze truly takes off. In addition, Wen currently trades almost 35% below all-time highs. We found that Wen has one of the largest social media followings too. More than 147,000 people follow the project on X. Wen trades on multiple exchanges, including MEXC, Gate.io, and KuCoin.

4. Mog Coin (MOG) – Leading Cat Crypto on the Ethereum Network, Trading 53% Below ATHs

Mog Coin (MOG) is one of the best cat meme coins on the Ethereum network. It’s also one of the best-performing; MOG has increased by over 3,600% since launching in mid-2023. However, Mog Coin has witnessed a huge market correction in recent weeks. Those buying MOG tokens today will secure a 53% discount from all-time highs.

Mog Coin has a market capitalization of $235 million, so there’s still room for considerable growth. What’s more, nearly $10 million worth of MOG has been traded in the prior 24 hours. This represents a 71% increase from the last trading session, so interest in MOG is on the rise.

Mog Coin price chart

Mog Coin is easily accessed too; it trades on Gate.io, MEXC, HTX, Crypto.com, and other leading exchanges. We also like that Mog Coin has over 131,000 followers on X. That said, investors should remember that Mog Coin has no use cases. Unlike other cat meme coins, it isn’t building long-term value for token holders.

5. Toshi (TOSHI) – Trending Base Meme Coin Project Building Use Cases for Token Holders

Toshi is one of the best Base chain meme coins to buy. Similar to Mochi, this project is also based on Brian Armstrong’s pet cat. Although it’s Mochi’s younger brother, Toshi has a much larger market capitalization. Based on current prices, Toshi is valued at over $265 million. It recently surpassed 50,000 token holders, meaning Toshi has a solid community.

This is in addition to more than 32,000 followers on X. One of the main selling points is that Toshi is building utility. This includes a launchpad for new Base tokens, not to mention a ‘Multi-Sender’ tool. This enables projects to airdrop a large quantity of tokens in one transaction.

Toshi price prediction

Toshi also enables new Base projects to transparently lock their liquidity pool. In terms of performance, Toshi has increased by over 1,700% since launching in August 2023. It has increased by more than 150% in the prior month. That said, Toshi is only tradable on decentralized exchanges. The vast majority of trading volume is on Uniswap.

6. CatWifHat (CATWIF) – Micro-Cap Cat Coin With 77% Gains in Just 24 hours

CatWifHat (CATWIF) aims to capitalize on the dog wif hat narrative, which recently surpassed a $4 billion valuation. In contrast, CatWifHat has a market capitalization of just $4.75 million. This will appeal to speculative meme coin traders who favor micro-cap projects. Based on the Solana network, CatWifHat has increased by 77% in the prior 24 hours.

That said, CATWIF tokens trade 15% below their initial price of $0.005628. Nonetheless, this is another new cat coin to buy; the project launched on April 1st, 2024. It has a growing community, including over 15,000 Telegram members. It also has over 4,600 followers on X.

CatWifHat price

We found that CatWifHat has solid tokenomics. 100% of the total supply has already been issued. CatWifHat currently trades on MEXC, alongside some of the best decentralized exchanges. It aims for multiple tier-one listings in the coming months. More than $4 million worth of CATWIF was traded in the past day, so there’s plenty of volume.

7. Popcat (POPCAT) – Tax-Free Meme Coin With YTD Growth of Over 1,600%

Popcat (POPCAT) is a popular cat-themed crypto token built on the Solana network. It’s based on the Popcat meme that went viral in 2020. Although Popcat has no use cases, it has favorable tokenomics. For a start, there are no taxes on buy or sell transactions.

The smart contract has been renounced and the liquidity pool is locked. What’s more, 100% of POPCAT tokens are owned by the community. Popcat has enjoyed rapid success since launching in late 2023. Year-to-date, the tokens are up over 1,600%. Popcat has a market capitalization of almost $273 million.

Popcat price chart

However, its current token price is 36% below all-time highs. Popcat is also enjoying a growing community base. More than 22,000 people follow the project on X. The Popcat Telegram group has over 5,700 members. The majority of Popcat’s trading volume can be found on Gate.io, although the tokens are also available on decentralized exchanges.

8. CatCoin (CAT) – Multi-Chain Cat Coin With 800% Returns in the Prior Month

Last on this list of cat-themed meme coins is CatCoin (CAT). This is a volatile yet top-performing cat project. CatCoin has increased by over 800% in the prior month. Since its inception in late 2022, CatCoin has risen by more than 19,000%. Even so, CatCoin still has a small market capitalization of just $48 million.

In addition, CatCoin has entered a market correction. New investors can buy CatCoin 44% below its all-time high. CatCoin is also popular for its multi-chain access. This includes Ethereum, Solana, and BNB Chain. No centralized exchange listings have been secured.

CatCoin price chart

So you’ll need to use Uniswap, Raydium, or PancakeSwap, depending on the preferred chain. CatCoin has a huge supply, with over 50 trillion tokens minted. 100% of the supply is in circulation. Moreover, the project has burned its liquidity pool tokens, ensuring a rug pull is avoided.

What is a Cat Meme Coin?

Cat meme coins are cryptocurrencies based on a cat. Most have little to no use cases. This means the value of cat meme coins is driven by speculation.

Nonetheless, if this niche market can replicate the success of dog meme coins, it could be huge. Especially with altcoin season around the corner.

Our Methodology When Ranking the Best Cat Meme Coins

Growing interest in cat-themed cryptocurrencies means the market is quickly becoming crowded. We employed a systematic methodology to ensure only the best projects were considered for this guide.

Read on to discover how we ranked the best cat crypto coins for 2024.

Project Legitimacy 

The most important metric is ensuring you’re investing in legitimate cat-themed coins. We found that the vast majority of projects are scams. Assessing the tokenomics is a great way to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

For example, the best meme coins will issue 100% of their tokens from the get-go. This vastly reduces the risk of a rug pull, as the project founders won’t be holding a large percentage of ‘dumpable’ tokens. In addition, it’s also important that the liquidity pool has been locked.

cat in a dogs world liquidity lock

An extra safeguard is when the liquidity pool (LP) tokens have been burned. This makes it impossible for the team to access the liquidity, ensuring safe trading conditions indefinitely. We also focused on cat tokens that have ‘immutable’ smart contracts. This means the underlying contract can’t be changed.

All that said, you can never be 100% sure that a cat meme coin is legitimate. But by following these best practices you can minimize the risks. Diversification will also help, which ensures you’re not overexposed to one cat token.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization was also considered when ranking the best cat meme coins to buy. For instance, the largest cat coin by valuation is cat in a dogs world. Based on current prices, it has a market capitalization of $412 million. This offers lots of room for growth.

However, some investors will prefer cat-themed coins with a small valuation. This increases the upside potential, as smaller-cap coins can grow much faster. For example, Mochi is valued at just $46 million. Should Mochi achieve a similar valuation to cat in a dogs world, investors will secure an upside of almost 10x.

Just remember that smaller-cap coins are more volatile. Prices can rise and fall rapidly, especially when trading volumes are low. Always consider the risks before proceeding.

Community Size

The most successful meme coin projects have a huge community. This is a crucial metric to consider when selecting cat coins to buy. A growing community means increased exposure, as token holders will often ‘shill’ their bags. This means marketing the coin on CoinMarketCap, social media, and crypto forums.

There are several ways to evaluate the strength of a cat meme community. First, check how many followers the project has on X. Ensure new posts are frequent and that they get high engagement levels.

Mochi cat coin on X

The project’s Telegram group should also be assessed. This is where the community can ask questions, share ideas, and discuss the project’s development. A growing and active Telegram group is a good sign.

Just as important is the number of unique token holders. This highlights how many new investors are buying into the project. For example, Mochi is approaching 20,000 holders, while Toshi has more than 50,000.

Price Performance

Price performance is another important research method. You’ll want to invest in cat meme coins that outperform the broader market. At a minimum, this means outperforming Bitcoin. For example, if Bitcoin has increased by 15% in the prior month, your chosen cat tokens should have risen by several multiples more.

This is because you’re taking on a lot more risk by investing in cat memes. In addition, you should assess how the wider meme coin market is performing. You can then make comparisons accordingly. Investors can also niche down to specific networks.

For instance, suppose you’re buying a cat meme coin on the Solana network. If the Solana ecosystem is up 40% in the past month, look for SOL-based coins that have produced larger gains.  We also prefer cat meme coins that have increased over a longer period, as these are often more sustainable.

Exchange Listings

Many cat meme coins are new projects, so they often trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). While this isn’t an issue for experienced crypto traders, new investors might find DEXs cumbersome. For instance, DEXs only accept crypto, so convenient payment methods like debit/credit cards can’t be used.

With this in mind, it’s worth exploring cat meme coins that have secured listings with popular centralized exchanges. This means the project will have exposure to considerably more people – including beginners. This can help the cat token increase in value much faster.

Why do People Buy Cat Meme Coins?

We’ve established that most cat meme coins have no utility. This means people buy cat coins solely to make money. Their value is driven by market speculation and FOMO (fear of missing out). Nonetheless, an increasing number of crypto investors are building exposure to this niche market.

This is largely due to the success of dog-themed coins. Some of the best dog meme coins are Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Bonk, dogwifhat, and Floki. All of these projects have surpassed billion-dollar market capitalizations.

Speculative investors are now turning to cat meme coins. This marketplace is still nascent, so the upside potential could be huge. For instance, CoinGecko data shows that the total value of all cat-themed tokens is just $1.8 billion. In contrast, dog-themed coins are valued at almost $55 billion.

The Verdict?

Cat-themed tokens are the latest trend in the meme coin space. The overall market is worth under $2 billion, so investors can enter positions before it blows up.

Some of the leading cat coins to consider include Mochi, cat in a dogs world, Wen, and Mog Coin. Always do your own research before investing and ensure your portfolio is well diversified.


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